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t CAiiS FROM IRS-OItERS OF WAR ;: ,..,,; -: - Sons I ;HIig 'tvaitfl-aXlefer^s fi-ii mes inthie hands of tlhe 'apni'ese hi be-liien dflle i . eredf1Htfl iani2lh .miosthkasesjit was hrs rwa w arentslnad -'lid of their .9ons ,o er-.,lSr1inontis.. The cards w iy' amoni anfurther 4000 that reach. feAuit ll 4iiiing:last weerk-entl. e; sjtogetier ith 10,000 previonl y mnFionedj Fre now "Ieing Tdelireredn In all States-of the:Commonwealth. " -Advice. abi nJ receiled that Lielt. nrlipla.,A ib?.J L .for Lowan. S awho sw-previonsly -reported Imissing, believed a prisoner of war. has niw been rep e'i riflr of war. Lieit. namilton iLa ssiser, Mrs. .I.: \'. Ido(1i i idtrelichedto receive a Card ; froi 'her rodter -in .unesday last. In 'thlis Li iti;ifliii 1atdtl that lie wns in excellent ihealtli .and was being well treated-by rie Japanese. He hoped :ill ias yi well 'at home. 'nd extended gi't :izi~-t:to iiis:;nianiy friends. Tluhe enid ;conitained ,2iTWOrds,- It bore no (diteior r 'aldies..'eie liast. m heard of Lietr. Hamilton Lamb was in Jva. O' ni Tuesday Mr.: and; Mrs. W. B. IiHfnni',r^?of ea rile street,. receied. iro | h nter--,an'' tlus iwaslthe first ey- ,tiiadhfii dof him since Febriuary4, i.:It'- One. o0f the cards written in SlJocl?lette rs a -wh -as follows : "I aia a i;p1risone r of war. a nm happy and well tand I anm being treated very well.,, I aim.longing to Yee..youpagain. Xou are ,aiw n'is n.Tmy rliho ulite. Do nor. worry 'i everyvtiinsr -will Ie :ill right a nit ,wleon we nieet again. Renember ne to ,a'll: tlhse If knowi at, home., Lots .f loic io 'ii." Tlhe ot her icard iw's type wsitoien tinder the heading of Imperial Nipilonese Army' and' as. as follows : 1?'I, am hinterned in O ka Prisoner of SWai'-GC amp, Kfawa aki- suih-tiamp. -'My - lieaIitvisexcellent. :ina r-a.?worlln | for;Dy;.":''ignaller Hunter 'wasi report 1 ed issing oin June 2i, 1942. - hMr n'd MNrs. F13H , I1ludolpb.; nI "Glen ,,Elgin." IHorslhffm, liave 'received e-di t'tiIfromn tlhir Iso. i Capt.' 0. E. T'Ruioili;'who is '. prisoner of wiar- il S.Tljaiane, liandnl .in 'which .le tfftes that i he isi iiinjured, enijoying good heallih. i an sends greetiigs to' rtll his friends. SThe cnrd, whilith w· as 'wvritten ovr 12 I inquthngo;, I- da red 2l/,ard /2: ?1 . ?e- G. Elbidurne sen;a t card to hiis Sife r .''rs. G:Elbournieof Diavid street, as :follows : ."I ani in the ,.best of d 3feflth .'i'd pirits. Hti-pe1.'yoii are all Fhe e sin. .Love to all at home." . Inh erdto hllsarent. aMr'and Mr., .iE. S. Pinkemeyer. of McPhIrson ',. Onr. Colin' Finkemeyer stated e thar he waS well. the bullet wound lihe )- hflitrecdived in ilfis;- hqulderlueing in ;cigia/itnlt;aind thieorleniflal fare mode r_ 'f. e'i e also tfiihrltifed that Ossie . 'ClGpt;'Riflolplh).was well. "k -- ILigeiti.ak , ,attss wrote'to his ipar t. eits e 3sMr; a'd its.'r- Fl~r, Watts, of j 0 Bowdeii streer saryii that:he was well e sand ;'was- Qt ;w onileld when ta ken pri soner.: He' expressel tie hope that all t ed. well-h týidme und fsent. greetings? to son.s L.of VA .w1nn.Vrad recelmell an eMrd Ircia their .1 sons AIlai yiiii lii.h -he said lie Wis !i rifeind well and hail not been wound : -Mrs. ." 'Maiy. ofQuceensliff', wa, the recipient:of o letter card from her hus Sband. Lieunt Noel May. son of Mr. and Y, -rs. ;SMamIy formerlyr of Horshim. b whiii ?'eilnnown :ithe town and V is riitu L ,',:: - ' .. - . D .Drini theweek Mrs. 'tuniday, wife £ of the sii r clerk atithe Gocranment fie actor -( r..T. 1 ltiinday) received Sa froii er son, ;te. Thonmas "I Rbs ',h0 -;lh'lheefiin Jreportted missing since the fall ' iftiapore 21 months e ago, : It ias fl: h first, -orl slhe had '~ ceixved t of h'ner 'son cirice .lanuary. 142, I.Hei tated th?it lihe was inv good Shealth and-: was being Well treated. I Pte. Ross. is :a native, of Horsham. : heretlis :father. the late Mr. Frank SRoss;- wa:li' a. well known . resident for man~ miears Duorin his :residence here " the-- laite --Mr .o--- ib'ssv, emliloyed at a Clie:-Biros. ;: Ih nean. -He played with; t;fe iiorhani fiootbaill fetmni for-' somieconfsi Qatir' e .ti . e - • .Mrs.: \i ofrct se nd Mrs. d i.imait H'rnt~ o ^Huiif. of the Sfa'ti~ni lso ieived car:I-s from f theii r i; lsh'ii si.'fila MIr. andi - ' I rs't; -'TI?l?so-7 r tPePlwrsin rst reoet, receiled otn¶ fromi .their, son. Frank. -: :Adice hif'tbe en'rec'ive d h his relIn tiVe: ?lBoinhadiq .' Ry.Brne. af fall of Fnire ,jiciw iyurted ri -o:ner 'f--r. :Tlettex eiurd was also .ecelred ;rim '- itlm otdfer di'liin this. -Ik wene; :.s^>.