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N0 CHRISTMAS B11iN YSH BUT TRADING IEAl SAlthough there has been no buying rush, Christmas trading in H orsham is steady this yea r.

In a survey of stores this week,. owners and managers said that therel bad been no, rush for Christmas. gifts{ or summer wear for the'holiday.sea son. Buying had started -cry early this year-much earlier than in previous years. People had been buying stead ily since the middle of October. Christmas sales figures are above lnst year's figures, but most shopkeopers believe that this is due to the increased prices on some lines and not an ?i. creased number of customers. Shops contacted included men's weai, department stores, sports stores and ladies' wear. Barnetts report a phenomenal hand kerchief= sale. They have sold 220 dozen handkerchiefs since the middle of October and are still selling. Anothelline which is selling rapidly s. a Christmas favorite is.meu's dress. ing gowns.. . ... Sales this Chrismais have been early, they said, and slightly better than last year. The increase in prices did not account for better sales but they have had more customers. NO RUSH Shepherds said that there had de finitely been no rush this year. Sales had been about the same as last year. People were more careruI when buying and the higher cost of smaller articles like socks, ties and handkerchiefs made them buy less. In stead of buying a couple of handier chiefs and a pair of socks, usually -tue' socks sufficed. Sales were a little better than last year, was the opinion of. Mr. E. C. Schurmann. Figures wore up ?nd peo pie were shopping early-.

Langlands sports store reports "pne: naomenally good sales in' sporting lines and sporting toys." Lubranizki's- find that people are not buying much summer wear this season. A reason for this may be the i~hangeable weather. Women wishing to buy light frocks are deterred by the weather changing so quickly from warn to colc. They are relying on their winter wear which they bought during the c~oler montus. Laniglainds fashion department is sulrering-for the same reason, Cooks say their sales are steady. There has been .no rush,, but people are buying steadily. Langlands stores are doing a better Christmas business than last year. Sales figures ha;ve increased but this is not due . so much to a slight price rise but. to more' customers. Horshamu is daily. becoming a popular shopping centre for the Wimmera. Buying which started early Is steany. People, mainly wage earners, are more particular about what they buy and how much it costs." . ! , UUlm m mu nlnna~ nm mnlb ?