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The monthly committee meeting : of

the Carnarvon Chamber of Commerce? was held on Tuesday aliernpon in the office of the secretary.

There were present Messrs. Angelo (vice-president), Fletcher, Gilchrist, Ir ving, Pearson, and; secretary (Mr. Black).

» * l>- -?*

Shark Bay Cargo.--Hon. Hugh Ma hon, M.P., Federal member for this I district, forwarded a reply from - the

L'ostmaster-Geraer&l's Department to the Carnarvon Chamber's complaint that the mail steamer* Koombana shut out all Shark Bay cargo on February 3 without prior notice and notwith standing that such cargo was placed alongside the vessel. The department intimated that inquiry was being made by telegraph regarding the matter.

The Adelaide S.S. Company, in re ply to the chamber's request for a redaction of freights to Shark Bay from Carnarvon, wrote : "It is true the rate is higher than to Froman tic, but it is a very expensive devia tion, involving us in serious delays, and in the meantime we cannot re* duce the rate. We are, however, look ing into the whole -question of freights of Carnarvon and neighborhood short' ly."

An Extra -Steamer.-The Adelaide ; S.S. Company wrote (February 5) : "The company have decided, in order to deal with the recent complaints of various bodies, including the Govern ment and stock shippers, of the insuffi ciency of tonnage on the coast, to commission the Rullarra, and run her in conjunction with the Ko>ombana be tween Fremantle and North-West ports not north of Derby."

A member complained of three steam, ers leaving within four days. Some arrangement should be made between the companies to give the Nor^h-West a move regular service. It was resolv

ed to thank the/jcompany for putting on the- Bullara and to express the hope that the Vessel would be ntn a fortnight, beh^qd the Koombana


Freights for WooL-The Adelaide S. S. Company wrote that as as the deep-sea companies implied to their request for a quote Fremantle to Liondon, a through rate f-oia Carnar von would be quoted. They also quoted 7s. per bale Carnarvon to Mel bourne, but required the inumber shippers desired to forward '?v ecch opportunity."


Pillage and Ullage. -I he Fr«wnniie Chamber wrote suggesting the Carnar von Chamber should e*> nmunicate di rect with the commissioner of jx»ace on the subject.

*£< ° * * * *

Jetty Strike.-The secretary of th-» Gascoyne General Woowrs' l-rou wrote in rep:y to the Cham!»er's com plaint that the. jetty «vo-"Vers struck work without reasonable cause v hen the "Minderoo" was in yjrt: -* This union was not . then, in flxkfcea*. It is the intention of the nnionin future, as far as lies in its power, to }'r event any such occurrence, and ^e tm*»t to have the co-operation of the Chamber in these matters." The writer then quoted Rule % as follows :-"The ob ject of this society shall l»e to coun teract influences that max- be working against its members' interest, to initi

ate reforms, to -enable - members to £11 their positions with interest to them selves and advantage to their em ployers; and while doing this (members

will bear in mind that this union is

not formed to work in antagonism to their employers ; on the contrary, they are to show by their ability and strict attention to their work that being members oi this society is a guaran tee to. -employers, of labor on or ab out the wharves of Carnarvon that they are consulting their own inter ests by employing them."

Locomotive.-A ttentiotf* -fras drawn to the state of the locomotive, which, it was said, was being merely patched Up and might not long be able to maintain the service. It was agreed to urge the chief harbormaster to forward another locomotive without delay, particularly as the busy season would soon be upon u&. It was also decided to request that additional pas senger cars be immediately sent.

» * » .

Delivery of Mails.-The tardy deliv | ery of mails was discussed, and all j agreeing that the local post office was

j under-manned it was resolved to write

j to the Postmaster-General, through ' the local postmaster, urging addiiion

| al assistance.

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