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-The Festive Season O0W CHRISTMAS PASSED. SOME NEW YEAR ATTRACTIONS. So far as Ilorsham was concerned, the season which is immediately con nected with - the celebration of Christ mas passed off successfully. 'There were no accidents of any serious natture, and prosperity seemed to be reile.etel or every hand. On Friday ev'cing--the eve of Christmas-the shops were open till a fairly late hour, and a lig vol ume of business was done. hle col lective fathers and mothers of the town," escorted 'by their elder child ren; bore down on the bargains which the various establishments offered, while for those whose happy delusion concerning .the _origin of all good presents has: not yet been. dispelled, the parents carried home somethsinig to put in the stockings, which, like the world over, were hung up in Horsham ritlh great fidelity and trustfulness. Christmas Day was to many one of thnnksgiving, to others ans occasion for shedding sunlight on the less fortunate, and to others a time for recreation.' Services were conducted in various' of the local 'eharches, while the ininates at the hospital. were subjected to : a treat which to th;em rendered ' Ohrist mas something -more than a name: The local Salvation' hrmy iorps. pic nicked ati Bsgnalally.. on" Boxing Day; and spent' an 'enjoyable'time- ' The Iorshliam Gun ,Club shot' off ,"a ': '10 starling match? at the showy grounds, and this caused a good deal of inte rest to a fairly. large number. : On Boing :Day the EHorsham Amnateur. Turf Club held its, second annual -race meetiigg on ithe - Horshamcorse' hand ittoocpassedd off succy isfully:. Oi tfifs day there was a great exodus fromdn town to the nmountains and other pie nic slots. At the Golton alone there erer 120 pienickers,. drawn by 35 liorses. The 'irimber embraced several visitors from other parts, including Mar. Pr?i'rergast, N.L.A., and his fa inily. The Boy ' Scouts' and 'about 70 towns'olkl bivouacked at Dingley Dell.