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Christmas Hamper' A.:ppreciated The following letter received by dIr. F. H. Crouch, of Murtoa, from Pte. Alf. UMitchell, A.I.F., now in New Guinea j (formerly of Horsham), gives some idea of the way A.C.F. Christmas hampers were appreciated by members -of the Sfighting forces at distant northern bat * tle stations and abroad :-"You will possibly be surprised to receive this letter: but I am offering you my sincere: thanks for the:hamper you donated to U the A.C.F., and which was receive i by me. They. were lovely hampers this year and contained I tinr fruit, I tin cream, dried fruit, cake, p1iudfing, shar I ing cream, tooth paste, 2 razor blades. chocolate, 2 oz. tobacco, 1 Rocket cigar ette papers, and 1 packet of kool-mints, j so you can gee from this' there way plenty of variety. Our unit d haned all the puddings. to cooks and tlhef heare'l them up for dinner, and that sived thl:mu , making a special pudding,' ]or Christ mas day our menu was . i`Breakfasr bacon and beans; dinner, "fOqI anil roast beef (Aust. frozen), roast pota I toes, mashed swedes, plum pudding and cream, oranges, tea ; and for tea we had roast pork and ~eetroot, fruit salad and blane mange. Thus . oucan see we U had quite a spree and, believe me, it * waQ enjoyed by all here. I was quite thrilled to receive a hamper that was given by someone, close to my home Stown. The news from all fronts appears U much brighter at present, but there is Istill a lot to be done. before the show closes. However, as long as we hasve the goods and can strike hard. enough Swe : will get somewhere. In closing, ? allow me to again express my sincere thanks."