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PIasNNed A w:y. - .... 4----? lr. PFrainl Stulln ColIIIoI. An old and esteentr4l recident of the M[oranmboro diotriet, near Merino. passed away at the llnmilton i'fospital t "2 o'clock this morning, in the person of ,Mr F. S. Choulson, "I osebank," aged 74 years. Mr Coulson, who wuis a pro minent member of the Methodist Chllrch, visitel Canterton a fortnight ago, but on his return home was lulddenlly seized with illness that developed ito peeri. tonitis. lie was attended by I)r Crooke, but serious yniptomn Ibeing develolpedl, was removed to the Iamilton lHo+pial,. where on 'Trhrsday night lnst ll. wn-. operated on by PIr Laidlan. after which the patiedt impiroved for a time. Event. nally, however, Mr Coulson't strength failed, and death ensued as stated. [Mrs Coulson died in lnil1, and their family including six sons and three daughters are :--Private .Inmeo an(tl Albert ()liver (who went into the Ilallrant camp last month), Messrs William Rlalph, Chris. tollher. George, John, and Ihenry C., Mlesdames .1. Miller and 1E. Cameron, and Miss II. Coulson. whilst another daugihter predeceased lher mother. 'lie funeral leaves the Methodist Church' Merino, at 2.:3 pi.m. io.nlorron (Tuesday).