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The annual smoke social or the Nortb Ad? laici? District Afsocia:iou was h-^d in *h(» Prc^pc« Oral ravSion on Monday eveninR. Tho chairman (Mr. T. K. Shutter) presided, and the arrangements were in the r1'^' of the eecw tary (Mr. II. G. St:»ek). The chairman pro pcEiMi the toast of the senior club, and comp'! mented them on their games In the final matche*.

Sir. T. F TjTOjns responded. Tne toast m 'The N.a; District Football Association' ni e:v#n by Mr. Winner, who outlinei the sen'-* rpndered to the A Grade clnb. The secretary (H. C. St~*- and Mr. W. Whittlese* .t ^ponfled. 'The premier clnb** was et^flalttr^i by Mr. W. Prettyfohn, wuo conjrritnlated the Prcspc-t t.-am on' Triunin*11 the PremiershTJ. Mr S. Worse replied oa behalf of the ciua. Mr C. Fjotcr propns-d 'The donors of trophies,' to wbiA the Conors rrplird On bebi'.t of file Nor.h Adelaide Cnb. Mr. E Lewis presented tu the capr^iTi of the Prospect team a sa;pl-i, which is civen eash season bv the scnScr bo-Jy to tbe premiers. The following medals were awarded: — Most brilliant and fairest player. E. rojifa, Hope Valley; best priced man. It L'm man, Athelstone. Musiral and elocutionary items were rendered hv Messrs. HerriEg. Elis, Sleele. sad Phkmc.

QC03X VEESU3 \VILMn;GTON. — Pla.vrf on ? ?r.e t)uom Oval on Saturday. Se-jres:— WU- minzton. 5 goals 3 behinfc; Qaxr., i goals K Vliinds. Goaikickers: — Waminston — Bleeze (4 1, Step-XT?: Qnorj, C. Li-ilaw (2); R. Ljiiiaw. A Mu^rave. Best players: — Wjiming. ton— Cottl*. Seichk^. Blecze, Soil, Stenbens, Srtube; Qaorn— 2«3deway, M«,Harh, Krench, W. BroTvn, A. MTagrave. R. Laidlaw, A. Francis.