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ROAD USERS FINED Before Mr. Coombe, S.M.: —

The follow-pg fines were imposed yester day:— No white cloth on tow rope — Selwyn Ross - Haig, of Parafield. £1, with 10/ costs. | Drove on off-side ol double road lines.— i Frederick Stanley George Evans, of Upper i Sturt. £2 10/. with 10/ costs. ] Speeded at corner— Stanley James Sawlell. of Asquith street. Prospect Gardens. £1 10. . with 10/ costs. Speeded over tnt-rsectlon— Charles Patrick Gibbms. of Gilles street, city. £1 5/. with 10/1

costs. I 'r-ili-d to report accident — John James1 Haines. of Beatrice street. Prospect. £1. witf. 10/ costs. I Failed to keep to left— Fred Ernest Dohnt. of Goodwood road. Colonel Light Gardens. ; £1 10/. with J4/ costs. Disobeyed direction — Stanley Roy Woolard of Gawlc'r place, city. £1. with 10 costs : Disobryed si?n— William Edward Michell. of Churches street. ThornKate: Napoleone Flo reani. of Psyneham road. Hoysion Park: and Patrick Walter Stock, of Diagonal road. East Glenelg. each £1 5/, with 10/ costs. Breach of stop sign regulation — Frederick Henry chesson. of wheaton road. Edwards town: Elva Waterman, of Burnside joad. Ken- i sington: Kevin Thomas Risely. of Newman: st-rcet. Semaphore: and Jack onlepp, of, Annesley avenue. North Norwood, each 15 with 10/ costs: Ellen Curnow. of Carrington i street, ciiy; Ronald George Hannan. of Wriahi : street, city: and Anthony McMahon. of Hind- 1 ley stroet. dry. each 10/. with 10- costs. Speeded past school — Clifford Gartner, of Streaky Bay. £1 10 '. with 10/ costs; William Westley Millican of Broadway. Reade Park; Murray Hili-jn Jnrrntt. of Nora street. May lands; and Harry Arthur Dnderdown of 6wie-'-s street. Birkenhead. each £1 5/. with 10/ No l!s-lus on birycle— Richard Norman Cossey. of Park street. Unlev. and James William Hay. eath £1. with 10' costs No current disc on truck— Gordon Mullis ? Richards, of Willunga. 10/. with 10 ' costs. : Rode bicycle Archibald Teague. of Anzac Highway. Grovcne. 10'. with 10 ' costs. Speeded with pillion passenger— Eric Noel Freemnn, of Torrens road. Franklin. £4 10/. with 10/ costs: Reginald Douglas Matthews, of King street. Mile End. £1 5 . with 10 costs Jack Saundry Riddle of Koarlunea Tl with 10/ costs; Rambler David Robert^' nf' Han street. Dnley. £1. costs remitted: William : Gerald Perry, of Government road. Crovdon. 15/. with 10' -'oofIs. Assistant Police Prosecutor Barrln-ton Dro secutcd. port iniXAinr Before Mr. Sanderson. s.M.:— Drove without due care -Thomas Frederick Walsh, of Cedar avenue, Royal Park, fined £3. with £1 15 costs. Disobeyed stop sign— James Henry Graham of Old Port road. Queenstown fined 10 with 10/ costs. Plainclothes Constable S Hazel prosecuted Mr. A. C. Rymill for Walsh. l.nWARDNTOWN ?Before Messrs. C. T. Wrav and A. Brook No driver's licence— Ronald William G:bbs of Price siree:. Ednardston-n. fined 10/. with 10/ costs. No light on bicycle— Laurence Maxwell Pen IzelUry. of Childers street. North Adelaide, fined 15'. with 10/ costs: George Lewis Dun Uta'.l TirrcU. of Hti'.ry road. Unlev fined 10 ', with 10 ?' costs. 'Donkeying.' — Howard James McGlasson of Cross road. Clarence Gardens and Eric: :Cln-k of Laurence street. South P'.ympton. I each fined 5.'. with 10' costs. ! Disooeved stop sign. —Richard William | HOi-kiM:;. nl South road Blark Fores; Geflrevs iPntr-c'r: Turner, of William street S-iuth i Plvn'nton. Cvril Ron Dobbir. nl Corunna av ' nm: Colourl Lttrht Gtirtirn*. Hnrnlri W l.n ! Bevnv nl Kvre avenue. K:n:swnoi!. H.irold I Fr- rieri.-k (?;''.. of C:-M)-- street Pi-ksidi 'acli fii'.'d 10 m:li 10 «-:? Cnn.'nhlr Mai-IninM, nro-enit.-d , NEW YORK. April 27— The enn ?-lirion of Fritz Kroislor. the violinist. I who was knocked down by a truck yes terday, is 'improved, but stili serious.'' It was noi indicated whether he had regained consciousness.