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Auctions. ? ABSTRACT OP SAIES BT AUCTION. THIS SAT. ?*??»_- CL On «nd Co.— At the Kan at 11 «r. 3. _. Sando— At Currie-Jtiwt. »t U— Vehicles, . tomwL ««*ciihie», bievdes, ta. He ». W. _eMn— At the Mart, at 10— Paroltare and —iaceuaaNna goods. Means. W. Hirer and Ca-At the Salerooms, at U— BuUnu, incubator, gtej hounds. feMR. JL W. G. Attend and Co.— AC the Mart, at 10.30 — Meydem. ? IBIS DAY, THIS DAY, _ At law ?bant. Ai 10fl0 sharp. . __~ the Bicycle Department, ; Onrrie-street Auction Mart. CHOEB D.STEUCTIONS FBOH THE CONSIGNORS. Wira«ITT RESERVE. WITHOUT RESERVE. 59 BICYCLES. 59 I 41 BICYCLES. : AuDuinc new. _. ? _*:? --? — . : -- Att QUITE NEW. t iWBert British Manufacture. ^41k\ on Various Accounts— 18 Secondhand Machines, ' ;: ?'. ? 13 Secondhand Machines, vv. ... 18 Secondhand Machines, ??.-.- n^lUASASTEED GOOD ORDER. -??'*? -- Ut ALL g59^BiCTCLES 59 'ii:' «— TO THE BALANCE OF COKSIGNMENTS i Vbickke-ohbd us too late fob yesxeb 1, «*T8SB00ND BALE. ^^€fc^fctPORD & CO. ;*; - Gatafafostnow remdr. anil Machine! on View from K*L 'M.B.— Boytr* win niean not* Sale commences ? ViBiliiinjat 10J0, and wfll only take about M &j$J8 DAT, THIS DAY. 1H THE MART, CUfiRIE-STREET. ^.W. G. ALFORD & CO. r- *i '? * tow «or Prints Sale : 2 EXCELLENT PIANOS fe' u.::.- AiroiH amancE QUAmxrr of KfRNfTURE ^?'?^t:' ? -O' EVKBTBESCmiPTIOir. PBMI.VTELT THE LARGEST ^kfflmEST COLUBGTIOS TO p^lB SEEN ' IN AST - MART Iff fe^hiJlONDAY, at 11. gjjpiBr Mirt, Industrial Bindings. Wmim «nrarcBiimiE accmmts. ffiftrffc?- -?'';? ?,. .Also, ? S^att-WCB'— B_ E. HARRIS'S FURSITUHE. PlpBNSON & COMPANY i§I_i_tlr«gd Double Bedsteads «i-d- -Baddiaas SpSS^t * and * Dtnra. Waahatat»- and Toi ifWfc'SBtobra Ublet and Uteneila. Colonial Sob. |»fct££wirt-s_nd. &»c^£~S3. Ohlirs, Tabs, ffiSsMP*'- - ?????-:.' On knstber*aeemmt— BgWNr 'VaiNc, 6 *sir Use Cortrins, 2 good Cu §§_giWpiiai~- ud Tea Seta.. Blind* 2 Cm-tain ^nSaWVfeaqx. E-P. Ware, Stretchers and Bed ffiygK^*a*etahd«, BsUora. and Utensils. Wire gjaH^BaSriwret Balla, DteHw Tihlc. Sockets. BraSPg*. '*'& «'*£'» OwBtoa. Blinds, TdM. j^jaWifihafaa-.Cbat- tonq; ; Ings-class Walnut jSHpfioniM. Sog» Sewiac ttaesine. Galvanic Bat PiSp3Sc*elW«diea7A.B; Cbtira, Cedar Table, Bgfc^K-.'' JlinBotttas- «»*«»Ur |^M»tf «T S and 4 itanotv cheut H»» Du IHttigaUUe and. Wasaatand. -good Parisian and §I«S*d»_Wire Mttareaa, HatrrBed. Commode. I KfSj -Hwt Bedroom antes, hiaA-dass Hoon and ^^^^etward^ C»hiB ChertS 5 Drawers, B?° ^K^TO!W TO-DAY. n^»V^^-— ' « O T B ? B ? fllpSfl '?MKD»HOBSBB,bB*«n aad BBbnken, S^tljjBW-ltti^odeaoditlon. Kftr. tni'Vi HUM lain John Harwr— |MhR y^OLA3S FAHM h5SS, thorooEhly fe^^^H'—. DOCIOB, by Somha* good PpSJ|t%BAOaaT BDBSKB, atancn and food. llplSJriBOT-OLaSS BOBSE8. from Spri^ton @yp*| HBAVTMd LffiHt HOBSES, broken and ifc Y**y ? ? TO'*at*fc ? P$fe;. . Inlotatoanltinrehaatii. ?»WEMSDAY,SEPTIMBER2O, X;^ .,--,?...., . .. .ritiiAJt. ^-r':r; *-4ft»**«rfacdajttaec«a«y. P;--' '' ? ? ' £'£ - ?? AITHEaKSUHMCE, ^ J^Mtt*¥illr-t«rrace, Kent Tom. S^, ;*n«B MHIECCnOHB FEOH ipES SHAW, ESQ., J.P. i£^ ? ? -wbo haaanU Ida Bo»X &^-r£l *«™ WHOM OF»CHB SOPEKIOB Household furniture |S; ::''ANDSFFECTS, ir» ~ ? Oomnrlalng— KAiro, brUPr*soBir ? ; 8UHEB«AB» -^ JKDKOOHSUrrK. DKAWma-BOOM ;;,-??? WMiDiHiif&AOOKEurrxs.&, r^HEODORE BRUCE & CO. - -'toEn been ivrartd with inrtjnrtu.^ to stll *y -aMtka,aaalKiTB, ;? OATALOODB8 IS OOOESE OF PEEPABATION. ALTERATION dF DATE. . '*0 SBEWEKS. BOTELKEEPERS, AHDPABCES SEEKING A SOOKD AKD .: ??;?? PROFITABLE INVESTMENT AT THE TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. '?* ..? :'? ok TUESDAY, September 26, atUOiun. tor 7, of sboxxoiTm, wiixtajia. Argent-itreet, Broken BUI, v ' on which liaractcd TATTERSALL'S HOTEL, BOGXXEEK WITH THE THBEE ADJOIKIKG '.??^fflffli HOW IK TO GOOD THJASTS. THEODORE BRUCE & GO. fcan been (anred with inattsctlona to sell by aneUon, ai abon, all that Valnable Property attnated in ArginMtrect. Broken Hill, aa described ?bore. For further particular! apply to the Anctionein, C*. Old Xzehancc Flrie^tnet; or W. J. Higarey. VvtCr Cbamben, Conie«tnet. , liana of the Bonding! can be inspected at the ,, ?; onoai of the AnottBMera. ? L 1 Brice & Company, - AUCTIONEERS, P&ODDCE AND FRUIT SALESMEN ' ' ' WJTnuiitiiiii'T '^i**^1* jhuu '&*?? '''

? Auctions. TO-DAY (Saturday), at la D. W. MELVIN, CENTRAL AUCTION MART, 'ill caer— ELITES, WABr. ROBES, Chests Drurers, very Ijirj^e Oak Hanuoaiuoi, io stops and pedals, Cirpets, Floorcloths, OTermanteL and GEXEUAL FUEN1TUEE Galvaniied Iron, 40 sheets. Partition, Doors, Hand-Cart, Portmanteaus, Peranu, R^eon boles. Vases, Melodeon. Cornopean, Ice Creainera, Watchmakers' Drawers, Tools, and Sundries, Common Jewellery, SUrer Thimbles, Chain, Scales:, Small Tanks and FANCY. HOUSEHOLD, and MISCELLANEOUS GOODS. AIM, '. For Glendir Railway Company — 65 Ladies' Umbrellas and Farasoto, 13 Gents' Umbrellas and Walking Sticks, Baskets, Bagt, Clothing, Personal Effects, fcc, fec- ? TUESDAY, September 19, at 2. AT ADAM-STEEET. IIINDHAREH. D. W. MELVIN is directed by Messrs. Cook & Henderson, tanners and carriers, to selL next Jolly Miller Hotel, in one Lot, «s a going concern, or divided — ALLOIMENT 181, having S7 (L 6 frontage by 150 It, urith 10 Pitsand 2 larce Gmtauiized Iron Sheds. Carriers, Sale Leather, Boffins; and Jigger Tablet, Tools. Avery Machine, Boiler. Vat, Puddle, Beams, Rafters, Tubs, Pnmpa, Uanging Sticks, an d Son Iries. ? TO-DAV (Saturdiv), September 16, at 1L AT 73 and 75, CCERffi-STBEET (next to the John BuU Hotel). TO COVER ADVANCES. BY ORDEIt OF MB. E. BBCHTEU J. A.~SANDO is instructed to offer— New and secondhand PHAETON'S, Marniettis. Abbotts, Expresses, sarnies, Dog-Cans, Sprins-Dravs, A-c. Sinjric and Double Sets of Harness. Hand and Treadle Sewing At*^hiT»^ New and secondhand Bicycles, Eayser Express, Triumphs, Socke's, &t 30 Nickel Lamps. &c ? MONDAY, September 18, at 2.30. AT THE TOWS HALL, ADELAIDE. BY ORDEIt OF THE MOETGACEES. J. A.'SANDa will offer — VICTORIA PARK— Allotments Xos. 5.0 «nd 60 Part of Section No. 263, having a fronuge of 160 fu to ibo r.recnhin-road by a depth of 165 It. The fifth and sisth Blocks from the Park Lands. Further particulars from Mr. J.X1 Ramp, so licitor, 113, Kins William-street; or from the Auc tioneer. 35. at. and 37, Boyal Exchange. ? THIS DAY (Saturday), at 12 o'clock. AT OL'K SALEBOOMS. WAYMOUTH-STEEET. \X7 THYEK & OO. will sdL on behalf of » » ? Messrs. Duncan. & Smith— The whole of their Stock of BAVTA11S, includ ing all their prize-winners. Abo.' 50-Egg HEABSON-S INCUBATOB, and an ITALIAN GREYHOUND. ? MONDAY, September IS, 1£99. at 10 a-tn. AT THE ADELAIDE AUCTION MART, KING WILUAU-STBEET. F. J. BOTTING & CO. irill sell for H. Jones, Pawnbroker. 76, Pirte sawt— A LARGE QUANTITY of UNREDEEMED PLEDGES, comprising— DIAMOND UINGS, P1XS, and BROOCHES LADIES' and CENTS' liUKTIKG and OPES FACE GOLD and SILVER WATCHES COLD ALBERTS, CHAINS, BINGS. and LOCKETS, APOaTLE SILVER SPOONS ana SUGAR TJJNGS. Jludeal-box. Bible, S.1L Bread Enife, Theodolite and Tripod, Camera and dark Slide, Violin and Bow, Winchester Repeat ing Rifle, tg x 4j Sapid Kectilinear Pnoxo. Lens, Miners Compass, Typewriter, Flute, with a large assortment of Gold and Silver Jewellery, &c. Ac. ? AT MOUNT TOSRENS. On MOSDAY, September 18, at 2 o'clock. rHUTCHENS will sell by public auction, as ? above, under instrueUoca from B. WilWe, Ah that SECTION of LAND. No. 6524, HUN BRED TALUNGA. containing 79 Acres or there iboats of agricultural and pasture land, fenced ind subdivided, on which is erected a Dwelling Muse, barn, stable, Ac There is a never-failing; supply of good water on the property, which is [or Absolute Sale. . Title, B.P. Act, Beg. Book, voL ririi , folio 141. ? £57.9 GLADSTONE MamrPT On TUESDAY. Wth September, at 1 o'clock. AX CORPORATION YARDS. 4OC FAX ASDBTOEE CATTLE. 1870 Tja AND 8TOEE SHEEp OO HOBSES. BAOOX, SHAKES. *~ LEWIS, UVOTEa will aell by auction, aa above— S0QFATWETHEBS 100 Fat Wethers lTOFatWethera ' 100 Prime Shorn Eva* 803 Rwes and Lambi IbOEma and Iambi 100 Ewea. 100 per cent. Lambs, a choice lot ?00 W«n-bnd Weanera 600 Mixed Sheep 100 Fat Bullock^ from Booyooln SO Mixed Cattla, from the NocUi 16 Mixed Local Cattle 32 Honea, chiefly Onncfata. Including mm easily SraUJass yoans aorta Bprine Waiaron, 8 Tiwlrava, Hameas, Lot - Sundry Tools, Posts, Hurdles, and Sundries. Terms as usual. FurUierentriaUmted. SS9xS59 IMPORTANT TO CABOENERS AMD OTHERS SEEKING AN INVESTHENT OR RESI DENTIAL SITE. ? AT THE TOWN JALL, ADELAIDE. On Wednesday, September 27, At bait-past 2 o'clock in the afternoon. F. W. BULLOCK & CO. win sell by anction, aa above— BYOEBEBOF TUB TBVSTEES OF THE WILL OF GEOBGE BUBGESS, DECEASED. FIVE ACRES ot Land, about two miles from Ad.itM» aituate on the ' HENLEY BEACH-ROAD, ad joiniiur air. Dare's property, and being Allotment 7 of Sections 99 and 102, of Block Fot Section 889, and others. Hundred ot Adelaide. Part planted with Orangctreea about four yean old, and other Fruit and Ornamental Trees ; part with Lucerne. Then are Two Wells, with Wind-. nulls and suitable Piping, and other Improvements on the Land. Further particulars from the Auctioneera, Mean P. W. Bullock & Co.. Franklin -itreet; or Means Cotton ft Johns, Solicitor*, Queen's Chamber!. Pirie street, Adelaide. ? On WEDNESDAY, September S7, at half-past S o'clock: in the afternoon. AT THE TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. F. W. BULLOCK & CO. will sell by auction, as above — BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE— EICUTHA VENUE (near Walkerville-road), EAST ADELAIDE.— Modern Villa Residence, containing eight rooms, wide hall, cellar, bath, verandahs front and back, garden, tx. The Land comprises Allotments 710, 711, and 713, and measures 225 ft. to £i£hth-arenue, by 150 ft., or thereabouts. FOR AUCTION SALE. HARRISON, JONES. & DEVLIN, LIMITED,   have received instruction to sell by pub     lic auction, at the Wool Exchange, Macquarie Place, Sydney, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of September, 1899, at 3 o'clock p.m. — WALIHALLOW DOWNS STATION, in the NORTHERN TERRITORY of SOUTH AUS TRALIA. comprising — 2,510 square miles or thereabouts, held under lease from the Government of South Australia, together with 3,000 CATTLE (more or less) 125 HORSES (more or less). This property is about 15O miles from the Mac arthur River, and immediately north of Anthony Lagoon. The country is chiefly open and undulat ing with grasses of the best description. Terms at Sale. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneera, ? 236,52.69 WOOL-SALE. The FIRST WOOL SALE of the Season will lie held in the Wool Exchange, Grenfell-street, on THURSDAY, September 28, in the following rota STRACHAN, CHEADLE, & CO. ? 1 EJJ3ER, SMITH. & CO.. LIMITED ? 2 LUXMOORE, R. J. COOMBS, & CO., LIMITED, 3 UjrUOOUE, CHAPMAN. & CO ? i 257-9 J. H. Weidenhofer & Co. r&L. AUCTIONEERS, VALUATORS, AKD GENERAL COMMISSION AGEJSTS, 20. Currit-street. Adelaide. SALES and VALUATIONS of LAND, FREEHOLD FBOPERTIES, HOUSEflOLD FURNITURE, CAR GOES, and GENERAL MERCHANDISE undertaken In any part of the Colony. liberal adrancei mad* on Goods without extra charge. ? UE CO-OPERATIVE WOOL AND PRODUCE ASSOCIATION SELL by auction every TIHSDAY. THURSDAY. and SATURDAY, UKEEN SKJKS, HIDES, be; every MONDAY, it Wavmouth-screet Store, SALTED HIDES, KAN GAROO, it; and everv FRIDAY, DRY SKINS, *--. Payment? every Wednesday. aiaaio f$O- BEMtETS. Uuajrer. «

? AnctiODB. ? THIS DAY (Saturday), At II o'clock. SHOW DAY. GRENTELL-STREET AUCTION MART. BICYCLES. 14 BICYCLES. 14 NEW AM) SECOKDUAND, INCLUDING BEST ENGLISH MAKE LADIES' AND GENTLE MEN'S W1PI-LAR STAR. ORIEL. ROYAL SWAN, COVENTRY CROSS, METBOPOLE. 'LKW1S,' 'ORMONDE,' 'PBEMIEK,' 'SWIFT,' 'TYLEH,' 'RASJI,' AND OTHERS. C. G. GUBE & CO. will sell by auction^ as aDorr. Entries taken up to morning of sale from owners wishing to sell. Persons Wanted. Under this heading (if prepaid) 14 worda. Sixpence. AN experienced General wanted; no washing. Apply, morniue. No. 5. Charles-Bt.. Nor wodd. ? S-l A GOOD Cook wanted; understands Bestauraut. Apply Mrs. Arthur, 72, llindley-st., comer of Blyth-st. ? \ ? 8-tf A DOMESTICATED Girl wanted, about 16 vears; good home. Apply Mrs. T. Bishop. Albcrton. ? g-9 A GOOD General, no children; several Young Girls waiting.— Mrs. Todd, Miller's Corner, Glenelg. ? ^_ AT Mrs. PhiUips's, Pirie-st.— Wanted. House Parlormaid, Waitress, Cook, country ? hotel; Generals, suburbs. ? SMART sober Polisher wanted; none others need apply.— 62, Rundle-st.. City. SMART Lad wanted at once.— 158, HinlT ley-st.. near Morphett-st. ? A LITTLE Boy wanted to learn to milk, make himself useful. — Yatala Dairy, Rosewater. GOOD General Servant wanted.— Mile-End ? Hotel. Henley Beach-rd. ? YOUNG Girl wanted as light General. Apply ? 7S. Carrington-at. ? ^__ T Miss Judge's, Flinders-st.— Cooks, Waitresses, hotel; Generals, town, country. Waitins, Housekeepers, Govemegses. ? T Mrs. Barnes', Freeman-sU— Wanted, reliable Housekeeper (30 to 40); no children; com fortable home. ? AT Once. — Housemaids, Generals, Laundry Uousemaid, botcL— Registr}-, Flinders-si., opp. St. Paul's Church. ? T Mr! McSwwny's.— Wanted. RcEtaurant Cook, Kitchenmaid. City; Waitress, Lauu dry Helps. Cooks, 14/; light Generals. ? A— WAITRESS, for Kingston, Quorn, Mount Cambier; also. Generals for station.— Miss Symons'8 Registry Office. ? BOY wanted for the house and yard. Apply, after 5, 38. WeUington-sq.. N.A. »T-9 BOOT Trade. — Makefs and Finishers for Li-i;es and Gents' light goods.— Adelaide Boot Fac tory, Unley. ? S.7.3,1 TJOOT Trade.— Wanted, smart Boy; also, Emart 15 Girl. Apply Enterprise Shoe Factorj-, HaU fax-st. ? »-2 OILERMAKERS.— Improvers wanted. Apply ? G. E. Fulton & Co.. Kilkenny. ? BICKLAYER-— Bricklayer's job, in Adelaide; piecework.— Guymer's Joinery Works, Kil kenny. ? ' ? TJOOT Trade.— Wanted, good Furnisher, women7!! D light wt-rk; constant.— Spencer, upper manu factarer, Hindirmrefa-Bq. ? /CABINETMAKERS wanted. Apply Foreman \J Cabinetmaker. Malcolm Reid's, Frankhn-st. ^ ? | ? 25te CARPENTERS.— Wanted; two good. Apply \J Nicholls & Karroway. Crafers. ? 8-9 /^ILEAN homely Girl, over 20; Household duties; KJ comfortable home.— Apply 13, Wright-3t., aty. ? i^lLEAN, smart young Woman to wait table \J and housework.— «0, Franklin-sr. Good home* ? RESSMAKING.— First-class Bodice; also. Skirt Hands and Apprentices.— Mrs. 1L Barmeis terT 8, Arcade. ' ? DRESSMAKING.— Apprentice wanted. Apply Miss Southern. 73, Browne, City. 3-1 1T1OR Station, Man Coot, or Married Couple, t? wife cook and look after house, husband as knockabout; able drive engine preferred. Apply. ID o'clock, Monday morning, 18th, IV. JL Pata son, 11'. Central Chbrs., King Wm--st. ? FIRST-CLASS Patternmakers wanted. Apply Forwood. Down. & Co.. Limited. !)-5 TTIBST-CLASS Coat and Vest Hands wanted.— J C. E. Mntord & Co., Rnndle-st. ? GOOD Shovel Men wanted.— Back of OvaL Also, two a-Horse Teams. ? GENERALS, Housemaids, town, conntay, «'°- \J urbs; several immediately.-Y.W.C.A. Rc gistiy, Pnlteney-st. ? GOOD Trousers Hands wanted, stock; also, !m provere, indoor.— A. Kurtz. James-pL 9-i GOOD Milliner wanted; Clothing, Junior, also Parcel Boy.— Henry Cronin & Co., Halifas SL ? s'9 /GENERAL wanted, five in family; references. VT Apply morninga, Miss Sabine. 164, Barton terrace west. N.A, ? ; ? i^_ GENERALS, wanted, town, hills, Unley, Ken sington, Walkerrille, Bumside, N.A.— Re- liable 115, Angas-st. ? GOOD Second Cook; also, experienced Kitchcn man.— Sonth Australian Motel. ? OOD Generals, Housemaids. . Waiting, light Generals, good Nursemaid.— Mrs. Thomas, Wari-st., N.A. ? GOOD smart Cook wanted; used to restaurant. Apply Langham Cafe. Cay's Arcade. GENERALS, for Cnley, K.A.. City, 10/, 13/; Cook, 17/0.— Miss SymonsTs Registry, Pulte ney-st. ? . ^ ? GOOD Coat Hands wanted at once.— Ellis & Co., __Port-rd., Hindmarat. ? °-a HOUSEMAUJS. private, institution, good wages; Generals? hotA private. City, suburbs, country.— Drummond, Wakefleld-st. ? HOSPITAL, Gawler.— Wanted a Nurse. Apply withcopies ot references to Miss Banks. r3 DOT'S Labor Offices, Bank-st. - Wanted, for a large station, a Blacksmith; also, a Saddler. ? . ? HUNTS Labor Offices, Bank-st. — Wanted, Coachman. Station Couple, Youth as Groom, Farm Lads. ? TTUNTS Labor Officei-Wanted^Agricultural t~l Blacksmith Ploughmen, Barksttippers, C«er man Station Hands, Milk Boys. ? ANDY Man offered comfortable Home and small remuneration, attend horse; teetotaler preferred.— 'Country,' P.O., N'-A. ? 8-9_ HAIRDRESSER wanted for to-day; good wages. — C. Wadey, 51. King Wm--st. ? AUNDRESS wanted. Apply, by le^ar, cr personally to Mrs. Waite, 'Crrbrae,' Glen Osmond. ? _f±_ LADY, with £100, as Partoer in Medical InEtj tute; references exchanged.-'Medicus, th» pace. ? 5i_ IAD wanted for few weeks; go on cart and i hold horae.-G. DeLaine. Parkade. ? IAD tor Billiard Room. — Commercial Travellers' J Club, Old Exchange. Piric-st. ? ASONS and Bricklayers (two) wanted; highest Vages to good men.— W. Gnlly. Harriet St. MARRIED Couple for Farm wanted at once. — r Miss Symons's Registry, Pulteney-st., near Exnibitioo- ? MOTHER Uke care Baby Girl; three months : old; terms moderate.— 'J-H-.' this office. 'KT1CE, kind, thoughtful, orderly perspu. com ^J petent Attend young Invalid Wife, act Housekeeper; no family; references.— 'Cosmos, this office. ? 6-7'a mBOROUGH. experienced General. SgKember JL 19 small family; references.— Mrs. Wilberth, Westall-st-. Unley Park. ? S-9_ rnHKEE good Bricklayers wanted.— Moss and ?L Watts, FUndera-st. ? »?*- mAHiORESSES—Coat, Vest, Trousers; orders and L rtock-^Parton & Co., Divett-pL, Flinders st. : ? I±_ PUPILS for Painting, 6d. an hour.— Mrs. Robert son, S)-dney-pl.. off Halifax-st. ? TaARALANA MINING COMPANY, NO L1A JT BD^ITY. WANTED. WORKING MINE MANAGER; know ledge of copper and gold necessary. State quali ^^^TtODD. Brootanan's Building. 'PAINTERS wanted. Apply Victoria Park Race RESPECTABLE Girt; references required; deep borne preferred.— D. Kim—rd. 10, Hanson SeSPECTABLE Handy Youth, accustomed H Horses, pood hotel; domesticalcd Girt.-Mrs. Stutley. S2, Carrinston^t. ? SMART Cansasser, retail, town or country, can hear pood coT''i'='i'n.— 'Z62.' this office. HIRTMAKERS wanted, outdoor and indoor; also. Finishers. Apply, at once, T. J. Pat terson, Peel-st. ? - SCULLEK.YllA.ID, 10/, Cirv, for Iraujinc hotel; others, country.— Miss Symons's Registry, Pul teney-st. ? ?_ ? j ? SMART Youth, thoronghly used horses; refer races. Before 9 morning, after 7 evening, 77, Bundle-sU, Kent Town. ? SEMAPHORE Registry Office, near Exeter Sta tion.— Housemaid, Generals, HouseParlor maids. Waitress. Cook. ? rpBREE strong Lads wanted for Saw Milll A? X ply PengeDe}-. Edwardstown. ? 0-2 rPAILOR'S Presser, order work-— Burt & Co., ?L 1, Charles-st., Bundle-st. ? zS-1 rPO Butchers.— Wanted Single Man. — A & W. J. Woodcock, O'Oonnell-st.. N.A. ? z9-l TiULORS. — First-class Coat Men; permanent em ployment; everv convenience. — McDonald and Walter, i~, Rundle-st. ? 243eow69_ -irTELA,u5 Bookbinders. Apply Sands & lic V Dougall. King Wm.-st, Adelaide. S-l ELLUM Bookbinders advised not to accept ra gagements \v-itbout first seeing Secretary. rJlTANTEDi Machinists, Shirt Hands, Pyiama \'V Hands.— Beehive Shirt Factorj. Fouxteenth st., Bowden. 7-8 W\NTliD a Useful Girl or General: references. Apply Mrs. Plummcr, 2«, Wakeneld-st., Kent Town^ ? ^_ WANTED, immediately. General or Girl to as sist.— Mrs. J. F. Yuill, Moseley-st., Cle pelff. ? _9_ ANTED, a Mining Manager for Queenslanir; eipenenced of tin mining cgrmfiil AppU cations to be sent in not later than Wednesday, addressed to Todd & Sunuel, BrookmtuVs Build __ SMI

? Persons Wanted. ? \'ITANTKD Improver lo the Alouldin^. Apply W J. Jlanin. Soutliwark. zT-3- AS^TED^a^RSpeciaEie^noiisekccpcr! Api-i.v 'Y.A.,'' ??AdvrrtiEcr'' Otiii-c, Aiiilaide. zS-3 VXTA^***''^. Cood Bodice Hands; also. Ajiprrn VV tires.— Miss Wilkins. opp. York Koicl. 6 2 II TA:.T1:I-. -\=-islant J«r Assay --H5i/-- in larOT »- iiK'talliirj:iul vork,; upii:i-ant^ must liav« liad thorough lalioralory iriiinin-r in thcor: Heal and praclic-al c-homistry ajid as-siyins; jHjctitTil expcrir.n-i- not c.-scnrial. Apply, stating age and nualiiicationE, to 7,9.2 'Assayer,' Box 241. G.P.O., Sydney. ANTKD. il trustwortli}-. middle-agoj Nurse and Necdleuxnun, pood, for two children; countrv place: aci-Uitonied lo travel; probably to go lo'liifflaml carlv next vcar. Eoply, Ri-in= references and pre\ious experience, to 'Jlater II.,'' tliia office. ? '-'?- YTTTANTKD, at once, Man, used io Coopering.— VV H. May, Kilkenny: ? WANTED, by l=t of Octolirr. two c«untr-- Cirls, as f;eu«r;'l and Huusemaid. Address 'Ilomc,' this office. S3-xt2«S \7irAXTED, Firm or Arart Msn take Soutli Aus Vt traliau Agency osuijlishcd proprietary line Sweetmeat. PRESTON FENWICK TRl-ST, ? 4:i. Eliaaln.'ih-a.. Sydney. OUNG Girl, assist HousovtoA; sle«]- home. — Westbur;--st., siith house from IJackney.-rd. ? '' ? s-:).-J ?\roUT!l wanted for Office; must lie cood at i- figures.— Cliarliuk Bro?., 3j, Bundlc-st. S-9 '\TOL'TH. for Stalilc and Yard Work. Apply at J- once. Kred. Bricknell. Kent Town. 3-2 'VOrXU -:irl. as=ia light Housework; miml i child; sleep home— .Sirs. Davidson, 2, Tavi stock-5t. ? OCNG Girl, General; country girt preferred. — Davcnport-ter., Wayiille, second house from Clark-st. ? 8-8 ACTIVE MAN. CAPABLE MAKING, BLENDING WISES, TAKE CHARGE VINTAGE AND CELLARS; Also, Keep Books and Travel if necessary; young vineyard; present output about 8,000 gallons, near Perth, W.A. Send terms and full particulars to 'Hillside,' care of Gordon & Gotch, Limited, Perth, W.A. ? gai-til EDITORIAL. WANTED, FIRST-CLASS, ALL-ROUND JOURNALIST, Permanency. Apply Proprietor, South- liast em Star, Mount Gambicr. Reply at once 9-1 NAWIEa Wanted Pick-and-Shovel Men For Open Cuts, Broken Hill Proprietary Com pany's mine, Broken Hill Apply on the Works to J. J. SHAW. Manager. BAXTER & SADDLER. Contractors. 218-71 Situations Wanted. Under this heading (if prepaid) 14 words. Sixpence ^iTUATION, Working Housekeepers, Lady helps, Governesses, good hotel Cooks. — Mrs. Phillips. Pirie-st. ? AS General or Housemaid, by respectable young Woman; suburb preferred. Address 'Anxious,' G.P.O. ? AS Housemaid and Needlewoman, or Nurse and Needlewoman; good dressmaker.— 'Zita,' this office. ? A— WAITING, good General; go any distance, country; recommended. — M»*« Symons's Ke gistry, Pulteney-st. ? BY' young Man -— )? vsed to Horses, Garden, &C.— 'Willing.' Payneham P.O. ? B~ y Married Man, situation Farm, Garden, tr TroUydriver; references. — 'A.B.,' this office. . . . . ? 3-l_ DRAPER'S Assistant, competent in any depart ment; Woollens or Mercery preferred.— 'Dresses.' this office. ? . ? TJERSON, with child walking, requires situa Jr tion. Housekeeper, small family. Apply 'Willing.' G.P.O. ? - PAINTING, Papering, Decorating; Houses Reno vated throughout; estimates given; lowest terms. — 'Painter,' this office. 20G-C2 ITCAT1ON wanted as Companion or Ladyhelp; country preferred. — 'Mona,' this office. 7^^! ITUATION vraoted as General; Hnall family. — 'M.J.,' P.O.. N.A. ? ION-WRITING, Painting, Paperhanging, De corating wanted. — 'Tradesman,' care Y.M.C.A., Gawler-pl. ? CT7ID0W, young, superior, wishes enRagemcnt; VV Manageress, Housekeeper; hotel or rcstaa rant preferred.— 'Experienced,' tliis office. ? ~\7-OUNG Man seeks situation as a Baker's Im 1 prover; good reference. — 'Improver,' this office. ? &-1 OUNG Lady, 18 months leading hotel. Cape Town, seeks engasancnt, nice Bar.— 'Su- pcrior,' this office ? OUNG Man, situation, any capacity; good driver, good penman; small wage — 'Ilard- warc,' this office. ? D. BOLL, Wallpaper Hung; 2/6, CciliURS Wliit cned; General Bepairing. — 'Tradesman,' G.P.O. Board and Residences Under this hreHing(ji prepaid) H words, Sixpence XJOARD, Residence; 14/ week; washing, bath, l~l piano; good table.— Sirs. Stow, 113, Mor pheU-st., ? £__ BELAIE.— Visitors to the hills will find pleasant Home with Miss Austin. ? iS2xh.n OARD and Residence. — Ladies, Gentlemen, Visitors, Married Couples; piano.— 7!», lfa mode-st., N.A. ? . ? -J3OARD and Residence, private family; ladies X» or gentlemeu; terms reasonable.— 31, Chapcl sl, Norwood. ? BEDS, double and single, from 6d. night. — Ryan's, 111, Franklin-st. ? M /COMFORTABLE Furnished Rooms, balh; terms \J moderate.— 216, King Wm.-st., nearly opp. Parker's, chemist. ? /'lOMFORTUJLE Home offered three Gentlemen, \J private family, bath, piano. Apply 136, Wakeneld-st. ? OMFORTABLE Furnished Room: suit t\vo friends; every convenience.— 74, Franklin st. near G.P.O. ? . ? COMFORTABLE Board and Lodging, bath, wash ing; early breakfast; 15/ weekly.— 71, Car rington-st. W. ? ?COMFORTABLE Home for Boarder; single room. KJ Near Foale's, 6, Brown^t. ? /COMFORTABLE Home offered two or three Gen \J tlemen; centraL— 2, Angas-ter., Angas-st. 6,6-y /COMFORTABLE Home offered respectable \J Tradesman; warfiing. mending; lowest terms.— 157. Tynte-st.. N.A. ? 3-1 EDINBURGH House Victoria.-3q. W-— Comfort- able Board and Residence; single or doubie rooms. ? ' ? 7-a TJrtJRNISHED Boom to Let; suit married couple, Jj or two young girls— 51, Angas-st. ? FURNISHED Bed-Sitting-rtwm; use kitchen, bath.— Carrington-st., fifth house King Wm. st. ? TTTORSISHED Bedroom, suit loarried couple or J} two friends.— 8. Daly-st., off Fliudcrs-st. CRNiSUED or Unfurnished Rooms, single or double. Close P.O., Central Market, 36, Grote-st. ? FURNISHED Boom to Let, ground floor.— 74, Hutt-st. ? E-B T7MJRN1S11ED or Lnfurnisiied Room; cheap rent; JJ every tonvenience.— Mr. Myers, Grenfcll-st. E-, opp. Bent-st. ? GENTLEMAN wants Board and Residence; single room.— 'Cassells,' this office. ? 'VTICELY Furnished Bedroom, kitchen, and J\ bath; private; suit gentleman; very mode rate.— S3. South-ter. ? 5,7,9 TJOKT VICTOR.— Furnished Rooms; two to five; X. dose beach, train.— Mrs. Mathcws, Tusmore Cottage. ? C3EASU-E Home for Motheriefs or Delicate Girt; S5 every fare.— Secretary. Y.W.C.A. 7,'J UPER1OR Home for two Gentlemen or Mar ried Couple— Mrs. Marshall's, IS, Hutt-st. Moderate. ? ~fl* C5MALL, pomfortably-fumislied BcdStting-room, ►3 fireplace.— 3, Wright-st., dose Kins Wm.-st. SUPERIOR Board and Residence for Gentle men or Visitors. — 76, Flinders-st ? 7-9 HREE Furnished Booms to Let; 1 double, 1 single.— W. Makins. Pirie-st.. E. ? VACANCY for two Gentlemen Boarders; piar.G and bath. Apply Mis. Sdnimarm, 154, Wakefield-st. ? '-9 WANTED. Gentleman Boarder, superior private home, South-ter., piano: no children; terms, 15.'. Apply 'Refined,' this office. 6,s-0 1DOW wishes meet lady or lady and gentlc man Share Villa.— 'Bright,' P.O., Sczna phore. ? S-1 ANTED, two Furnished Rooms, Henley Beach preferred. Reply, stating terms, 'A.C.,' this office. ? 8*-l TXTELL-Pumisbed Front Bedroom. — 73, North W ter.. opp. Exhibition. ? WANTED, two Gentlemen Boarders; superior Home; City; bath, piano; terms, 15/.— '-Marie,' this office. ? £ ? Lost and Found. Dnder this heading (if prepaid) 14 words. Sixpence OST, from Forest Range. Dark-red Bullock, yoke marked; reward, 10/.— G. Crouch, Forest Bange. ? S-4 LOST, from Gilberton, brown Pony Marc, 13 hands, with striped rug; finder rewarded. Apply J. Roach, Broolnnan's Building. £!3Sc OST, portion Hair Guard, with locket at tached, at Show or King WiUiam-st; rs nard.— Co-operative Stores. Angas-st. ? E)_ LOST, between Walton's (confectioner) and 'he terminus of Unley tram, a £o note; number known; payable at iSavings Bask; finder reward ed by returning same to Mr. Guesi, Youngst., Parkside. ? *3 LOST, Cap of Buff}- Wheel; reward.— W. Boyle, 1U. Kins Wm.-st. ? LOST, old Pedal and Crank of Bicycle. Return L. T. Watty. Central Market. ? LOST, between Aldgate and Crafers, Gol-] Brooch; flndcr rewarded.— Ma. Watts, Aid ,f«te Botd. . . -

? Lost and Fonnd. ? LOST. Friday, Old liacrojurec, Xickel-rimmrd Apcviaclrc; reward.— Dr. Corbiu, ting Wru. EFT, in --jli, Tliursdiv nieiit, Grey Overcoat; reward.— 1SU. Jffftult-^l.. X.A. Wanted to Buy. Under this licadius *.ii (Topjit!,', 13 wirds, one ? insertion. 1/; three iuscitions, t:/C ? ALL Tickets Bought and Sold; Melbourne, Broken Hill, Sydney. West Australia, Lon don. At Uittiuanii's Labor Omces, Pultcucv-3t_ ? 2t4-73 A— I am a BUYER all 1dnds FURNITURE, PIANOS; Houses Bought Right Out.— Geo. Dodd, Victoria-s^., \V. sid-j. iyj-2S!rt LL Tickets Plrasc.— Broken Hill, Melbourne, Sydney, Wctt AustiaUa, London; IxMt priff.— Ijwion's ljljor Oflice, Leigh-st. 25S-S5 ANY quantity Furniture Purchased ; nouses bought right out ; also Pianos. — Peter Small, or. Flinders-st. and Pulteney-st. S4eowc B1LLIAUII Table wanted, small sixc, pcrfc«t ttindition. inr-ludinff accessories. Lowest «-jsh pricy. --Billiard.-.' this office. ? E259-CT BONtS, Muns,, Hides, Horsehair, Horns, Tal lon', Fat. Beeswax, Cowtails, &c; cash r.n delivery.— C'rompton & Sen, r'recman-st. 215-30j UENITCEE.— We Purchase outright. TIANOS and HOUSES of FL'RNrTUEE.-C. G. Gurr and Co.. Grenfell-st. ? cowe _T1 OOD s.«nrta_d Mortising Machine. State Vir make, sizes, thisels. 'ILJ.,' B01 XS. G.I'.O. ? -230,7,9 HIGHEST prire frin*n for Secondhand Metals of a!l kinds. — J. Curtis, marine store dealer and bottle merchant, Wright-st. TeL K3. ? 171-352 MOSTISING Machine wanted. State price and particulars, Berry. Hodgson, & Co., timber merchants. Port Adelaide. ? i259--a PIGEON'S, 1,-XW. 1 2 pair given; bring, send on once. — B. Reete, 47, Gouger-st., opp. Cen tral Market, bird dealer. ? 257-9 TAILOR'S Double Iron Gas Stove wanted at ono?. Applv R. L'rwin t Sons, tailors, drapers, and outfltters, Bowden. ? z'-0 fl^AILOBS' Cuttings. Canvas, Rope, Copper, M. Brass, Pcnter. Zinc,- Lead, Horseshoe Iron, Barnes, Hair. — W. W.tkins, Curric-sl. west. ? 2J6-7.9 WANTED Invalid's Chair, inside and outside use; adjustable back. Write, giving par* titulars, R. Lord, Bank of New Zealand. —59 WANTED to Buy, Iron Pipes, 1 in. to S in.; anytliing up to 1,000 ft.; also 2 in. Taps for hose; must be in good order.— Hughes, Aid gate 257-9 ANTED, l.y 12 oVloek to-day, SECOND IIAND RIDING SADDLE.— Exchange Hotel Stables. Gresliam-st. ? W' ANTED to Purchase, any quantity of Fix tu'es and Counters. Quote lowest price fur cash, 'Buyer,' this office. ? S58-C1 ANTED to Hire for season, Buy or Take Share- in Sailing Boat. Particulars 'Com- pass,' N.A. P.O. ANTED, Shop Front, Counter, and Wln dows. about 7 ft. x 7. Apply 'Cash,' Il.udmarsli Post-Oflice. ? WANTED, a secondhand Saw Bench, with rope drag teed, to carry a 42-inch Saw. Particulars and price to Box No. S, Tort Pirte. ? 8-2 WANTED to Buy, Secondhand Tools for Book binding. State prices, or somewhere nur, 'K.C.B.,' this office. ? ANTED to Buy, good dry Blue Gum and Sheaoak. for cash.— J. Briggs, woodyarc, LsseJt-st, Goodwood. ? - 1 *?/? AAA BAGS wanted; highest price lUUtVvU given.— E. Ryan, Brown-st. ' ? 357.9,62 7no/Old or Dead HORSES taken in at Z«h £UUt logi—l Gardens. S06ewe Wanted to SelL Dnder this heading (if prepaid), IS worda, one ? insertion, 1/; three insertions. 2/6. ? LL Tickets, Melbourne, Sydney, Broken Hill, West Australia, very cheap; also. Tickets exchanged.— Bittmann's Labor Offices, Pultency-st. ? 2W-T3 ALL Tickets Bought . and Sold. — Broken Hill, Melbourne, Sydney, West Australia, London, — Lawton's Labor Offices, Leigh-st. ? :!5S-S5 NDREWS Amateur Photo. Depot, tor Snap shot Cameras, from 4/ up; Lenses, Shta tc-rs. Plates, &c— 3, James-place. ? 35S-CI A BARGAIN. —For immediate Sale, a first-class Refrigerator, of large capacity, and in good order. Address 'Refrigerator,' this office. ? 245weoc A REAL Bargain.— Drawing-room Suite, black wood frames, choicest covering, new; must selL— E. Richards., Hardy-street, Goodwood. ? 258-61 A PPROVED system of Sight Testing Free; sat -£i- isfaction guaranteed. — Penyman's, 56, King WJn.-st. 126c A LL Dwellings arc purified. — Flies, fleas, cock XjL roaches, mosquitoes, disappear by use Brad hory'5 Delecta.— Harris. Scaric, &. Co. 12aaiw:31 ANDALUMANS, While and Brown Leghorns, Spanish, Minorca?, Plymouth Bocks, Malays, Langshans, Partridge, Cochins; Eggs, 10/ u pel- dozen, from ltigh-clasb healthy birds. Car riage paid to nearest station. A few good White Leghorn Cockerels. — W. H. Mil ford, Stirling East. 232wi301 ETUUR A. MEEKS is the nun who sells the best articles at the lowest prices. Try liis La ConsoU Cigars, S for Cd. ; also, his Rough Cut, imported, at 4d- per oz. — Meets, opp. Mar ket, Ruudlc-sl. faat. ? 259-Ci TT-UHNEL'S 'DIANO TJALACE 1 1M, Eundle 1— -UHNiSL'S -IriANO JTALACEl rt. dxe BILLIARD Table, 9 liy 41, £12; Billiard and Bagatrlle Tables covered.— T. IL Wallmann, US. Pultenpy-streft. ? BUFF Orpington, Melbourne and Sydney strain; eggs, 5,'; best all-round fowL — J. Kau, nayrillc, or Museum. ? BUFF Orpingtons, Cockerels, and Pullets, Melbourne and Sydney strain; Eggs, £1/ per dozen. A few settings, first importation to South Australia from W. Cook & Sons, England. —James H. Shearing. Hindmarsh. 256-02x259 _[- A TT BUY Tomato Sauce get the maker's ,D4fcU name on it. — Woodroofc's is a guarantee of quality. ? 252,6,0 BEST WHITE SUGAR, Penny ft.; 1 Ib. of their famed Is. Cd. Ceylon Tea. and 4 Ih. best White Sugar, the lot for Is. 10d.— Import Company. 131. Grenfell-st- ? fflSaiwc OOTMAKKiTs Plant, for Sale, Press, Sole Knives, Patterns. Lasts, &c, in lots. Ap ply J. Pilbcain, bootmaker. New Thcbarton. ? 25'J-02 BEEKEEPEKS1 Appliances, Langrirom Hives. Comb Founnations; other requisites; any quantity Beeswax bought.— J. Inage. St. Peters. East Adelaide. ? gpe COW, luif Jersey, very quiet, suitable family use; good creamer. Apply 'R.W.,' ihla ottici. ? 257-9 CHEAPEST place for Saddlery.— O. Calre, 99, Hindlcy^t. *mmai Sale now on; 10 per coit. discount. ? S47-336ZX252-338 jf^tATEBXNG.— Socials, Dances. Picnics, Parties, \y &c If you want satisfaction, send orden to Thos. White, Kent Town. TeL 595. 147wc _~1RESCENT PR1NTERY, 149a, RUNDLE-ST. \J (2 doors west of Fitch's Corner), late cf Topham-st. — Billheads, Memos., £/; Cards, 7/; Carmotcs. a/; Envelopes, 4/6 1,000; Visiting Cards, 3/6 100. Cheapest Stationery, Files, Ac count Books, Inks. Makers of Rubber Stamps. ? 245-72 /CHEERFULNESS obtained by using only the \J Teas and Coffees of Griffiths' Brothers, opp. York Hotel. Pultcney-st. ? 136iwac CAMERA, swing-back, rising front, lens Ins diaphragm, shutter, stand, 2 double slides, good; £2,; will exchange for hand -camera.— Bicycle Depot, 1S3. Rundle-st., nr. York Hotel COLLIE Dog (puppy), rough-coated, hand some; good pedigree; cheap. Apply 217, Soutli-tcr. E. ? DAHLIA Tubers.— Choice Assortmir'it, assorted colors, 2/ dozen, delivered at Aldgate Sta tion; remittance with order. Address 'Dahlia,' Aldgate. ? ; ? I5S-C4 DOUBLE-FRONTED, wven large rooms, bath, large yard, every convenience. Aw., No. IS, McLaren-st. Apply Mrs. Bott, Carrington-st. DAINTIES of every kind at the Central Ham Shop. Rundle-st. ? 257-9 EMPTY Cases for Sale, all kinds and sizes.— Good, Toms, & Co., Stephena-pL, and uuudle-pL ' 23049 CiGS.— Runner Ducks, 5/; Brown Leghorns, 5/; Rooster, 5-; Hen. S/; Chick, S/; con atant layrre.— Charies Wright. Alberton. 259w73z LECTRO-Plating in all its branches. Old goods made equal to new.— A. W. Dobbie & Co., Gawler-pL. Ad. ? 321owec_33c EGGS.— Prize- rtrains, Minorcas, Wyandottes, Lang^ans; 111 o,.. — U. Thomson, care City caen Store, 45. Rundle-su ? EMPTY Shoe Trunks For Sale, verv cheap. — Brandon's Shoe Warehouse, 57, Rundle-st. ? 7_c ELECTRO-PLATED Napkin Rings, from 1/ each.-PERRYMAVS, 56, King Wm.-st. ? 126c EABLY Tomato Plants. Co. dozen, post free; Summer Annuals, Cd. dozen.— Tighc & Co., seedsmen, Rundle-st. E. ? 257,9,62 EGGS. EgE*. Eggs. — Pure-5-red Brcwn Leg horns; 5/ setting. Apply P. Johnson, VM, Flindcra-st. ? 2S9-62 EGOS, Black Orpington and Minorca, 7/6; Buff Orpington, 1G/6; good strains; packed, for warded any part.— John Uuelin, HoU-flU 25 5,7,9 KtJHNEL'S 'DLANO 'DALACE I 134, Bundle UHNEL'S JTIANO JTALACE 1 St. dxe liWB Sale, neiv Seed Potatoes, also clean Ginger. J.1 See Sung Young, Morphett-st., Adeliiic ? 35S-61 Ij^OK Sale, Pure-bred Pug Puppies; cheap.— ' T. Tasker. hairdresser. Leigh-st. ? Ii-0B Sale, first-class 4 h.p. Uorseworks and ? Chaffcutter, guaranteed good order. — £. Nesbit, Torrcniuord, Paradise. FOU £alc, new Reaper, German Waggon, Stump-jumping Plough (Martin & Co.'a make); to be sold clieap; owner no use for them. Apply 53, Royal Exchange, Adelaide. 257-9 FOR Sale, St. Bernini Dog, fawn color; good watchdog.— 119, Gilbert-st. ? Poll Kale, Less, White. Gold, and Silver Wyan doites, White Leghorns, and Aylcsipury Ducks (imported).— A. Codriugton, Henley Beach. ? S5eow-H FOR Sale, good Cow. just calved, third c_f. —Mrs. M. Colleti Vine Farm, Glen Osmond. ? 259-C2 FEU1UETS, Fancy Piseocs. Canaries, Sale; also, JUO Commons wanted.— B. Keece, 47, Gouger-st.. opp. Central Market, bird-dealer. 255-61 TTliADEKS, irom 2'3 to £2; Fireirons, 4/9 eet; X? Tongs, 3d. ; Trivets, 9d-— Flint's, Hindley-st. ' ? uaie I BON Tanks, 200-gaL, «0-£«L, tor Sale.— G. and

? Wanted to SelL ? FOE Sale, I.illlc Gem Windmill, Bra.« Pump, and 1.0»J-ciilt,n Tank; good working order. — W. Biitxams. Wcpi :~:.inlen. ? GOLD Breast Studs. 15 carat, set ot S. 12/; single Stud, i, .— Pl^tRYSIAS'S, S6, King Wm.-st. ? l^c GUKKN Fed.— stan-iin= Crop for Sale. Ap |.|y V.. Ucvov. t l:i-agtf. ? S7-'J f^ Dl'S Ciuli-lacui V.-.lel.. 10/. PEBBYMAN'S. iiC. King William-street. 126c KHT1THS Brothers' Teas arc sold full \vci^-t. — Pullcccy-st., opp. York Uou-I, .Vdelaidt. lSttivae. GO\T. just kidded; 1 limip. — A- beadden, lleuk-y Bwh-rd.. -Milo-Emi. ? AV Trolly, Double Plough, Orchard Holler, Dog-C-ari. Spring-Dray, and Hayrakc.— AIL Wilson. Darlington- ? '25S--S1 AVi: you seen tile Show? What Sioiv? Wlv;-, Vxaras Cakp Slmw. to-niglit. si centre of Central Market, at Kvans's Cakf Stall: also at 155, Grotc-it. Splendid Cake, Id. per pound. ? HAIKHBESSER'S I'lant For Sale; complete. Tor particulars apply by letter, 'W.H.E.,' this o*ficc. ? 2J9.62.4 HELP FOR INVALIDS.— CrutcKes, ail sizes, rcadv; some witli springs, or pneumatic heads.— Robertson. 337. Angas-st. east. 1J7W333 HORSES Ruined by Worms, the only remedy. Wonuo Kquino, gives splendid results. — Harris, frcarfc. & Co. ? lS}jiw:31 INDIAN Rjinccr Ducklings, 150, from 2 to 10 weeks; also Eggs. 10/ dozen; guaranteed. — a. Pitman, East Payncliani. ? 2o'-9 KCUBATORS. improved Simplex, D. Lanyon, maker, removed to Angas-st., opp. OW Colonist Hotel (late N. Unlev). ? 257-9 INTO Mansion ana cottage they bring Sunshine. Griffiths Brothers' Teas.— Pultcney-st.. opp. York Hotel. ? 136iwac NCUBATOR.— Genuine Hearson's Champion Fifty-egg, perfect order, by auction at Tuycr's Mait, Waynwuth-£i., Saturday morning. UHNEL'S TJIANO 'DALACE I 134, Bundle UHNEL'S -T 1ANO JT ALACE j St. d\c ?' ADIKS* Blouses, evcrv shape and style, rina 1 J fores. SLirts. Corsets Gloves, Gem ILus, S|ie-.ialty. — Variety Shop, iianson-st. (Coupons-) iLK, Cream. Butter.— Fresh supplies daily. Carts deliver daily. Our Pasteurised But ter is something ucw, and i5 unsurpassed in qualitv. Ask vour grocer for it. — James Ander son & Co., Pasteurised Milk Depot, 2U, Angas-5t. ? 136WC EAT at reduced prices.— Roast Beef, 3d., 4d.. and 5d. per 1b. ; Mutton, id. and 3d. per pound; cheap Lamb.— At V. O. Check's butcher. East Ad. ? 2tfieow59 MINORCA Eggs, from my High-class Strains, 10/6 per dozen. — G. U- Jeffery, Esmond-st.. uydc Park. ? 355,7,9 MANTELPIECES, Marble. Enamelled, Wood, Grates, Tiles, cheapest, best in Adelaide, lor cash only.— Lawton, manufacturer, 65, Nortn tcr_ ? 313-335 MLVOBCA Eggs, really good; 5/ setting.— Henderson Brothers, 2SS and 2SS, Rundie SL ? 2j6-62eucx259c ORGANS and PIANOS by the best makers ; qualitv and tone guaranteed; prices low.— A. W. Dobbie fc Co.. Gawler-pL 321owe-s328c _f'V KE-Horec Tubular Boiler, nearly new; Light \J ning Churn, ea-gallon Separator; cheap.— Pasteurised Milk DeBel. 241, Angaii-Et. 256-7,9 ORGAN. — Handsome Smith-American Organ, In use only a few months; practically new; genuine bargain.— G. A. Rogerson. Exeter. 357-9 PIANOS, Organs, &c, new and secondhand; the largest assortment of Musical Instruments and Fittings in Adelaide; the cheapest and the best.— AtE. Warhuret's, 2S, Hindley, and 166. Rundle streets. ? 259-62 PIANOS.— Viators to Show should see sample of new shipment first-class instrument, ver- latest improvements, at lowest possible price. — G. A. Rogerson, maker-, and importer, opp. Exeter Railway-station. ? 257-8 DIANOS, ORGANS, secondhand, large stocK. Ml £5 to £20; Scheidmeyer, Stuttgart Model, Lubitz. £40, £36, £32. SEWING MACRLNES, best; half town price; easiest terms. _-n FURNITDRE.— Secondhand Suites, IUchesi Pairs, Mangles, Wringers; half town prices. COME AND SEE, easiest terms. PIANO, SEWING MACHINES, ORGANS, FUR NITURE EXCHANGED. ACADEMY MUSIC, KENSINGTON-TERRACE. ? 2S8eowo T)IANO Cases, zinc lined, suitable borseieed boxes -L (mouse-proof). Kuhnel's Palace, Rundle-st. dxe A1K Pekin Ducks; cheap; young birds; bred by Mr. Richd. Nitschkc— A. Hughes. Eid leyton Blocks, North Croydon. ? 258^0. _ PIANO, aood for learner, £7 cash; terms can be arranged. — Vine Cottage, next Co uperative Store, Nelson-st. ? PAPER1IANGD.~GS, Garden Uosc, Hubbucfc's White Lead, Water-pipe, wholesale. — E. G. Shorncy. Blydi-st. ? 352wO6 PIANO, a first-class German iron-framed Piano, containing all latest improvements; cost 60 guineas; not 3 montlis in use; must Sell; no further use; bargain, £(0. Apply 'Professional.' this office. ? 254-9 SILVEP. WYANDOTTKS. — Most successful breeder and rxhibitor; four firsts and special, two seconds. Poultry Society and present Agricultural Shows. Eggs, 21/, 15/, 10/6.— W. A. E. Smith. Black Forest. ? 356-3.66 HEEP SHEARS, 'T.U.6.,' 8/6 pair; Turkey Stones, Vegetable Black, Buddie, Boiled OU.— Flint's. Bindley-st. ? eowc SEWING \t»«i Perambulators, Mangles, Bi cycles, &c, best value obtainable.— A. W. Dobbie & Co., Cander-pl., Ad. 321eowci232c TUDY your health and use Griffiths Brothers' Teas. Address, Pultcney-su, opp. York Hotel. Adelaide. ? * ? 136iwac *r UHNEL'S -piANOTJALACE | 134, Eundle JVUHNEL'S IT lANoiT ALACE | et. dxe rTIHE Unique Characteristic of WILD ROSE TEA 1 is that it will improve the quality of any omer Tea. The larger the proportion of Wild Rose the better the result. The Acme of Perfec tion in a good Cup of Tea is attained when Wild Rose alone is used. Ask your Grocer for it until you get it, and don't be put off with any other. Wild Rose Tea cannot be bad loose. It can only be had in Packets and Tins branded with the Iinport Company's Registered Trade Mark— 'Wild Ruse.' ? HOwtoc TUBEROSE Roots, double Pearl, also single variety; 2/6 doz., delivered City.— J. Moffatt, Bel air. ? 355,9.66 THE Analyst of Griffiths Brothers' Teas asserts its purity. — Pulteney-st., opp. York HotcL ? 136iwac n-BK Analvst savs: — 'Can Teoommcnd Griffiths X Brothers' Tea to public confidence for purity, strength, and flavor.' ? 138iwac TO ULockers, Kmclb-rs, and Others.— Good secondhand Hoop Iron ; no charge. — B. Wai ters & Co.. Flinders-st. east. ? 259-63 fFlENTS, Tarpaulins, Mining Trucks, Drilling, JL Punching;, Screwinc, Planing. Chiselling Machines, Bellows, Presses, Lathes, Pumps. — W. Watkina. Cnrrie-st. west. ? 256-7,3 VENETIAN Blinds; any color; cheapest and best.— Arthur Uarnclt & Co., undertakers, pirturc-framers. Port Adelaide. ? ANTED to Sell, bandsomr first-class Family Cow; very quiet. — H. Wicks, Riverside Nur sery, Payneham. ? 257.9 WATTLE Bark, 10 to 20 toss; to be stripped by purchaser. Apply IL E. Horsnell, Ma gill. ? WANTED to Sell, G-orrc IV. Sovereign, dated ? 1S17. Apply 'Coin.' Hindmarsh P.O. 1/1/- WIRE Doors, richest colors; Venetian -LU/ Blinds or Varnished Wood at Hooper's Blind Factory only. Pulteney-st, north. 245-75 5t\£\i\ SECONDHAND Cornsacks for Sale; tVU' also. Gunnies, Potato Bags, ic~ Sack Exchange, 127, Curric-st. Telephone 715. ? 25S-61 C/» Aaffcat JAMES Keeping Onion Plants, OVlVVV grown from selected deed.— L. Turhe & Co., seedsmen, 2S5, Rundle-st. cast. ? 259-gJ r?-| (ONE Pound). — Nickel Keyless Watcn, dW-L strong, reliable; guaranteed one year. — PERRYMAVS, 56, King William -street. 126c DHNEL'S 13IANO 'DALACE | 134, Bunulc UBNEL'S X IANO X- ALACE I at. dxe Hotels, &&, For Sale or To Let Uader this beading (if prepaid), IS words, one ? in-at-Hnn. 1/; three insertions, g/8. ? IBST-CLA6S City Hotel to Let. Apply to Milne * Co.. Grenfell-st. ? 255.7,3 HOTEL, only one in country township; low ren tal, and easy ingoing. Particulars, Down ine & Moyle, Central Chbrs., Waymouth-rt. ? 27eow:273 a. B. SELTH & CO., ESTABLISHED 166B. (C W. C WOODS). WINE SALOON, IN HEART OF CITY, To be SOLD CHEAP. Owner taking an hotel C. B. Selth &€?., Hetel Brokers, KLSG WILLIAM-SIBEET. Also. Two City Hotels at Valuation. 237eowc MURPHY, STACE, & CO., OOMSTOCK CBAMBEES, KING WILUAU^T. JDOnii CASH-SNUG HOTEL, in busy manufae JD-1UU turing- town ; good lease ; easy ingoing. nnrn CASH— FREE HOUSE, in the country ; 30 SlZXltJ per week; Heady business ; good lease. nnnn CASH— HOTEL, in splendid farming dis J&UUU trict; Free House, valuation; selling through illness. Si AMI CASH— BUSY HOTEL, in good mining dw*rUU town ; _iy rent ; lone 'case ; Free House 309weo3t)S TOWN AHD COUNTRY BUSINESS EXCHANGE 20, WAltMODXH-SIliEKT. K. w. twis, uiamga. HOTEi BKOKEBS. TALDATOKS. «o. HOTEI£ OF AIO. SESKS IN CITY, SUBURBS, and COUNTRY. COUNTRY— A splendid paying 'Free' House, about £750; also snug little Home, about £350; ' Free,' and nice little Freehold, about £300 ; good district. SUBURBAN — Fiist^lus House, good lease, valuation ; cash required about £300 CITY — Several good Houses, £300 to £1,000. Assistance arranged for buyers. 224c HOTELS. Good Faying Hotel, within easy drire of City* Popular Resort, TO LET ; free bouse. Freehold of Roadside Hotel, with Land, Stock, and Fomitore at Talnataon. Several Small Country Hotels on easy term'. or. c jxjst, W_BE CHAMBERS. CITY. MBsnwSM

? Boots and Shoes. ? IF.IB.O. Of conrte yon are coming to Town to see the Show You irill want Boot'. Well, Cheap Doots are com mon enoogh- Lots of people ore selling them. But a Good Boot at Cheap Price— Hint is different. THE FEDERAL BOOT GBY. AEE MAKUFACTCEISC GOOD BOOTS AT CHEAP PRICES. MTe vant your Business:, and are Ehnwia? the Coods to get ic The Kew Woman, as » ell as Ihoie who have been with us longer, vill kc the merit in our Goods. OUR OWN MANTJFACTCBEO BOOTS AND SHOES AT LESS THAN SALE PRICES. ALL COODS MARKED IN PLAIN FICURES. AKD MIKD YOU DO KOT FORGET THE ADDEESS— Tea '®3R UST^ __C m tiTmm la^a (FEDERAL BOOT CO.), 78, KDKDLE-STEEET (directly opposite Hackctfe Secdsman). Branch Businesses throughout the Colony. KlcEwcxrdl: It Will Pay Tou to TRY EZYWALKIN'S, 4, BINDljXT-STSEBT, For BOOTSand SHOES. j_rffi«uJ^v^\ GENTS' 'ECLIPSE' BALMORALS (Black or Tan), Sahapetoea, 1O/6. made to near. Once worn, always worn. LADIES' GLACE KID SHOES Lace or Button), 1O/6. with patent cap. real little beauties. The Best in the city. All HLW STOCK. ALL LOW P8ICES. Country ordets prompUv attended to. Send tor Price-list. S43eowTO Plants, Seeds. TOMATOES. COX1^ -BXCBLSIOat PB1ZV and 'tAKXY FAVOalTE' are TWO of tin beat Tomatoes cultivated, as proved by num'tfta last season. Seed, 1/ perpacket. ' CANADIAN- WONDES BEANS (new season's), Kcw Lucern Seed, Seed Potatoes, Fruit Trees, Manures, &c ? 1CT Tt» C3 ^- 3C -**?? -3 ^.. East-Und Market, Eaattemce. Telephone 901. 307^06 SORGHUM, AMBER CANE, DlLOura or Kaffir Com, Sorso Tooth Maize, 90-Day Maise (COBBET^Rh,. E. & W. HACKETT, SEEDSME\ and IUBSERTHM, 73, Bundle-street, Adelaide. ? 258-CUhvS2_ obcsq) x? t\ m nr f\T% Afrioa, Alemannia, Amphian, Asia, Austria, Baiaria, Bon—da, Bursandis, Butterfly Yellow, Bnddha, ComtA de Bouchard, Ccunt of Tnnn, IL Wendland, Iberia, Italia, La France, Madame Crozy, Oceanns, Pandora, Perseus, Pinto, Qaeen CharloUe, Souvenir d'Antonin Crozy. Wilheun Beck. Snevia. 6/ per dozen, or the Id lor 10/ (or cash with order. Lots ot On* Dozen and upwards free to any Rauway-Statton in Sooth, Austnlia. Forone month only. Si _ W. HACKETT, Seedsmen and Nurserymen, 73, Bundle-st-, Adelaide. ? 6ta3i58— 8 EB. HEVXE & CO., Seedsmen and Nursery « men, offer for present sowing and planting — Maize, Sorghum, Amber Cane, Lucern, Grasses, and Clovers, French Beans, Cucumbers, Toma toes, Melons. Sweet, Water, and Pie Melons, Mar. rows. Pumpkins, Turk's Cap. FLOWER SEEDS— Amaranthus, Asters, Balsams, Cock's Comb, Corn flower, Cosmos, Dahlias, GodeJias, Marigold, Poppy. PortuUoca, Statice. Zinnia. NOVELTIES — I Cosmos, 1 Datura, 1 Poppy, 3 Watermelons. Boses, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, Oranirc and Lemon Trees, tx.— 178, BUNDLE-ST., ADELAIDE. ^ ? I01eow2S0 C* F. NEWMAN & SON O|inn0/n. BOHDL&ST,, AdeUtds, &A. UnUrOlUO. BABBACK-ST., Perth, W.A. Ulinormrn fModel Nnnarf, Houghton, S. A. NURSERIES {Vi^st ^_? Smai- '' SEKDSHEN. NUBSEKrMEN. AND FLORETS. OBerforsala all Varieties Flower. Tecetable, anl Agricultural Seeds; Fruit Treaa, Boses, Palms, Ferns, Ornamental Trees, and Shrubs, floral Dacoratiaai of all sorts at shortest notice. Send lor our Cualoirue. . Postal. Cd. ;34waai Mig^oll| g Coder this heading (if prepaid), 18 words, one ? insertion, 1/; three insertions. 2/6. ? _T ADIKS' Combings made up; Wips, Scalps, JLj Fringes, and Sums; Hair Dyes speciality.— L. r^inucanr, Victoria-*]. ; lace Eundle-st. REDMAN'S Britannia Uyeworks (biggest and best).— Suits Cleaned, heavily Pressed, as new, 5/.— Close Exhibition, Pulteney-st. Dye ing daily. ? SCULOBK & COMPANY. Steam Dyeworks, Gaiwler-pL— Suits and Ladies' Dresses Cleaned or Dyed as new; charges moderate. ? 357-a WHITE Shirts made to order; and Re-Cuffed, 1/6; Neckband. Cd.; trial solicited.— 5, Hanson-st., nr. Wanencld-st. ? 259-72 MARRIAGES Solemnised for one guinea by recognised Minister. Address 'F.S.,' this office. ? 280c ADAME~and Professor Kennedy lotuitire Palmists, Phrenologists, and Clairvoyants; Business, Health, Adaptability.— U. Arcade. ? 241-63 FRENCU Nation will yet cause a bigger sensa tion within a few days' time. I predict this; clients see results.— Prof. Abdulla, Oriental Astrologist, 4S, Frecman-st., near Pirie-st., Ade laide; ? 259-62 MADAME BLANC, Australia's Greatest Intui tive Palmist, &C., Flinders-st., next Mrs. D. Beecbam's, near G.P.O. ? - ? 254-6G ADAM VEHA, Palmist, may be consulted daily. — Cumberland House, Charies-et., off Norxh-ter. ? S57-D ROFESSOR ABDULLAH is a Master of Astnv logy, and can predict events in six diffcrput languages. — tS, Freeman-st. ? i!JS-61 VEEYTHING of the Best Quality at the Cen tral Ham Shop, Rundle-st. ? 257-9. M~ ADAME VENDA, Australia's greatest scienii ric Palmist rlate Melbourne, Sirdnev), con sulitrd daily.— 31, East-ter., 3 doors Urenfeli-st. / 257-9 ADAH LILIA consults daily. 61, Hindmarsh ? SO., east. Most rrliiblc. ? 25S-61 THOUSANDS have visited him. and hundreds are coming in daily. Everybody bewildered and awe^stricken at his wonderful power of pre dicting important events of future life. Coun try clients write for particulars. — Prof. Abdulian, ceJebr-ud Oriental Astrologist, iS, Freeman-st., near l*iria-st.. Adelaide. ? 25S-61 HART of Fate and Character from liandwrit iag. Send six stamps, stamped addressed em-elope.— 'Onslowe.' G.t'.O. ? 2-8eo»v273 M~ ADAME CAREY, Palm!^ &c, may be consulted as usual. Kate address, l'irie st., nc\~t Freemasons'. ? 2-8eow78 rilKrii Chart Cliaracter, Fate, Health, from X Handwriting. Send to Madame Dett; al wava reliable. 12 stamps, stamped envelope CP.O. ? 259,«il.a ' UAKGE of tlie BUck Brigade:— R_ W. Ugtit foot, Chimnev Sweep, Tictoria Cottages l-ranklin-st.. near G.P.O. ? 'TT'DEJf.— Madame ILLA (Gipsy Queen), first J_i class Certificated Phrenologist, Palmist, Magic Photos.— Bank-st. opp. Nonh-tcr. Bsil W»X-»_t_n.. .. J5S4

? ? ? : ? ^~FZ§^ OPENING UP, WM Yes. That is what we are constantly doing* ia all DeparfaaiBafegM OUR LARGE TRABM and the orders we are able to place with, the ''iTH^irtTirnrn HflMifflrrg us to rank with the largest importing firms, and gives us a tfiBtract^|| advantage which we in turn distribute to our patrons. . ,,?„? || We compete for the Retail Trade from a wholesale ^__a»ft- ^ point, and supply direct from the looms and the factories 'tvN-C rM consumer at prices which have made our name in S3outh Auatafis. -^ You can thoroughly depend upon the vahiejof the God rve}: j, stock, and while with our minimum profits no one in 'the. tnuvm^ give better value. ^* 3 A UST OF BA8C/US BHEAKEU3. READ WJIATWt HAVE TOSAY IWM^ Q BARGAIN I. ?'? '?;%! 37 dozen Gunt's Civam Tennis or Cricketing fUtfi fycg Collars and Pockets, all sixes, 1/B each . * '^ . ;;S1 THE CHEAPEST SHIRT IN ADELAIDE. ';:.V^ bargains. , -: v .ym 15 dozen Gents* WMte Canvas or Celltdarffiamitl M Shifts, Collars and Pockets, all sizes, vlMjbmA^-iS BARGAIN a r:^t- ^ 44 dozen Ladies' Tan and Black lAslo GlOPetj*Po*i ~ Points. quitting at 4id pair ?'IU™ : BARGAIN 4. H-'M^M 733 yards Pink and Blue Apron Hottanfc ^t§:§t^NM wide, with Colored Border, 3d yard ' - * -'^^m BARGAIN 5. ? 'IlL^wi 1,314 yards Fancy Floral Bordered At^Uu^fgm^m 40 in. wide, Lace Stripes, 4$d yard ? ---^'^ila BARGAINS ^]§IB| 1,394 yards Bright Black Figured Ltistr-?*,4§&. - wide, choice designs, Sill full dress y \\ - r ?..\M BARGAINS. . i^Mm 1,413 yards Fancy White Dress Mtislina, W&filfc^M wide, clearing out 2U1 full dress \.% $?£sm bargain a , jmm 3, 334 yar ds Fancy Floral and Striped CtotnbmUgttMi in. wide, usual value 4\d yard, for 2\ll fuWSBmNiMk BARGAINS sfcil 774 yards Cardinal and Mttby All Bilk XteUtoW*^ boii, 3 in. wide, to quit 4hd yard : *ji ? ? BARGAIN i«. Vfe' 1,137 yards of tlie Fashionable Black and JSMUCM Check Dress Tweeds, offering of 4/11 fuU&BE§i§m BARGAIN U. ,1^9 133 pairs Ladies' Btocline Corsets, with StuSSBm^m Straps, sizes 18, 19, 20, 24,25,S#,27,Z$3&M 3O; usual value 3}12, quitting at lttlpair ^ iSiill BARGAIN 12. ?-.?/ -^WM 13 pieces White Washed Twill Bteetinp, abtmtmfiiM in. wide— -free front all dressing-'-(BougT^t,3^^m in London); Uhd per yard. . !^^^^^^H COUNTRY ORDERS SPECIALLY CATERED FOR. ~ Jlffl DRESSMAKING FROM 8/6.' |1 CHAS. MOORE & C« 70, 72, 74, 76, GOUGEfi-8T. j_g| TOTHECI-YBOGTM^™ SPECIAL BARGAINS : » * | FOR THE HOLIDAY W&l Ladies' Evening Shoes, usual price, 21/, 18/6, lf/9^|BB '% reduced to 10/6 iii?*+H Ladies' Evening Shoes, usual price 14/9, 12/9, 10/6,?aD A reduced to 8/11 ? ' h%- % Ladies' Evening Shoes, usual price 10/6, 8/11, f ftfi-all S reduced to 5/11 and 4/11 ' I ' . s Both Ladies' and CenUemen'8 wants weU catered for thl» -3 THE JOHN HUNTER CO., LIMITED.^


21, Bundle-street. C. E. HILFORD & W. TAILORS & 0U1TITTERS. No Connection with, say Other Finn.

_p~ Tj. . - ? - - \ : ~'^ I*tattaJ5a«?«aala_.-^ ,__^i^___^a_____SS__3Sa_-»'^^^^

Mfc FOR SPRING AND SUM WER^ ffShm Pure Wool Serges, ' s ?. -e , 3 MnTlM Melanges, Vicunas. Cheviots, 1 ' -rA%l_t__lBi ' amp - ^ --^-IP U_|__j_H West of England Tvveed_! _____|^_____ IN -'. THE HOST' BBsVinSfm.'%HMa»'.^7-f;.;g _^_^__H ^_____| ? stigTi ft,WKrtam . '? . ' ? '~ ~* ^ :i~^Q ? V ^^ SUIT TO MEASURE ^/g I _?_? ____? aoErrEAtimoPTEOueEBa. w. do 53. j-TTS^-r°-- -^jjiiMfliii'.- -^ ^?H I^^B ne aura one trial «in mate penpaaMitOaatSsBqa- «SE**P^ ? '* M ?B.B ^^H Kcw P»tte»— »tor the *_g__fft____g^._g'__— t »— * *^j {!? London Ta3oringDe^V:l ^SE W^ 27 EUNI)I^STaEET/r»ii ^^P ? OPPQ8IIE JAM«SaiAB8gAIJ.-o6lf. JbftagMJgg

? Bnsineas Notices. ? FDMITUfifi of EVEUY DESGBIPT10I. CA8H M OH 1UH1B£ POCCHASc fiYSTEML UUGau (uiuubni ibTouKbouc 4n»n .£/ ^cr week. Drawing, Dining, and Bedroom Suites, Duchess Pain made up in any design. Parebaasa can select tneir own covetinga. P^itcs and Pecan bulatora re-covered, alao Pianof «I the beat make Let on Hire, niefatlj.' weekly, or monttilT._widi rifbt of piutliaae. Ciuoi 6/ per wcck^^Geo. Ifff^rt nS_ia-*a^ mm tUa. .. fiMMJT;

Printed -'^ rn'»T^f*i- Thijy. M^W^H _^ss^^^^^^li_____l