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"JEAN ROBERTSON. " The"Joan of 'Arc of Loos," which is screeifed at the South Yarra Pictures this week-end, is an entirely Austra lian production, being the first of the series of picture plays from the studio of Mr. George Willoughby in Sydney. The leading lady of the screen artistes is Miss Jean Robertson, who will'be well rememlbred for her work in the acted ilrama at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne, during the Willoughby regime. An Adelaide girl, Miss Rob ertson is tall, slim and graceful, with the type of prettiness which shows to advantage on the screen, with the lat ter of which naturally she has not had a long acquaintance, her attention hav ing bIien chiefly devoted to the spoken

cer he is immense; as a raconteur supreme; he possesses a voice well adapted to comic opera and musical comedy. That lie has made many favourites in Hobart goes without say ing, for off the stage he has none of that theatrical manner whicdh so spoils good fellows when the grease paint is wiped away. He is not a stranger to Hobart, .but he has this time Illade friends who will be glad to meet him when next he comes round this way. Above all, hIe is a good, true-hearted Cockney of the right type-one Iborn within the sound of Bow Bells-and lie is proud of it. ' I'm not a Lon doner,' he said to his interviewer, " I'm a Cockney.' And the world has seen fewer better-hearted men." It may'hbe added that during the performance of the Green Dandies at Hobart on a recent Saturday evening, Mr. Walton was presented from the front of the house with a handsome walking cane and a bundle of cigars from "The Boy.[ of the Anzac Dug out." During his stay in Hobart he was a frequent visitor at the dug-out, and a great favourite with the re turned soldiers: ,He was himself a volunteer soldier at the time of the Boer war.

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