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ST. MARK'S, SUNSHINE Harvest thanksgiving .services were held at St. Mark's, Sunshine, and also at Braybrook Church of England, last Sunday. In spite of the oppressive heat, good congregations -attended the ser vices. Both at St. Mark's and Bray brook there was a good assortment of gifts, which- were nicely arranged in the churches. The Rev. J. H. Richardson conducted the services at 8 and 11 at St. WMark's, and the even ing service at Braybrook. Mr. Lydiate, of North Williamstown, a diocesan reader, conducted the evening service at St. Mark's. The gifts were packed and sent to St. Martin's Church of England Home for Boys. at Auburn. A pleasing feature of .the offerings was' the large amount of flour and jams, in addition to vegetables and fruit. The members of the Ladies' Guild at .St. Mark's are taking,in hand the Lenten self-denial offerings. It is hoped that all Church of England people will take an envelope and fall in with the suggestion of :putting aside one penny a day for each of the 40 days of Lent., By this method all can help along the church's work. The annual "meeting of the Ladies' Guild was held. on, Tuesday last. Fourteen members braved:' the weather, and a' successful meeting was held. The' following office-bearers were elected for the year:-President, Mrs. J. H. -Richardson; vice-presi

dents, ,Mrs. Graham .,an;dl ;Mrs. Grif fiths; secretary, Mrs. Guy; treasurer, Rev. J. H. Richardson;, collectors, Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Whiting. It was decided to co-operate with the vestry, and to be present at the combined meeting on Thursday even ing. Mrs. Graham was appointed to bring the ladies' suggestions before the meeting. It was decided to hold the next meeting on Tuesday, March 2, at 3 p.m. The vestry decided at its last meet ing to allot £20 per annum for an organist. With eager members in the choir, the advent of a paid or ganist should enable us to have full choral services in future. Judging by the enthusiastic annual meeting of the parishioners and that of the Ladies' Guild, coupled with a vestry of- live members, 1926 should be the best ever at St. Mark's, and we hope to keep our treasurer, Mr. J. L. Scott, busier than ever before. Newcomers are assured of a wel come, as the vestrymen on duty will be at 'church door before the service, and the vicar is always at the door after service.