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Christmas Cheer. "Christmas comes but once a year. And when it comes, it brings good cheer.'" So says the old familiar distich, and re havre all had proof many a time that both statements made therein are per. fectly correct. We have proof before us in the shop shows at Casterton that our business people have seen to it that this year's.Christmans shall not fall short in its bringing of good cheer, for everyone of them has display of goods in season to meet. the needs of. the inner man, to. clothe his body in appropriate festal raiment, to adorn the persons of the fairer sex, and delight the ears, eyes and palates of the little folk. To'day, busy housewives are hard at work, not only in preparing. -marvels of culinary art for the furnishing of that feast of all feasts,: the Christmas Dinner, but in shopping-gathering in all things de. sired that had been overlooked-while "mror men" are struggling with multi. farioua parcels, or with knitted brows trying to make choice of the numerous articles offered them as "just the thing" for wives or sweethearts, mothers or sis ters, or to win the delighted surprise and approval of little Jean or Johnny when that widoeawake young person proceeds to elucidate the mysteries of the Christ. mas stocking. Drapers and butchers, grocers and bakers, clothiers and fancy goods pur. veyors, jewellers and fruitorers, each has his display, and it is good to feel that in this district, at all events, no one will go hungry or thirsty, nonogo short of some thing, at least of the "good cheer" that always has has een, and, let us hope, always will be, associated with Christmas.