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FIGRTING CLERsYMAN IDEAD.r The fun ral of the late Rev. .George Gladstone, of Nathalia,' tookl place on Monday, when .-'he 'remains were in terred in the Eastern Cenietery, Gee long. -Deceased was .fornimerly a ~pfiest of the Church of England,. and had been stationed in'several parishes di the diocese of ,Melbourne previois :to his going to Nathalia abotut 20 years ago; lie came prominently :before the public in 1597, when he preached several ser mons of a- fiery character, desiouncing dancing and the drink evil,. Part of his then-congregation.petitioned the late Bishop Goe to have him removed, but as the congregation -was. divided no thing was done at that time. Later, when a new diocese was formed at Wangaratta, w'hich included Nathalia, Mr. Gladstone was again asked to re sign, but he refused, an,-continued to hold services until a new minister ar Irived, when he dissociated himselil from the Church of England and started a church -which he called the "Reformed Church of England,'" a large number of his fornair congregation following him. The church authorities petitioned the then Chief ,Secretary, Sir Alexander Peacock, to have his licence to cele brate marriages cmmcelled, but the re quest was-refused. :,Deceased's father and mother were brought from Eng land by the late Mr. George Coppin, and were well known to theatre-goers in those days. The late Mr. Gladstone was an earnest and forcible preacher, and was of a very generous disposition. giving away all of his stipend to the poor aid foreign missions. ilis nother and his widow -survive hitm.