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Sangster — Burston

WHITE FLOWER DECORATIONS in St. Peter's College Chapel and white frockiug for the bride and her three bridesmaids were charming and appropriate details at the wedding on Saturday of Miss Helen Elizabeth Burston, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Burston, of Robe terrace, Medindie, to Dr. Chris topher Bagot Sangster, son of Mrs. J. I. Sangster, of Avenue road, Unley Park, and the late Dr. J. I. Sangster.

AT THE CHAPEL, Mrs. A. J. { Melrose, who bad charge of J the decorations, had used masses j of white asrapanthus with strik- j ing effect, the white note adding i something of coolness to the j atmosphere. ! The Rev. Guy Pentreath officiated. , Ushers were Dr. Sholto Douglas, Mr. : Keith Macdonald, and Mr. John Bagot. i The tall and lovely bride looked most j attractive as she came down the aisle j with her father. She wore a frock of i heavy white lace over a sheath of gleam ing silver tissue. The frock was made , on slim, close-fitting lines, with a slight - train, simple but effective in its details ' of high neckline and tight-fitting wrist- ' length sleeves. Down the back from : neck to wast was a row of tiny buttons. : The bride wore her mother's wedding ; veil of white tulle with a posy of , orange blossom on the right side of the : head. A prayer book bound In white was carried instead of a bouquet. ; The three bridesmaids — Swisses - Eleanor Melrose, Sheila Currie, and Ibel j Murray — made & charming group in. their filmly wide-skirted frocks of two layers of white net through which the graduated bands of silver tissue on the slips beneath gleamed softly. Short : puff sleeves were gathered down the ; centre. A cluster of ?white ostrich : feathers on a silver band was a new : and smart idea for headdress. They ; carried little posies of exotic white : flowers frilled and tied with silver Os- ? sue ribbon. ; Mr. B. Irwin was best man, and ' Messrs. Ridgway Newland and J. W. Sangster were groomsmen. After the ceremony. Dr. and Mrs. Burston entertained a large number of guests at a reception at their home, and the beauty of the flower decorations was much admired. In the reception room the bridal party stood in front of a mantelshelf massed with close set hydrangeas of exceptionally large size in love liest tones of light and dark pink and blue; above them light and dark blue delphiniums of unusual length reached to Oie ceiling. The grate, too, was filled with the hy drangeas. This artistic decora tion was done by Mrs. W. Sangster and Mis. Clifford Deeley. A French model of perfect cut in & soft shade of ice blue was worn by Mrs. Burston, with bodice and elbow sleeves shirred in unusual style. With it she wore a wide brimmed hat in matching tone of blue, with a soft little tuft of blue ostrich feathers clustered under the brim at one side. A spray of orchids was pinned on tier handbag. Mrs. J. I. Sangster wore a charming and becoming frock of cyclamen toned lace with short matching coat, and with it a wide brimmed hat of black sheer embossed in vine pattern. On her coat an exquisite orchid and fern were pinned. Mrs. William Culross (bride's grand' mother) was in black georgette with a cluster of white flowers on the short coat. Her black straw hat was banded with ribbon and a motif of steel. Mrs. James Burston, also the bride's grand mother, was not present, as she is on her return journey from overseas. After being received, guests went into another reception room to view the wedding gifts, and to admire the flowers, among which apricot toned gladioli were charmingly arranged. In the hall a great bowl was arranged in apricot, blue, and white toned flowers by Miss Ida Turner. Everybody went to a big marquee, where refreshments were served. Blue agapanthus. delphiniums and white gladioli formed a colorful background to the bridal table, on which white flowers were used, and silver candelabra with white candles lent a charming note. In the centre was a three-tiered white iced wedding cake. Plat bowls filled with blue hydrangeas centred each table. Mrs. Norman Brookman and Mrs. H. C. Nott chose the blue and white note and arranged the decora tions. The bride's going away frock was of hydrangea blue satin back crepe with bolero coat. The frock had an unusual treatment on the bodice, narrow flat tucks in wave design stretching across the front from one puff sleeve to the other. The attractive suit was accom panied by a white hat and white accessories. After the wedding. Dr. and Mrs. Burston and relatives. Mrs. J. I. Sang ster. Dr. and Mrs. Clive Sangster, and relatives, with the bridesmaids, best man. and groomsman, dined at the South Australian Hotel and danced there afterwards. This ended one of the largest and most delightful wed dings seen in Adelaide for some time. Invited guests were: — Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Angas. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Angas, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Ayers. Mr. John Ayers. Mrs. Julian Ayers. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Aldridge fSnnbuir. Vic), Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ast'ev. Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Bowen. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brougham. Miss Barbara Brougham. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brookman.

Mr. Anthony Brookman. Mrs. George Brook-   nan. Miss Phyllis Brookman. Mr. and Mrs. I Uenis Baylis, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Birks, Mr. I Serald Burston. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Burs- I ton, Judy. Erica, and Peggy Burston, Mr. and 1 Mrs. George Braund, Mr. H. B. Bruce, Miss I loan Bruce. Miss Barbara Boykett. Miss Helen I Bruce. Mr. Ken Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. K. G. I Bullock, Miss Helen Bullock, Miss Winnie Bon-   ain. Dr. Noel Bonnin. Mrs. James Burston, Mr. 1 and Mrs. John Bonython, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bar- I (fell. Mrs. F. W. Braund iLondont, Mi. and I Mrs. WilMr Bagot. 1 The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress (Mr. i and Mrs. A. G. Barrett), Mrs. John Bagot. I Mrs. R. Bagot. Miss M. Bagot. Mr. and Mrs. 1 B. Badger. Miss Bowman, the Rev. K. J. F. I Blckerstett lEngland). Miss P. Bray. Miss j Helen Bakewell. Miss M. Bickford. Mr. and I Mrs. Cllento. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Cudmore. Dr | and Mrs. Edwin Crozier. Mrs. D. M- Cuming. ! Miss Athalie Cuming, Dr. and Mrs. Darcy j Cowan, Mrs. Roland Cudmore. Mr. and Mrs 1 C. Currie. Shiela and John Currie. Mrs. W. i Culross, Mr. and Mrs. Cortin Culross, Mrs. R I Colley. Mrs. J. Ccrbin. Dr. and Mrs. C. T. C. j de Crespigny. Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Cudmore, j Miss Cussen. Mr. J. CounseL, Mr. and Mrs. j Douglas Cooke iLondon), Misses Diana and 3 Ro^e3la^J- Cooke. Mr. Bey Campbell Arcbdea- j con and Mrs. Clampett, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. ColJey. Mrs. Edwin Currfe. Misses Joan and j Jo Cuming, Dr. and Mrs. J. Covemion. Dr. and ' Mrs. G. de Crespigny. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Carr, Miss Audrey ex tend, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Cave Miss Man Cave, Professor Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. eeoree Cowan (London), Miss Heather Craven, Mr and Mrs. B. Bums Cuming, Mr. and Mrs R W. Burns Cumlnc. Mr. D. Campbell. Mr ar-d Mrs. Hugh Davidson. Mr. and Mrs Bov Davld ^5' «Mr~ ^nd Mrs- Ed«»r David son, Mrs. H. H. Dutton, Mr. and Mrs John I Dutton. Mr. and Mrs. R. Dutton, Mrs. Demon, Mr. ano Mrs. John Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Sid- j ney Downer. Mr. and Mrs. D. Downey Mr i and Mrs. CliHord Deeley. Dr. and Mrs Dean I Dawson, Miss Josephine Dauson. Mr G Daw »°.n- Drr-,a°d Mxs- RuPert Dovrnes (Melbourne). Miss Valerie Downes. Dr. and Mrs. F. J Doug IS Mr.f^^T^Z^ne^^r^aLi3^ liM.j^^^M^.^n11^^^ son. Mr. snd Mrs. M. A. Potheringham Mrs F. J. Fisher. Mrs. Harold Fisher Sir Walter and Lady Duncan Mr and Mb and Mrs. Noel Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. Frank £or5°°-V Mr. A. Forwood. Miss Barbara For wood Mr. and Mrs. Keith Forwood. Mr. and ^f% Margaret and ChristcJ Gcohardt Mr' !*» II ££?'«? oTa^Mri fISBSi Seymour Hawker. Miss Suzanne Hawke? ?°™. Mr. B. Ackland-Honnan. Mr and Mrs &J? f'SSi1'- 'S? '«? John Hiil. SS-.^nd gfiS J- Hooner. Misses Hooner Mr Bl ?»vnl-*e- Dr and Mrs. H. M. jaV i&Toro |'ir^ ««V?0VK fc? Me«« n° .Jn°rfnef- nMif5 PeReT Britten Jo^S: WiS, i f, d li Bntien Jones- Mr- and Mrs. MrJr^ i U t- ,Mlss Manraret- Jol)v. Mr. and JFn'i. J°IJ3-. Miss James. Dr and Mrs McPherson Knox (Toorak. Vic). Miss S. L.' llddo0£- ''? LaDCe LeWiS- Dr- and M' Lewfv fT^6' aMd L?dT Hudd- Mr- atld Mrs. Lewis Luxton, Miss Langdon (Malvern ViFi t r- and Mrs. A. Lamohee. Dr. and Mrs p' %^?£S? m- M£s rMiIlle Leltch- M?. «nd Mrs'. ?.'„ m ^; M£s- W- Lowe- Dr- *°i- Mrs. Humph Mr^f Di Mrirand Mrs- Guy Makin. Mr. and Mrs. Stanlev Murray. Mrs. Douelas Murray 5?J A'ec M,urrav- Miss MoUi= Murriv Mr' lnJ,fc Allan McFarlane. Mr. and Mrs Ar nold Moulden. Mrs. Malcolm Murray Mr arfd Mrs. Kenneth Milne. Mr. Lance MJiae. Mr. lac R.UIFayM^^.^ssBEM^uV^- IS? to Mrs. J. a. Mortsh. Mr. BiU Morish MissBett? ^S:^^ Mulc^0^^, *£ M. Newlarjd. Dr. and Mrs. Brian Moore ^|enSr;andLM^.NReo'nafddOrr:SSMrIei|Sd &a^ »rfC JSta££ ^ST and Mrs. Douelas McKay. Mr. Keith Mac donald Miss PeitEy Marshall. Mr. and Mrs Burtord Morrison (London). Miss PeacJct Mrs- f W- Porter. Mr. Tom Porter. Mr ^and Mrs. J. Porter. Dr. and Mrs. A. Grenfell Price Miss Bettv Price, the Rev. and Mrl Guv Penl tpaih. Mrs. R. M. Phillips. Mrs. T. Slaiev Poole. Misses Poole. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Quilter. the Rev. K. D. Roach Mrs N A RpupeU. Brteadier-General Dean. Mr. and Mrs. H. Rymill. Miss Katharine Rymill Mrs Sidney Rymill. Miss F. Rvmill. Mr. D. RySffl. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Reid. Miss P. Reid. Mrs. A. G. Rymill. Mr. and Mrs A. C. Rymill. Mrs. Russell. Misses Joan and Esme Reid Mr. and Mrs. J. Cramer Roberts Mrs. Charles Sham. Mr. and Mrs. s. H sklo Der. Dr. and Mrs. Brian Swift, c.*' ??d Mrs- C'1'1' Smeaton. Miss M Stott. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Barr Smith Mr and Mrs. T. Barr Smith, jun.. Mrs D Eh«n nan. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Symon Dr a-.a Mrs. W. Sanester. Dr. and Mrs. clive Sans ster. Mr. and Mrs. Georee Sanester Dr and Mrs. A. F Stokes. Mrs. H. Swift. Mr. A. A. Scarfe Miss E. Scarfe. Mr. G. Owen Smvthe Miss Scott. Mr. Rolfe Sabine. Mr and Mrs W. Law Smith Mr. and Mrs G Law Smith Mr. F. G. Scarfe. Mr. and Mrs F R Sane ster. Dr. and Mrs. Bronte Smeaton. M!ss-s B and J. Simpson. Misses J. and A. Simpson. Mr. B. Shearer. Mrs. Eversley Thomas Mr and Mrs. Andrew Tenant. Mr. and Mrr Dud ley Turner. Misses V. and I. Turner. Mrs Al bion Tolley. Miss K_ Thomas Mr and Mrs Compton Trew. Mr: and Mrs. John Tennnm Mr. and Mrs. Alec Turnbull. Dr. Don Turn- bull. Miss Turnbull. Mr. and Mrs Max Tay- lor. Mrs. G. B. TumbulL Miss Man- KvlBr. Thomas. Dr. and Mrs. R. Verco. Miss Alison Verco. Major and Mrs. G. K. Wrney Misses L. and E. Waite. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Warden Mr. and Mrs. Leeh Winser. Misses Winser I Mrs. A. Waterhouse. Dr. and Mrs T G Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood Dr and ? Mrs. H. Wunrerly. Mr. and Mrs E William eon.

THE BRIDAL PARTY at the wedding of Dr. C. B. Songster ond Miss Helen Elizabeth Burston on Saturday. From left — Messrs. J. W. Sangster and R. Irwin (best man). Dr. ond Mrs. Sangster, Misses Eleanor Melrose, Ibel Murray, and Sheila Currie.