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LOUISE LOVELY. "Eettink Lov:d a Soldier.', Many. Australians have gone to America to take part in photo-play production, and at Los Angeles re cently there was quite an Australian camp. One of those to meet with success lias been Louise Carbasse, who has been appearing on the vcreen at Paradise, St. Kilda, in " Jittin t Loved a Soldier." Melbourne play goers have only to cast their thoughts back a: few years to remember Miss Carbasse's many appearances in Mel bourne. Half-a-dozen years since she was playing the part of Cyril Grey in "Two Little Sailor Boys," at the Theatre Royal, 'and she was one of the Cafe Chantant performers (Lo lotte), in Mliss Nellie Stewart's pro duction of " Zaza" at the Princess Theatre. Carbasse is a family name, the mother of the young actress being Madame Carbasse-Alberti, who came to Australia with Sara Bernhardt Co. -which commenced its American and Australian tour in 19oo-and after wards settled in Sydney, where Louise was born, and where she made her first stage appearaince. She married Mr. .Wilton- Welch, a young Aus. tralian . actor, best :remembered as Sammy. Snozzle, in " The Bad Girl of the'Fismil y,-' under the Marlow man agement, but.-who had had his early traising with the. Pollard Opera Com pany, and was afterwards with the Holloway Company. In 1912 the young couple deserted .dramh for the vaudeville stage, appearing at the Opera House as Welch and Carbasse in " The Call .Boy and the Actress," and similar sketches. After tou'ring Australia they went to.the United States on the Orpheum Theatres cir cuit, and after a short period Mrs. Welch secured an engagement with the Universal Film Co., her first picture being " Stronger:Than Death." Priniters, publicity men', and man agers would spell her name differ -ntly; ritging changes on it from ""Garbosse" to "'Carbis," until Pre. sident Lenimle, of Universal, saw the picture. " Who is the new stir?" he asked. *.Then there arose a babel of names. "t Well," -said" Lemmle, ': that name is just a bit too hard. Call her Louise Lovely. " SSob Louise Carbasse became what ,he had alivays been-lovely. Sf iis not the first time that Loulis Lovely has been screened at St. Kilda, but as, Bettina she has certainly. created. a profound impression,, ains not only did many people come a couple bf tiriies to see her on the film, but there, were many requests that it might be again screened, a course which' was for many reasons imprac ticabje, and there was much surprise exprepsqd by. visitors when they learnt that the .lovely girl was an Austra lian. It is perhaps needless to say that',any future Universal films in which Mips Carbasse appears will be snapped up for Paradise.

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