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CHRIS'MiAS BOOKL?EJs. Thy well-known and popular writer, C. J. Denis, has lost none of his lus tre in his latest effort, "Doreen" (published by Angus and Robertson Ltd.), contains four more of the author's descriptive verse, written in the same style as the "Sentimental Bloke," and as a medium for convey in?-Christmas.greetings will be great ly aapreciated. The lines are typical of Mr. Denis, and introduce thereader to the home life of Doreen, her senti mental husband and idolised off spring. The same publishers have issued two attractive little booklets, written by Miss May Gibbs, entitled "Gum-blossom Babies" and "Gum not Babies." These are artistically illustrated with Just sufficient read ing matter to lend color to.the draw ings,. which are typical of ouir gusn trees. Each .of thees booklets" will convey to Australians abroad. a frag rant message of the bush, and are got' up in convenient sie for. postal purposes.. fi SOLDIERS' CLUBS: (s I large" numbearof :establishments being run at present aei soldiers' clubs thas been brought unddr the notice of thl, State War Council (states " ,1ha Age.") While these'institutions aso of;.grmat value.. in.. ..giing. soldiers siom .si ero to coneate and amuse tsenimdles, it has been found that in some cases ifluences have. been allow. ed to creep in swhilh dhoud not exist, and appeals for fiands lhave been made by undesirable methods. The .matter was. disoassed at a meeting of the War Council on"' Monday night, and a resolution uas carried in favor of exercising stribt& supervision over. appeals made on bdhalf of these clubs. BROW11 SUGAR. It has come under- tie notice of the Agricultural Department that certain subsuban groe rs are representing: to their oustoniea8t that the Unrelned. brown sugdr which they are now sell ing is prodriced it the Maffra, beet su gar factory. The Director of Agricul trn.? states -th?-t such statements are. wit hout: foundation, for in, the first pla?ce oll ho sugar .produced atMaf fra is white rdfined sugar, ind in the second.p j -c it is retailed only 'in East Gippsland.