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HORSHAM'S AUSTERITY :-·,?i: = CHRISTMALS. i?HRi?SgD? the week priceding Christ= ni. Hlorsham's shopping centre ex~l ei-, enuced tituies, ilthoighh, in Ikepidn iwuth- aisterity. Christmas of 1942 is believed to have been one of the quiet est for some years. With toys in 'poor supply. the genteral tendency was to ,i ,articles which wouild be useful to the recipients. The young people have i6t been easily ,atisfied this Christ ;nas. because few sweets are available. ~there are no elaborate toys, no Christ mnmas stoclkings and not ,-any books to lchoose from. Generally speaking. peo jple showed understanding of the posi •lion, and realised that certain items ,are no longer easy to obtain because in many cases they are out of production .and the surplus labor has been largely idiverted into war production. Many shoppers showed little reluctance to 'dispose of coupons and ties and hand kerchiefs held pride of place for many people as a useful gift of moderate price. Due to the fact that shops were closed for four days, shoppers throng ed grocery and other stores to replenish supplies of food. The police report that no trouble was experienced through in discretions of thirstyAgeldatie