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S RIFLE SHOOTINC. SHboaeao v. Hors?ovw.-Thee clubs met for a, friendly niatch; for the first time, at Hopetoun, "on Wednesday. Owing to the faetthatcuthe trip requires two entire days, the local club could not be expected to send away thelirstrongest team, and so the result was a foregono conclusion , as their opponents are (tlhoeh a newly formed club) a strong and very creditable lot of riflemen. The Horshan meen were speedily aware that the presence .in the.other team of their former member, C Greenslade, as also A. Harman, late o Ru panyup; had added greatly to the etandini of the:' "Mallee Club." The day-otherwse, pleasant enough-was most trying to moat of the men on either side, a very puzzling fish tail wind having to be worked against. The terms were eight shots and two sighters at each range. The visitors were most hospitably entertained, and the trip was a particularly enjoyable one. The party was treated to a social tea at Host Jenking's Commercial. Hotel; and was moat kindly driven out by Mr. Campbell to see some of the "show" spots of the district. The visitors were much greti fied at the sight of their old friend, Mr. Parke', wonderfully fine garden and orchard, and not leas so by the results shown in lr. Vanrenan's plantation--which is an object le son in fruitand vine.growingwithoutirngation. To Captain Greenwood,e ecretary Greenslade, Mr. Campbell, and in fact, everyone met at Hopetoun ; the Horshaml club rest under very. many obligations. The return event will, it is hoped, come off shortl)', when thel local club hope to repay their "mallee" friends-or nt least 4ill try to. 4HOP 0UN.: ; ot - P. Greenwood .... 33 62 C. Greenslade. 36. 25 9 6.. D. Harmain .32 "'27 59 G1 . Poysden . 35:.'",22,- .57 -G Barrett.. ...'22:: +-..30~ 52 . -J. Wynne . 15 ~. 44 c. iSHAa , imE Layh:b.,._.:: .2 27.t'51 .T. DeB. Twycrosse 32 ,19. "51 A. E. Stevens . 23' 21 ":44 1HSclieele' ?" ' 27'° ::1.,7; ?17 ? B. Walsh 28.. 7 s35 ' S. May a..(,... gr~i: :.34; Majority for Hptoun 76 Tomoorrow the Horsham Club will oontinue:a .the annual musketry course, and,; a? everal , trophies will moon he ready to shoot for. mem-. beore alould get their course finished and out'o! hand::.; .r; .