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In July, 1914, when the Emden was at Klochau, news of the impending European upheaval was received, and Captain Von Muner called up his reservists, among them a young commercial officer of the port. It is here that the picture, 'The Exploits of

begins. The Emden, after some wild adven tures as a raider, finally arrives at Cocos Island, and sends a landing party ashore to wreck the wireless station. The operator at Cocos, however, gets a message through to H.M.A.S. Melbourne, flagship of the con       voy of Australian troops proceeding over seas. Captain Silver orders H.M.A.S. Syd ney to steam to Cocos and investigate. Here the Australian side of the engagement is strongly presented. First National having produced every scene as it was enacted dur ing the engagement. The Sydney was loaned for the purpose. Gun crews are shown in action, torpedo running, engine activities, clearing ship for action, and every branch of shipboard life has been faithfully re corded and inserted in the original produc tion. Steaming up to Cocos Island, the Syd ney sends a challenge to the Emden, and is answered by a broadside from the raider, which kills tbe range-finder and puts the fore-control out of action. The aftercon trol is manned immediately, and the Sydney opens fire. Broadside after broadside is poured into the Emden till she is crippled and driven on to the reef in flames. Here she hauls down her flag and surrenders. After transferring the wounded, Captain Von Muller comes aboard and surrenders to Captain Clossop, but as an act of grace to a brave foe, is allowed to keep his sword. The second attraction will be -The Macni ficent Flirt.' featuring Miss Florence Vidor, in a story of modern, laughing Paris. Other items will include a comedy, a scenic. 'Mon- arch of the Glen' (Ufa Oddity), and a spe- 1 cia] music score arranged by Signor Lom-   bardi.   . I