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PERSO UAL. The death of Mr. William Alfoard, nte?'., of Ellerslie, has removed onie of the oldest and most resplected ipioneers of this district (writes our corre-pondnt). The late William Al ford was borni in England, in IS:11. and arrived in Australia inm If2, be ing a colonist for the loht period of li3 years. .11i came out in the Mal coiedl Shaw, and lad an appirnt llellnt as steward upon the ship.wukilh, unfortunatetly, took fire. but luckily those on hoard were near the 'las manian coast, where they were safe iv landed biv dinghv called the lHe enandlll they had to \walk Iarefooted to Hobart. with omly tlhe?, shirts.and trousers oi. After la'ling in iC ori:l, the late Mr. Alfocld: il1leO his wray to the gold-fields, and for a time ,was driving the Ballarat es:?rt in the tarly days of the diggings. After wc?rds he was engaged driting tha mail coaches between Ballarat atnd (eelong, and had the exciting esperi ences of being held up on two occa tions by husihrangers about the time of the Biallart, riot. Later on he was mraeh-ldniving betwee.n Wickliffe anl ID keldl. For a time hle was a resi denit iof Burrumbeet. and afterwards lnme to Ellerslie. where he had re Aided for about 50 years. During his lng residence in Ellerslie" he always took on active part in any undertak ite for the welfare of the distriet. especially the tonwAhipa.nd for manl years was caretaker of the Ellerslle slelthanies' Institute,and no one enuld have filled the poscition .better. as in phe tirst place ihe worked hard for t.hi estabhahiment of tite hall, and afterwards took a delight in keeping tne hall and library in a tatisfactory, ip-to-date nmanner. The late Mr.Al ferd also took an interest in the local cllirlch. Ellerslie Recreation Society, and also the fllerslie Foothball Clus. his grandson being the well-known illerslie footlaller. At the time t,f his death, the late MLr. Alford had reached t.he ripe old age of 84 Tears; still his memory swas good, and lie tasse?d away peacefully in his sleep. io leaves a wife. tnwo daughters (Miss ,Aenes Alford and Mrs. W. Cook), also two sons (Messrs. W. H. and G. 31. Alford). who mourn the loss of a good lhultnand and father. The remains were irterred in thl l Ellerslie cemetery, where a large gathering of relatires and friends assembled. the Rev. I. Wogg officiating at tlhe grae. ..\ very old residenst recently passed away in the -person of 3Lrs. Donald e of the old hand of pioneers (writes our Yarpturk correspondent). Mrs. Munro had passed through many if the vicissitudes. of early colonial life, and saw the Western District it, its infancy. Site was a typical Scotch swoman. of a cheerful disposition.andl since 31r. 31unro's deathi had livedr with a single daughlter. The remains were Iuried in the Tower Hlill cemŽ tiry. the Rev. Mr. Nairn reading the fIIteral service.