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CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL AT. CLEAR LAKE.   (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.)   The annual festivites in conjunction n with the Clear Lake Wesleyan Church and Sabbath School came off very successfully on Christmas Day. The   usual careful preparation for the com- fort of the public had been most ener- getically carried out by the committee, and arrangements have never been so   satisfactory as on the present occasion.   Sheltersheds and seats for the ladies were an additional benefit, and greatly appreciated. The day, though hot, was nice and clear, and complaints   were few' on that score. At noon the luncheon was ready and readily par- taken of. Abundant and dainty provision for the creature comforts was made by, Mesdames J. H. Edmonds, Jos. Hobbs; J. R. and Essington   Edmonds and Geo. B. Eldridge. The marquee was pleasantly cool, the fare good -and tih waitresses, including the Misses Scott, McRae, and Mrs. R. Marshall and several waiters, most attentive; thus altogether a very happy time was spent at the tables. Both   tables and seats were filled again and again, until all were satisfied. After luncheon the amusements committee, consisting of Messrs. Jas. and Henry Jackman. - W. .Scott, J. R. and J. Edmonds, P. Scott and M. W. and L. Jackman - took possession of the crowd, and things went merrily for the next few hours, under their most   capable management. Messrs. W. McIntyre,. R. Marshall, Oliver, J. Walter. T. Heard and others, rendered valuable assistance in all the races, etc.,- and competitors were numerous. Of courses all the events were free and simply provided for the enjoyment of the public, while generous friends kindly provided valuable prizes for the winners.- The ladies went seriously into the contests arranged for them, as many as 25 enter- ing for the shooting competition which was under the cautious super vision of Messrs J. McDonald, Telanga- tuk, and W. Scott. A list of prizes, etc., is enclosed. The Misses McMahon, White and Heard acted as judges in ladies events and gave entire satisfac- tion. Mr. Cameron, of Connangorach, again favored the company with music from the bag-pipes, and his Scottish hearers keenly appreciated the stirring strains. The local brass band filled in several pauses and cheered the scene. The usual picnic, games, etc., came in for a share of attention and found many willing participants, in spite of the heat. After tea a public entertainment was held in the booth, presided over most capably by Mr. F. Hagelthorn, who kindly acted in the unavoidable absence of Mr. Stanley, M.L.A., through indisposition. After devotional exercises, songs, recitations, musical selections, etc., were given by the Misses Heard, Hobbs, Campbell, Penny, Eldridge, Johns, Plush, Isabel McRae, Messrs. D. Byrne, Jas. and Henry Jackman, J. Johns, Geo. and J. Hobbs, and the school children. The chairman gave an interesting address, and during the progress of the evening welcomed Mr. M. Ross, a returned soldier, and three hearty cheers were given for our brave friend. Mr. Mr. Bagelthorn also distributed the prizes to the scholars--a very fine col lection-of books, 52 in all. As there are only 5 children attending the State school who cannot be Sabbath school scholars, for substantial reasons, the committee also purchased books for these, thus all rejoiced together over their treasures. A vote of thanks to all those who had helped to make the day's   amusements a -success, or assisted in any way, was spoken to by Messrs. Wade and J. R. Edmonds, and liberally applauded. The Doxology and the Benediction by the minister closed a most, enjoyable days festival. The financial part was good, especially con- sidering that tickets were reduced from 2s to ls 6d. The total amount to hand so far, with, a small credit balance from last year, is 22 10.s., Mr. Ballinger, with his fruit etc:, did a good business; and erected a comfort- able shelter for his customers. Follow ing are thie prize- winners of the various events:--,. Boys' Race, 10 to 15 years. First prize bat (gift of Messrs. Treadwell and Co.) ; second, top (gift of Mr. Marshall)- E. Whitehead, 1; P. Grant. 2. Boys' Race, under 10yrs. First, gun ; eecsnd;hat (gifts of Msr. R. Johns).-iHarold Honbb, 1; Roy Marshall, 2 .Girls' Racet 10 to 16yrs. First workbox; second, fan (qifts of Mr. E. A. Edmonds). -M. Scott, l-;- L Marshall, ' Girls' :Race, under 10. First, doll; second, beads (gifresof Mr. IL Johns).-A. Marshal,l 1; LA. I'Rae, Ladies' Egg and Spoon Race. First. tray (gift of Mr. Orurp); second. Ismp (gift of Brs.aPlfilip).--Miss J. Rokesky, 1; Miss May Eaminonds, 2 Youths' Race, 15 to 21 years. First, shirt second, tie (gifts of Mr. K. M 'Re). Mr. J. H'Lachlsn, 1; Mr. H. Jackman, 2 Ladies' 'shooting Competition. First, vases'; second, tray (gifte of Mr. T. Philip.) Miss A. Sinclair, 1; Miss E. Hobbs, 2 1BuIng Wheel Race. First, lomp (giftof Mr. Marshall); second. walking stick (gift Sof Messts Hill and Co.).-Mr. \v. eant, 1 ; Mr, J. Edmonds, 2. Thread Needle Race. First, silverbutter Scooler- (gif of Mr. J. Crump).-Miss S. Heard. Buffers' Race, over 50 years. First, hoesa; second, packet (gift of Mr. H. A. Rokesky).--Mr. Kerr, 1; Mr. C. White head, '2. Afternoon Calls, ladies. First, vases (gift of Messrs. Davey, Dlavey and Co.}. Miss Venie Edmonds. Throwing Cricket Ball. Prize, cricket ball (gift of Moeare. Walters and Treadwell. -Mr. T. Johns, 1; lMr. J. Gillick, 2. Gueassing Competition. Prize, silver cruet (gift of Messrs. Darey, DLavey and Co) --Mrs. Edwin Eldridge. . Bicycle Tortoise Race. First, hat; second, tie (giftof Mr. M. Jacknan).-Mr. J. -Walters, i; Mr. R. Marshall, 2. Running Backwards. First, white shirt (gift of Mr. R. Marshalll.--Mr. A. M'Donald, 1. Siamese Herdle Race. First, walking sticks (giftls of Mlessr. 81l and Co.)-?Mr. W. Scott, 1; Mr. Gillick, 2. Walking Competition, Clear Lake School Girls. First, fancy blotter (gift of Miss Ml'Mahoo).--leRuby Jack,,mra. 1. lBe?t Speller in School 2135. First, ency elopelia (gift of .Mr. J. l'enfrey).-Philip Edmnonds. - Best CopyBook in School 2135. Prize, dictionary (giftof iMr. J. Pinfrey).-Maggie Scott.