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East Torrens Defeats j North Adelaide

The A grade lacrosse minor round ended on 6aturday, when all teams occupying places In the first four gained c!car-cut victories over those lower down the premiership table. The minor premiers. East Torrens. routed the dis appointing North Adelaide side, while Sturt i second) and University i fourth) had easy vic tories over Port Adelaide and West Torrens

respectively. The Brighton, team, which is In tturd position, had a bye. In B Rrade tesms well up on the premier ship table in West Ton-ens and University were defeated by Brighton and Sturt. Tfe Sturt team has sho^'ii excellent form In re cent games, bat has left its run a little late. Holdfast Bay, al'.iiouith defeated on Saturday, still has a fain-, chance of reaching the finals, hut by virtue of better percentage the teams aow occupying third and fourth places are likely to remain there, although University nuy displace TVest Torrers from third posi tion. In C grade Goodwood haE annexed the minor premiership, and. like its B grade team, Icoks likely to gain major honors. B Grade Premiership ? P. VT. L. D. For. A?. Pts. Goodwood ? IT 17 — ? — 295 53 34 ?MtTorrens ... IT U 3 — 201 131 28 West Torrens . .. 17 10 7 — 183 142 20 University-.. .. 17 10 7 — 149 133 20 Holdfast Bay ... IT 9 B — 359 348 18 Start ? 17 9 8 — 118 129 18 Deaf Adult .... IT S 12 — 104 154 10 Brighton ? IT 4 13 — 98 191 8 North Adelaide .IT 4 13 — 110 230 8 Port Adelaide .. IT 3 13 — 92 200 6 C Grade Premiership P W. L,. D. For. As. Pts. Goodwood .... 15 11 3 1 128 66 23

East Torrens ... 15 11 4 — 98 »z ^ legacy Club ... 15 9 4 1 139 80 19 West Torrens ... 15 7 B — 91 103 14 Port Adelaide ... 15 3 12 — 42 74 6 University .... 15 3 12 — 63 138 6 East Torrens t. North Adelaide East Torrens opened with dash, and the North Adelaide defenders were bard pressed. Adcock and Pedler cleared the early attacks of Torrens but Vincent soon goaled after re celTlng from Gellert. Watson followed with an angle goal, and Eymonds also scored. North then attacked, and Cleland goaled from s free. At this stage North was having as much of the play as Its opponents, and J. Lee had several shots, but Graham saved brilliantly In the net. close play In the Torrens forward line eventually resulted In Qellert scoring with a back-hand shot. North replied quickly, and an excellent shot by J. bee caught Graham unprepared. Torrens soon gained the upper hand again, and Hal] and Gellert goaled. Cleland was North Ade laide'a most prominent player* and he re putedly sent the ball In to the forwards, bnt Torrens'* solid back line was too good. At quarter-time East Torrent led 6 goals to 3. Torrens went farther ahead In the second quarter. North made the mlrtftrB of allow ing the opposing forwards and attacks to get la too close, and Pedler In goal had no chance of stopping shots from short distance. Mnecfcs rattled the North defence by coming through repeatedly from the back line to create the loose man. This player goaled, and Belth followed with another. The North Adelaide mldfleld players. In falling to take t&e ball dennly. lost many opportunities to feed the forwards when In position, and Tor reni had little difficulty in breaking up the red and white attacks. Gellert came with a bunt of three goals before the quarter ended. At half-time the scores were: — East Torrens. 11 goals; North Adelaide. 2 goals. Xwens, who had sustained an arm injury In the second quarter, did not resume after half-time, and Hall stood off for Torrens to even the sides. Torrens overwhelmed Its op ponents after the interval. Cleland, Mynetto and Schrader resisted stoutly, bnt the rest of the North team were defeated pointless. Torrens scored seven times In the third term.

while North added a solitary goal from the crosse of Fisher. The last quarter was a repetition of the third. East Torrens increas ing its 6COre to 24 goals agains: a total of 3 only by North Adelaide. Goalthrowers: — East Torrc.is — G- Her i7), Muecke 15). Symonds (♦). Wai .-on. Vincent leach 3). Selth, Hall. Noith Adelaide— J. Lee. Cleland, Fisher. Best player —Winners ? Graham, Muecke, Parsons, Gellert. Losers — Cleland. Schrader, Mynctte, Faterson. Sturt 12 goals, defeated Fort Adelaide 4 goals. Goalthrowers. — Sturts — Haddad (S). Shimmin 13). Cook (2), Ridings, Picfchaver; Port Adelaide — Slmes (2). Sutherland Kidd. Best Players. — Winners — c. B. Ridings. F. Cook, Symonds, Haddad; losers — Perkins, Simes, Snow, Sutherland. University 13 goals, defeated West Torrens 5 goals Goalthrowers. — University— Harry -7), West (3), Cottle (2). George; West Torrens — Edge (3), Woods. Walker. Best Players. — Win- ners — Taylor, Harry. George. Harbison; losers — Medlln, L. Hewitson, Edge, Walker. B Grade Brighton 8 goals, defeated West Torrens 5 goals. Goalthrowers. — Brighton — Phillips 4, Horwood 2, Wade. Branson; West Torrens — Hownslow (31, Scroop, Western. Best Players. — Winners — D. Francis, Buder, Phillips; losers — Scroop. Hownslow. Blackmore. East Torrens 18 goals, defeated Holdfast Bay 10 goals. Goalthrowers. — East Torrens — C. Gellert (8), Boath, Graham (each 4), Hall. Mudie: Holdfast Bay — Teague -5-. Poale (3). Brown (2). Best Players. — Winners — Dolgr, Gellert, Graham; losers — Teague. A. Edgar, Foale. Sturt 13 goals, defeated University 8 goals. Goalthrowers. — Sturt — Frank Cook (8), Thomas -2). Cathie, H. Stubbs: University — Bonnln, Campbell. Brookman (each 2), Lemon. Ward. Best Players. — Winners — Frank Cook, H Stubbs. B. Stephens. North Adelaide 16 goals, defeated Deaf Adult 8 goals. Goalthrowers. — North Ade laide — Mobsby (71. Buttrose (6). Ferris -3). Deaf Adult — Harrison (5), Davis -2), Blck ards. Best players. — Winners — Buttrose. Ma lone Mobsby. Losers — Hocking, Harrison, BlcxardX Goodwood SO goals, defeated Port Adelaide 1 goal. Goalthrowers — Goodwood— Brltton ail. Tmylor (3). Latrghton, Bwanson (each 2) Wiles. Barren. Port Adelaide— Mathya. Best players^— Winners— eriUon, Harvey. Taylor. Losers— Porter. McLennon, Trembata. C Grade.— Goodwood 6 goals, defeated Legacy Club 3 goals. Goalthrowers. — Good- wood—Masters -4). Croft. Taylor. Legacy Club — Hill (2). Rons. Best players. — Win- ners—Jenkins. Hasten. Scrymgour. Losers — C. Spencer. Harvey. Carlson. D Grade Brighton IS coals defeated Sturt 4 goals. Goalthrowers. — Brighton — Durant (6). Cullen (51. Morriss (41. Weller 121. Roberts. Sturt — O'Malley -31. Collett. Best players. — Win- ners — Durant. Cullen Morriss. Losers — O'Mallev. Wicks. Martin. The East Torrens versus University, and Port Adelaide versus West Torrens C grade matches, and the Goodwood-East Torrens versus West Torrens D grade match were not played.