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`Publio Notices.-: . TWO PLUMS -- AT THE' - Pure Food Stores = Prime Victorian Factory Butter 1/2 per lb. 1/2 per lb. 1/2 Finest Queensland la Sugar 2/3 per doz. M. PUNSHON & ? Pure Food Stores. NICH-LSON *STREET, FOOTSCRAY, And BRANCHES at Barkly Street, Footscray. Ballarat Sreet, YarraviHe?. Buckley Street, ,, Alsoat Charles Street ,, Hawthorn & Camberwell:-"

Anderson's On Easy Terms SOn= Easy Termns Sn EasEy Terms: ... On Easy . Terms. -;Years and each year finds :them growing in Popularity and increasing in sa es. he greatly increased output of 'Ariel Cyles proves conclusively that each . year:bri'gs conierts to the side of Quality. We offer you these up-to-date, Cycles, fully -. GUARANTEED- in. writing, from I Call and see us and ariange your own TERMS, at 114 NICHOLSON STREET -FOOTSORAY J. ANDERSON, Proprietor. elephone No. 2395 Telephoie No 46.; Melbourne Exchange. Williamstowi : xchange.. "A Speciay Grand- Display of ~B~ ? I..?', causing the pprobastive : comment of the populace, made every Friday Evening by . G. R. McKelvey, S Premier Butcher, " Footscray, Kenshlgton, Newport, and Williamstown. Wholesale Shipping and Family lutoher.

Contractor tio Commonwealths and State . Governments. Hotels; Bestaurants, and Ham and Beef .Purveyors BSupplied. ~ Families waited on for Orders. :Orders by: pot or telephone 'proptly attended to.

Head Of1ice- 323 Elizabeth'-treet,~Melbourne. ' Nelson Place, Williamstown? Douglas Parade Williamstown . Wilkins-strret,Iewport. Phone, 46. Nicbinlsun-at. Footscay.- 'Phone,2395o tMaculay-roed, Kensington .,Phone, 2395,

i5iUT~i~P~Us r~E ~ A lI. A WPARLORS, S.7 HOPKINS ST., FOOTSQRAY. - )<Absolutely PAI TLES1,S EXTRAOTIONS Daily, SDR T. T. TUNNOCK, assisted by 'a first class stafle'Ff.Dental.Operators and Meclan' ' :ics'(second to none in the State of Victoria), is rfepared to supply the residents S oftFootscray.and surrounding Districts with.-;--, ' - ;: :?-rti 1 Teet. ",Full- or Partial Sets, Ar:'..i. . Tee ;U d tlTe 'feror :·i O:per-eee:.A *rhific l':e, !, :Dr. TUNNOCK'S DENTAL PARLORS, DR TUNNOCK, Dental Practitioner. . . The Largest and Best Equipped Dental Establishment In the :" Southern Hemlphere. r/incipal- T. TuNNocK. Doctor of Dental Surgery, International University 'o Chicago, U..A., Dentist qualified by Major Examination in Australia; author of the SDental Student's TechnicaoCourse, in Rhyme Inventor of Dr Tunnock's Celebrated 'Ainsthetic (for Painless Extractions); Coach for University Examinations, &c., has Sestablished Branches throughout the Commonwealth, and is now incommand of the .. Largest Dental Practice in Australasia. 7,In order to meet the requirements of the public in these depressed times, and.bring the : :art of his profession within the reach of all, begs to announce that he is Sprepared to supply Artificial Teeth on a Small Deposit and 2s Gd per week. Palnless Deatlstry-Patients can extract their own Teeth. "I ea;tiful Enamel Teeth, life-like in appearance; :Pivot 1Teeth,;:Gold Crowns, Crown and Bridge work, Teeth on Gold, Platinum or Vulcanite. ' Pl 'ates made to fit any month. Teeth fitted over old roots and stumps If necessary. FIlliIlg-Gold, Diamond, Amalgam, Fossiline, Phosphate, Cement, Inlays, etc. Repairing and Remcdelling done at the shcrtest notice. :- Feaes Eoderate Consultations Invited. '"- " ---- Note Address: ,. , Dr. TUNNOOK'SWDENTAL PARLORS, -Hopkins St., Footsray. * Doors hiem Nicholson Street

ALMESBURY LADIES' COLLEGE. PAISLEY ST., FOOTSCRAY. Registered Secondary School. Principal: Miss A. GIaILOTTI, M.A. (Melb. Univ ) Assisted by efficient Secondary, Primary and Sub-Primary Teachers. Pupils instructed in every branch of Schoolwork, from Kindergarten to Matri culation or Post-Matriculation. Particunlar on application to the Principal, S29.Murgnret Street, Pootscray. OOTSORAY LADIES' COLLEGE Mrs Musther,. Principal. (Assisted by efficient visiting teachers.) Pupils prepared for Matriculation. DANCING CLASSES Wednesday after noons, and.Thursday Evenings. S" -; (MR SMART)." MISS EVELYN LEYLAND, r == · ". • D. IkE.s.7". Registered (Primary & Secondary) TEACHER OF PIANO AND HoARMIONY. "KARA," 1Sf COWPER STREET, FOOTSCRAY GLEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, x COLLINS STRRET, oITY. ', Pupils received at any time. Engage ments as soloist or accompaniste accepted. MR :ROBERT JOHNSTONE, A.L.C.M. " (Diplona London Collegeff Music) S TEACHER OF VIOLIN, PIANO, .HARMONYi & COUNTERPOINT. PAISLEY ST., FOOTSCRAY. City Address-" Glens," Collins St.,

(Pupil of the late Herr Louis Roth)... TEACH?ER OF rPIANO; ORGAN & THEORY. Pupils prepared for examinations; etc. " NORWOOD," 164 BUCKLEY STREET; FOOTSCRAY 1ARTISTIC PH OTOGRAPHY •You : canonow: obtain an Artistic and Truthful Portrait of yourself - or a charming ru7iilygr without- the, trou. .bl.eof?..i Fancy Dresses; also our fine pictures of the Mayor: and Mayoress. Open Wednesday and Saturday, all day. *J. Ward Symons' STUDIOS Hopkins Street, Footscray. Also THE BLOCK, Collins St. Mr J. A. BRETON, R.D.S.V., SURGEON DENTIST, Wishes. to notify the public of Footscray and surrounding district that he has re moved to hisinew premises in7 , PAISLEY, STREET, (three doors fromAlma Studio.) All Dental Work on the latest English and Amierican system. Old plates remodel. led hbroken:.plates repaired on the shortes notice:; Teeth ;filled; and scaled.:, Extrac tions absolutely painless. All work guaran eed for'ten years. - Consultations free.

I MPORTANT. NTI C EiI C_ STEWART THE .WELL-KNOWN Baker & Pastrycook, Has taken over the Business at I10(0 Nicholson Street, ' LATE NECKER'. FIRST-CLASS O GODS in all BBANCHES New class of Goods manufactured b'y that i- o other establishment' produc.s. ' J; You .should: try our 'reaiii Sconfes, Girdle ; ..Scones, Freih Pancakes and other ' o; Novelties in that liie ', Our; MONEY-BACK- CAKE at 6d lIb has no equal. Not 'the; . .: EAD, HORSES arid Cattle Removed L FREE of charge. -I. .COLLIN., Raleigh street, Braybrook.. . S..-ýTelephone 67 Footscray., . -. Hotelu. : . . BUTLER'S Buckinghlamn Hotel, ... Buckinghiam St., Footscray. BEST BRANDS OF ALES; SPIRITS AND WINIS KEPT. Booms for Meetings. All Latest Sporting News. Telepl?ne-53 Footscray. D. CHILOTTI, FOOTSCRAY WINE HALL. CHOICEST AUSTRALIANWINES In Stock and Supplied. WHOLESALE & RETAIL AGENT - FOR - Morris and Sons' FAIRFIELD WINES. so Marlaret St. FootbNy West

DO YOU LIKE GOOD C OC'0 e ? IF SO TZY LIVERSA C? # CGREEN, Practical Tailors, And you pleased with the result. MR LIVERSAGE having spent 25 years with leading Collins Street houses eniab'es us to turn the work out in a first-class manner, every atten Stion being paid to fit and finish. All work made up on the premises. Note the Address- NIO1BOLSON STREET, FOGCTSCRAY. GEO. GORDON, Builders'& Furuishing Ironmonger. - Eley's Cartridges. Parl-ed Wira. Wire Netring. Fishing Tackle.-' Tools of Every Kind. Bread Boards. : .. ... Table Cutlery. Oll0 and Paint. : Daisy one-fire Stoves, 45s each. -BE?T ASSORTED STOCK IN THE CITY. -.152 Nicholson Street, Footscray. : ppoaite C., Forge Draper. -. Telephone-x 14 Local.

R :. JAM'ES *.IHALL Solicitor and Conveyancer, LOMBARD BUILDINGS Queer' Strecet, MRLtu+"ý .- Tetepone-3273 Central. Mr Hall attends Footscay Office on Mon days and Thursdrys (Court Mornings); be tween 9 and. to a.m., to see clients, I ? Ha TRUST MoN'is to LENDo .an FlkssrOLD SPcorsTY., A :;. E.C O:MB, SOLICITOR, ETC. (A; C? SECOMB'& WOODFULL) Conmissipner for taklig affidavits in Victoria. BUCKLEY ..ST., FOOTSCRAY.. (Three doors from Atboer'street)...- - Morning unntig .o.'. Evenings irom 7. Melbourne Offiee- ... PRELL'S BUILDINGS, ? 6' ".QUEEN'S STREET. Telephones- 6o3 Melborne, 3o1Foots. cray, 94 Willi m;town. Troet MOsn'rr to

FR OOTOIDS FOR SHEADACHE, INDICESTION, CONSTIPATION ;i t and BILIOUSNESS. Themnse number orders for FROOTOIDS sent by post direct thProprtor is onvilnclng proof that the Public appreciate their splendid curing power. They cure .quick?y, are elegant in appearance, and pleasant to take.

"1i:?.i ami=Writing to you to express my thanks ifor the Frootolds whloh I received from' you some -time. ago. My mother, who was a. great sufferer trom Headache and Bilious Attacks for many years, `has been'taking them, and nas found complete relief from them." L. PATCH, Pelloan Creek, Coraki, N.8.W. "Kindly send by retirri post two separate bottles of Frootolds for indigestion, &o. I got a bottle fror'n you before, and am pleased to say they have done me good." E. PIKE, "Myrtle Cottage," Manlldra, N,8.W. "Your 'Frootolds' Is the only medicine I have ever found to do me any good for Biliousness and Indigetion. One dose gives relief." J. H. SLEEP, Loohiel, 8.A. " Enolosed please find 8J-:for two bottles of Frootolds for Indigestion. I dot some from you two months ago, and found them very good." HENRY MASLIN, Chllders, Isis, Queensland. "Will you please forward another bottle of Frootolds? They have relieved me of my Head acnes. You can use my name at any time as a testimonial for the benefit of others." F. J. CHUBB, Moe, Glppsland, Vlotoria.

"Please forward me another battle of Free 'tolds. The other bottle I lgot gave great satlstao tlon, as my nusband had Deen suffering from Constlp;aton tor a long ttmeo an" noQts dd tm...... _.. any good until he took your Frootolds. He says he now feels that he is quite a different man." J. LONERGAý, Ylelima, Vlictoria. "For about three years I have been a great sufferer from Nervous Depression caused by a constlpated state of the Bowels. I sent to you for a bottle of Frootolds, which I duly received, and am pleased to say that they have worked a wonderful ohange in me--In fact, I feel as if I am getting a new lease of 1fe, and will be glad to recommend them to any of my friends.". T. CRESSEY, Ahaura, West Coast, N.Z. "Please send me three bottles of Frootolds. I took two doses from the last bottle, and gavetne balance away to some friends, and they are of tne same opinion that I am-that ' Frootolds' are a very good medicione." A. B. PEDEN, Glenmaggle, Victorla. SMany thanks for forwarding the FrootoldL. I took a dose of them at night, and by the morning they had removed all trace of headache. It was quite a relief to get rid of It so speedily. I am feel ing splendid now." M. M'CALLUM, 65 Cunninghapi Road, TOORAK.

For sale by leading Chomists and storek*epers. Retail price, 1/e. it your Chemist er Storekeeper has not got themb ask him to get them. for you. If not obtalnable lemilly send direct to the Proprietor, W. 0. Hearne.Ohemist, Geelong, Viotorla. NOTICE.-The materials In FROOTOIDS are of the VERY BEST QUALITY anm eonsist, amongst other Ingredients, of the active principle of eachb of FIVE different MEDICAL FRUITS ' and ROOTS, so combined and proportioned In a partleulr, way that a far BETTER result le obtained than from an ordinary aperleat.

Punblio No utioes. -BY EXPERIENCE - 1 We can .assist T1DRSS SMARTLY Land tin the you to . L i "L Latest Fashion HENRY MULDOON, STailor and Cutter, 1os0 Nicholson Bt., Footaeray. Ever Taste our Tea ? It's just delicious-the taste and the flavor. Ask our customers; they say it's beautiful tea-so good S-and refreshing too. They get it every week won't, have any ;other.: Sure :.test it's to their likilg, isn't itý It's a pure elon Tea, packed. . i and blended specially for us. Try the pleasure rf - drinking a cup; then you'll1always w ant it. We sell it at per pound- 1- I W. PUNSHONl & CO., GROCERS & PROYISION MERCHANTS, 141 B AR )( LY ST,, Opposite Presbyterian Church. W. H. FIELDING. 10 and 12 Canterbury Street, 68 Somerville Road, Yarraville West, General Grocer and Provision Merchant; THE NOTED TEA HOUSE. FARM PRODUCE A SPECIALITY. Wood Coal and Coke at Lowest Possible Prices. S all parts of the district. MODERN DENTISTRY:: 4 W. foC LL'S DEITr4L P4ýtLofs .GUARANTEED ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS EXTRACTION OF TEETH BY ALL THE LATEST METHODS. Perfect fitting Suction Plates with a Guarantee of 20 years. ' Bridge Work, Gold, Porcelain, Amalgani Cement' Fillings, Gold C'rown. Regulation of;Children's Teeth. Repairs and Re-modelling supervised and'fiulshed . ..-.. . . --. - by. exprt operators. - TERMS. ARRANGED. : Note Address- ADVICE FREE. SW. MCALL;: Rlegistered'Dental Surgeon (by examination),eto. Nicholson St.,-Footscray, i9 Moore St.. Moonee Ponds.