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END OF STATE PARLIAMENT   Mr. Macfarlan's Stop Gap Ministry On giving an assurance that a ma- jority of the Legislative Assembly would vote for supply to cover the period of the general election, Mr. Ian Macfarlan was commissioned on Tuesday by the Governor (Sir Win- stone Dugan) to form a new ministry. Members of Mr. Macfarlan's Cabinet who were subsequently sworn in are : Mr. Macfarlan, Premier, Treasurer, Attorney-General, Solicitor-General. Mr. Maltby. M.L.A., Chief Secre- tary, Electrical Undertakings. Mr. Haworth, M.L.A., Health, Housing. Mr. Cumming, M.L.A., Agriculture. Mr. Mackrell, Water Supply. De- centralisation.   Mr. Hollins, M.L.A.. Education, Labour. Mr. Everard, M.L.A., Lands, For- ests. Mr. Disney, M.L,C., Transport, Mines.     Mr. McBrien, M.L.C., Public Works. Mr. Michaelis, M.L.A., Minister without Portfolio, assisting the Pre- mier and Treasurer. A proclamation signed by the Gov- ernor, gazetted yesterday, dissolved the Parliament. Before the signing, the House pass- ed a bill for a supply of money to meet the payments of the State for a period of two months. ELECTION ON NOVEMBER 10. Mr. Macfarlan announced on Wed- nesday afternoon that the State elec- tion will be held on Saturday, Novem- her 10. Writs will be issued on October 9 and nominations will close at noon on October 22. Electors who are not enrolled must do so before 6 p.m. on .October 9, when the rolls will close.