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"WE WANT MORE MEN" d'I'ATI'.lCU& N'L' BlY it ,llUfltEd. "A STIMrlIU?aiL TO TrIE )?'A'rTI." arcnlr~aii' ' ,CltiaftN~tr l0Unrust * IILBOURNI'. Thladalny. 'Ihin ifte'nooi Mr ltlnghes referred in Mr Cuok's roiaii.l'an allvrncainig the onlut.A IlOnot of I? l0rLzor n lber o1 AuttIIrnlltii troope, l1o natid--"l have noted blr Cook's renithks concernillng tile Govern. tuat'n wey pollot In toodl"'e P'rse. Ilto is standini iir nely behind-u tilhe iuvorn elnt. 'hlix Iltont mltisfanctlory. I am kepig I Ir Oodlk postedl ill theo mnot ro cent tlolopnheats of the (lovreraonlt'e iollny rej;lnlng I'n ~th0o ]:xpedtlaunaru Ilorces of thiu Comllmlonwealth. 7,1r Cook aya trlnt over" nlallai we an gaut 't neeill, nand ns arlp.i an.poniblt. I quite igrem with him. 'thi Imliey of tie Go. i'iTrinnent hns beea and t? directed to thin lnd. Erver meansii at the die`MoalI ef tho Clovrnment in lining etlllstd fu! lail pnrpon?. Not aitnd, ot amn Ihour, in bbieoa w.tad in niite' tait we ansy with itil depatcuh ,tdo our part in this restL strogg ,allegint thie trenendolsn f'aren' nrrzivca algainst iii. 'Tho Unv?rnment ii very kreenly alve to Its reeponaslliltlen in thlii, unattnar, Iltd realise to lthe full the trmue nature uof lthe tooik ia whleil tho' Allie lire oeuanged. I fet'i thnt thi isinot an geneirally rn. cogansed an ono coahld ienire. It is an wvll, tlherefaore, that. I shoild sptpk lainly on this point.. I'th nnked truith ion hara stntcdl itnntyln, ti biL, u thero tIn ItiIeh reIIson to hlitioan that It. nt'tls em. ahntie repettlon. 'The stiiigglo in whlch thn'Allleton oare egecls nIf. once 'litlnalo nd daeperate. It In ltlnorally n striggle to thn death. L tile. e C ci'u'on of tin nCommounweath ridi tlhineleae of li.U stlons. otn them not thlnk lhait the IssZlet l'beyon l ldonulbt. Let thein rl their inilnd of the Iden lint thie power of (let nainy la ne u'li elhatturcrlt, or that ior re laiirees, military neanl eonnmle, nn or lallat .lon iaOeoia xneousted. SIuach niti. eonreptions aif tlhe pnitani arur fietal t dynep, dutlling olnr. nsoiie In tlae dnllger La whtn h w reall stnland. aWe mnliat fallb Ithe grim facts .lait it Ilnever In the hl.. tory of tIlhe eorld Ihs thero heepn a wa Ike thln one, o, ton, nenver hlare riltat and her Allies confrunted muoh nn chnuy. t'or forty years eor more tlhe lrenen. laltm ennegles of i ovirlle nald wnrllke people hnl ~lirn rretenmntirnlla dlrretel IolirtN OIo elldl. TIhe disevepes or et ct enee, Ithe InvoenlOlnia Ihi tCa nirhn eanl Orlts, l tei tretenoltldll? reenrres of alrin. Ilintlon h have len n htlaieotnller exploited in order ti create all Irreestlhle tuntra. naia of itetir'etlol. tor fotl?r year the gr'al. (le'rmll Iilnon hu n amade tIer every min.t and thnclghlt ontirdalnote In this one, erimn al parp ist,. Ier prepllaratiloln have eovered (he whole fiehl, It mnay Ie sil l di nuot eatnemp Inte defeat, It auni' I well le-for in politics she In ni rhbltml helo hii not antleplntpa' that Inritan woulld riEt her trrdhet Into tihe realae. llut, ven eo, I repeant inthat for 40 yvaer elap mntactl lafrnte andll preparetdl ror'( hls onfllet. he dolllirntely 'imapit?ltlt it. In I It tani elippoenl for ot o oaelnenut thnt I calught her n wnnare, or tlant her prpnrantioll acre tnnderlnto We knn' but too wellI hno thornnugh silo is In all thin'lR. "No ldoabt her eonnmic pdnllio lne Ieen mart orrlminly ilstrturilr bht tI nspluise tlhant Crrilnny as anthea to her hairr, thlat in tae snrlni l sine lunppy tloke theln Allies will anrch tri htllltlllplll ily In Berllin, In to live i a It 'arodlse at tanIlns. We must face thii font tlhat, the t, l'tlaeilon Instouollmnit whli/ch I'raanoti'lO i laaalrsilaini ln. eluatl focr tClae ellalve. irwnt of oall whloa will not low tile knec -till st:lide. likn ,ome a m llatllter of tho " Jtuie b1o 1lotkeul in ila frst .prlng, but" witha ls deadly lrllonst still ruahlit, nll? its miwer ni nmpnlird. "l'or .0 years while (ermanny lrnlepnrel for war we have fori the mosit part livel nl though war aria eI l empqnlle. We nmusta win in tho s C reat straggle; w ri nlilt win; lut the hnlillcapl nugalnst s nt ile egiln n;ngl of tCle aer rte vl!ry l'enat, und are can ollyv win Wrlar wa e htlvIg Into tihe seale oeveryU . enIe (,if aIergy nlal overy rsollreo sit onr colllmnmndo "We want inrnnt Inell. sy. Mr Cook. Arye, wo lin. l'e cwont iloe laen. nall ,lill anorte sald I dn Iiot for onp nloaleat edoubtalt, lit ne no shall got themn."