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COOL CLOTHES. Cool clothes are, those which favor the dissipation of the heat of the body, for the warmth felt by the wearer of the garment proceeds not so much from the garment itself as from the wearer. Wool is warm, because it is a worse conductor of heat from the body than other materials, whilst fur is the worst conductor of -all. Silk is cooler than either cotton or linen, for it favors conduction of heat from the body better than any other material. Bleached -fabrics are cooler than unbleached ones. In summer and winter all clothes should fit sufficiently loose to give the limbs and respira tory organs their full freedom. Color should also play an important part in the choice of our clothing for the seasons. White is the ideal color for summer, because it is one that ab sorbs the least heat, whilst, on the other hand, black or dark-colored gar ments attract the sun and absorb a large amount of heat-hence their usefulness for winter wear."

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