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fee amusement with his a Fanny Folks. Tl e athletic sports took place on the Oval, and were of the usual character, consisting of Bat and walking races and a hack race. Owing to top rain the ground was in a ahppery fjndibon, _t.:.i. =flF^f«1 the running considerably. The

fcackr^ Tonly brought four entries but it cansed a large amount of excitement owing to the closeness of the contest. It was von by Mr. W. WUkesfs Tommy, ridden by G Daily In the second lap round the course one of the riders (W. Cox) feu. but beyond a severe shaking he was not hurt. Fire men started in * half mile flat race, and it was won by W. Francis, who had 10 yards' start, after a close contest: There were four competitors in the five-mile walking match. T. Eldridge, who won, elicited great admiration for the splendid sports he pot on when passing hls.oppanents. It was almost dark when the six mile flat race took place. Three men started — Wnittlesea and Francis at scratch, and McUamara 20 yards. It soon became evident that the rtce lay between the first-named ; two as they were not long in passing X, their opponent, Shoitly afterwards Francis ~ aoon distanced his remaining opponent, and came in a victor by half a lap. Mr. J. B Broderick. officiated as bandicapper, and Messrs. Hoban and P. Wbeelan as Secretaries. Sub joined is a list of the sports :— 120 yards handi cap flat race, for youths under 20 years; four entries ; cricketing trousers, presented by T, Lonergan, T. Curtin; gold pencil, 3. Fitz gerald, won by two yards. 120 yards handi cap backward race ; four entries ; pair of boots, J. Sadler; albert chain and pocket-took, 3. Cook, won by four yards; half-mile handicap fiat race ; five .entries ; Silver watch, presented by the Very Rev. F. Byrne, V.G., W. Francis, 10 yards; gold pin, T. Shepherd, 30 yards. Close race, won by a .yard, — 100 yards handicap flat 'race; five en tries. Silver cup, 3. Hogg,. 6 yards; pair of running shoes, presented by Bermlngham Bros., 3. CuUinan, seven' yards. . Almost a tie. — Flwe- anOe handicap walking match ; four entries. Silver cop, T. Eldridge, 20 yards; gold studs, presented by Mr. 3. M. Wendt, W. Walker, 60 yards ; smoking cap, presented by Mr. Whelan, D. Sisman. . Won by 120 yards. — One mile hack race; four entries. Silver «op, M. Wilkes's : Tommy, rider G. Dally; silver-mounted riding-whip, J. 6. Gibson's Lady Don, rider W. Mordock. Won by half s length. — 220 yards handicap flat race; four «ntries — £1 Is. ..and pair of boots presented by Mr. Johnson, 3. Hogs, four yards ; gold studs, 3. Sadler, scratch. Nearly a dead heat.— Six- jnile handicap flat race; three entries — Silver watch, W. Francis, scratch ; gold scarf ring, 3. Whittlesea, scratch. Liquid aad other refresh ?mente were to be had on the ground. A merry .jpo-round did a good business, whilst two fiddlers were kept '? busy by numbers of dancers. The labors of the police were rendered light, as -the whole of the proceedings were marked by 4Pod order. ARCHER-STREET- WESLEYAN PIGNTC. The «iw«i»l excursion in connection with the Archer-street Wetleyan' Sunday-school took place oa Monday, April 22, on die grounds of the Hon. J. Crosier, M LXJ, at Oaklands, which were kindly lent €or the occasion. A most en joyable day was spent both by the teachers and scholars, although during lite afternoon one or two heavy showers fell, which, served to mar for a time the pleasure of the hour. The nsual games were provided and entered into with spirit, the grounds presenting at times an ex tremely lively scene. The pienicers reached town at about 5 o'clock, and as far as we can ascertain the whole of the proceedings passed off without accident. In the evening the teachers of the Church held a tea meeting, ?which was well attended.