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Sturt Certain Of Minor Premiership

Saturday's senior lacrosse matches, which cnnrluded the minor rounds, were played in showery conditions. Good stickivork noticeable among most teams. Sturl. by it? defeat of University, made sure of the minor premiership in A Grado. Port Adelaide, as a rc.-.ult of its win over Eas-i Torrens. ir.c-.v- t.' .-- r-.r ? ?': -?-. displacing University No. 1. which goes now to fourth place Civxxiv.-ood West Torrens. nud th?roov ^fcut^s t'nucl place in the anal placings of the minor :0unds. The sturt B Grad»- side had a big -n-in. plete the minor rounds, is sure of that premiership. University and Port Ade laide in this grade had a gieat match on Saturday, the latter winning bv one soal. The loss to Univer-ity wili affect its chance of a place, while it makes a P'.ace for Port Adelaide fairly certain. Premiership Table A Grade W. L. D. F. A. Pts. Sturt ? 11 3 — 130 63 22 Part Adelaide .. 9 4 1 19S 91 10 Goodwood .. .. 9 4 1 143 92 19 University No. 1 9 5 — 177 1(M 18 Eiot Torrtns .. 8 6— 153 119 16 North Adelaide . . 6 8 — 112 151 12 West .Torrens . 2 12 — 83 14S 4 University No. 2 1 13 — 63 295 2 Sturt Defeat University No. 1 Playe-i in muddy conditions at Urrbrae. the St'jrt-University No. I match was nevertheless The bist one on Saturday. V. SeitU was referee. Sturt played ;oli-ily throughout and deserved its vrtn. although the students had patches of bad luck especially in the first term. Uni versity was more vigorous in tae fir=t half, aid gave the Sturt team little oppor tunity to score, pressing the attack con tinuously The strength of Sturt was equaUy demonstrated In the work of tne back line, which prevented heavier scor ing. Each side had scored one goal in ihe first term, and DrJverslty had one up at half-time. Tae muddy conditious made footholds Tjrccarious. yet the stan dard cf Dlav was good, stickwork being outstanding. In the third term Stu:t applied itself to obtaining tie j-dvantage. and inspired by the vigorous S'.-i sure work of Kestel (captain), the side added three goals. University failed to score, due largely to its attack work being a frac tion too slow. Solid stacking of the back line positions kept the attack men out of both goals. Play was mainly centred round goal positions, and Sturt. by adding two goals to nil In the last term, yr\*A» sure of the game sad the minor oremlershlD Final scorea: ?

Sturt, 6: TJnlverjjlty No. 1. 2. QoalthiuwetB:— Start — Kinsman (3), Gepp (2). Haddad. University— Becrvortb. Bonnln. Best playe»:— Stairt— Keetel, A. end B. llartfin, k m^mwr*, milvsxstty— Ewti/is, Beerworth, Adcock, Galloway, Muficke. Port Adelaide Beat East Torrens The Port Adelaide team continued its run of wins by defeating East Torrens. Stubbs had charge of the Bams, which was an exciting one. especially to half time, when only one goal separated the sides, in Port's lavor. Great strength around centre made the play Interesting, and from here Torren6 led off with a rush and began scoring early, with five goals to taree by Port Adelaide, who be came a little disorganised because of the loss of Davis through Injury. In the nest term Port Adelaide played better, their stickwork being much improved.

Thus th«- first quarter scores were re versed, and the half-time scores were ri?ht g--?.U trj seven. East Terrrns opened *troneiy in the ihira tcim. but found the Port defence me too strong. The attackers found Ea&t Torrens1 back line in position, but by good t3ctlcs outplayed them scoring freely. In the last term Torrens was unnblc to sustain Its -Sorts, an-ti did not score. Final scores:— Port Adelaide, 15; East Torrens. 9. Goalthrowers:— Port Adelaide— M. Burn R ^-t^f1 i4)l &ibley -3-' B- Burnley (2). Sutherland. East Torrens— A. Hal] K. Gellert (3). Morgan, Jeffrey, McCor mack. Best players:— Port Adelaide— B. Bum ley. Kldd. MartiD and Spencer. East Tor rens— A. ar.d G. Hall, M-:nzel, Farmer. Goodwood Secures Fourth Place .JS? Eaf' Torrens won its match, and Goodwood been defeated, the latter team Would have h.'Pn linnl^rwi in *K**- ..nn^ip

contest, but It won Its match against West Torrens en Saturday by a small margin. F. L. Parsons was referee. Both teams opened strongly, and Goodwocd was first to take the lead. Pressing strongly, it goaled. but s;«n after Torrens equalled Ihe score, and passed it shortly after wards, whe- Symes goaied. play was quickly transferred from centre, and was concentrated round goals. Perkins (Tor rens) made many spectacular saves In goal, and demonstrated further the wis dom in choosing Mm for one of the*e important positions with the carnival team. At half time the score was -3 goals to 3, which was a fair indication of the game. Goodwood proved too strong for Torrens at centrefield in the third term and by securing the ball first maintained the ad vantage by scorine two grals to nil. Both sides concentrated rhe defences end kept the scoring low. Cocdwood allowed Tor

««= «» rei t.'r jse in tne nnai stages of the game. an., twice goals were scored fcr the fatter, wjile Goodwood scored once. Final scores: — Goodwood. 7: West Torrens. S. Goslthrowers: — Goodwood. Shlmmln (3) Dufflelrt (2). Grundy. Wickham; West Tor rens. Symes (3). Boath. Lowe. Bost players — Go:dwood, Martin Mc Keru'ie. Taylor. Abbott: West Torrens. Perfcins, Newland. Walker, Edge. Lee Throws 16 Goals J. Lee. North Adelaide playing against University No. 2. threw 16 goals. The match was a good one, in charge of H. Hacking. University's second team is showing much Improvement, and had a double check on Lee been made there msy have been a different result. In the first half University failed to close Its de fence work, and Lee. with an open for ward area and good passing, scored freely Altered tactics at three-quarter time did not improve matters fcr University and North scored eigiit goals. In the last term University brought its men Into the back area and held North down to one goal, while scoring six goals its«lf. The student team demonstrated good centre field work, and did well -n the day. the goals being well distributed. Final scores: —

North Adelaide, 19: University No 2 13 Goalthrowere:— North Adelaide, J. Lee (16), Lawrence. Fisher, Tregenze: Univer sity, Vincent, Bumard (3). Thyer Davis (2). West. Cottle. Bonnln. Best players — North Adelaide. J. Lee Tregenza. Schrader. Waddy: University, M. I Bonnin. Vercoe. Bumard. Thyer. B Grade Sturt. 11 goals: Deaf Adult. 6. Goalthr;wers— Sturt, Ridings (4), Tru man. Tuohy. Rauge (2), Simonds; D^af Adult. Poynter (4), McMaaon, Harrison North Adelaide, 5 goals, drew u-ith Brighton. 5. Goalthrower.=— North. Mrbs by (2). Baulderstone. Ferres. Meuckc; Brighton. R. Jenkins (5). Best players North. Cane. Forres. Baulderstrne. Alobs by; Brighton, Morris. B. Jenkins, M Jen kins. M. Lang. East Torrens. 11 goals, d. Goodwood, 4 goe'.s. Goalthrowers — East Torrens, Schultz (8). Graham (2). Munt; Goodwood. Laugh ttn (3). Thompson. Best players — East Torrens. Fe-wster. Ellis. Graham, Munt; Goodwood, Laughton, Miller. Port Adelaide. 16 goals; University. IS. C Grade Holdfast Bay. 30 goals, d. Sturt, 7. Goal throwers — Holdfast Bay. Humphries (8).

C. Edgar (7), Sheard (6), Selth (5), A. Edgar (4); Sturt, Cathie (4). Stubbs (2). Noblett. West Hintimarta, 12 goals, d. Brighton. 6. North Adelaide. IS goals, d. Goodwood. 12. Goalthrqwers — North. Crav.-ford -8). Eule (5). Wellington -2i. i:-C!ure Sheard. Murphy: Go.dwood. Duffield (6). Croft (31. Craddock, Hutaerford. f.-bstitute. D Grade Holdfast Bay. 19 roal=. d. Port Adelaide. 2 H:altrirowers — Holdfast Bav. W. Brown (71. A. Brown (4), Scott -5-. W. Ets (2). T Atkinson ll); Port Adelaide. Osbome (2'. E?it rjlsyers — Holdfast Bay. W. Brown A B-:wn. W. Ree;. Scott: Port Aclclaid?. MDtt. Shaw, and Fla:sted.

ALL SET for the start of the race for the State Junior Cycling Cham pionship. at Sea ton, on Saturday. The competitors lined np.