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The Corporation of Hindmarsh intends to take action against motorists who fa:! to observe the ''one way'' by-law on the Port-road. This, by-law, whiiji came into foroe a short' while ago. provides that vehicles proceeding a n&rtb-vresterly direction, that is, to Port Adelaide, must keep to the left band or wond-Moek road, while traffic comins from the Port to Adelaide must take 'the sew bitumen track on -the northern side.

The Automobile Association has been advisod by its Berri agents (Messrs. Tre Daman and Harrison) that -tie punt at Bern, .which has been out of action for some time, is again open for traffic. The bridge on the Teatree Gully to Modburj-road, which . has been closed during the last few weeks for repairs, is again open to traffic Minor rejiairs to the bitumen on the South-road in the vicinity of Reynel!a are being carried out. Sections of the road at the edge of the bitumen are being diii up, and a fresh surface is being iaid. These do not extend more than a few feet into the roadway, but the excava tions are not easily discernible at night time. Motorists are advised to proceed with caution. The attention of motorists is drawn to

the fact that an A-i. guide is sta tioned at Wood Motor Sales Garage, Murray-street Gawler, from 10.30 a.m. to dude on Saturdays and Sundays.- This man is provided to assist members in trouble or difficulty on the road, and is equipped with the usual road service outfit, The guide will operate anywhere within a 15-inile radius of Gawler. The Automobile Association has been advised that the Tapley's Hill-road is again apen to all classes of traffic This road was recently closed to enable repairs to be carried out to one of the bridges. The new bridge over the gulf at Port Augusta -was opened on July 6. Mr. Charles Bowen, of Madura Downs station, called on the Auto mobile Association during the week end and discussed the possibility of im proving a section of the main overland route to Perth at the Goige, near Madura station. The association is taking this matter up with the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia. The following letter was recently re ceived by the secretary of the Automobile Association (Mr. W. H. Christophers), from a member whose stolen car was recovered by one of the asso ciation guides:— 'Please allow me to thank von for the prompt reelairaing of my car 'last week. I reported its loss at the office at 3.45 p.m., and within six hours your service man reported that it had been found. Let me also say that on this, and all odier occasions when 1 havt been seeking information from the office, I have received it in full, and the assis tants spare no trouble to acquaint me witn the facts required, and they are always very courteous. I regard your association as an idea1., from a motorist standpoint, and will endeavor to recommend others to join up with me.' During the past week 120 new members were enrolled in the Automobile Associa tion including 14 from the Broken Hill and' 15 from the Mount Gambier branches. The following lady mem bers were enrolled during this period:— Mesdames P. Whel'.um, Kenmark; L M. Hall, Semaphore; H. A, Gramp, Prog**1; A Smith, St. Leonards; L. E. H. Frost. Kensington Park; I. BlundeU, Hilton; B. C Turner, Enfield; Miss M. Hilher, Kes wick; Mrs. M. W. Holden. Toorak; Mrs. E. M. Wallis, Grassmere; Mrs. J. T. Scott, aialvera; Mrs. P. T. Holman, Toorak Gardens; Mrs. E. Simmons, Mount Gambier. Realising the danger which exists to

motorists at the curves on the Outer Har bor-road, the Corporation of Port Ade laide acting on a suggestion by the Auto mobile Association, have made arrange ments to place white fences on these bends for the benefit of motoristB traveling _«t night. In this connection, en inspection was made of the curves to be fenced early this week, and it is Soped that the work will be commenced almost immediately. A 2tt!e over 300 ieet of fencing wfli be erected in all) and when this is completed and the woodwork painted white,.it ia con sidered that the danger will be consider1 ably minimised. Those motorists familiar with the track between Port Augusta and CoweU on the West Coast, will recollect .that kerosine tins painted white have been- erected at frequent intervals along this route, with, the object of guiding travellers and en suring that they do sot miss the road. The Automobile Association was recently advised that this good work -was carried out gratuitously by Mr. G. A- Nicholson, of Middleback'Station, near Whyalla. Mr. Nicholson has recently strengthened nearly' 20 ramps on tracks leading through Ins property, all of which are now capable of carrying: loaded lorries without the slightest danger. It is Indeed pleasing to find a landowner going _to considerable irotfhle and expense of his own Accord to assist motorists, and Mr. Nicholson is to be congratulated on the steps he has taken- He will certainly earn the thanks of every motorist using this track. A recent report received by the touring department of the association states that practically every tank on -the track be

tween Iron Knob aoi Em!*, v ,dgy, -N§£ Motorists sang this louto jre tiMxeBae ^Mm warned that jt is essential Art tteyjtmta: - :f33m Eupplies of -water sufficient to Me tin * ~5&S& over the distance between ttese two -v-=gg| towns, which is S3 miles. ^ ^381 Tie tonrme depsrtin^ait las* been «oV *JH -vised by the Kenmaxk «en±s, - . W*sbqu - ?* «fl39j Prior & Co, that * t»5lwwv%n8& W*** 'rh 3|g9| erected on Rennnrkyenne, aoj«iyn».»» ? '-.rrf|jgg| tie existing soad bridge, ores, m ceixk?:. -5.-.3!iflHB near -the Benmark ^Growers' 4KrtBIni:.'y^^9 Barthwaris ^^rcOTOTM^jtttyMJP' ^^gg§M tion, particularly when icwng tins sowfe-al! '. z 'X&Sga night-time. ? ^i-:'.-:*^aB