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Results SWIMMING EVENTS 1.500 Yards Final. — N. P. Ryan JAus tralia), Pirie (Canada). Wainwrigat (Eng land i. Time. 18 min. 25 2-5 sec. ^^^ 100 Yards lien's Backstroke, Final.— W ftancis iScotlandj, J. Beslord (England). B Gazell (Canada). Time. 65 1-S secT Men's 800 Yards Relay. Free Style. — Canada (Larsen. Hooper, Burlcigh, Pirie |, 8 min. 40 3-5 sec; England (Sutton, Williams, VFaln wrignt. Leavers), 8 min. 52 4-5 sec. Men's 100 Yards Free Style. — G. Burleigh (Canada], M. Williams (England), G. Larsen

F. Dove -England- and Crump, who was second to Larsen in 56 4-5 sec. also qualified for the final. Clark, who was second to Wil liams in 56 4-5 sec. did not qualify. 440 Yards Free Style. — Heat winners— Wains-right (England), 5 min. 25 sec: Ryan (Australia), 5 min. 14 4-5 sec; Pirie 'England), 5 min. 34 4-5 sec. Larsen and (England). 5 min. 45 3-5 sec. Larsen and Foster also qualified for the final. Men's 200 Yards Breast Stroke. Final ? Hamilton iSiotlandl. W. McCatty (Jamaica) Puddy (Canada). Higginson (Australia). Time! 2 min. 42 2-5 sec Women's 400 Yards Relay. Free Style. ? Canada (Misses Dewar. Hubble. Button and Pirie). 4 min. 2 4-5 sec; South Africa (Misses Hayward, Ejde, Alaska], and Russell), 4 min. 31 sec. 100 Yards Women's Back Stroke. Final. — P. Harding (England I, M. Hamilton (Scot land). W, Davies (Wales). Time. 73 4-5 sec. Women's 100 Yards Free Style. Final. — p. Dewar (Canada). J- Pirie 'Canada), J. Mc DoweU (Srotlanrtl Time fil «-m-

Women's 200 Yards Breast Stroke. — Clare Dennis (.Australia), P- Haslatn (Canada), M. Hinton (England i. The time, 2 mill. 51 sec, beat the former English record by 1 3-5 sec. Women-s Springboard Diving. — J. Moss (Canada). 62.27 points: L. Thompson (Aus tralia i. 60.49: D. Ogllvie (Canada I 57; K Larsen (England). 54.10. JUMPING EVENTS Hich Jump. — E. T. Thacker (South Africa). J. Haley (Canada). J. F. Michie (Scotland!. All cleared 75 inches. They were placed in that order after tne post jump-off. Mci calfe (Australia). 74 inches was fourth. Pole Vauit.— s. Apps (Canada), 12-.i ft., beal A. GJTbcrt (Canada). 12li ft., after the ji:inPK-fl\ F. I. Woodhouse (Australia), re jumpinc 12 ft., took third place. It was prob alily ihe finest leap of the day. being at leas; two feet clear of the bar. Rl'NXl.VG EVENTS 220 Yard5.— H. Yates (Australia) won his heat by three yards In 22 2-5 sec. I. Horsfn;:.

i(.iuiii mciuuui we viuv criciLv cuanipicu, oio not qualify in his heat, which was won by Theunisscn In 22's. Oiher heat winners »ere' — Rangcley, 22 3-10: Young. 22 2-5. Sweeney. 22 '?!. also qualified. Fir-t semi-final — Suec:iey. Young. Hick?. Tinie. 22 3-5 !-ec. Dempsey. who was fourth, did noi qualify. Second semi-final Thcunissrn. Rancclcy. Mur doch. Time. 22 1-s. Yeates. who was fourth, did not auali'y. Dempsey. on cnterir.p the sireight. appeared to have an excellent change of qualifying, but lacked linish'.i-.c povivr. Yeates was not sufficiently i-peecy to reacli his topnotch opponent. Six Miles. — A. \V. Penny iEncIand-. U R. Rsnfcine i Canada i. A. F Furie .England* Time. 30.0 3-5. One Mile. — Those who have qualified for Mio final tomorrow mrlude E. J. Lovelock. Cornes. A. V Reeve. S. C. Woodrrson tall Er.eiish). L. Wade Lovelock was nuuen; io quality jn slow time. Lander did noi compete. I{a!f-iui'.r.— Final— P. Edwards (British Guiana). \V. Bo:h (South Africal, J. C. Stothard (Scotland). Time. 1.54 I-S. ?540 Yards. — First scnil-nnal — Sampling.

final — Sioneley. Additon. Hunter. Time, 49 1-5. 120 Y:irds Hurdles.— Final— D. L. Finlav lEnplandi. J. Worrall (Canada). A. J. PUbrow (England). Time J5 1-5. Women's 100 Yards. — Final — Misses E Kiscock (England). H. Str:l:e (Canada). L. Chalmers -Eneland). Time. II 3-10. Women's Half-mile.— Hisses G. Lunn D Bi:!terlirld. C. Furneaux iall English). Time. -J.19 2-5. m:i.D -:ami:s

r-iiiii:i^ Liie cnoi — it. nan (&out:i Alrlca) JS ft. 1 4 in.: R. L. llowland (Enaland) 41 rt. 4', in.; K. H. Pridle (Er.glandi. 44 ft. BOWLING SinRlcs — ciniui.a d. Honckons- 21 — S: r.liode.sia d. New Zealand. 21 —8; Enfland d Wales. -'1—14: Scotland d. Ireland 21—17. Pairs — England d. Scotland 2S — 14: Wale.-, d. Ireland. 24—20: Ireland d. Scotland. ?4— 1«: Cannd:) d. Hongkong, IS— 15; England d. Wales. 21 — 17. Rinks.— Ireland d. Wales. Cl — 17; Encland d. Scotland. 21—12. England d. Wales-. C4 — 17. Ireland d. SroUand. 20 — 19: Hongkonf d. Canada. 10 — 9; South Afr:ca d. Canada IS— IS Detail.-.: — Eir.gles. — E. Walker ^Australia) d. C. Har vey (South Africa). 21 — 20: R. Sprot -Scot- :a=c' d. J. M. McKlnlay (EnE'.nnt:). 21—13: P. Hollowny iWiiL-si d. J. Rusk ilrelar.di. 21—13: A. Hyde i Hongkong) d L. J. Keys i New Ze.i;.indi. '^1-y; A. K.irvey (So.iil: Alriea) d. W. S MaeDuna'.d iCb!.ad.n. 21 -K: O. Kntfr i!t!iodt-siai d. E. Walker (Aus ?ra!i;c. 21- IS.

?vilh Rhodc^.-'''L-v:ir.s ::'::ii B::'x:eri.' 17-17-. C:T:'.da d. «ui:t!! Afrira. j.' v;. Knn:3 .ir.d ni:-'.' ,.'«-?«.',;.' *;,-:!;' ri '????;???- -''-' Riinc: ,'V, r- '' v »' 7j ..)????- -i H';. ;s- !6.