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STRIKES YOU ANY TIME. Never know when or where back ache pains will strikes you. The kidneys will go wrong, and when they do the first warning is generally through the back. Neglect means mxany serious ills, it's only a short step from coummon backache to rheu anatic pains, urinary disorders, dropsy, Bright's Disease. Doan's Backache Kidney Pills cure every ill of the kidneys and bladder. Road this testimony; it tells of a cure that lasted. Mir E. M'Namara, bootmaker, 57 Spring street, Geelong West, says: -"I got Dean's Backache Kidney Pills for my daughter, who had been in a very poor state of health for some years. We though that she would out-grow here ill-health, but she did not do so. The trouble was with her back, which was very weak, and used to ache noveroly, and it ap peared as if it would handicap her all her life. She also suffered terri :bly wich headaches, and other symp toms of kidney trouble. We heard that Doan's Backache Kidney Pills were good for these ailments, hence our reason for getting them. They proved very effective, and did her a world of good." Mrs% McNamara confirms the above -"Doan's Backache Kidney Pills permanently cured my daughter, for she has been quite free of every distressing symptom of kidney trouble during the past, fourteen years." Kidney disease comes on quietly; you don't know you have it until it ?as you.-Thee don't negleet-such - symptoms as backache, headaches giddiness, weak back, languor, tired out feeling, bladder weakness, urin ary trouble-these are all signs that your kidneys need help. Doan's Backache Kidney Pills are special kidney help. For sale by all chem ists and storekeepers at 2/9 per bottle (six bottles 15/3) or will be posted on receipt of price by Foster McClellan Co., 76 Pitt Street, Sydney. But, be sure you get Doan's.

THE HEALTH OF OUR S WOMEN. LADIES Not enjoying good health are strongly advised to consult Mrs. D. M. Clifford, Superntendent of the "Natura" Health Co., of 49 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, and learn from her how good health may be restored to them by means of the wonderful "Natura" Home Treatment that has cured so many thousands of women and girls. No charge whatever is made for the consultation or advice. N.B. Mrs. Clifford's next visit to Colac on Thursday only (not Friday) April 'Jth. when she may be seen at the Union Club Hotel, from 11 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. on the Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Friday. For the conuveniece of patients and others Mrs Clifford will carry a full supply all medicines. By sending 2d postage to the Company's Mel bourne Office, a valuable Health Guide for women will be posted free. Ad Irers Dept. AYI. WORKERS' COMAPENSATION. COMPULSORY INSURANCE. ,UARDIAN ASSURANCE CO. (FIRE and ACCIDENT) Will Corer your Liability AT CURRENT RATES. Call or write to any of the 'nllowing "agents: Colac, .. Thomas and Joyce Birregurra .. H. A. Chappell Warrion .. E. G. Carter Alvie .. McConchie Gellibrand .. W. E. Boyes Carlisle River .. A. Hillhouse Beeac .. J. Powell Cressy E. J. Berry CSwan Marsh .. Paton Baronngarook - A. Benallack. Western Distriot Inspector. RIOHARD JAM~..

BUSINESS NOTICES. DISTINCTIVE DRESS FROM I DIMMEYS. iThe opening of the new season linds us specially well preparesd for the quick delivery of LADIES GARMELfNTS of particular make. A speciality has been made of Hand Tailored Suits-- S Six of which we picture here-built by craftsmen who " have devoted their lives' study to Ladies' Tailoring. The fabrics comprise the New Volour Cloth, Donegal Tweeds Rough Sergtngs and Coating ' Sergings in Black . " and Navy. Inbuilt in these Select Winter Suits .. is Canvas and Inaircloth, extra care being taken to make , the foundation worthy of the richly tlhshed Garments. .;o These Suits are made to measure and fit you-not nearly but perfectly, and are most carefully examined before V despatchlig to you-PERFECTLY PACKED and FREIGHT FREE. V V O No. 1. Is a Smart Winter Suit, built in Velour Cloth of . rich colorings, comprising New Tango, Brown, Grey, Mediterranean Blue, Fast Navy or Black. New two-piece Skirt Coat has Velvet Collar and is lined Subsill, nmade to measure and to fit you. 65/. No. 2. New Donegal Tweeds are used in the making of this jaunty Coat and Skirt in Grey, IBrown, Fawn and Navy shades. Coat finished Velvet Collar and lined SPolonaise, to measure. 59/6. Built in permanent Navy or Black Soap shrunk Serge. Made to your pneasure, 75/. - 1 1 ; / No. 4. American Suit of most becoming lines, made of fine Coating Serge, in permanent Navy or Black, silk or Velvet Collar and Facings, Coat lined Silk, Made to measure and to fit, 84/. and / VMeasure Forms Post Free No. 5. Smart Suit, M1an Tailored and perfectly finish ed. Made in good serviceable Costume Cloth, with phontom stripe of White. Coat lined to measure, 57/6. * No. 6. Donegal Tweed Suit, made to your own measures, expertly fdnirbed and showing extreme style, most serviceable. To measure, 56/. Write to Dimmeys Model tores, Railway Station, RICHMOND, VICTORIA.

BUSINESS NOTICES. Get your Wines and. Spirits and Ho..e. " .r hope. And youtought to jolly well appreciate He doesn't want you to get into debt !ebt, S GLO WEST heard of prices-and to do thatnd v Crock time -and oncethgs you need at HO U g e t to l e y u n d e rst -a n d look the yo whole world n th face t metod -the b. ter H for you. Now turn over a new leaf Start re n to d the Ri ht on the nail" racket - it pays. 9 + a walk as far as Enterprise House, and sense and reason underlying all we say. .-o~ Stephens will show you around andd n :i:gladly demonstrate to you how cash trading makes for, low prices and high Ask for your Cash Discount Tickets. . Now the Winter months are comings have a month free trial of the Gloria Light, of which Stephens is the agent. Put one in your home. ." W.E. STEPHENS, Busy Enterprise House, Colac. STelephon he No h 3 Lette Box Not .: h o er o rahnjs tak:! • .:i TlpoeN .3.Lte o oi. : [ %* ' : ." - : , ' :.,2 '. z .. :, : .%

BUSINESS NOTICES. SHOULD YOU REQUIRE BASKETS, WICKERWARE, BROOMS or MATS, Call on, A. MATHIESON, Manners-Sutton Street, Colao. (Late Victorian Blind Institution) A large stock always on hand, or made to order. Cow yard brooms a specialty. All orders promptly attended to. Note Address: Manners-Sutton St. (next G. James). THOSE DISTANT RELATIVES or FRIENDS! Why not send them an un-to-date Photograph? It would be apprecia ted. ERNEST BUGG, PHOTOGRAPHER, Will do you justice. STrTTI,T:-Oppoulte '.lhrnry. nolan. T. W. SHARROW, UNDERTAKER. Largest and Best Stock of Funeral Requisites in the District. First-class Workmanship. Moderate Prices. I'alophonn. Ci COLAC. tHURSDAY, 2nd APRIL At Victoria Hotel. Acknowledged by the Press the Great est System of Painless Dentistry in Australia, 88 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. 91 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. M. L. THOMAS (Recorded by the Dental board of Victoria). (Considers your interests, so consult ua during our visits--it will pay you. Have your teeth extracted by an Anaestnotio which has proved itself to be superior to most local anaes thetics. - A WONDERFUL SUCCESS. What Dr. Charles Humley, D.D.S., Editor of "American )entstes," U.S.A., says of THOMAS' PAINLESS DEN'TIST RY:-"Dear bir,-Concerning your anaesthetic, we say that it appears to be superior for the painless ex traction of teeth, and is performed ,iLaout the slightest pain to the patient." America's Latest Invention for Arti ficial Dentures. Lighter, Stronger, and better for the mouth than or dinary Vulcanite. From £4/4/ (with painless extractions Free. Vulcanite Plates from £313/. Fillings from 6/. Single teeth from RI. Cleaning the Teeth 7/8. J. M' MAHON Murray Street, Colac. Four doors below Austral Hotel. Stationery, Basketware, Fancy Goods, Leatherware . Latest Novelties in Ear Drops, Brooches, Bangles, Toilet Re quisites, etc. Inspect our Watches. Guar anteed 12 months: Good timekoepers, 6/6. Picture Framing and Illum inated Addresses artistically prepared. Agent Unipn Assurance Society. (Established 20G years). Fire, Personal Accident and Sickness. Employers' Liability. Plate Glass and Burglary, etc. . ote the Address: J. M?MAHON, YOU DRESSY ME1N! We have just opened per S.S. "De mosthenes," 2 cases of WOODROW'S HATS and CAPS, In all the most up-to-date shapes and colors, rough and smooth felts. Call in and inspect; we will be pleased to show them to you. District Agent for Woodrow's. We have also opened per S.S. "Otranto" 25 pairs only MEN'S TWIST RIDING TROUSERS. Strapped Chamois iLoather--a. really splendid line-19/6 pair. WILL C. SYDENHAM? THE MEN'S CLOTHING STORE, MURRY STREET. COLAC. 0ONWAY and EVANS, ASPHALT and TARPAVING Hot and Gold Processes. Address :--Autumn Street, Geelong, or "FTris'l" O aoe. Clolme. "p UBLIC NOilCE. JOHN SALNSON ;?e'si?, to Notify the Public that he has esarted Rusineqs as a IUTCHER at ':OLAO EAST1: