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Several of the yacht clubs have postponed their races tomorrow so that members and boats may take part in the opening ; demonstration of the Royal South Australian Yacht Squad ron at the Outer Harbor. Commodore M. L. Mitchell will take the salute for the first time in this capacity, and a large : fleet is expected to be afloat. Clubs which have postponed ! their racing are Port Adelaide Sailing Club, Largs Bay Dinghy Club, Grange Sailing Club.

Proceedings this year will be mingled with sadness because of the death of Mr. T. M. Hardy in the Kyeema disas-l ter. Mr. Hardy had been nominated for the position of vice-commodore and as a member of the sailing; com mittee, and deep regret was expressed! at the annual meeting recently that he! had not been spared to accept these j positions. As a mark of respect to his I memory, flags will be Sown at half mast for a short period, and the usual races and dance which follow the opening ceremony have been elimin ated, i Members of the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron are asked to h«ve their yachts and motor boats cruising In the vicinity of the northern end ot the Outer Barbor Wharf at 3. IS p.m. tomorrow. As a mark ol re spect to Mr. Hardy, a gun will be fired at 3.20 p.m. and ensigns lowered to half-mast. Two minutes later another gun will be fired, and ensigns re-holsted. The second gun will also be the starting signal for the procession. Motor vessels, headed by Dr. A. L. Tostevin on board Nyroca. trill proceed up river to a point beyond No. 3 beacon, and returning in strict procession will salute Commodore M. L Mitchell, who will anchor Grelk*. close to the northern end of the wharf. After round ing the flagship, motor vessels will cross the river In procession and anchor along the western bank close to No. 2 oeacos, with Nyroca at the northern end of the line. Sailing vessels will cover the same course, led by acting Rear-Commodore C. P. Haselgrove on Vamp, and will manoeuvre until tbe motor vessels have saluted, following as closely as possible the movements of Vamp. Flags to be worn will be the Red Ensign with the squadron burgee, except members holding Admiralty warrants, who will wear the Blue Ensign. Afternoon tea will be served In the clubhouse between 4.30 And 5.30 Race At Henley The complete fleet of 11 boats will compete in the first club race to be BBlled by the Ben ley Club for the E. W. Mitton trophy tomor row. The competitors and their skippers will be: — Maiinga iR. Laing). Alva U. C. Wood), Myris (R. F. Wells). Aurora fH. Le l*ul. Tola -C. Bsmpton*. Vanessa' -H. B. Grovesi, Mirage iP. Harris). l*nlth -L. Johnston). Victor -J. Miller). Scandal -J. Chesterman). Sunny iL. M. Thomson I. A revised system of handicapping will come into operation, and all boats will start from scratch with an -adjustment of handicaps at the end of the race. Vanessa has been re-rigged, and will now carry a 220 square feet gunter mainsail, which Ik expected to improve the performances of the boat. Alva has been showing Improved form, especially In light weather- Zenith, which sailed well last season in hard blows. Is expected to Improve her pace when she meets with these conditions again. A plan of the various courses to be sailed will be fixed on the notice board in the club shed, the course to be sailed each Saturday will be marked with a colored flag, and a simi lar flag will be flown from the mast on the clubshed. The club championship will be de cided this year by the boat securing the highest aggregate points to be allotted on each club race. This will give consistent starters an advantage over other boats. An unusual number of new types of yacht have been introduced to South Australia at the latter end of last season, and this season. The 20 square metre yachts of the Tumlaren class, a favorite in European waters, were seen for the first time last season. There are now three of the class sailing In South Australia, and more are expected, and a large number will make their appearance in the eastern States this season. A new type of 20-footer has been built at Port Adelaide, and Moorna. the first boat of the Jubilee 17 ft. 6 in. class, has also raced at Port Adelaide. Among the smaller boats a nine-square metre sharpie is at Grange, and members of the

Oleuelg Sailing Club hsve secured plans and : intend to build one or two of the new Inter- ' national class of 14 ft. dinghy. ! A fine piece of rescue wort was performed ! by the Largs Bay Dinghy Club's lifeboat Lm Moodle thin week in sa%*ing a mate and sea man from the Jolly boat of the steamer Nau sea Manor, when the latter overturned in a ?» oil Um this week. Unfortunately the captain of the steamer was unable to cling to the upturned boat until the rescuers arrived, and he was drowned. Jack Benton and Ley Jenklnt. two members of the Largs Bay Dinghy Club, showed a lot of courage in tak ing the small lltcboat through a rough and squally sea. Two Races At Glenelg Glenelg Sailing Club members will con test tomoirotr the A. E. GUlard Memorial Handicap, in which 14-loot dinghies and sharpies will compete In separate divisions. In the dinghy section the winner should be either Silver Spray or Chum, which have both shown tbelr best form. Silver Cloud Has not yet proved ltsell, but It now has a capable skipper and a regular crew, which should da a lot towards proving Its capabilities this season. Disturber, Tanlwha, and Arrow com prise the balance of the 14-footera. The sharpie section will be represented by Flash. Torment, Pelican, Amarlne and Jewell. The manner in which Pelican and Jewell sailed on opening day should make it hard to choose the winner, but Pelican should be Just ahead at the flush from Jewell. C. L Johnston will be at the tiller of the Torment. As an ex perienced skipper of larger boats, his Handling of the Torment should enable that boat le be well placed. On Sunday the J. W. Richardson Eandlcan will be contested, and the same boat* will be competing for the trophy presented by Mr Jock Richardson. silver Spray was unfortunate in not having won the Largs Invitation race, as this boat is sailing better than at any period of her exU tenca. in spite of having bad to be practi cal;}- reconditioned since coming to the Glenelg Club, silver Spray and Chum both finished ahead of the State champion Maringa on opening day. The president of the club (Captain A. Nooni is still confined to his bed. and It Is to bt hoped that he will be sufficiently recovered to take hU place as Judge once again. Dinghy enthusiasts have started a fund to provide a club 14-footer. and it la to be hoped that this will eventuate before the season la far advanced. Tomorrow and on Sunday the coarse will be patrolled by Max Young in his cutter Sie gift. The club membership Is rapidly Increas ing, and If plans materialise both the mem bership and fleet will be the largest In the his tory of the club. Jewell, owned by the Hold fast Bay Yacht Club, won the Invitation race on opening day. and was skippered by BUI Horrlcks. The Holdfast Bay Club is snaking arrangements Joi the purchase ol another boat. Thu boat will also be sailed as a unit of ths Glenelg Sailing Club's fleet. Largs Dinghy Club The Largs Bay Dinghy Club will not conduct races tomorrow so as to allow boats to so to the Royal S_i. Yacbt Squadron opening. The opening demonstration last Saturday was a success, and a Urge fleet of club boats and visiting boats took part in the races. The 12-foot and 14-foot races were won by Heather -H. Perry) and Sunny South (H. Richards) respectively. A large number of guests wersi entertained during the afternoon. The programme of weekly races will begin oa Saturday. November 26. and will continue until March. 1939. The first weekly dance was held on the opening night.