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Gymkhana And Ballarat Visitors


Ijacrosse activities during the week have broueht together more players than usual, and many aspects ol the game have been discussed. Beferecs have received a fair share of the review, and some players eeera to think them Massed.

This Is absurd. The T&crofse Associa tion has for years had the support of a band of old players who have given up their Saturday afternoons to referee matches. Since last year, when the num ber ot reTerees wa» increased, the game nas been particularly well served. UmplrinE calls for extraordinary phy sical and mental capacity. Players should appreciate this, and exercise considera tion. Gymkhana Reflections In the 6econd gymkhana arranged by the Lacrosse Association a surprising fea ture was the hick ot Interest displayed by b. large numbs of players who did not lttend. Those present and participating bad an enjoyable afternoon, and look for ward to next year's fixture. The pro gramme went off well, due largely to the work of the secretary (Mr. A. B. Cox) and his helpers. One of the bright spots of the after noon's programme was the presentation of trophies by the Mayor of Glenelg (Mr. W. Pisk). Himself an old player. Mr. Flsk was in reminiscent and humorous vein, and he caused much laughter by his witty references to the trophy winners. The Box lacrosse contests, arranged for the first time in this State, proved the most popular event on the programme, the winning team of six having to play three whirlwind 10 minutes' contests Goodwood won. Tomorrows Matches A Grade.— Blrkalla No. 2 ground. Good wood v. West Torrens (Barsons): Univer sity Oval. University No. 2 v. North Ade laide (Auld); Unley Oval. Sturt v. Univer sity No. 1 (Stubbsl: Norwood Oval. East 2Torren% v. Port Adelaide (Selthi. B Grade. — Birkalla No. 1 ground. North Adelaide v. Brighton (Dolg): No. 3 ground. East Torrens v. Goodwood (Smith): Uni versity Oval, University v. Port Adelaide mocking); South Park (6.), Sturt v. Deaf Adult. C Grade.— Medlndie. North Adelaide x. West Hlndmaxsh: Victoria Park. East Tor rens v. Port Adelaide; West Park. West Torrens v. Sturt: South Park (V.-. Uni versity v. Goodwosd; Hove. Brighton v. Holdfast Bay. D Grade.— Woodville. Port Adelaide v. Junior Legacy: Blrlaua, Holdfast Bay v. University. BaUarat's Successful Visit The visiting team from Ballarat outpointed Che local £ grade side in most placlngs on the field. Particularly active round centre, the play In both matches repeatedly went forward to Hammer. A. B. Nicholson and Ford, who were gene rally too good for our back men. who did not watch the body sufficiently. Chinner was one of the hardest worked visiting players, and he filled the centre position with credit. The outstanding visitor was Nerfham (goal), whose coolness, direction and play in and out of goal was a feature. Glenn was the outstanding back man. The visitors made a decided impression with their vigorous end clean style of play, and it Is hoped that annual matches will be arranged.

Gcad Match At Unley Probably the best match tomorrow will be between Sturt and University No. I, on the Unley Oval. Unii'erslty Is second on the premiership table, has speed and vigor, and keeps moving from centre, where thorough understanding exists between the attack and forward di visions. Galloway end Cook (forwards) are a pleasing pair to watch, with their accurate and snappy passing. Cook's net shots are made with more 'than ordinary force. Ewens win probably be an absen tee due to an ankle injury. Sturt Is Etui a powerful side, and will extend University. The strong balck line, which Is developing a good system, aided by the extra measures adopted by the captain (Kestel). who Is particularly sound in defence. Warner will bo mlased In tbe first home position, as he must stand down for some time with a dis located collarbone, sustained In Satur day's match. One Senior Hatch At Blrkalla. The Goodwood-West Torrens matdi will be tin* onlv eenlar contest si. Bir

Ii. Bronncr

kalla tomorrow. West Torrens will probably play Tamlln again, but will t'1«« Bettlson. who has returned to the country. The team Is Im proving. Goodwood must not take West Torrens lightly. Goodwood h as made good after beginning the 6 c a 6 o n without four regular players. Cocks nlavcd his first

Came on Saturday, and will continue. Bronncr Is still at the head of the gonl throwing list, witli 37 goals. Chance For University No. 2 University No. 2 In Its contest tomor row against North Adelaide has a chance to Improve Its position. Against the weakened North Adelaide team 'tomorrow, the University men should try to improve their fjstem, especially In attack. North Adelaide will be without J. Lee, and A. Baulderstone will probably re place htm. The match should be even, with odds a little In favor of North. Close Game At Norwood Port Adelaide should defeat East Tor rrru, In t.ho match on tile Norwood Oval. The laf.er missed Eoyce (back) end Pcarcc i forward) badly on Saturday, and win nuss them sgaln tomorrow. With Mcnzol available, tie back position should br strengthened, but a weakness i,berc win suit the vigorous methods of Burn Icy snd Kldd (Port Adelaide), who will be hard to hold. East Torrens Is slightly tho more vigor ous attacking team, snd If this section can be made to function as It should, the need for a stout defence will be re duced. This match should be a good one and worth watching. Port Goalie Retires After serving Port Adelaide as goal keeper for a number of yeare. Alex Weir has retired from active lacrosse. Origin ally taking up the game to fill a gap temporarily. Weir was persuaded* to con tinue, and last season he reached a good standard as goalkeeper to the premiership team. Weir always Intended to retire when a suitable young goalie was forth coming, and as tiiat opportunity has pre sented Itself, he has left the game. His help In club and social affairs was always available, and he will continue this acti vity.