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Answers ta Medical enquiries will be published veefclr in *'Tbe Chronicle.' Answers Kt*rdlnc ponltry wad dogs will be firen in 'The Express and Journal.' Answers to general questions will be published in 'The Advertiser' daily. Other answers will appear as follow: — Motoring. Tuesdays; Recipes, Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Farmers' Information Service, Wednesdays; Sporting. Fridays.

'Bandicoot.' — We are unable to estimate the present value of the slate slabs as you refer to them, and suggest tbat you enquire from some monumental works or quarries. 'Constant Subscriber.' Cobdogla. — Leases of waste lands of the Crown were first Issued In 1851. and in that year John Chambers took up a lease of land surrounding Lake Bonney and adjoining the River Murray. It appears that this land was previously held by John Chambers under an occupation li- cence, as an application for a run situated on the River Murray and Lake Bonney was published in the Government Gazette of April 23, 1846. On January 1, 1858, a portion of a lease in the locality of Renmark was taken up by John and James Chambers, the remaining portion being transferred the following year to W. Finke, who named his portion Bookmark and Chowilla. In 1867 John Chambers took up Bookmark and Cbow illa stations. 'Horse.' Myrtle Bank. — 1. Persons can ride horses from the Patawalnnga north as far as the Henley and Grange boundary, pro vided they do not travel uore than at a walking pace. They are prohibited on the main part of the Henley and Grange fore shore, but after leaving tbat locality can travel to Outer Harbor, provided they dc not exceed walking pace. 2. We are unable to say.