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DIMDOOLA. -a- . (PFROM OUR OW COroESPONDENT.) Thursday. A serious accident happened to the mail coah between Nhill and Dimboolo on Saturday evening. When about four miles from Nhill, two horsemen caught up to the coach and commenced galloping alongside. The driver warned them to desist but they paid no attention" and continued galloping. Thle leaders soon broke into a gallop and the " polers" soon followed suit.. The driver was unable to steady the horses, and on going down a steep incline, the horses bolted with the coach. The reins broke and the coach was soon dashed against a tree. The driver, who is known to be very careful and steady was thrown violently from the box seat to the ground where he lay stunned for a few minutes. A lady pas senger, the only other occupant of the coach, who was also sitting on the box seat, was also thrown to the ground. She fainted, and on being picked up by the driver, and the two men who caused the accident, but who come to the rescue on seeing the result of their foolish action, it was found that she was seriously injured. She was placed in the coach and shortly afterwards the driver was able to proceed on his journey. On reaching Dimboela a doctor was called in. He found the lady passenger, who is a resident of Kaniva named Mrs Dungey, suffering from a severely sprained ankle and some serious cuts on the face, and bruises all over the body. The driver was cot all over the face and his side was considerably in jured. The police have the case in hand and they are on the. look out for the two men who caused the accident. One of the same fellows made the coach bolt by similar conduct a few months ago when an accident was narrowly avoerted. Mrs Dungey was taken on to Ararat yesterday morning by train. She is still suffering severely and is in a precarious condition. She is an elderly lady and for some time.has been in delicate health, which the recent shock will not improve. She was on her way to Mel bourne to obtain medical advice as to her health prior to the accident. The National Bank has purchased the buildings of the Oriental Bank Corporation at Dimboola and at Nhill. High prices were paid for the premises at both towns. £100 worth of new. racing boats, which were ordered by the Dimboola Rowiig Club some weeks aga are expected to arrive here in about a fortnight.. The boats are being built by Air James Edwards, the well-known boat builder. :The Rowing Club Committee will shortly issue a programme of Aquatic and Caledonian Sports to be held here on the Prince of Wales Birthday next. , Municipalaffairs in the West Riding of the shire are someohat mixed." ''Mr F." H. Oliver, of Nhill, has applied tio the Supreme Court for leave to commence an action to oust Cr J. Joseph, of Lillim :r, from his seat on the ground that the election" Was'illegally conducted. The application was granted, andithe case will be heard at an early date. The rabbits still continiueas iunmerous as ever. ' The recent monster depiitation cf, Wimtmera farmers who waited on the. Minis ter'of'aItads oe'the subject appears to have had some immediate good effect, as ai nam. her of new men have been engaged lby the Governinent'to destroy the pest in 'this dis trict. The crops. throughout the distrioctwhero nnmolested by vermin are looking splendid. Fine rains have fallen at intervals lately, and the prospects of the farmers conlinue good. The wheat market is now lower than' ever ithas 'been this season. The quotatio:rihas' 3s per 'bushel, :and. farimerai who' are still holding the bulk of theiruroirdce are looking aniious now. Considerable" quaia tities have recently been disposed oti;s this district;-; ,-! : .r