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MARSHALL CROSBY-A. SINGING ACTOR Prominent in the casts of .Joth " Collits'.Inn" at the Princess Theatre _and "A.Ticket in Tatts," at the Hoyts de Luxe,. is Marshall .Oosby, why must, be one of :Mr. F.. W. Thring's smost' useful finds. Iin "Collits' Inn," Mr. =Crosby brings distinction .to the part of the innkeeper, 'and his plea santj personality'. and ,n-tural' acting make the clharacter .live. Marshall Crosby~ has had a long association with ?th? stage in Australia, but' until 'ecently'hie : was better .:knowi. as a singer thap as a actor.. Some years ago he was a popular vocalist on' the Tivoli Circuit, until" he: accepted 'the position of stage m~raiager at the Sydney :Tivoli. In reetht years he has been'' closely " asso'iated: .with George Wallace, and it was that ?as sociatidcn:i hich' ultimately brought him under the Efftee ibanner. - He' first" canie intoi proiniience on' the screen in "His Royal 'Highness" ah d 'Harmony Row,"'~nd ' his' sound 'act iing in those films caused him to be specially -sele:tedi by :.iMr. .Thring to play the role of the..butler in the stage comedy "Clara Gibbings" at the Garrick Theabre' last year.- In this he again made a:notable success, and h'e will be seen in the same role in the e'sceeen version- of :the comedy, which will shortly go into production at' he new-Efftee studio. In "Collits', Ihan" this: actor's fine baritone. voice. is heard in the opening number, in which he is supported by; a chorus of dirly pioneers. .As a vocalist. Mar shall Crosby holds the re:ord of a 39 weeks' season at the ` Wintergarden Theatre, Brisban.

trying. T'his fact tended tj create tho idea that the size of the gather ing was nct as large as anticipated, because hundreds of picnicers occupy ing sheltered positions among the trees. remained, there for almost the whole of the day. The number of picnic pa:ties who sought out these places was exceptionally large. A very favorable .impression on the orderl'Eess of the visitors was formed by ael' attending the Park. :lacding members of the A.socia t~on were present, including the Chief P.esident (Mr. R. C. Ri.chie), the geneali secretary (Mr. S. H. Watson), representatives' of the Board of Directors' end the president of the Metropolitan' Committee (Mr. S. G. Herson.) -Th- time was p:ssed pleasantly wi.h a sports programme lesigned to cater' for all tastes. For several hours, starting in the morn ing, a cricket',match was played on the ovol. While this ws in progress, childe.'s races we.e he!d in the lower -ark. A programme of athletic events followe.d the cr:cket match, in. eluding foot-running and cycling tests, and races for A.W.A. members. Amrong the: events were the A.N.A. chainpi.nship and A.N.A. handicap, cricketers' ra:e, mile race and relay. Ir:ntha two-mile bicycle raca, the win ?e- tai'.ed up in Ted. Butler, for merly of Wer.ibee. Several showers of rain. late in the afternoon cause.!. a rush for shelter, but-it had the ef ect of temrening the atmosphere scmewhat. When the sp.rts prgramme had been disposed of, on.ookers gathered in fr'nt. of t.e 'g.andstand, from the ateps, f dwhich the-. pcnic committee p:esidnt (Mr. Herron) formally in tro:luced: the Ch'if 'President (Mr. uitchie). Mr. Ritchie briefly ad iressed the assemblege. cn the pur pcee of the picnic and on the signifi ean.e of holding it on Australia Day. He then prnrceded with the distri b,tion oEf prizes won at sports. Se le;tions rendered at intervals during bhe day by ithe South Melbourne Brass Band were much appreciated. 'he. srvices of the first-aid attend ants. present ,were requisitialed for several cases of fainting, but mestly their -work consis:ed cf tending to cuts. and bruises.. Following is the esult of ~he spoctt programme :? - A.N.A. Championship-A. 7Morris a:nd G. Br:ggs, ;.dead heat 1st; A. 'ucker,. 3r.. President's Race.-H. MoorEa (Altona), 1st.; R.' Gray (Gar den -Vale), 2l :1; .G. Stewart (North Melbourne), -3rd: Secretaries' Race. - 1.'-Jenkins (Clifton Hill), 1st; E. Turner (Richmond), 2nd ; H. Redding (Muriumbee.ra), 3rd.. Metropolitan Committee Race : A. Morris (Albert .Park), 1st; W.,.Hill (Spo:swood), 2nd ; J. Jenkins (Cifton Hill), 3rd. I'wo-mile hanlcoap- cycle race : E. Butler (Fitzroy), 1st ; F. Lloyd (Clifton .Hill), 2nd; R. Fraser (West Brunswick), 3&rd A.W.A. COhampion ship :- S. Maloney (Footscray), .1st; P.'Williamson (Flemingtorn), 2nd; M. T'elfofI (Preston), 3rd. The: cricket match played on the oval between .Eastern and Western teams. resulted, in a' in for the lat ter side. Eastern were dismissed for Wfi, and Western-h't up'lll for the lss of three wickets:

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