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~IR. JAMIES ,IIANKS. A hlighly respected resident of llor sham in the person of alr. ,Janmec Ilhmks, of .Iailway avenue, succumbed in the hospital on Friday night to a somewhal t lengthy illness fronm typhoid fever, upon which hemorrhage and general exhalustion supervened. Da e ceased, who was only 3(6 years of age. held the position of head crarter with lesars Broadlbent Bros. and ':o., and was highly easteemed both for his abhi lity as a workman atd line, manly qailities. lie had ,een in thel emnloy af the firm for ablout six years, but had lb een a residlent of the Wimunera oin and off for 15 or 16 years, hav ing conm to this distr:ct from mranx holne," the place of .his nativity. Five or six weeks ago Ian was compelled to lay up with typhoid, andl, al tlh,ougl he' lIrd becn ill for omene time lIbfore he slntbmitted to. lie up, lie ap pearel to lhave a very fair dcance of recovery : but hemorrhage set in airal sappedl his vitality to s:iuch an ex?ont thalt exlausted nature could hold odt no longer. )eceaume.d leaves n wi dtlia and two children, the former be iiig in a prostraate state owing to Iang a, ?d anxious vigil, ontl of the children l.aing jaust conadvalesce:at after anu attack of fever. rThe remaias of. de ceas.dl werp interred. in the lIor siahna c ametery in the preslence of a large aaLnu cer of friends, amongst wshom were tlhe ealplovees a I tlhe firi. Moessrs J.. 'rvor, '1'. Vaaterlield, S. Cowell, A. Waatson, J. Mlca.csd and S. Egan (fellow employees of lceased) acted as imll-lbearers. IThe 11ev. Th'Is. Collins (Methodist) solemnlised the lIu rial servie, anld Mr. A. F. Weight had clarge of lhe funeral arrage meats. "