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Hire Car Always Ready at Illlngworth Bros., Casterton.

WATCH THIS SPACE FOR Important Announcement.

SNOW'S, Bailarat. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Our Annual Summer Sale For 12 days only commences Wednesday, 16th January. Write for Sale List. Have you tried our Mail Order Department Service ? If not, give us a trial. Our stocks are complete, styles up to-date, prices are right, and our service prompt. You cannot do better in any other part of the STATE. SNOW'S, Ballarat. WMI. PATERSON, Proprietor.

RIEAD OFI(CE - HYDNY.¥ re.., General Banking Business 5..n, ., Cities and Towns of Aultralia, London, TIdworlh (BSllabury Plain). and Rabaul. C ablo rnlitances male to , anI ratllL dra ?n , ,n I rni placne direct. Foreifn 1,bll1 ntolulaltnl and tollr ,ttJ. )ll.trra of erali Ieu.rei to and part of the work!. llanklng on, Erlrlantc Ihllslner of r rry d?(.rlptlon trnn.?.trd withln tile Comomon S 'ith U nltl?,d dm int brwd. 'urrent ?cr nt, ,pen l. Interest paid on tCirl dnpotlil Ad. ancs mlde ,ceilnt t lllror Iarovd - rlte . - "i t Savings Bank Department " •, Minimum At all Sranehoo, and over Intoeret at I/ Deposi, t 2600 Arenclo a t POt Offices par annum In Australli nd Papua. up to £300 INTrIISTATI: ani I NTrII'A rIONAL. Havin; ? har It , acidlltis. ? JAMES g K .I I. , ,"'r n.,f tn~r. J..., I..: n l:.,tn' I ri.1.Gr lrt. n l·u tr Preserve Your Eggs ' Cackler ' They Will Keep. Is 3d per Bottle. W . F. B. Gough Pharmacist, Casterton.'l *)Wee e. n***4****?*~*~*4444 4444H4.4 AT TlHE White House CASTERTON. Christmas Presents - AND - New Year's Gifts. WE ARE SHOWING A Beautiful Lot of China and Glassware, Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-wear Hate, Silk and Voile Blouses, Ladies' and Children's Neckwear, In Muslin, Lace, Voile, Brotonno Not., &o.,, Men's Tussoro Drill Tailor-made Suits, 35/-, worth .5/-, Ladies' White Canvas and Poplin Boots and Shoes, Boy's Gabardineo and Tussorotto Suite, in different sizes and styles, Ladies' and Gents' Crash and Linen Motor Coats, Gladstone Bags, Week End Cneos, Suit Cases, and Hand bags, of all sizes * --0- Christmas Groceries ALL AT Bedrock Prices. JWLUDIIIo: Plum Puddings, Christmas Cakes, Bisouit Wafers, Preserved Fruits and Tomatoes, Essences, Jellies, Custards, Cordials of all sorts, Sauces, Preserved Meats and Fish, Coooa and Milk, &c., &o, J. E. O'Neill, & Co., General Storekeeper, Caterton. 'Shou '7J

.Learmointh 6 Co. I Auotioneers & Valuers, Btocl1, 'Btatton, and Financial S ,. - Agents, CASTEIRTON. STOCK- SAL1ES Hamillton each Friday. Casterton, Heywood, Condah. Digby Dartmoor, and Myamyn monthly. Olearing Bales conducted in any part of the tlnte. 91 Loans Nogotiated at Lowest Rated. E AGENTS FOIR- tr Goldsbrough, Mort & Co. Im The Ballarat Banking Co. Ltd. If The Union Trustee Company of Au,- 8 tralia, Ltd. 11 Norwich Union Fire Insurance Soioety. C The China Traders' Insurance Company B Limited. P. and O. Steam Natlgation Co. Ltd. O Littleo's Patent Shoeep Dip. L T It 1: tt Union Trustee Company -of Australia Limited, EXECUTORS, TRUSTEES, ADMINISTRATORS ATTORNEYS, AGENTS, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Paid-up Capital - - ' £109,000 Aggregate Uunarantee Funds hold by State Governments 50,000 DIRECTOtS : OE0. FAInnRBAiN, Chairman; DAVID ELDER, Vico-Chairman; T. M. STEWART, II. M. STRAODHAN, BOWEs KELLY, JAMES THOMSON, It. L. CHuIRNSIDE. A. M. NICOLSoN, Pastoral, Farm, and Stock Inspector. UNION TRUSTEES BUILDINGS, i' 333 Collins Street, Melbourne. I ABIlL. COOKE, Manager. P. Learmonth & Co., Agents, Casterton. STATE SAVINGS BANK CREDIT FONCIEIt LOANS on FARMS In sums from £50 to £2,000 Interest-6 per cent. Together with a sinklng fund wlich pays off the loan in 27y, years. Loans on Cottages, Villas and Shops In sums from £.50 to £1,000. Interest 6 per cent., together with n sinking fund, which pays off the loan in 18" years. No Charge for Mortgage Deed. Loans may be paid off -n any pay day, aubjeot to a small chargo if paid off within the first five years, but no penalty after five years. Forms may be obtained at any Branch of the State Savings Bantik, or by writing to The Inspeetor-General, THE STATE SAVINGS BANK, EIfzabeth Street, Meltcbourne. Ballarat Pig Market. J Every Wedntesday. SCOLTS & ULLUM, SALESMEN. Rn-eaons why you should consign your . Stock to us: 1. Ballarat is the Biggest Market 2. Col.:s AND PULLUM do the Biggest Business 3. Our Forwarding Agents save you all Conalgnment Troubles. 4. We act strictly as Soelling Agents on Commislion only--not as private ldealurs. Our District Agents are MIt JOHIN DOWNJIS, Cnsterton MR \V. 11. MITI'CHIEI.L, 3lMor,.dun hill, Sandford MRiL I). W. IlttOCiK, MIerlno . NOTE Bheep and Cattle Sales, Tuoesday " * Pigs, Wednasay Ilorses, Store and Dairy Cattle, Friday Mr. S. B. Abotomey (F.S.O.l., F.V.O.A.) Sight Specialist and Opti cian, Will visit the District as under: CAISTEltTON, from 1 to 8 p.m 'Thursday, JANUARY 24th, at Castorton Hotel. Hamilton, Thursday and' Friday, Jan. nary 31st and February Ist, at Vic toria Hotel. Perhaps, your vision is good, and you may be free from headaches, nervousness, stomach troubles, or any of the maladies often brought about by eye.stralu, but sooner or later nearly everyone has uneed of glaossne. Impaired vision and hoealth destroying eye-strain requiro infinite car and skill In testing for thclrcorrection and in every atop in the ruhkitg of the glasses. lir A|bolonllslmy's twelve . yearn' apciallrsedl stlullyS.tratinlinlg and lpracticet , togethmnr wlti Itnnst. inodern llcttllmtls luts et uelll,tlllllt, nei1sre yoitl tf lit t IhHst eXlPert. amlld eilreflll worIc. lio is iln a posi Stion to preocribe special Ionoes of till kinds, ewpeclully a now loneu known as Sir tVnm. Croile's glass, whithl Drotects thte eyes frollm hlarnmfil SInvlalble ranys which exist in all Ight., POSTAL ADDRESS--Box 278, G.P.O., Mellourne. 'i TOSEE -VE ILS9oFEELWELL OTICIAflS ETHIUrSo E Rye-eSt GEELWON. Caantertom, VWEDNESDAY, Tarnumr 23rd, ait E. Tmnner's Casterto, 1Hotel. Mr rranlt lamilton Rowan, BARRISTER AND SOLI01TOI, - IENTY BTREET, COATIERTON, Trn? t Mo?nys to Lend.

YOUNG BROS. s, Auctioneers Stock and Station A.getts Casterton. -rAlao at - Ife HAMILTON, HORSHAM, NHILL, XI ARARAT, WARRACKNABEAL, to DONALD, MURTOA, DIMBOOLA, RUPANYUP, MINYIP, STAWELL, ECHUCA and WILLAURA. BALES BY AUCTION of Fat and Store Sheep and Cattle, large or small Estates, Farm and Town Properties, hold in any part of Victoria and South Aus tralla, auctioneers' licences being held by members o: the firm in both States. AGENTS pFOI.-Dennys, Lascelles, Aus tin and Co., Wool Brokers, Stock and .J Station Agents; The New Zealand Fire Insurance Co.; The Mutual Lifo and Citizens Life Aesurance Society; The Buckeye Dino Drill; and the NATIONAL TIRUSTEES, EXECUTORS AND AGENCY CO. OF AUSTRALIA LIMITED; The Orient Line of Royal Mail Steamers. Full do tails of passage money, &o., on applica tion. Casterton Market. u THURSDAY, JANUARY 10th, 1918. 700 Sheep. 700. 30 Cattle. :30. Young Bros., Will SELL by AUCTION as under: 230 1st Cross Ewes, f.nt., hand.shorn October (a good lot). 100.gnd Cross Weanere. ' 130 E2th Crossbred Sheep. 200 Morino Ewes, f.m. 30 Crossbred Ewes, lambs at foot. 30 bead Mixed Cattle; ALSO, - In Estate of late W. J. Nicholls., Quantity of Fishing Tackle, all in first class order. AGPCENCY COM IPARNY Australasia Limited. Heoad Office: 118 Queenu-treet, MELBOURNE. DIuterrolts : Heon. Walter Madden, Ohairman Manag;ng Director. * Edward Fitzgerald, Esq., L.L.D. Michael Mhornano, Eeq. HBon. Duncan E. MeBryde, M,L.O. Henry Madden, Euq. lDavid Hlunter, Esq. Thebo Company not as Executor, Joint Executor, Trustee, Adninls. trator, and Agent under Power of Attorney Bend for pamphloet giving full particulars. s District Rtopresentativos, YOUNG B1I(OS., CAST'IERTON. DENTISTRY. Robt. C. Miller, M.A.sDO., J)ENTIS'', Henty Street, Casterton, A. U. MILLER, (Rocorded by the Dental Ilpard of Victoria), S IHenty Street, Cnsteirton, U PLAOES OF VISIT:'L MERINO, Railway Hotol n TUESDAY, December 11th. DIOBY, Friday, December 1111h. DENTISTRY. R. S. Poynter y Surgeon Dentist, Whyte Street, Coleraine, Visits Merino and Casterton Regularly. UAS'ICTEIION', at Grant's Hotel, THIIURSDAY, DECEMBER 20th. ilIERLINO, at Bryco's Hotel, WEDNESDAY DEC. 19th, from2] till 5 NAREEN, Monday, December 1Gtit. Mr W.J. O'Keefe Ophthalmio Optics?n, it 13 Cassell Street, Hawkesburn VISITS 'IIIH DISTRICT . * Itegularly. OASTERTON, at GRANT'S IOTEL Ot Docs Arllficial Lrght or the Sun is, Try Your Eyes ? 1 , Ifno, lot me maks you a pair of oflassos It In the new Sir Williarn CrookE's Lens, d wlhich I have lately introduced. This a wonderful glass filters and neutralizes all ro the hlarmfulll rays tlat emanate from artl. flcial or anrty form of light. Being practi te cally non-tintltel, it does not alter color o values, nor is it unnightly to weaor at any tlim . I CAI, ON ME SAnti let me demonsotrateo the mniny otlloher .' advantageo of this neiw Olas. i- Accuracy Guaranteed. II Scicentllie Methods of Eyo Teating Ito.sememiser Thi's S I Call Regularly Every Six Weeks, and SChlango Lenses Freeo for T'hroo Years. I)octor's Proeosriptiollns Accurately Made Up: S"GLENORA" PRIVATE HOSPITAL, Ueisty Street, CASTEIRTON. Opp. Scotu' Ohurch. Fruit, Veoetables, Confootionery, &o. G. Finlay Spurrell (Returned Soldler), Dogs to Inform Roesidents of Casterton and District thst he in CommencIng Busloses In Henty Street, Casterton (Oppoito theo Savings Bank), \nil will be prepared to supply Fruit, eeget.bles. Confoctionary, eto., qf best ,unlity at lovwet ponslble prices. SCool Boft Drinks a Speciality, A '1 rill sollcited.

Uasterton. TURDAY, JANUARY 12To, 1018 At 2 o'clock. A. E; Smith and Co: ,e received instructionis from Mr. W. i L'EN (who has leased his property) E Boll by Auction as under: Lot Carpenter's Tools, Hard. wootl Timber, Flooring Boards, Sbhel'lug, Mould Insgs, Iron, &e., ac., also- Horse, 'Trap, and Hlarnesa. CASTERTON. UIURSDAY, January 17th, 2 o'clock. 1780 Station-Bred Sheep. 32 Head Cattle. 32. A. E. Smith & Lo. till BELL by AUCTION as under: irect from Kadnoook Station, station bred 750 let Cross Ewes and Wethers, ris. ing 4 tooth, early shorn, one mark, and are without doubt one of the best lines yarded for some time, Iso on other accounts 130 Crossbred Ewes, 4 and 5 years.' 220 2 and 4 tooth Crossbred Ewes. 130 6 tooth Crossbred Ewes. 130 6 tooth Comeback Ewes. 150 Crossbred Ewes, 4 years. 20 Fat Ewes. 80 Fat Lambs 30 Fat Wethers. 80 Morino Ewes, 4 years old. 60 Crossbred Lambs. 144 Merino Ewes 58 Meorino Wethers 150 4 tooth Crossbred Wothers,. 70 2 tooth Crossbred Wothersra?i. s 80 Crossbred Ewes 80 Lambs 50 Fat Merino Wothers 12 Pet RSheop 20 3-years.old lulilocks. 10 Fat Cows. 2 Fat Cows. KERR, Schulze & CO. (8YL. KERR, Sworn Valuator), (A. SCIIULZE, Auctioneer), AUCTIONEER, Stook and Station Agents, Sworn Valuators, Hlenty Street, COnsterton. Bales Conducted in Any Part of the State. Trust Moneys to Lend. Lowest gates. oSeveral Good Farms and Grazing Areas for Privato Bale. AGENTS for Now Zealand Loan and Nler. cuntle Co., Ltd., Melbourne Caste rton, TIIURSDAY, JANUARY lO'rt, 1018 On the promises, Sandford Road, At 4 p.m. Dwelling- and Allotment. Kerr, -Schulze, & Co. Have received. Instruclions. from the Executors of the late tIltS. LAMBERT to Sell by Auction: Suburban Allot. 60, containing 1 rood 32 porches, and building of I rooms, Town and Parish of Cateorton. . Further particulars can be had from Mossrs Silvoutcr d Stlctctcr. C. E. Allen, . Jeweller, Casterton. New Xmas. Goods Just Opened. t'LaESENSl' in Groat Variety at Low Prices. SPECIALITIES: Ladies' Hand and Chain Begs. Latest in Enamel Button Brooches from 2s Gd. Peggy Bag Mounts, all sizes. Australian Wooden-Cased Clocks. ARTIOLES SENT on auproval any. wherb in the District; Notice. Any Persons trespassing without peor mission on properties occupied by us will be prosecuted without further notice. KOCH BROS., aenty CASTERTON Band Pictures, Mecllanlics' linll, Thursday, January 10. Star Film: "Thei Love Thief," (William Fox Filn.) Featuring: COretchen linartman andi S Alan Ilall. A Vivid Portrayal of a Woman's Passion S and Juealousy. '(Dirocted by R. LStanitonl.) Buppoetod by Select Programme of 'Varied Films. E.rcel/onl Orn',s.hwl Music. ADMIS?SION, Is; Ohildren sunder 10, lnllf.Prlee For Salo.--MOWERl, nearly now Apply to Jliltgworth Bros., CaOnterton. For Ssle.--Socondl.hnrzd REAPER &BINDER, in good order, cheap. Ap ply StHLowart & Smith, njastoron. Wanted to Itest.-Good STUBBLE PADDOfK. willth Gnood Water. Apply "'Castorton Nows " OIco. WVantecd.-A COOK. Apply Mrs Hainoes, "Koolomurt." Coleraine. Wanted,--A GENERAL BERVANT at once, no washing, rood wages. Apply Mrs T. E. Tulloh, Portland. WFanted.-PERMANENT RELIEV. INO MAID. Apply Mrs. Tanner, Cas. terton Hotel. S?hearers WVnnted to Inspect MALEE't CYOLES from 501-, aqd MOTORS .£25. Loist.--Round Leathor Sulky IGUSH. ION between Coloraite and Casterlon (lower rond). tlewardoncreturn to Mohr's Bridge lon i1otel, Caslerton, -

Strayed from Hlahgallnal.-Four Fat Hand-Shorn Crossbred WETHERS, ( notch out of near ear, branded red C in circle on back.. Reward on recovery. r M. O'CONNW:LI,, Bahgallah. SSuperior ACCOMMODATION for BOARDERS. Mou TRICKEtY, Hurd Street, Portland. MO'I'OTO S.-Write or Call on Iling Sworth Bros., Casterton, before purchasing Cars, as they have something very special. 1Impounded At Merino., .from Wrtwnrt, Koort Rond, by the Ranger 23. Black Steer, like club and slit off ear, no distinct brand. 24. Yellow Steer, indescribable brand like rump, top and Ipttom notch off ear. If not claimed and expenses paid to be sold on January 25th, 1918. 5s. T. D. CLARKE, Poundkeoper. Killed in Action. VIOKERY-In loving memory of our dear son and brother (WILLIE) now le reported killed in action. An Anzac Hero at rest. 'Midst the roaring of the battle, 'Midst the rain of shot and shell, Fighting for iGod, Kingand Country Poor Willio li:k a hero fell. No more tis arm will wield the lanco, Dear God, dearOod somuwhere in France. [Inserted by his sorrowing parents, sistern and brothers, Boahgrlltah. Thanks. MR O. LEWIS and FAMILY return heartfelt THANKS for kind expres stons of Sympathy extended to them in their recent sad bereavement. Russell Street, Casterton.