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CHAMBER OF COMMERCE i FRANKSTON ANNUAL \IEETING Cr. CO ?. Coates (seiiori vice president) -presided at the anhual meeting of 'the Chamber of Cornm merce on Monday night. There was a large attendaince of mean hers.: Electioi of Oflicers The following omce-bearers were elected: President; Cr. C. Coates; vice-presidents, Mrs. A. L: Peters, Mr. J. Womersley; sec retary, Mr, G. C. Harvey; treasu rer, Mr.' J. Walker; ' Council, Mrs. R. W. McDonald, Messrs. A. M. Eadie, C. R. Byrne, Nelson Morris, J. K. A. Tayler, and L. H. Hunter. Ex-Ofieio Membe~rs The following were elected 'ex officio members (power to attend, without voting power) : Messrs. Cameron (Postmaster), Jones (Stationmaster), Fire Brigade Captain, Farquahson (Natidnal Service), Smith (High' School Principal), and Geo. C. Pentland (Shire Secretary). Pr;esident's Report ' . Submitting the president's, re port, Cr. C. Coates said the de lartur1e of the ex-president (Mr. R. Tarrant) was greatly 'regret tcd, as he had been a. tower of. strength in the position. 'Cr. Coates said the Chamber proposed to conduct an early trad ers' appeal for the Community S'Re\'iewing the . Chamber's achievemenits for the town, he said, they .had secured all-night lighting;.: night patrol, and con ducted successful debates ' and sliorting events that had created goodwill. " The:Chamberi had been success ful'in having parallel parking de ferred as. premature. - . -arrtnett Car' Hopes - -'Cr. Coates said that, despite its being treated as a political foot ball,- there was. still great. hope of -the Hartnett car industry coining to the Frankston district, to give the town a kick-off to becoming aiiother. Geelong. liuand Supporte .. .- The president said that at long last ?the Towli of Frankston look ed :like getting a band, wh.' ich would be? a" wonderful: district as set... -; ... Credit Balaiice, '£1/8/3 " The treasurer's report disclosed a credit, balance of £1/8/3. Later. in the meeting Mr. J. CK. A. Tay:ler criticised the poor fin ancial position of the Chamber, and urged. an increase in member ship fees to olitain more revenue. Secretary Thanked '. . Cr. Coates (president) paid a tribuite :to the valuable assistance renderfed :hii c during the year by Mr,: . G. C.- Harvey (secretary) ,' also bly Mrs. R. V. McDonald. and other members of the committee. ,'Stundard" Thallked -. Thaliking the Press for very liberal and helpful publicity dur ing the past year,.Cr. Coates (pre sident) paid a special tribute to "The Standard" and its represent ative (MIr. L. V. Mudge).