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SHIPPING, AIRWAYS NOTICES blRXEKT LINE ROYAL MAIL ' ?» STEAMERS ' M- G. ANDERSON & CO.. _10 Kicg_WUU«m_st.. Adelaide. C8300. to. & O. ROYAL' MAIL STEAMERS.— (? Eider. Smith & Co.. Limited, agents, i jCurrie st, Adelaide. Tel. C3001. ? , (AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING BOARD. 1 INTERSTATE CARGO SERVICES (Subject to alteration without notlcel. MELBOURNE AKD BRISBANE. J A.U.SJJ Co. Ltd. noting bookings SYDNEY. J Howard Smith Ltd.. noting bookings. , NEWCASTLE I The Adrliide Steamship Co Ltd., not- i tns bookless . FREMANTLE AND ALBANY , Melbourne Steamship Co, Ltd.. noting ] bcoktnes. LAUNCESTON AND DEVONPORT. j p-wr-- s— I'1* L»ri . noting bookings ] THE ADELAIDE STEAMSHIP COMPANY ' 1 LIMITED j (Circumstances permitting). ' PORT LINCOLN AND TUMBY BAY. ' M.V. MTNNIPA. Matt, and Tburs, 7 - pjn. - 1 Calls Tumby Bay Monday trip only. I General Cargo received unt 1 10 ajn.; . fruit and veg. to 3 pjn. sailing days. ' ARNO. CO WELL. WALLAROO. ' WHYALLA. j 8&. QUORNA, Tues, 25th Feb.. noon. ' Xeav^s WaHaxoo at 7 30 pjn. on Thnrs- J ?lay tor Cowell and ' General cargo received until 4 pjn., Monday, fruit and veg, to 10 a.m.. Tues. ' !PORT LINCOLN. WHYALLA. PT. PIRIE. j PORT AUGUSTA. M.V. MOONTA. Sat.. 22nd Feb.. 7 p.m. ' General cargo received until 4 p.m.. ! Friday fruit and veg. and parcels, up to ' 6 ajn, Saturday. ' Frel^h:* prepaid to Tumby. Arno. 1 Whyaila. ? ? B' . I. S.~~N. CO.. lT~T~ D. ! J CARGO AND PASSENGER SERVICES ' 1 FROM AUSTRALIA TO CEYLON. INDIA. 1 BURMA AND THE STRAITS. I The B.IJSJJ. Co. maintains frequent l cargo and passenger services from 3yd- I iney. Melbourne. Adelaide and Fremantle I '.to Colombo. Bombay, Karachi. Madras. - Calcuftr and Rangoon. Cargo is ac- ? cepted lor transhipment to the Persian Calf ports. Direct calls are also made at. Singa pore, loading at Sydney. Melbourne/and Adelaide. Sailings and cargo space available for commercial shipments are still deter mined by Government requirements, but ?Uppers are requested to register their ?pit; applications with MACDONALD. HAMILTON & CO.. AGENTS. 13 Grenfell street, Adelaide. ? Tel. Central 2048. ? i-OASr alFAMaHlPS. LTD. V SAILINGS STANSBURY. 3 8. Kopoola. Mondays, noon. PORT VINCENT AND EDITHBURGB. S.S. Karatta, Wednesday, 3 p.m. KANGAROO ISLAND. S. S. Karatta. Monrlavs. 3 p.m.; Friday*. Boon iGIenelg 2 pjn.-. ? JjTEAMER AND AIR PASSAGES TO ENGLAND. AMERICA. SOUTH AFRICA, NEW ZEALAND. &c, ic. All Information and Bookings at THO6. COOK & SON. LTD.. SI KING WILLIAM STREET. ADELAIDE. AAAAAAAAAAAA AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL AIRWAYS. Slcymaster and Ekyliner Service*. ? ADELAIDE to CEDtJNA ? Tues.. Thurs, Sat. FORREST . . . . Tues.. Tburs, Sat. KALGOOHLM . . . Tues.. Thurs, Sat PERTH .. .. Daily Service. MELBOURNE . . 3 Services Dally. MTLDTJRA .. .. Daily Service. NARRANDERA . .. Daily Service. WAGGA .. .. Daily Service. CANBERRA ? 2 Services Dally. SYDNEY . Direct Daily Service. BYDNEY (vU Melb.i 3 Services DaUy BRISBANE 2 Services Daily. EOBART 3 Services Dally. LAUNCESTON 3 Services Dally. Cheap freight rates to all ports Free City Parcel 'Delivery. Free transport between Booking Office ?nd Airport. ? 'WING YOUR WAY WITH AJ»-A.' Far farther particulars apply — AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL AIRWAYS PTY_ LTD.. 132 North terrace ?opposite Railway Station). Adelaide. Phone C6134. 24 Hour Service. jlA ? AA AA H ANStTT AIRWAYS. Regular Daily Services by LUXURIOUS DOUGLAS AIRLINERS. ADELAIDE MELBOURNE. SYDNEY. HOBART. CANBERRA WAGGA. MT. GAMBIER, Departs DAB.Y. ac 2J2S p.m. Passenger and Freight Office, 91 King William strict. Cent. 2514. After 8 pjn, Mr. Peterson. Cent. 2563 Itm SERVICES. We are booking agents I™ for all Airways Services. Maedonald. JHamutcn ot Co, 13 GrenteU St. C2048 PTEAKS - AUSTRALIA AIRLINES 1» RANS - AUSTRALIA ? AIRLINES ONE FARE FOR ALL— THE LOWEST TAA's 'ONE FARE FOR ALL' brings Co you Luxurious Interstate Air Travel at a erlce previously not generally available ? the public. Full information regarding Passenger ««nd Freight Bookings to ALL CAPITAL Wilts from: — « ? ? TAA BOOKING OFFICE, Anchor Bouse. 142 North terrace Adelaide. - Phone Central 7545 Australian National Airlines Commission GUINEA AIRWAYS. Regular passengers service to Darwin. [Port Lincoln Whyaila. Port Pirie. Kan haToo Island. Cleve. CowelL Broken Hill, ftenmark and Bern. Bookings — GUINEA AIRWAYS LTD.. Airways House. North ter. CS134 MOTOR TOURS AAAAAAAAAAAAA BONDS. BONDS. DAY AND HOLIDAY TOURS. The Grampians. 6 days, £9 'West Coast. 7 days, 10 ens. South-East, 6 days. £9. Centra' Australia and Darwin. Bookings now open for June. Interstate Round Tours. Victoria and KJ6.W, all inclusive. 30/- per day. . BOND'S TOURS. C4428 and 4429. A A A A A A A A A A A A A PIONEER PIONEER SAY TOURS. SYDNEY TOURS. BRISBANE TOURS. MELBOURNE TOURS. GRAMPIAN TOURS. TASMANIAN TOURS. FLINDERS RANGE TOURS. CALL. PHONE OR WRITE— PIONEER TOURS, National Mutual Buildings. 91 King William street. Cent. 2514. POULTRY, BIRDS, &c a. A. STARTED PULLETS. W.L.. 3 weeks. 2/6 each: 4 weeks, a/a each: S weeks. 3/- each. B.O.. 3 weeks. 2/9 each: 4 weeks. 3/. each; 9 weeks, 3/3 each. 100 p.c pullets. Live delivery and satisfaction guaranteed. WY WURRY HATCHERY. 71 FTNDON ROAD. WOODVILLE. Phone M769T. AT Para Hills Poultry Farm, Quinlivan rd, Pooraka. MF7197. Booking orders for autumn deliveries: day-old chickens. White Leghorns, £6/15/-; unsexed, £3: cockerels 8/- per 100: crossbred B.O. X W.L. pullets. £7/10/-; uruKxed. £3 15/-; cockerels. £1 per 100. plus 2/6 per 100 Jar box on cockerels. ? ALC classes birds bought, sold, ex changed- fine collection birds offering. Key's. 55 Franklin n. CMOS I. ? IT PETER SIMON HATCHERY. | MALCOLM ST.. MILLSWOOD. U614O. Started PulleU. Wi., 3 wks, 2/6 ea.; 4 wks.. 2/9 ea. B.O., 3 wks., 2/9 ea.; 4 wks., 3/- ea. Booking orders for day old or started. W.L, B.O. (Australorps). RXB, Sussex, Ancona. Write for price list. Live delivery and satisfaction assured. A— WY WURRY HATCHERY' 71 Findon rd.. WoodvUle. Phone M7B97 Booking orders for present hatching sea son. ?W.L. chick?. £3 per 100: W.L. pullets. £6/15/- per 100: B.O. chicks. £4 per 100: BO pullets. £3 5- per 100: B.O. day-old corks: 4-«epfcs-old B.O. and W.L. pnllou. !**? ?Wlwrr pn«l «a!l»farllon n»»r»nn--«1

? POULTRY, BIRDS, &c. AT TARANAKI POULTRY FARM AND HATCHERY. Day-Old and AaLsrred Pullets. White Leghorns and Australoips. Avaimole January to April. All chicks hatched in Empress Steel Incubator from egss produced from nature blood-lested 'aens on tbis farm. C. V. LATZ. Cross Roads. Edwardstown. LF1361. ? ^. 1.6o'o~w7l. pufieu, 3-5 montns.' Jor Sole, bketres. WilJiamstown. Ph. 26. IT Sunshine P.F.. Morpbett rd., Lockleys. ™ L5i-47. W.L. hens, z/b each, aeliverea. 4NCONA. Minorca. White Leghorn. Broun L*?ghorn. Black Orpington and cross 3red day-old and month-old chickens, from blood tested hens, now available. j. D. S^apley. 7 Deacon av.. Richmond. L4568. — ? !' ^LL Game Club meeLs S.A.P.A. Hall - Monday evening, 24th February. Coc kerel night. Trophies. Best fowl and -est bantam. ? iT CHAS. R. THOMAS— Day-aid chicken specialists. Strong, healthy chlckrns :rom my own stock, bred to lay. W.L., nixed, £3 per 100: WX. pullets, £6/15/ xi W0; B.O., mixed. £4 per 1OO; B.O. DUUeti. £8/5/- per 100; B.O. cockerels, £1/5/- per 100; WJ. month-old pullets. !/9 each. Packing free. Live delivery guaranteed. Paynebam Stud Poultry firm, Glynde rtL. Hectorville. Phone ?8249. — ? ^T 26 Rolbrook's rd_ Flinders Park, 33 ducks and drakes, 14 weeks old. prime, £9/15/- the lot. Must sell. Apply Satur iay. ? ^i Melville's Hatchery. 16 King William sl. Kent Town, orders t&ken foz day-old :nicks. Pn=es per 100:— Unsexed Aus tralcrps. £4: W-L-'s. £3. Pullets— Aus- ualoips. £8/o/-; W.L.'s. £6/15/-: uonui old puJeis, Austrulorps. 3/- «.; ?V.L/i,. 2/9 ea. Free package. Live de ? CCOMtlODATION required. 45 pullets. Ifull lay. person to have lull uee. 113 Jeulahrd.. Norwood. ? UANTED. brooder, kero. colony type. ' biue-name burner. Fletcher. Basket flange. Ph. 12. ? 8AM1AMS. tad. Game. BIk.. Rosecomas. Silkies, from show birds, some reaay ihow Hancock. Regent St., Kens. F4718. 1REEDING geese for sale. Apply Dunn. ? 90 Le Hunte St., Kliburn. ? : ? 5UY. 30 Shade Island Red hens. IS months olu. Apply A.M.. c. o Williams'; Xewsagency, Port Adelaide. ? 5UY THE MASHES THAT CONTAIN Animal Protein to ensure maximum ?gg production and healthy growing stock. Laying mash. 100 lb.. 10/9: growing nash 100 lb.. 11/9; battery mesh. 100 b.. 14/3. All other poultry requirements at owest possible prices. Free delivery all suburbs, rail and car ters. K. S. PACKHAM. Bentham street. City. ? Phone F5432. ? tOOK. now. March delivery, selected lay ' ing strain, month old W.L. pullets, 2/9 :a. R. J. Ackland. Payneham re:., Payne lam. ? 8.O. cockerels, elect, incubator. 1,100 egg. elecu 2 tier brooder. Dunhiil. iscoi P«rk. ? S REEDING pens Sussex and Wellsum mer: also lour-six months old chicks. Sussex. Welisummer and Rhodes. X7664. -r 6 Hartley road. Brighton. ? 8.O. chicks. I and 3 wks.. with or with out hens: B.O. pullets and cocks. I'/i nths.: hens. 14 mths. 8 Golfers m» Ueaton Park. ? BLK. Orp. bens, laying. 5/- ea.; also young cockerels, 6 lb- 6/6. DeviU. 267 ktagill rd.. Holmesdale. ? fONSIGN your poultry to as for best L- caf b results. Sales daily. Crates loaned ;ree. Can arrange for collections from njburbs. Sandforo'g. Grenfell at. C6770. 'HICKS ana ducklings, Fri.. and oat, l-at Chicaravan City Market. ? fHICKENS. 3 days old. mixed sexes, virom 10/6 doz; eexed. from 17/6 doz. WJj.. B. Orps., and Reds. Cockerels now ivaUable A. H. Shipp. Electric Hatchery, a Bennett St.. West Thebarton. ? CAPON1S1NG and How It Is Done.' Messrs. F. R. Marston and Son will live practical demonstrations, supported iy films on the subject, at Sussex Club Meeting, Wed. next. 26, 8 pjn.. at 5_AJ-.A. HalL Hanson st. All welcome.— inCKS. Wl. pullets. W.L. bens; reason tfable. 7 Da vies ter.. Nailsworth. ? ;GG3 rationed. Increase production 25 ' per cent, and keep fowls healthy by ising Douglas's Pick-em Powder. 3btainabie all stores. 1/6. ;GUS rationed. Increase production 25 ' per ceut. and keep fowls healthy tn ising Douglas's Pick-em Powdei Ibuinabip all storps. 1/6 — : ? ;ANCY pigeons. 500. must sell. W. Mills. ? 380 Marion rd., Plympton. ? ^}R sale. Muse ducklings, various sizes. 89 Lansdowne ter.. Nth. WalkerviUe. — CIVE Muse ducks, and drake. 30/-: ' six K.C. ducks. 1 drake. 35/-: 30 duck ings. 6 to 8 weeks. 35/-. X3051. ? Pfra ni.v white Legnorn etu^ lor &ait ' from mature stock. G. P. Hicks, Box L20, Clare. ? — ? TARMERS1 UNION PODLXEY AND STOCK FOODS ARE BEST. GROWING MASH. 120-lb. bags .. 12/9 .AYXNG MASH. 120-lb. bags .. .. 12/9 JATTERY BROODER MASrl 120-lb. bags ? T .. .. 15/6 CRUSHED RECLEANED' WHEAT, 150-lb. bags ? 16/2 31DSHED RECLEANED BARLEY. 125-Ib. bag ? 13/2 0AIHY MEAL. 110-lb. bags ? 12/9 3HICK FOOD, Nos. 1 and 2 (cut mixed grains I. 140-lb. bags 16/- cwt. FREE DELIVERY SUBURBS. SAIL, WHARF. CARRIERS' DEPOTS. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS FOR LARGE QUANTITIES. WHEAT. BRAN. POLLARD. CALF FOODS -KAF-O-vTTE, EVESAN. VETAlfACS. STERILISED BONE MEAL. DICALCIC FEOSPHATE IFOR STOCK'. MEAT WEAL I WHEN AVAILABLE). BALED STRAW. VITAMINI3ED OILS (OVADOL, PJLCHARDINE. VETEMUL, SEC). PRODUCE DEPARTMENT, THE S_A. FARMEBSJCO-OP. UNION. LIMITED. 36 FRANKLIN STREET. ADELAIDE. C35S0. (BULK PRODUCE STORE. LONDON ROAD. MILE END). B. H- HEFFORD7~Murray Bridge. Phone 19. Booking orders for Jan. -April de livery. W. Leghorn day-old chicks. £3 per 100: W.L. pullets, £6/15/- per 100: Blk orp. day-old chicks. £4 per 100: BIk. Orp. pullets. £8/5/- per 100: BIk Orp. Cockerels. 25/- per 100. ? HEALTHY CHICKS. Learn bow to till airborne bacteria and live chicks a good start with the. WESTINGHOUSE 'STERILAMP.' ULTRA VIOLET RAY CONDITIONING CLARKSON LIMITED. 13S Rundle street. CS030 Or branches: Port Lincoln. Whyaila. ? INCUBATOR. Lanyon 60 eZ perfect. ? General Salvage Co.. 100 M. Nth. rd . Prospect. M3327. : ? INCUBATOR. Baby Mammoth. 480-egg. ? for sale. Electric Hatchery. 23 Bennett st.. West Thebarton. ? LANYON hover brooder. 200 capacity, used once, as new, £2/17/6. F6093. ? IOVE birds for sale, greens and yellows, »- sood condition. Phone X7212. ? IfUSCOVY. 3 drakes. 10/- ea.: 5 ducks. '» 5/- ea. Ring U4205. ? MUNBURNIE POULTRY FOODS. 111 Egg Producer. Chicken Grain. Laying, Growing and Battery Mashes. Wheat. Bran and Pollard. Order your supplies now F. J. ANTHONEY & CO^ LIMITED. 151-153 Payneham rd.. 'St. Peters. Phone F1162; MITCHAM GRAIN CO.. Onlet rd, Mltcham. U6033. ? MULTIPLO INCUBATORS. The world's best electric. 1.350 to 20,400 eggs kero.. 72. 200, 400. Send for beautifully illustrated catalogue. We can arrange demonstration. Hall. 3 Hereford av.. Trinity Gdns. P2826. Also Betreririee Patent egg cleaning machine, was. duckling 1 to 3 weeks. 9d. and '? I/- each. Bennetts. 8 Old Porl rd.. Queenstown. ? MUSCOVY ducks and drak?. starting lay. u^eli cheap. 92 Semaphore rd., Sema HINORCA pullets. 30 'utilityi. some lay ing: green cutter, brooders. 27 Jet ??-?' -t... Torrensrillf. ? MOTHER and 9 B.O. ch'cks. 3 weeks. i-/-. 3 Harrinjton St., Prospect. — OLD English Game Club. Annual meet ing tonUht. 15 Pine st. Judging lessons crnt:nued. All welcome. ? PRIME M. Muscovy ducks tor sate, any quantity. 51 Eleventh av.. Woodville N. DAJR golden pheasanLS. £2/10/-. 81 ? port rd.. Bowden. ? DETERSIME HATCHERY PARADISE RD.. CAMPBELLTOWN. BOOKING ORDERS FEB. and MARCH ALSO JUNE to NOV. W. LEG. mixed sexes £3 per too W LEG, pullets £6/15/ per 100 BLK ORP. mixed sex £4 per 100 BLK ORP Pullets £8/5/- per 100 B.O and W.L. cockerel* Phone F8147 D O ULTBY FARMERS.. Kill all airborne bacteria and give your ! chickf a Bond start with ? WESTINOHOUSE 'STERILAMP' ULTRA-VIOLET-RAY CONDITIONING. Full particulars. - CT-ARKSON LIMITED. : 135 RUNDLE STREET. CR030. i Branrhrs -Pi. Adelaide PL Linroln. ? ygh «?»'»? ?

POULTRY. BIRDS, &c | PICK Pekln Buff Bantams, 10/- ea. Set ting eggs. 4/-. 35 Tarragon St.. Mile End R.LR-, 17 hens, young pullets, cockerels. 12 Heathpool rd., Heathpool. F1992.— Sett.t . sturciv cold-brooded m.o. pullets. W.L, B.O. and Langshans. 2/9. 3/ ea. Park Hatchery. Torres av.. Flinders Pk; ? L4383. ? SETTING R.I.R.. B.O., */-: W.L., 3,-. 32 Leice.-ier st.. Parkside. No null CELL., week-old R J. chicks and mother?. 3 Sunday. 2 Charles st.. ForestviUe. — ' SELL 140 W.L. pullets. 4 months old.: also 65 Blk. Orp. laying pullets. 7] months old. phone M3248. ? SELL K.C. ducks laying, also drakes. 73 Oval av. Woodville ? SELL B.O.. W.L. pullets. 5 months. 43 : Amj- si.. West croydoo. ? ! SELL young W.L. hens. 3/6 ea.: B.O. hens. 5/6 ea ; W.L. pullets. 3 months. ; 4/G. Will deliver. Ring M2212. ? SELL quantity Muse, ducks, three weeks to six months, cheap. Apply 45 Churchill rd.. Prospect. ? CELL prime Easter ducks, drake, duck. 3 17 ducklings. 42 George st, Norwood. CELL. Light Sussex. 4 hens, rooster; 0 cheap. 21 Shipster St.. Torrensville.— CTJSSEX cockerels., breeding and table u birds. 12 Brandreth St.. Tusmore. Pn. F3346. ? CELL. Bun' Pekin bantams, standard u White Leghorn hens; also cockerels for killing. 13 Gemmell st.. York. ? CELL, battery brooder. 500 chick. 3 Bai 3 lara st-. Mile End. ? ? Sittt. 5 Sussex roosters. 5 mths.: ideal lor breeding. 66 Braund rd., Prospect. IDILORA. 54 Shelley St.. Firle. F6335. It Month-oid pullets, good stock. ? YOUNG drakes. 5 to 8 lb.. market price. J. Vcnncr. Golden Grove. ? VORKSH1RE canaries, prize birds. 25 Eton st_ Malvirn. Sunday mo:ning. — 18 PURE Black Orp- pullets. Jusi started laying. 6/6 each. 198 West Beach road, 100 Aust.'and foreign finches for sale or exchange. After 12J30. Sat.. Reval. 18 Tulloch av, Rosewater Gflns. ? ? 120 MUS. ducklings. 2 to 7 Mi weeks. 1/3 to 2/6 each' £ durks. 2 drakes. Southern John st. Woodlands Park. — 100 W.L. pullets, about to lay. good stock. S?t aft or Sun, 8 O.G. road. Klemzlg. M2142. ? 100 B.O, Wi. cockerels. 8 to 10 wks, ? £3 the lot will separate: 12 W-L. bens. !0 mths.. £2/35/-; 20 fceavy hens. B.O. and G.O, £4/10/-: 50 txtra good W.L. bens. 12 mths. £10 the lot. Can del. H. M. Dallwitz 28 Eighth av, St. Peters. F1803. ? ? ? 12 MUSCOVY drakes. 10 ducks. 16 wks, 1/3 lb, prime. 58 Harriet si, Croydon. Phone M6168. ? 160 2ND year stock birds, good, breed, blacks and white. 1 Castle sv. Prospect. 90 MUSCOVY ducks for sal-. 10 weeks £ old. best offer. Ring F1025. ? 050 W-L. and B.O. pullets and 1st yeai J bens. Poultry requisites, houses, elec iawnmawer. 6 Starenuoraufb St.. Lea brook. 24th Feb.. 2.0 p.m. Sandford.' selling. C6770. ? r ? SO BLACK roosters, eight months. 1/2 lb.: 60 September black pullets. 7/-. 16 Water st. Semaphore. WANTED TO BUY ALMONDS. ALMONDS. Kernels and in ShelL Highest prices paid. ALL NUTS -STH. AUST.I LTD.. 22 Peel street. Adelaide. ? ALMONDS AND KERNELS, no commission deducted. R. MONTGOMERY & CO, 20 Waymoiith St.. opp. ?Advertiser.' C757. ALMONDS AND KERNELS. Spot cash on delivery and top price given. No commission. We also collect. A- W. SANDFORD & CO, LTD.. ? 75 GrenteU st. ? ALMONDsT~wainuts. any quantity, top prices. We will collect. Selpafc Pro ducts. East ter, Adelaide (near Botanic Gardens). C1977. ? ALL classes furniture. Top prices, cash settlement, any quantity. We will call and inspect. C6621. -Barrett & Barrett, Ltd., Auctioneers, 41 Waymoutn st. ? AT Frank McCabe's. We pay up to £ 1.000 for diamonds, rings, diamond brooches and earrings, loose diamonds, large diamonds, cluster rings, urgently needed. Also gold of every description. SUverwear. pottery, china, marcasite. watches, antiques. Be sure. Take it to Prank McCabe's. 71 Pirie st, C4783. — ILMONDS. kernels, any quantity, highest Hcayh priori. Halgh's. Beehive Cnr. — I. CHINA, linen. &c.. all good ware. 1 Margaret Germain, 178A Unley rd, Onley. ? : — ANTIQUE furniture, china, silver, curios, works or art. Holman. Pirie st. C7518. ADJUSTABLE bedside table. F6224 -or P106. Advertiser. ? JkAAA. FURNITURE, any type or quan ntlty cash, our buyer will call and take away on spot If necessary. Wallers. 140 Gouger street, C473I. ? ALMONDS AND KERNELS WE PAY CASH ON DELIVERY AT HIGHEST MARKET RATES. DELIVER TO OUR STORES, *i FLINDERS STREET. ADELAIDE. OR EAST AVENUE. YORK. CROMPTON & SONS LTD.. 49-51 FLINDERS STREET. ADELAIDE. AT W. BROWN & SONS PTY.. LTD.— Metal and machinery merchants. Largest buyers of scrap metal and secondhand machinery in South Austra lia. Spot cash, aluminium, gunmetal. line. lead, brass, copper, car radiators and batteries, and all kinds of residues. Office and machinery. 60-74 Port road. Hindmarsb. Foundry, Eighth St., Bowden. Phone L4146 -6 Unesi. ? : ? INY quantity furniture, large or small A lots. Best prices given, prompt cash. Evans & Clarke. 98-100 Grenfell street. C6358-9. ? A SOLID pre-war veneered bedroom suite, also consider kitchen furniture. X649 Advertiser ? ? ? A MOTOR boat witn cabin. 20 to 30 ft wiUi all gear. Apply X640. Advertiser. ALMONDS and kernels, top prices paid; also cracking done, 1/- bag. Bugg, Stonehaven st, Rosewater Gdns. ? AUTUMN toned lounge suite. exceUen: condition essential. Ring D5669. ? A STANLEY 45 or 55. in good condition, reasonable price. X673. Advertiser;— AAA ? SPECIAL HIGH PRICES; POiI MEN'S SUITS OF ALL SIZES: odd coats, trousers, boots, hats, LADIES' frocks, costumes, evening wear, long i'r coats shoes, linen, blankets, .imitation Jewellery, pearls, household goods. Com plete deceased estates' clothing bought. Phone C5170 now. Strict privacy J. F. TRIM, 322 King William St.; n -rt ?ting's Theatre. ? — — — B~ATH, casYTnamel. built-in type pre ferred. Apply Box 32. Hamley Bridge. DROODER, kero, colony type, hlue D flame burner. Fletcher. Basket Ranze. Phone 12. — ? DEDROCM suite, modern, with gent's D robe, in good condition, cash. Ring U6743. ? BRICK-making machine for 9 1 414 1 3 O bricks, with palet boards. Phone U76I3. BILLIARD balls, set % preferred. Phone M2512- ? '- ? BINOCULARS, field glasses, cameras of all types. Bullcn's. 105 Gawlei* pi. BUY Umber. Iron, sheds, doors, windows. 0 posts, rails, palings. Call anywhere, pay highest price. Spencer. Scott a*.. Flinders Pk. ? —^=rz — rrr~ ? BEDROOM MODERN SUITES. NEW OR USED: CARPETS. LINOS, KITCHEN SUU'*a-. BLINDS. CURTAINS. BED SPREADS. OUR TOP CASH BUYER CALLS. C6050. EDDY'S. CURRIE ST. — BASS drum and side drum, suitable for school band. M. Sechner. Virginia. — BEDROOM suite, oval mirror, modern type dressing table. Phone C6226. — BUY oxy welding set, 27 Asquith St., Nailsworth. ? BUY or tire flower girl frock, dusky pink. X63S. Advertiser. ? BAGS. BAGS. BAGS. HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID. ALL TYPES BAGS (SUPERS EXCEPT fcD I . STOCKFEEDERS. POULTRYMEN. CONSIGN TO MILE 'END BAG CO, ? MILE END. ? CHINA electroplate, silverware, orna ments. Jewellery, records, player rolls. &c. Convert your unwanted goods into cash at todays highest prices. Megaw and Hog?, opp. Town Hall. ? CINE camera. 8 mm., double track, for returned serviceman: also projector land film. X575. Advertiser. ? — CAMERAS and all photosraphtc material, cameras exchanged, best prices. Consult Camera Supply Co, 119 Flinders »t. C45C3. ? CAMERA, folding or reflex type. 620 or 127. *tate price. X754. Advertiser. ? CARPETS. 12 x 9. or larger, must be clean, good order, pay cash. U6743. — TASH register wanted. Bins L5733. CAMERA WANTED. 120 OR 620 RANGE FINDER PREFERRED. MUST BE GOOD. PARTICULARS TO PATRICIAN STCPIOS. ? ST. PETERS. ? DIFFERENTIAL for Chev. 4 Superior 1924 buckboard. or sell as stands. D. Komi?. Murray Bridge. ? DINTNG room suite must be modem, in g^-d order. Pav cash U6743. ? HRAWING SET OR SEPERATE INSTRU V VENTS. PHONE X1449. ? CLECTRIC motor. 12 h.p . 400 volt. 3 u phase, cash. W. Rid?eway. Marion rd, Marion. Phone X7B24. ? ELECTRICAL motor '.i h.p, suitable for refri2e. Apply Regent Service Sin . Anzac Highway. Everard Park. »^ ? ENLARGER and EXPOSURE MCTER. Photo-eh-ctric exposure meter and 35 ' REQUIRED BY PRIVATE BUYER. ] ? Y22O. ADVERTISER. 1 CURNTTURE. in any~'condition or quan r ti'.y. Mega it & Hogg. Adelaide's recog nised largest buyers, will be plrascd to 1 piie you qurtqUons free. Immediate 'settlements. CM17-S. ? 1

WANTED TO BUY ?TURN ITU KE — Best prices given. Central T Furniture Ex, 121-3 Pirie si. C3559. PiRNTTURE. 3 or 4 rooms modem, lino, carpet, blinds. Pay cash oa inspection. U6743. ? ? — — ? ? — ? FnRNITDRE. COMPLETE OR PART HOMES BOUGHT. GET OUR PRICE FIRST. WE HAVE £2.000 TO SPEND. RBT. KERLEY LTD, 96 Gawler place. ? C3858. C. 3S58. C38S8. ? IRNFIURE — Home, complete 01 part. ; Don't sacrifice. We pay highest prices. : Cadman Bros, Auctioneers. 102 Hindlev { St. C4815. ? j cms. rifles, portable gramophonef, W bicycles, anything saleable, spol cash. | Ali Carr Ltd.. 32 Grol* st. C2229. ? I GUILLOTINE 3 fi, treadle, urgent, uny condition. Wnte call. 73 Kintore av. Prospect. ? pENTS wardrobe: also lino, square. II U possible, price, sizes X633. Advertiser. GARDEN roller, sp'.it steel. Price, siz..-. ? Todville street. Woodville West. — /?UEST home or rest home or business. U will buy freeholds or lease, no agents. Box 748. G.P-O. ? fOLD, Jewellery, diamone rings, highest U prices. Myers, 57 Hindlev st. ? HAND basin, suitable for bathroom. UJ1085. ? ? — ? — ICE plant, complete. 5 or 6 ton capacity. Price. X579, Advertiser. ? PTTCHEN cabinet and lino., price and IV sizes. Y784. Advertiser. ? VITCBEN suite, or cabinet. oaS. U6743. LIGHT trailer or light axle and wheels. Dins. 25 Charles st, Plympton. ? LAWN mower. Quatcasl. 14 in, ball bear iur. Chew. 3S Jarvis street. Erindak. C8201. ? LOUNGE suite, Genoa velvet. 3-pce. Must be in good condition. Cash. U6743. MICRO9COPES. TELESCOPES, all in- ' '1 .nruments. We buy. sell. BULLENS. : 105 Gawler place. C6791. ? — : MECCANO sets, parts. Bring yours in M t-tiay. BDLLEN'S. 105 Gawler pi. C6791 ? UTEDICAL student requires 'Introduction ?H To Human Experimental Physiology' tLambl. F1693. ? ~ ? ! UASONITE. about 6-8 sheet*, new or I In *Jj. X580. Advertiser. ? 1 MAINSAIL for small diughy. H. Brooks.; P3A Spring st, Queenstown. ? ONE small Army hut or garage, suitable for one or two rooms. Apply 204 Grange rd. Flinders Park. ? OPALS wanted, any sort. Send parties, and will caU. X648. Advertiser. ? OPALS of all descriptions. rough 01 polished. McCabe. 71 Pirie st. ? DIANOS. PIANOLAS. PIANOS Wise people get our price last and prove how much more we pay. Eddy's, the noted Sim lor a reliable d'aL 93-97 Currie st- C6050 Est. 36 years. DLAYER-PIANOS. — Advise us if you I want to sell. Prcmpt inspection, best prices, spot cash. Kuhnels. 136 Rundle st. C7143. ? KINK or floral carpet, size, condition ? and price to F1O1. Advertiser. ? JIANO. iron frame. good condition. I U2389. ? PEAS. Field peas; price, parties, to A. J. Bawden, 6 Grafton av.. Holmesdale. PIANO with iron frame in good condi tion to suit club. X644. Advertiser. DIANO for learner, about £50: Inspect » any time, no dealers please. X645. Ad tiser. ? — ? — PIANO. Iron Ira me, will pay up to £80 cash. Write Phillips. 17 Crozier ter.. Warradale. ? PINE, poplar or willow logs. Highest prices. S. G. Hersey. Stephen su Nor wood F2354. ? — PIANO, iron frame, suitable country. I phone X1942. ? = ? DIANOS for cash, city or country. In ? Enaction at once. Armstrongs, Ltd, 48 Kins Wm. st. C2581. day or night. ? RABBITS, any quantity, highest prices, all day trains only met Adel. station. Kevin Cahill. 174 Wright st-, Adel. ? ROWING boat, prefer pram built. D. Koenie. Murray Bridge. ? ROTARY hoe wanted. Howard or similar, new or sJi. Particulars to X495. Ad CEwSlG machines. Cash. Best pnr*= u Riven. Geo. Kennedy. Arcade. C49D5. COME curved-back kitchen chairs, price A and how many. X631. Advertiser. — CEAGRASS or cane lounge, in good order; ?J also large strong cockatoo cage. Reply 40 Main st, Henley Beach. ? CEWING machines, dropheads or treadle. u any condition, highest prices paid same day inspection. Rbt. Kerley Ltd, 96 Gawler place. C3858. C3858. C3858 — SEWING MACHINE. PRIVATELY. ? D6555. ? rXTO-wbeel trailer, good order. 16-in. wheels, tyres not essential. Ring U5164. TRUNK for overseas travel. Price anri I parties, 2 Miell st, W. Croydon. — IEKT BOOKS.— McDougaU 'Outline of Psychology.' Stout 'Manual of Psy chology.' X551. Advertiser. ? ?ROUSSEAU chest, good quality, state ? particulars, price. X675. Advertiser. ITN trunk, good condition, and lock; a price, size. Y780. Advertiser. ? rTPEWRTTERS -2 REQUIRED - OE I GENTLY. Price and where seen' to X647. Advertiser. ? PEN K-V.A. condenser, or 2O0 amp. elcc. I welder, apply SI Carringtnn st, &de- ¥JC UUM CLEANERS. An| make and condition. Cash on Inspection. ? C701B. C7018. C7018. ? W ANY CLASS MACHINERY USED IN TOBACCO MANUFACTURINQ. Apply P206. Advertiser. WINTER OJS. COSTUME. LIGHT SHAUE. W L9387. ? yTBITTNG desk with closed lid. medium « sizg and price. Y782, Advertiser. — WANTED, deep 6 corrugated asbestos, new or s.fa. Ring Blwd. 322. WANTED, tyre. 28 x 3. b.e, or 29 X 3%. b-e. and tube. J. C. W. Seidel. Lobe thaL ? ? WANTED, steel-framed piano or player, good condition. Ring C4218. ? fBARDROBE, solid, modem design: also 'dressing table: need not match. X632. Advertiser. ? — ? WANTED, trotting bike, apply 3 Main Nth. rd, Med. M1440. ? 1PATR fisherman's waders, size 9. D. Langley. 30 Murray st. Nth. AOel. — } ELECTRIC motor. 1,*DO r.pjn.. 20 h-p.. I single phase, new or secondhand. Ring BUSINESSES, PARTNERSHIPS IT £450. country mixed business for A quick sale, refrigerator, stock, plant. 3% acres garden land. el. pump. 4 nm, south, not distant. O. S. DEBNEY. 7 Pirie st. C4068. A GEN. mix. bus, western sub., nr. school, extra stop. 2 vac rms, takings £60. refrigs.. scales, &x.. w.l.w.o., £950: northern sub, lock-up shop, fruit and vegs, good living, rent 10/ p.w, wj-w.o, £150. A. J. L. Wilson. 31 Gilbert pi. — A GOOD fruit and veg. business. £60 wk, smart shop and nice dwell, 3 rooms and s.o, frigd.; £40 stock. Price £640. Curnow. 7 Swaine av. Rose Park. F5218. ? — ? AGENCIES OFFERED. (101 Repeat selling lines, also optional. RUBBER MOULDS (Plastics. Art Crafts). Welding. Eleclroplater Kits, retail price 39/6 each. Wire, write ? SCIENTIFIC PLASTICS INDUSTRIES. Cnr. Swan and Cremorne streets. RICHMOND. MELBOURNE. ? AGENCIES offered 'Commando' pocket radios, ready to assemble, retail Price. £3/3/-: 10 other lines. SCIENTIFIC COLLEGES. 58 Swan st, Richmond, Melb. A. BAKERY and groceries. Prosperous country town. 2.500 loaves. £40 smalls weekly, groceries £150 month, dwelling, shop, bakehouse, tow rental. £2.900. Private sale only. Reply X637. Advertiser BUY. any city business, reasonable price. Fun particulars to X4B3. Advertiser. — COREMAN engineer with Initiative, Arc r weld, oxyweld. lathe, small workshop in city. Wish to expand, offer snare in terest. F201. Advertiser. ? CLORIST. leading sub. business, wreaths. r weddings, &c.; good country connec tion, opportunity for smart artistic woman, lease. Lock-up shop. Enquiries confidential. No agents. F152. Advertiser. COR sale, gent's hairdresslng business. T city. X393. Advertiser. ? /?HOCERY business, estab. 34 years. U £500. including £300 stock. £50 equipment, tobacco quota, takings £70 week, rent 12/G. lock-up shop. Prospect. X518. Advertiser. ? ? UAIRDRESSING salon In a country town, II fixtures and fittings, including 2 bar ber's chairs, available. Prospective tenant must be an ex-serviceman. Apply Cor nell's. Adelaide. ? LADIES' hairdresslng salon, within 2? miles Adelaide, no opposition, new stock and plant, present owner forced by ill health to retire. Full particulars on appli cation to X433. Advertiser. ? DOST OFPICE STORE. 40 miles ? Adelaide. £80 to £90 per w«rek. petrol, papers. 6-roomed residennp. vacant possession. Good lease can be obtained. Price £1.750. or owner will sell freehold. DRAPERY, city. 2 double-fronted shoos. £80 per week. In-going, about £1.750. KELLY LTD.. 20 GRENFELL ST. C4517. PARTNERSHIP offered in garage ana - service station to qualified motor en gineer; must be fully conversant with motor cars. 4ec, and marine engines, welding and turning. Capable of manaz 'n» business. Position of trust. Flat available Joining garage. Full paiticulars — H. K.DRIDAN. Robe. ? SELL grocerj- business. lock-up shop, northern suburb. opportunity mar -?«'f couple. X34S. Advertiser. ? SELL, going conct-ra, m/cycle business own mirinc m/c, lathe, batt. chanrer tools, delivery. Xx J. Deslandes. 84 Semaphore rd. Semaphore. ? ? ? — — SELL. £30. quantity new children's 'ear. zirlf smocked fro-rks. boys' xirts. I varirtv -styles anrf sires. rxelu.Mvc work, suitable stork for shop. Cmipnm neccs IsF.ry. 12 Goodwood rd.. Redfern. ln I tpect Monday between W and ?

BUSINESSES, PARTNERSHIPS SELL children's wear store, owner musl sell owing to health; best offer P103. Advertiser. ? SMALL country store, close school, Kel vinator installed, river town, dwelling house atlsrclred.. perp. lease. Price. £6OO. stock at cose. Apply R. O. Fox. Phone 170, Barmera. ? ? — WE CAN SELL YOUR BUS1KESS « WHETHER IN COUNTRY. CITY OK SUBURBS SEND US PARTICULARS KELLY LTD, LICENSED BUSINESS AGENTS. 2O GREKFELL ST. ? C4517. ? WANTED to buy grocery or mixed, with dwelling, cash. X24B. Advertiser. - WANTED TO BOY. MIXED BUSINESS wl;h d'-elling. Price »» £800. ? X569. ADVERTISER. WANTED to sell, hairdresser and news agent business, present owner 18 v«ars. no agents. X550. Advertiser. ? WANTED 50 to 70 gallon milk round. southern suburb. F150. Advertlsw.— COMMONWEALTH AD VTS. MTNIETRY OF POST-W*R RECON '» ? STRUCTION. COMMONWEALTH RECONSTRUCTION TRAINING SCHEME ASSESSOR. Applications are invited for temporary employment with the Ministry of Post war Reconstruction Commonwealth Re construction TrainlnK Scheme as ASSES SOR, MEAT AND ALLIED TRADES, and ?should be lodged, in writing, with the DEPUTY DIRECTOR. REESTABLISB MENT DIVISION. MASONIC CHAMBERS 254 NORTH TERRACE. ADELAIDE. QUALIFICATIONS: Considerable prac tical experience as a general butcher. DDTES: — Assessment of trade pronci- t eocy of Trainees in the Meat and Allied | Trades: Investigations. Preparation of re ports and correspondence SALARY: £450 10 £522 per annum, to which is added at present an additional amount of £58 cost of Urine adjustment. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: Monday. 3rd March. 1947. APPLICATIONS: Should indicate full particulars of trade experience, age. date of birth, and war service -if anyi. PREFERENCE: Will be accorded to per sons with the necessary qualifications in accordance with the provisions of the Re establisbment end Employment Act. Divi sion 2 (Preference in Employment 1. Further information may also be ob tained upon enquiry at the omce of the Commonwealth Employment Service. 23 Currie street. Adelaide. ? STOCK AND VEH1CLES~~ ACTIVE single trolly or garden horse, also showy pleasure horse, ride or drive, no further u?e. 47 Thornton st.. Kensington. DROOD mare, served Kingston Lad. ?» cheap. 1 Kays rd. West Mitcham. U4084. ? BAY mare and med. trolly and harness for sale. Apply J. Towns. 42 Bower orescent. Dockville, Pt. Adelaide. ? BAY draught gelding, right age, champion worker, tip dray, brass mounted har ness, used council work, also sundry Har ness, no rurtlier use. 31 Princes rd, Mit fOWS. I'm a buyer of cows of all de *» scriptions. F15S6. C. HalL MagiU. — fHESTNUT mare, 6 yrs, 15 hds, lady's v hack, suitable pclo, guaranteed. 73 West sl. Torrensville. ? raw manure wanted, within 20 miles, v large or small lots. Write to H. Good win. 144 Junction rd, Woodville Nth - COR sale, good cow. just in. 13 prid 1 more road. Glen Osmond. ? P)R sale. Jersey heifer, just calved, quiet and sound. F8464. ? COR sale, light single horse trolley. F. » Sims. Two Wells. ? CRED HANN * (late of Hann Bros.) wishes to advise clients that he has twenty -20l good garden horses from £5 upwards, also three -3l out standing show ponies, suitable for Royal Show. All classes of hacks ?quiet) and harness horses. You can have a trial under no obligation. RING F8496. COR sale. Cobbers PaL on 2.26 mark, win^ ? ner this season in 2.18 gait, sound. A. Griffiths. Mallala. ? FOOD grazing for horses. West Beach. 'Rine L4709. ? BORSE owners. C. Harris & Son. 307 King Wm. st, C5999. for vehicles, harness, saddler}', rugs, body brushes. 5/6; breast collars. 15/-; bead stalls, from 10/6. — HACK saddle, nearly new. Williams make. Central 5596: after 6. M2717. ? DORSES. HORSES. HORSES ai All dipped and guaranteed sound. V HANN. Campb»lltown. F8287 ? ANE medium draught mare, good worker V Ring 12 to 1 or after 7 pjn. Phone Smn meriown 43. ? ROAN horse for sale. 8 James sL. City, off Angas st. ? SELL, trotting flUy, 3 years, by Roy Red mond, untried. Francis. 99 Hill st, Mitcham. U729I. ? CELL, chestnut pony. 14.1 hands, excel « tent hack or harness; also saddle, bridle, riding books and magazines. Dall witz. seacliJT. X721S. ? Sell 6 lb. exercise saddle, girth, xu cingle. bridle, canvas rtg. £8/10/-. H. Mdnemey. 2 Sutlzeriand st, Glanville. — CELL trolly, two-ton capacity, horse and 'J harness, bargain at £45. Apply 10 El len st. Semaphore. Phone J7062. ? SELLING out, trotters, pacers. 2 M.W. Jinker.s. 2 trotting bikes and 6 sets of harness, hopples, &c, give trial. Tbeo. Kilke. 33 George st, Norwood. -. ? SELL horse, harness and T.-g maslier dray. aU good condition, can ride and drive horse, will separate, reasonable offer accepted. 19 Richmond rd, Wcs bourne Park. ? SELL Jersey cow. young and quiet. 14 The Crescent. Blair Athol. ? SELL, riding saddle, good condition. 34 Nortncote ter., Gilberton. ? CELL, four-wheel rubber-tyred runabout. ?3 spring dray, fencing, plough. 73 Oval av.. Woodville. ? CHOWY horse, saddle, harness. £15. of J fer. 41 Aveland av. Nth. Norwood. ? CTABLING wanted for back. Wayviile ?- or near suburb. Ring U5317. ? SELL Jog cart, cheap. 212 Goodwood rd.. Col. Light Gardens. ? SELL pick 2 ponies. 13-14 h, quiet. 3. and D.H, cheap. 4 Berkley st, Chelten TROTTING bike, tarness. lamp. &c. ? 15 Collins street, city. ? THOROUGHBRED gelding, good jumper. I make good hunter, with plenty of pace. Apply X639. Advertiser. ? WANTED, few acres early oats, planted for greenfeed: delivery. X468. Ad vertiser. ? WANTED buy. young saddle and harness horse. U3528. ? WANTED motor wheel milk float. J1400. ? YOUNG Jersey cow. fresh in; also separator and butter chum. R. H. Kenner. Sparta ter, Magili. — BOARD AND RESIDENCE ABOVE for country bank manager's son, aged 16. quiet and well behaved. Ring Morris. C4780. ? ABOVE required by ex-serviceman. Ed wardbtowu or Cumberland Park locality. Phone U7613. ? ABOVE wanted by refined business lady, excellent credentials, desperate. X661. Advertiser. ? ABOVE wanted in refined home by busi « ness lady. X626. Advertiser. ? ABOVE required by young man. nuo smoker and drinker, Marino line If pos sible. X503. Advertiser. ? ABOVE vacant, large d.b.s. In small re fined guest home. U3379. Fullarton. — DOARD and residence, private home pre ?- ferred. staff member School Mines. Par tocuiars Y.M.C.A, Central 271. ? BROTHER and sister want above, pre ferably together, both J working. X473. Advertiser. ? : ? CAN give 1 or 2 ladies nice quiet home, full board, for holidays, 3 sec. near tram. 32/6. X568. Advertiser. ? pOUNTRY ex-serviceman requires board. \- urgent, south sub. pref. X622. Adver tiser. ? GENTLEMAN requires above, private family, single room preferred, reason able rttRt-nTice city. X867. Advertiser. — INTERSTATE business lady requires 1 board or firm. room, use conveniences. Protestant family. Reply X643. Adver tiser. ? LADY wants above in quiet private sub urban home, urgent. X608. Advertiser. IARGE furnished room, suit 2 gents, at Woodville laundry and break, avail able. XC53, Advertiser. ? LAD desires board urgently. ECwards town vicinity. X877. Advertiser. — HAN requires board anywhere. Woodville 10 Semaphore. Alax. c/o Williams. Newsagent. Port Adelaide. ? NORSt has sbare room vacancy in own home for elderly lady. Apply X755. PENSION man wants lodg, or board, lodg. ? Wfier? no dogs. Buttle P O, Magili. — RESPECTABLE single gent. Insurance clerk, requires board, private Protes tant famiiv. eastern or southern suburbs preferred. X391. Advertiser. ? TRADESMAN wants board, single room. ? permanent. X480. Advertiser. ? IIRRBRAE. quiet student requires above J U samp district. X656. Advertiser. ? I VACANT, good home at Kens. Gdns. tele- i , nr-'-ne on. X884. Advertiser. ? WANTED urgently, board and lodging for -ent. Reply Tolley, Grosvenor Hotel. WANTED, board and lodging for bo}' al tendinc Thebarton Technical Hifin School. Please reply to J M. Hillam. 18 Oxford ter.. Unley. ? WORKING lady, quiet, requires board, private home preferred. Write urgent. Collect Monday. X327. Advertiser. ? WANTED, private board for elderly lady, own furniture and linen if necessary. P105. Advertiser. ? WANTED, board for elderly lady, inex p»njsve. Z676. Advertiser ? WANT full board, just off city, and l:ght -'?-?h-ng. X589. Advertiser. ? WANTED, accommodation, rest home, el dttly lady. ZG77. Advertiser. ? VOUNG married couple require above I urn.-itly. YG9C.. Advertiser. ? 1 YOUNG man. 20. in b'.tsiness. requir.- ! i'Dove. any suburb. Reply X484. Ad vertiser. ? VOUNG ex-serviceman requires Hie abov. I rflined private home. X501. Adiertistr. BOOKS AND STAMPS '\ F»REIGN~LANGUAGE~LIBrrARV ~AND I , BOOKSHOP PTY. LTD. 159 Elizabeth] : street. Melbourne, for all ynur Fnrrisni : Unrua^f Books. Dictionaries. Gram-] ?mars. Neveli. Gles$le;. *c ? '

SUNDAY SERVICES CHURCH OF EXGUtNP J. PETER'S CATHEDRAL: Firsi Sunday a.m.. Children's Church. Canon Loan'; 11 a.m.. Sung Eucharist. {Stanford in Ci. iniroil: 'Lamb of God' .Mozanl. Prea cher. Bishop of Adelaide. First Sermon 01 Leuten Coui-sc: 3 p.m.. Scouts' Ser vice: 7 p.m.. Evensong (Stanford in ci. Pleacher. C.innn Loan. First of Lenten Course. Anthem. 'Creator Spirit' (Nob!? 1. Wednesday. 5.15 p.m.. Choral Eirosnn^. Thursday. 8 p.m.. Address. C~HRIST CHURCH. NORTH 'ADELAIDE - Lent I, H.c, 8 ajn. and 9 a.m.. M.: II a.m.. Lenten Sermon Course. 'Pracli- ral Christianity.' Rev. a. L. Bu:b'ck. Til. Schol, Rector: E, 7 p.m.. Lenten Ser mon Course. 'The Prodigal Son.' Rev. W. B. Dorker. MA. Mid -Week Lenten Services. Wednesday. H.C. 7 a.m.: E, 7.45 p.m. Collections Food for Britain Appeal. ? HOLY TRINITY. NORTH TERRACE. — 8 a.m, H.C: 11 a.m.. Litany. ' Words from the Cross'; 4.30 p-m. Fellowship Tea. Speaker. Mr. Max Hart; 7 pjn, E.P. WEDNESDAY. 26th. The Bible Story in Colored Lantern Pictures. P. H. B. Dil lon. Rector. CT. LUKE'S WHITMORE SQUARE.— Holy O communion, S a.m and 7 * &I-P 11 a.m. Rev. E. P. J. Shaxted. ST. JOHN'S. HALIFAX ST (EAST).— H.C, 7 a.m.; Parish Communion 9 a Jn. 'breakfast, following!. Sunday School. 11 a.m.; Ev, 7 p.m., E. J. Cooper. Rector. S~ PAUL'S. PULTENEY ST. — 8. tLC:~if Sung Eucharist; 7. E.. Rev. A. E. Kain. Adult Instruction Classes now being tormed for Sunday evenings. ST~Cuthberfs Church.~~prospect~First I Sunday ot Lent. 8 a.m. Holy Com- 1 munion. 11 a.m. Sung Eucharist. 7 p.m.. Evensong. Rev. H. c. Thrush. B.H.M.S.— Mallala 1 l7~Two ~WeUs~3 '(RevT F. L. Walter): Pinnaroo^I. Lameroo 7 (Rev. R. A. Campbell i : Port Elliot 7.30 and 11: Goolwa 7 tRev. V. H. Gough Sr.erwin-: Paynebam Parish (Rev. W. A. Terry i : Balhannah 9.15 Woodside 11. Lobethal 7 iRev. Beresford Ri?hard-: S. Mnian's 7 (Organising chaplaim. ~ CONGREGATIONAL ~ STOW MEMORIAL (East of G.P.O, Flinders street). Rev. N. CLARIDGE GOSS. 11 am, 'A QUERY AND A DIS COVERY.' Anthem. 'What Are These?' (Stainert 6.45. Organ Recital. JOHN HORNER. FJt.C.O. ? t 7 p.m, 'LEFT-HANDED.' Anthem. 'Psalm 150' (Cesar Franckt. HALIFAX STREET MISSION. 7 p.m, Mr. Keith_Braithwaite. ? BROUGHAM PLACE. NORTH ADELAIDE. a* 'The Church of the Chimes.' HARVEST 1*ESTIVAL. 11 a.m. Rev. FRANK SILWOOD. 'THIS BELEAGUERED WORLD.' Anthem. 'Fear Not. O Land' (Elgarl. 3 pjn. Youth Fellowship. 7 p.m. Rev. JOHN BRYANT 'CLEAN- NESS OF TEETH.' Anthem, 'The Wil derness' (Gossl. Interstate and country visitors espe cially welcomed. fLAYTON (at head of Norwood Parade). « Rev. T. REE3 THOMAS. B.A, L.Th. 11 a.m.. 'THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS.' ANTHEM: 'St. Day Carol' (Martin 7* pjn.. 'WALKING THE EASTER ROAD.' INTROrr: 'Cast Thy Burden' (Men delssohn i. SOLO: 'Beside Still Waters.' Mrs. Betty Sharpe. ANTHEM: 'Whoso Dwelleth Under the Defence of the Most High' -G. C. Martin) NEXT SUNDAY: Harvest Thanksgiving Services. ? ? ROSE~PARK. Rev. D. E. MaschmedtT HARVEST FESTIVAL SERVICES. 11 ajn, 'A Grain of Wheat.' 7 p.m. Rev. J. E. Cresswell. ? VARDON 'MEMORIAL! KING'S PARK. HARVEST FESTIVAL SERVICES. 11 ajn, 'A Spiritual Harvest,' Rev. H. Victor Woolley. 7 p.m, 'The New Blub From Death.' Pastor H. A. Parrott. Special Harvest Thankogering. ? MANTHORPe; 11 a.m7 Rev'.~L. Rob in Johns. 4 pjn, C.Y.F. 7 pjn, Mr. Colin Tucker. ? KEKSING TON G A RD EN S. Brigalow avenue. HARVEST FESTIVAL. 11, Rev. A. C. Stevens. M-A. 7. Rev. A. Winston Jones. Subject, 'Gods Open Hand.' Special anthems by choir. fOLLEGE PARK. Rev7~A. P. Farr. »» 11 a.m, 'The God who Speaks.' 3 PJn, Youth Fellowship. Mr. E. J. Matthews. 7 p.m.. 'The Waichnvan of the Gate.' March 2nd. 7 p.m. Unveiling of Honor Roll. ? ESTERN Suburban Annual Meeting, Kilkenny, Feb. 27th. Communion, 7J0. TORRENSVILLE CONGREGATIONAL I CHURCH. Sunday School Anniversary. Sunday. 23rd. 11 a.m.. Rev. A. Gowans. 3 pjn. Rev. H. A. De La Rue. 7 pjn. Rev. H. A. De La Rue. Annual Public Meeting, Tuesday, 25th, 7.45 pjn. Speaker, Rev. H. Watts Grim mett. Presentation of Awards. Anniversary Services continued 2nd ? March. ? CHELTENHAM CONGREGATIONAL V CHURCH. Sunday, February 23rd. 11 a.m., 7 pjn. Harvest Festival. Gifts ot food suitable for overseas parcels appreciated. Special addresses by Rev. L. H. Dalziel, L.Th.' DENLEY BEACH. Rev.~A. C NEWBURY. U II ajn, -Making the Best of Life.' Anthem. 'I'll Walk With Jesus.' 3.30. Youth PeUowship. Sister May. 7 pjn, 'Building Bridges.' Anthem, 'Break Forth Into Joy.' 'Nearer. Still Hearer.' Solo. Keith Arscott. ? PORT Adelaide. Harvest Festival 6er ? rices. 11 a.m, Mr. Peter Mathews (Youth Director). 7 p.m. Rev. Arthui Muriel. M.C.. B.A. 'The Harvest Is Plenteous.' ? GLENELG. Harvest Thanksgiving Festi val, a unique and appropriate celebra tion. II ajn.. Preacher. Rev. Samuel Millar, B.A, B.D. Anthem from 'Song of Thanksgiving' (Maunder! . 6.45 p.m.. Organ Recital, Edward Gare. LJtJS.M. 7 p.m.. Preacher, Rev. E. H. Watson. L.Tu, A.R.C.M. Anthems. 'AU Thy ?Works' and 'Pear Not. Oh Land.' Owing to fruit Sy campaign, instead or fruit and vegetables, gifts of food suitable for send ing to Britain are to be received. Dried fruits and nuts, jam. &c. ? ?JEDINDIE. 11 ajn.. Rev. A. Winston M Jones. 7 pjn, Mr^F. W. Boscombe. OTTOWAY^ 11 and 7.~Rev. Norman A. FTaser. ? DOES J A~N UARY LAG? If the early weeks of the year show a slackening of the churches' hardest work, February always brings its full return. It also brings its recall to wider service through the Centenary Fund and THE FORWARD MOVEMENT. CHURCHES OF CHRIST. ADELAIDE — GROTE ST. 11. Communion. 'Saved by Grace.' 7. Evangelistic, 'Are Mourners Happy?' Anthem. Solo. Preacher. Will Beiler. Strangers welcome. PARK ST, UNLEY — Mr. H. G. Norris. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES. 11 ajn, 'A Reading from the Pace of Harvest.' 7 p.m, 'Obedience — the Law of Harvest.' Gifts, excluding fruit. to be left at Church from 2 JO. Sat. ? MILE END— 11 a.m.. Mr. J. Buxton. 7 IH p.m, 'The Church Christ's Bodv.' Minister, Jas. E. Webb. ? NORWOOD (CHAPEL STREET). Tomorrow, Harvest Thanksgiving. 11. 'The Harvest and God.' 7. 'The Harvest and My Neighbor.' Preacher, A. J. Ingham. NORWOOD ANNIVERSARIES. n Next Sunday. March 2. Church Anniversary. Debt Extinction Offering. Monday. 3rd. CJE. Rally. Wednesday. 5th. Public Thanksgiving. Sunday. 9th. Bible School Anniversary WL5YLANDS ~Harvesi~Tbankseiving Ser^ '? vices. 11 ajn, 'The Time of Harvest.' 2.45 p.m.. Bible School Service. Pastor Arthur N. Bowen. 7 p.m.. 'The Seed of God,' Mr. K. A. Jones. NAILSWORTH. 11 aTmZ Communion'. 2.45 pjn.. Bible School. 7 p.m. Sub ject. 'Can We Understand God's Will?' Preacher. H. J. Fisher March 2nd. Har vest Festival. B~EULAH~ROAD^Barvest Thanksgivlnc. II. Communion. 7. 'A Harvest Tra gedy.- Ladies' Choir. Preacher. C. B. Cartmel. ? DULWICH 'Suart roadi--H. Cane Harvest Thanksgiving Services. 11. 'Every Man a Farmer.' 7. The Crown of the Year.' Anthem. 'All Thy Works Shall Prsisf Thee.' /VjTTONVILLE. Angas 'rd7— 11. Worehip v and Communion. Speaker. Mr. Nicholis. 7. 'God's Light and Man's Shades.' speaker. Mr. J. E. Brooke. ? ruLLARTON — 11. Worship. 7. Mr. and r Mrs. Metcalf. of China, in CSinesr Dress. Next Sunday. March 2. Thanks giving Day. Prophecy. Male Choir. B. | W. Manning. ? I CORESTVILLE — Harvest fhankszivins r Services. 11. Worship. Mr. J. E. i Brooke 7, 'Lessons from the Harvest.' Mr. W. A. Russell. Augmented Choir. roWANDILLA— Harvest ThanksKiving. V 11 a.m, 'Is It' Ours?' 7 p.m., 'God's Harvest.' Welcome._^W. E. Fisher. ? P REACHERS' Fraternal. Gr.ite st— 10.30. ! Monday. Feb. 24th. Speaker. C. P. j Hushes. _ ? | NEW THOUGHT N^EW Thought' Eagle Chambers. 7 Pirie -l. — Sun.. 7 p.m.. Mrs. Hoffman. FTi, ?».4S -Clnssi. Mrs. Lane. Room open daily. 1.30-4 p.m._AH welcome. ? i ? JBERAI. CATHOLIC _^ ! CHURCH of SI. Francis of Assisi~inr. Sacramenfiil Worship with liberty of thousht »nd hrlirf. 11 a.m.. Holy Eucharist. At .VMp Kinc William *t.

SUNDAY SERVICES J METHODIST ] PIRIE STREET METHODIST CHURChT I ADELAIDE. First Sunday in Lent. Preucher: REV. FRANK HAMBLY M.A, E.D. 11 dm. Subject: 'The Message ot the Miracle.-1' (1) The Healing of tile Sick Solois;: Miss Fay Giles. fi.45 p.m. Organ Preludes. Mr. I Char' -s Hewiit. I 7 p.m. Subject: 'Christian Fnilh and! Daily Lile' -li 'The Holy Ghos:.' I Intrcit: 'Lead Me. Lord' tWeslevl. Anthems. 'Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies' Sake' iParranti. -The Lord I» Nish Unto AH' .Rimsky-KorsBkov.. Monriay-Sat, 8.30-8.45 a.m. Dally De- i votiona: Sen-ire. Wrdrrsday. 1.15-1.45 p.m. Lunch Hour Service Thursday. 1O.30 a.m. Holy Communion. MADGE MEMORIAL ~ METHODIST CHURCH. HALIFAX tfl'Htail. 11 i m, Mr. W. R. Penball. ' 7 p.m. Mrs. Thomas. MAUGHAN CHURCH (CENTRAL MISSION). Franklin street. ;l « m. Rev. E. N. Broomhead. M.A. Subject: -WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE.' Solo: Mr. Dan Chynowetli., 3 p.m.. P.S.A. Speaker: SIR WILLIAM WILLIAMS, ol Wales (World High Chief Ruler of Ind. Order of Rechabltes). Music bv Vera Clarkson (Soprano). Wal ter Crcmer (Tenor I, Moseley Brothers' Vocal Quartet. TX (Thursday Island) Instrumental Quartet (Johnnie Binga pore. Leo Odegaard, Steven Abaila, Clem Miller). Accompanistes: Misses D. Smith. M. Hardy. Broadcast 5KA-SAU. Comm. Singing. 2.30. 7 p.m.. Rev. Samuel Forsyte, O.B.E, RECHABITE SERVICE. (Tents assemble in PuJ Regalia in Pitt st. 6.40 p.m. I Preacher: SIR WILLIAM WILLIAMS. Anthems: 'Lord Jesus Who Dost Love Me' tBacht. 'O Worship the Lord'! Duet. 'Thanks Be To God' -Dicksom. Misses E. and V. Dansie. Mus. i Dir.: Mr. Holland May Mus. Bac. ; Broadcast 5KA-5AU. Comm. Singing. I 6;20. - I PARKSIDE CIRCUIT.'— PARKSIDE HARVEST THANKSGIVING. 11. Rev. D. E. Dickson. M.M. Soloists, Misses G. Davidson and J. Warrell. 7 Rev J H Polntoa. Soloists. Mrs. M. Thompson and Mr. Allan Whittle. Harvest Anthems by Choir. PARKSIDE WEST— 11. Rev. J H. Poln ton. 7. Rev. A. C. L. Sanders EASTWOOD. — 11, Mr. R. G. Wilson. At Glenunga. O.K. GLENUNGA. — 11. Rev. A. C. L. Sanders. 7. Mr. p. H. Klcholls. MALVERN. — HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES 11 E.m, Rev. John Bryant. Subject. -The True Harvest Offering.' Anthem. 'Praise the Lord, O Jerusa lam' (Maunder). 5010. Mrs. C. Prior, 'With Verdure Clad' i Haydn i. 7 p.m.. Rev. Frank Silwood. L.rh. Subject. 'Tbis Beleaguered World.' Antrem. 'Thou Visitcst the Earth' (Barnbyi. 5011. Mrs. E. Parry. 'Gods Garden' rFranX Lamberll. Mr. Herbert Edwards. A.M. DA.. L.R^J». ? NORTU ADELAIDE MISSION. ARCHER ST. 11 e m. Rev. A. T. Strange. Baptis mal Service. Anthem. 'My Task.' 2.45 p.m, 5KA Helping Hand. 7 pjn. Rev. A. E. Voct. L.Th. 'Tiuth In Ariion.' Anthem. 'Come Unto Me.' Soloisc Myrtle Barlow. Organist. Sable Grive'l. ? nffiSLEY CHURCH. NORWOOD. « 11 a m. Rev. E .T. Pryor. Subject. 'Constiuctive Love.' _7 pju.^r^JT. A._ Philps. MEWSTEAD.— Rev. 'b7 N.'white. Harvest H Tiiar.ksgiving. Rev. E. T. Pryor. JTENSlIiGTON Park. — 11 a.mTHr. H. a. ?a Albright (Temperance Alliance). 7 p.m.. Rev. E. H. WooUacott. 5 p.m. Men's Fellowship Tea. Addiess. Rev. E. H. Woolacott. ? |__ ? MAYLANDS. — II a.m, Mr. C. G. Shearer B_i- BJSc. 7 pjn, OJI. Parade. Dedication of Officers of M.G.C. and Rays by Mias B. Linn, and of Offlcer* of O.K.'s by Mr. R. O. Hollier, G.G.C. of O.K.'s. Special Singing by O.K.'s Sydentam Rd. — Harvest Thanksgiving. 11. Rev F. R. French. 7 Rev. J. C. Oliver. ? PAYNEHAM METHODIST CHURCH HARVEST FESTIVAL. 11 a.m.. Rev. Milton Tresise. Anthem, 'Jerusalem, the Golden.' Solo by Mrs. J. Williamson. A.M.U-A. 7 p.m.. Rev. J. P. H. TilbrooL. M.A. Anthenjs. 'Praise the Lord.' 'The Lord U Loving.' Solo by Miss Joyce Wright. HACKNEY. — 4 pjn, 'Gospei~Service/: Rev. W; R. Steadman. All welcome. TARTRELL MEMORIAL, ROSE PARK. '11 ajn. Rev. V. R. Secombe. Subject. 'A Doubter's Discovery.' Anthem, 'Let All the World.' 7 p.m.. Rev. G. W. Shapley. Anthem, 'O Jesus. Thou Art Standing.' Solo. SPICEK MEMORIAL. EAST ADELAIDE. II a.m.. Rev. E. A. Pederick. 7 p.m. Rev. W. R. steadman. TU8MOEE, PORTHUSbI ROAD. 11, Rtv. G. W. SHAPLEY, M.B.E. Anthem. 'The God of Abraham Praise.' 7. Rev. V. R- SECOMBE. L.Th Anthem, 'The Radiant Morn.' IINLEY METHODIST CHURCH U mig William road. Hyde Part. 11 a.m. — Mr. Gordon c. Jones. Solo, Miss M. Kibble, 'O Loving Father.' 7 p.m. — Bev. John H. Peters. Anthem. 'Hark. Hark, My Soul.' roODWOOD. — 11 ajn.. Rev. John c. v Barrett (Recognition of New Members and H.C.) 7_ pjn. — Mr. H. J. Byrne. CLARENCE PARK — HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES. 11— Rev. F. Lade. MA. 7 — Rev. W. Curry. EDWARDSTOWN — 11. Rev. W. Curry; 7 — Rev. W. O. Harris. ASCO1 PARK. 10 — Rev. W. curry. ? MITCHAM.— 11 ajn.— Mr. D. F. Cornish. 7. p.m.— Mr. R- Simpson. ? WEST MITCHAM HARVEST THANKS GIVING. 11 a.m. — Mr. R. Burns. P-S.A, 3 -pjn. — Mr. H. J, Byrne. 7 pjn. — Mr. D. F. Cornish. DROSPECT. HIGHBURY ST.— Harvest I Thanksgiving. 11 a.m.— Rev. A. M. Davis. Anthems 'Praise the Lord. O Jerusalem!' 'Great and Marvellous.' 7. p.m. — Rev. F. R. French. Anthems. 'And The Lord Said.' 'To Thee. O Lord!' PtTLSFORD ROAD— 11 a.m.— Mr. Les. Berridge. 7 p.m.— O.K. Band. ? PROSPECT NORTH. HARVEST r FESTIVAL. 11 — Rev. D. W. Annear (of Port Pirie). Anthem. 'Blessing. Glory. Wisdom and Thanks.' 3 — P.S.A, Speaker, Mr. C. C. ShlnfcDeld M.A. Guest soloist. Mr. Ian McMutrie. 7 — Rev. G. c. Hutchinson (ot Broken HUI). Anthems. 'O. Lord, How Mani lOId.' 'Sing to the Lord.' Soloist, Ruth Whinley. ? ISLINGTON.— 11— Rev. C. J. Davis. 7— 1 Mr. Robert Bums. ? ENFIELD.— 11 — Rev. Waller F. Clarke. 7 — rlev. G. H. Pemberton. WALKERVILLE.— 11— Rev. G. H. Pem berton. 7 — Rev. W. A. Dunn. ? arESTBOURNE PARK. ' 11— REV. 3. FIRTH. Subject: 'Unlimited Wealth.' Anthem, 'Hark, Hark. My Soul.' Soloists, Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Baddock (Broadcast 5DNi. ? 7— Rev. A. J. Finch. ? fOLONEL LIGHT GARDENS. *? 11— Mr. A. J. Sexton. ? 7— Rev. A. E. Cowley. ? DOWDEN AND BROMPTON MISSION. »WAY MEMORIAL. — 11 — Mr. K. Sea man. 7 — Mr. A. M. Church. OVTNGHAM.— 11— Rev. L. D. Rooney. 7 — Rev. J. C. Scarborough (Harvestt CROYDON. — 11 — Rev. J. C. Scar borouzh. 7 — Rev. L. D. Rooney (Harvest). McBRTDE MISSION. — 7— Mr. E. E. Downs. Please send parcels for Mission to Bawden Railway Station or leave In bas ket on Adelaide Station. ? OTLBURN. — Harvest Thanksgiving. 11 — ai Pastor Lyne. 7 — Rev. C. J. Davis. Specia1 music. Monday. Harvest Social. 8 pjn. noSEFTELD. — Harvest Thanksgiving ft services. II ajn. — Rev. A. E. cowley. Solo by Mr. Vern Bonnett. 7 pjn. — Rev. J. Firth. Solo by Mrs. Jack Angel. flTEST HINDMARSH. Harvest Thanksgiving. 11— Rev. S Martin. Soloist. Miss Mavis Roberts. 7— Rev. L. G. Hunt. Soloist, Miss Catherine Watson. Special music. ? ELGIN ? 11 a m. — Rev. Jasper Gilding. 1 pjn.— Mr. I. Wardle. Hearing aids provided. ? B~LACK FOREST.— Harvest Festival. 11 — Rev. J. H. Peters. 7— Rev. A. Hemmings. Special sinking by cho.r. ? WEST CROYDON.— 11 — Rev. S. Forth. 'H.C. 7— Mr. K. Johns. GELLAND.— II— Mr. H. Kernlck. 7— Mr A Green. WOODVILLE GARDENS. — (Church Ann t 3— Rev. s. Fortli. Items. 7 — President of the Conference. Rev. n. H Davidson. P.C.M. ? mdoDVILlE.— 11— Mr. L wardle. 7— WRev. J. Gildins. ? PORT ADELAIDE CENTRAL I METHODIST MISSION. DALE STREET. SPECIAL HARVEST FESTIVAL SERVICES. II a.m.— Mr. Colin White. Wesley Col lege. Item by J. c. E. Members. 3 p.m. — United Sunday School Service. Genera] public invited. Chairman. Mr. A. Gates. Speaker, Rev. A. Bell. 7 p.m.— Bright Thanksgiving Service. Preacher, Rev. A. D. Mccutcbeon. Soloist, Miss Lorna Lee. of GlenelB COME AND GIVE THANKS UNTO ? TOE LORD. ? BROOKLYN PARK. — Harvest Thanksgiv ing services. II— Rev. D T. Reddin. 7— Rrv. E. M. Ingamells B.A. Special singing at each service. ? HOLDER MEMORIAL, Harvest Thanks giving services. 11— Rev. w. Glen Clarke. Soloists. Mrs. Martin and Mr. O James. 7— Rev. c. M. R. Tresise. Soloists. Rae Jones and Olive Kltmier. Special music by choir at both services. 'fLENELG; MOSELEY STREET' 'II a.m.— Rev. J. H. Allen B. Sc. 7 p.m. — Mr. M. .1. Wilsnn. ALBERTON. 11. Mr7~AT BcSsTpv. '7. tftRe». V. H. Ooldo«iv. ? '

SUNDAY SERVICES METHODIST fOMRADES AND KNIGHTS »? DEDICATION SERVICE Pirie Stree: Methodist Church. Monday. February 24. Doors open 7 pjn Sons sen-ice 7 JO pjn. Dec J:a lion service conducted by Rev. W. J. Bailey, to com mence at 7.45 p.m. Speaker. Mr. R. O. Hollier. of Sydney. General Grand Com ma nd«-r. ? BAPTIST C I- I N D E a S' E T S E E T- I ?11 a.m. — Broadcast seivice, 5KA. I Preacher: Rev. DONALD CAMPBELL. B.A. I Subject: 'EMBEZZLER TRANSFORMED TO PHILANTHROPIST/ 7 p.m. — Preacher: Rev. SAMUEL MILLAR. B.A, B.D. Subject: TWO ASPECTS OF CHRIST'S RETURN.' VISITORS CORDIALLY WELCOME. MONDAY NEXT— Monthly' meeting at 7.45 pjn. in vestry. TUESDAY NEXT— Christian Endeavo. Society Anniversary at 8 p.m Speaker* Rev. A. H. Betteridge. All welcome. O R T H ADELAIDE REV. H. G. HACKWORTHY. MX. M.A. HARVEST FESTIVAL. 11 ajn. — THE JOY OF HARVEST. An them. O. Lord How Manifold. 7 Jj-m. — THE DEVIL TAKES THE HINDMOST. Anthem, The Lord is if' Strength. ? ffji INVITE YOU TO WORSHIP. niEST End Baptist Mission. 2.45. Young 'People's Brighter Hour: 2.45. Mr C W Branson; 6.45. Rev. Bernard E. C.' Tuck. Music by Miss Beaton and choir. NORWOOD.— REV. ROY H^ HEARD 11 — -SONGS IN THE NIGHT.1 7— 'A SAVIOUR FOR THiS CENTURY.' NexL Sunday— Harvest Thanksgiving and Thank Offering. ? * PARKSIDE— 11 ajn. and 7 p.m.. RcvTa! H. Betteridfce. We heartily invile you to these services. Sunday. March 2nd — Harvest Festival services. UNLEY PARK. REV. E. H. WATSON. L.Th, A.R.C.M. 11 a.m.— CAN WE BELIEVE THE BIBLE?' ? b.5(J p.m. — SONG SERVICE. 7 pjn.— REV. D. CAMPBELL. B.A. 8.30 p.m.— OPEN AIR SERVICE IK SOLDIERS' MEMORIAL GARDENS Next Sunday — Harvest Thanksgiving. ? COME AND WORSHIP. ? WAYVTLLE (services in Institute. Bart Icy Crescent) — 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.. Rev. W. Keith Steward. Sunday. Mch. 2. Har vest Festival. Today. 2 p.m.. Working Bee at Church. ? GOODWOOD Harvest Festival Services 11— Rev. A. F. Roberts Ph.C, L.T*. (Of Brighton). 7— Rev. F. M. Lee. B.A., Bjj. Special music by choir at both service. Wed, £ pjna.. Thanksgiving social and quarterly rally. Programme arranged by choir. Gratitude calls for song, sacriffce and service. ? __^ ? BLAcifporest— 11 and 7. Rev. D. J. Mor ris. Harvest Thanksgiving. March 2l.iL GLEN Osmond— 11 and 7. ttev. C. J. Chamberlain. Second February Harvest Thanksgiving. ? _^ ? PROSPECT — Rev. C. R. Hutchinson. II * ajn. Morning Worship: 7 pjn, Mr. L. L. AithQ-.p. ? H/ESr Croydon Harvest Festival Services. '11 a.m. Rev. L. C. Carr; 7 p.m. Rev. A. Roberts. LTh. . ? _^^_ SEMAPHORE. 11 ajn.. Mr. c. C. Har rison. 7 p-m. Rev. J. Jauncey, B.A, BJSc. Harvest Thanksgiving next Sunday. ALBERTON~ Rev. F. CLIFTON ALDIS. 11. 'Conversion, Is It Necessary.' 7. 'Limping to Victory.' Communion. TUES, 8. Men's Fellowship. Visit from Pt. A. Presbyterian League. Next Sun day. Harvest Thanksgiving. ? ? rRESBVTEBIAX ? SCOTS CHURCH. (Rev. J. R. Blanchard. B.A.) First Sunday in Lent. 11 A.M, AT FLINDERS STREET— Subject. 'STOOPING TO CONQUER.' Anliem. 'Turn Thy Face from My Sins' (Sullivan). Solo. Mr. Les Dntton. Children retire at 11.15 for Sunday School. 7 P.M, AT NORTH TERRACE — Subject. 'A SUMMONS TO SELF DISCIPLINE' Anthems — 'Weary of Earth and Laden with My Sin' (Tozen. 'Blessed are the Pure in Heart' tWalford Davies). PREACHER AT BOTH SERVICES: REV. J. R. BLANCHABD. B-A. ? ST. ANDREWS, North Unley. — 11 a.m. ana 7 n.m. Rev. R. B. Pocock. B-A. ST. GILES'S. Norwood, Harvest Thanks giving. — II ajn.. Rev. G. F. cox; 7 pjn.. Rev. J. I. Williamson. TUSMORE. Harvest Thanksgiving Ser vices. — 11 a.m. Rev. J. I. Williamson; 7 pjn. Rev. G. F. Cox. ? ST. PETERS. Harvest Thanksgiving.— 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.. Rev. L. J. Schmidt. HrrCHELL MEMORIAL. GOODWOOD.— 11 ajn, 7 p.m. Rev. H. W. Hovenden. HAWTHORN. — 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Rev. F. G. Engel: 5 p.m, PJ.A- Tea. ? ?noOOVILLE. Harvest Thanksgiving Ser if vices. Bev. A. T. Stevens. BA, BJ». Subjects. A.M, 'BOAZ THE KIND'; r.M, 'THE DIVINE FAVOR.' P.W.M.U. trill meet on Thursday, 27th February, at 230 pjn. Presentation of Reporis. Musical Programme. ? SALVATION AEMY ADELAIDE West — Sunday at 11 a.m.. Holiness Meeting. 7 pjn. Salvation Battle. Saturday. March 1. at 7.30 pjn. Gospel. Temperance Envoy and Mrs. Betttson. All Envoys Invited. Hot scone supper. Captain and Mrs. A. Parkinson. Corps Officers. ? TONIGHT, 8 pjn., Victoria sq. Sunday. 1 at 11 a.m. and 7 pjm. Meetings will be conducted by Major and Mes. J. P. Trotter. In the morning Major Trotter's subject will be 'Fighting Faith.' and at night 'Let Us See God.' At 3 o'clock the Congress Hall Band will play in Elder Park. Junior meetings. 10.15 and 3 o'clock. Wednesday. 2.30. Home League Gathering. Thursday. 8 p.m. Holiness Meeting, conducted by the Divisional Chancellor. Brigadier G. S. Palmer. MARION st, Unley. 11 a.m.. Leader Y.P.&M- Vince. Address. C. Sec. R Mills. 7 p.m.. Leader C.S.M. E. Camm. Address Bandsman H. Greenslade. Wed., 2.45 p.m.. Mrs. E. Nottridge: subject, 'Jewish Settlements.' Sun, Mar. 2nd, 7 pjn. Sound Film. 'The Power* of God.' Major R. Smith. CO. ? THE SALVATION ARMY. Norwood. — 1 Sunday. 11 and 7. Harvest Thanksgiv ing Services, conducted by Brigadier Brimblecombe. Monday. 8 pjn, pro gramme by Congress Hall Band and Songsters. ? ARCHER STREET. North Adelaide — Harvest Thanksgiving Services. 11 a.m.. 7 pjn. Leader and Speaker. Brigadier Palmer. Special singing by Company Fullarton Girls. Monday, 8 p.m, grand programme by Unley Band. Ali wel come. George Jones. CO. ? POODWOOD Harvest Festival, conducted U by Brig- and . Mrs. Somerville. 11 a.m. and 7 pjn. Monday programme by Kent Town. 8 ? ? SALVATION Army. Thebarton. Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Services, Sun day. 23rd. 11 a.m, 3 p.m. and 7 p.m, conducted by Major and Mrs. Scrivener. 3 p.m. Y.P. Service. Monday, '24th. programme by Parkside Corps. ? ? EVANGELISTIC ? EVANGELISATION BALL. 66 PIRIE STREET. REVIVAL ON GOD'S WORD. preacher. OSCAR J. HANCOCK. Subject — 'THE WORD OF THE LORD.' ALFRED C. CHESSON, Director. rHRISTIAN Assembly. Druids' Hall. *» WalkervUle. — 11 a.m. Breaking of Bread. 3 p.m.. Sunday School. 7 p.m. Gospel Service. Speaker. Mr. A. G'uis. MR KNOWLES. late or Palatine, will (P.V-- show over 100 pictures and teil of 14 years' experience in that land of a great past and greater future. Willard Hall. WakeSeld sl, next Friday, the 28th. at 7.30 p.m. Gospel Hall. Carrington st. Mar. 1st. at 7.30 p.m. ? INXORTOHATED SPIRITUAL ST. JOHN'S Spiritual Church. Carrinc ton street — 7 p.m.. Mr. G. Atkinson. Interstate speaker and demonstrator. ? Sf! MARY'S SPmiTOAL CHURCH. A.W.U. Hall, Flinders st. — Sunday. 7 p.m. Divine Service. Speakers. Mrs. Chesterfield and the Rev. Arrtola. Mem bers meeting. Wednesday. 8 p.m, 7 Tay lor St. ? MAC MEM. CH_ 7 Pirie si. — 3.4O. V.C. 7.15. 'Whom Fare Badly.' Msgs. Rev. Castle. Welcome. ? CT. JOHN'S. Ship st, Pt. Adelaide — Rev ' H- Hallam. No Class Monday. ? SPIRITUAL ? BIBLE Study Circle. WednesAy. 2.30. 300 Halifax st. Mrs. Freer Watson. GREATER World C. Spiritualist Mission — Divine Service — Healing. Speaker. Miss Tingey. 94 Park ter.. N. Unley. MEW AGE Mission of Love. 17 Waymouth list. — Sun, 7. Mr. Taylor. Messages. Sister Hilda. Meeting Sai.. 2.45 p.m.. 74 Franklin sl, city. ? RECHABITE Hall. York— Sunday. 7 p.m.. Mr. Ledger and friend. ? iCTrMark's. 105 King Wm. rd, Hyde Pk jo ? Sun, 7 p.m. Mr. E. W. Lowe. Ad ?iresf. 'Afpcratinn and Growth.' Mfs |«ces. ?

SUNDAY SERVICES ? I.PTHEBAN ? CT. STEPHENS. Wakefleld St.— 2.45 pjn. ?J and 7. Rev. W. Fritsch. S.S.. 2.45. Lenten Service. Wednesday. 8 p.m. ? CL1NDERS ST. LUTHERAN. prospect ? Town Hall, 11 a.m. Student Klelnig. Rcchabiti Hall. Wellington rd. Maylands. 11 a.m. Rev. Nichierlcin. Flinders st, S.S. and Service. 2.45 pjn, student Jnnetzki: 7 p.m. Rev. Nichterlein. Come and worship. J .*J'??. » 1 b m. Semaphore. 1 n.m. Har «' vert Thanksgiving. Montara. 3 _„, . Yankalllla. 11 a.m Victor Harbor 7 p.m. Thanksgiving Services. NTH. ADELAIDE — 11 a.m. Broadcast 5AN. Dr. J. J. Stolz; and 7, H.C. S.S.. 2.30 and 7. Semaphore. 3. H.C. Wed, 26th. Nlh. Add.. 8 p.m. ? CT. JOHN'S. Unley — 9.45. S.S. 11. Har ?J vest Thanksgiving. Dr. C. Hoopmann. 7 p.m, Cand. V. Scflulti. ? HECTORVILLE — 11 ajn.. S.S, 10. Salis 'bury. 2.45 p.m. Come! Rev. A, Zweclc ALBERTON— S&. 2J0. Divine Serviced 7 pjn. student Klelnig. ? GLENELG. 7 p.m. Col. Light Gdns.. 11 a.m. Blackwood. Holy Comm, 230 ? APOSTOLIC ? ZION, Gilbert street, cityT Sun, 11, Communion. 7. Special Me morial Service to Pastor X-. P. 'WOliams, President and Founder of tne Churclt. Personal reminiscences from his remark able life, and abundant ministry will be recounted by Pastors Thompson and Evans. Not only can you pay tribute to the memory of this servant of God. but your laitb will be stimulated by his ex ploits for God. Come. TUES, 7.45 — Fellowship. Speaker. Par tor Thompson. SAT, 7 15— Tonight. Young People's Rally. PICCADILLY— Miss Tapson's cottage. Sun, 3 and 7. El. Bain. ? ? CHB1STADEUH1AK ? IE Adelaide Christadelpnian Ecdesia. 105 Halifax st. Tomorrow's Services — 11 a.m. Fellowship. 1.4S p.m. Wireless broadcast from Stations 5 AD and 5PL 'Does God Work to a Plan?' 3 p.m.. Sunday School and Ladies' Scripture Study Class. 7 p.m. Public Gospel Ad dress. 'The Foundations of Christian Hope.' Speaker. Mr. M. M. Wauchope. Free literature upon application. ? THE Christadelphian Ecdesia. willard a Hall. Wakefield .st.— Break Bread In Remembrance of Christ. 630 pjn. ? EAST Adel. Christadelphian Ecdesia meets 21 Payneham rd.. 3 p.m. Sunday. ? PENTECOSTAL ? CUNDAY IN RECHABITE CHAMBERS. u VICTORIA SQ, ADELAIDE. 3 pjn. — PASTOR REEKIE. 7 pjn.— 'LOVED AND LOST.' Tues. and Sat, 8 pjn, in Our Church. Franklin street. Thurs, 1L45 ajn. — Radio. SKA. 'HAR- VEST GLEANINGS.' ? REORGANISED CHI7BCB OF JESUS ? CHRIST ? OF LB. SAINTS. Norwood. — Harvest Thanksgiving Services, 3 p.m. and 7 pjn. Cumberland (Progress Hall)— Services 3 p.m. and 4 pjn. ? CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ? CIRST CHURCH OF CHKIS'l SCIENTIST. r ADELAIDE. 120 Wake&eld st. SUNDAY SERVICES, 11 ajn, 7.1S p.m. Subject, 'MIND.' SUNDAY SCHOOL, 11 ajn. TESTIMONY MEETING. WeA, B pjn. FREE READING ROOM. Bank N.S.W. Chambers. 12 King William st. ? rHBISriAN SCIENCE SOCIETY. l-18 WHEATIAND STREET. SEACUFF. Sun, 7 6J3, 11 ajn.; Wednesday Meeting. 1st and 3rd Weds. only. 8 p.m. AH are welcome. ? THEOSOPHICAL ? THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. 334 King 1 William street. 7 p.m. — Mr. W. A. Macpherson. 'BUSINESS TRAINING AN AID TO MAN'S EVOLUTION.' ? Soloist. Lorna stande. ? PIVINE SCIENCE ? IVINE SCIENCE CENTRE, 65 Flinders St.— SUN.. 2.45, Mrs. J. Dix; 7. Mrs. F. H. Taylor. TUES, 8. WED, L30. THURS, 11 JO (Fellowship -, and 2. Room Open— Tues. to Fri, from Up to 3. ? L ? UNTTAB1AN ? rTARXAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH, WakeSeld street. Minister. Rev. Allan Brown. U iT^ite Christian's Native Air.' 7 pjn.. 'I Call You Friends.' Opening meeting of Men's League. Wed, March 5. at The Manse. ? CHBIST1AN CMtiatCH ? DURNSTDE — 11. Rev. S. CarroU Myers. l»7 Youth Service. Mr. Doug. Dawson. Next Sunday— HARVEST fco'UVAL. S~TEPHEr. — Pastor R. K. Bowen. 11 a.m., 'Zeal of Thine House.' 7. 'TUis Do.' 8. Communion. ? RELIGIOUS NOTICES ADELAIDE BD3LE niSTTTUTE. 66 Pirie st.. MONDAY.- 8 pjn. Pastor REG. BURROW will lecture on Book of ^EXODUS.' also address on 'HOW WE GOT OUR BIBLE.' Great and interest ing subjects. Everybody welcome. FREE. Arthur Dickson. Hon. Sec ? ADVENT Testimony Preparation Move ment, Toes, Feb. 25. 2 JO pjn, 68 Pirte st. Evangelisation HalL Speaker. Bev. EH. Wttson. Chairman, Kev. Watfcins Smible. Subject, 'Rewards.' Welcom* to all. ? AT NATIONAL REVIVAL CRUSADE. (Undenominationall. King's Theatre. 318 King William St. Revival and Prophecy Centre. SUNDAY, at 7 p.m. Speaker. Pastor LEO. C. HARRIS. DANIEL'S PROPHECIES EXPOUNDED. WHERE ARE WE ON THE PRO PHETIC ROAD MAP? ? BRITAIN AND RUSSIA IN DANIEL, CHAPTERS 2 and 7. Revival Songs! A Hearty Welcome to All! BIBLE Standard Mission Inc. Compton st. City. Sunday. 11 a.m.. Communion. Bro. Bradshaw: 7 p.m. Gospel. Bro. G. Gordon. Wednesday. 7.45. Prayer Meeting. BRITISH ISRAEL WORLD FEDERATION (Adelaide Branch). Come and Hear MR. LEO. C. HARRIS. Claridge Tneatre. Gawler plan. SUNDAY. Feb. 23rd. at 3 pj&. Inspiring and Instructive Address, 'The Sun, Moon and Stars Speak to Britain.' Doors open 230. Be There! Willard Hall, Wakefield st, Thursday. Feb. 27th. at 8 p.m. Special Pnblic Meeting. Prayer and Intercession. Fel lowship to follow. Questions. AU wel come. Latest Literature. Book Depot, 16a Peel st, C2890. Read 'The National Message.' rOUNCIL OF CHURCHES. ^ Citizens' Weeklv Prayer Meeting. Tuesday Next, at 1 pjn. Methodist Church, Pirie street. Leader, Rev. Albert Bungey. Speaker, Rev. Samuel Millar. B.A.. BJ3, 'The World's Last Opportunity.' Offering to 'Food for Britain Fund.' EVANGELISATION Society. 66 Pirie St. a- No Meeting Tonight. AU Joining Youth Crusade Town Hall. Come. ? rOSPEL Hall, 25 Carrington at, TO « NIGHT. 7.30 (D.V.). Mr. O. B. Wyllle will give an address. Sub, 'Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church.' Sunday. 7 pjn. Gospel Meeting. Wed, 7.45 pjn. Prayer MeeUng. with Ministry by Mr. Wyllie. Come. ? RATIONALISTS' Assn., next King's BsU room. 6un, 8. 'Protect Your Child's Mind Ircm Priestly Nonsense.' A talk on the Religion in Schools issue by G. H. Blythe. Discussion. Sun. Next, Guest Speaker tronr New Guinea. VOUTH for Christ. Third united rally. ? Adelaide Town Ha'J. Tonight. 130 p.m! Attractive programme of music and song with Special Address for Youth. BEREAN Bible Class. Druid*' Hall. Flln ders st ? Sunday. 3 pjn. and 6.30 njn Studies and Addresses. Welcome. ' ? LEGAL NOTICES J O U TH A~'u~S TB.L1A. IN THE SUPREME COURT TESTAMENTARY CAUSES ' JURISDICTION. In the Estate of ANNIE DAVIS late of 23 Olive Street Parkside in the State of South Australia Married Woman deceased I. the undersigned ALFRED DAVIS of Parkside in the State of South Australia Out of Business being the person entitled t= apply for and obtain Letters of Ad ministration In the Estate of my late wife ANNIE DAVIS late of 28 Olive Street Parkside aforesaid Married Woman de ceased who died intestate at Adelaide in the said State on the Seventeenth day of February One thousand nine hundred and fortyseven do hereby pursuant to' Section 14 of 'Bagot's Executor Company Act' 1910 give natice that I intend to apply to the Supreme Court of South Aus tralia for an Order approving my apnolnt ment of BAGOT'S EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED whos* registered office is situate at 171 North Terrace Adelaide In the State of South Australia to take out Letters of Admin istration rnd authorising the said Com pany to lake out such Letters of Ad DATED this Twentieth day or February 1947; ? WITNESS to thr signature of ALFRED DAVIS (Sgd.l ft. DAVIS. iSgd.l BRUCE WOODCOCK.