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Shipping. ? ^^OTEAM TO MELBOURNE.— X^nfeO The 2mm. ALDINGA and COOEONG ?mil sail on the following dates : —

FBOK ADELAIDE. Aldinga, March 24 Coorong, ' 28 Aldinga, April 2

FROM MELBOUBNE. Aldinga, March 19 Coorong, ' 23 Aldinga, *c 28 Coorone. Anril 2

Carrying Goods and Passengers, dc J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street 'Lv'POR MELBOURNE DIRECT. '^ufffip _L — The Steamship ?'??»* ALDINGA, Steaert, commander, will sail for Melbourne on Satur day, 24th March, on arrival of the 3.30 p.m. train. J. FORMBY, Port ; or dc - J. DARWENT, GrenfeU-street *£*. T^OR WALLAROO.— REDUCED ^nnr FARES and FREIGHTS.— The Steamer ?aBBK KANGAROO leaves every Wednesday at 5 o'clock p.m. 'Cabin... t ? 21s. Steerage . ? 15s. C. LAMB, Port Adelaide ; or dc G. H. PAQtJALEN, Agent, Wallaroo. -jv TVAY of SAILING FIXED 29th ?&t?W& -L/MARCH.— For LONDON, via CAPE ?BiSOF GOOD HOPE.— The splendid frigate built Ship GOSFORTH, H. P. 'Wight, commander, has still room fora few First and Second Cabin Passengers at £45 and £25 respec tively, not including Wines or Spirits. J Early application is necessary. ttnso TT.nreR, SMITH, &. CO. i ^ -E£Crl70B' LONDON, via Wallaroo,: ?&wfXL * the Magnificent Clipper Ship, \ ?'?'??? LORD LYNDHORST, Has room for First and Second Cabin Passengers, who axe invited to inspect the accommodation. For passage, apply to Captain Graham, on board, or to ? ' GILES & SMITH. Will leave Wallaroo middle of April. ? thst3 ^tt ft1011 SHANGHAI DIRECT.— JJftJlt FIRE QUEEN. For freight or passage apply to Captain Dnggan on card, or to ? dc ELDER, SMITH, & CO. ► r,. T?OR SYDNEY AND NEW ^fjfel? CASTLE.— The fast-sailing British ?????HMIsfci B&FQUO HINDOOSTAN, is now on the berth for above Ports, and will have im mediate dispatch. Apply to Captain Williamson, on board, or to dc m ' WT.TfflR., SMITH, & Co. jjrjc- 'C*OR WALLAROO.— The Barque 4fj|r AYR *^^^1BB*1 will sail on Tuesday next. } Freight low. ? dc WM. ISBISTER, Carrie-street xjr T7«0R VICTOR HARBOR — JBtf-C FIRST VESSEL.— The new Clipper '?^* Schooner ? fiVN'I'HIA, C '*fi»flth. master, is now receiving cargo, and, having part cargo engaged, will saQ This Day (Thursday), touch 2i For freight or passage, apply to dc F. B. JONES & CO., Port. ,j» ~C*OR PORT WAKEFIELD. — The ^Stf-C Cutter ? '''? YOUNG i:H-Kk -will sail on Thursday, 22nd instant. Apply to G. McKay, or d2 F. B. JONES & CO., Port. B RI T T AN JONES, . CUSTOM-HOUSE and GENERAL AGENT, ' PORT ADELAIDE. die General Merchandise. NOW LANDING, ex Banda— Sardines, halves and quarters Salmon, 1-lb tins White Herrings, quarter sndhalf barrels Whybrow's Pickles, Salad Oils, and Vinegar .Barcelona Nuts Scotch Oatmeal, in puncheons, kegs, and tins. TO ARRIVE, ex Conqueror, Trevelvan, City of Bangor, Summerlee, Percy Douglas, Cheviot, Jessica, &c — English Cheese, North Wats, and Cheshire Hams and Bacon, Sinclair's and York W Ling Fish, and Sardines White TTgrringg and Bloaters Butty's and Whybrow's Pickles, and assorted Oilmen's Stores KeiUert Confectionery . ? Fry's and Taylor Brothers' Cocoa and Chocolate Currants, &c, &c. ? dc D. &. J. FOWLER. /'\N SALE, ex Lord Lyndhurst — V-J Chariottees, extension top Bockaways, four an3 idx seats Express Waggons, with and without top Buggies, Eureka, jump seat Do., Qrnnnifriiij* Do., Prince Albert , plain and fancy Da, Travellers, in variety Do., without tops, in variety. The above have been made expressly to order, under my agent's personal supervision, and can be confidently recommended as the best that have ever been imported _dc ? JAMES A. HOLDEN. ON SALE, Gawmb-place — SADDLES, UnglMTi make, in every variety Urigfloa^ Martingales, Girths, and Strapping Whips— Jockey, Twig, Gig, Hunting, &c Flock, Curled Hair, Kersey, Collar Check *T«iinn. Rope, from i|-inch upwards Colonial and ifrigHnli Leather, Hbgskins Bits, Spurs, and fmflig'V Ironmongery of all lrrn^a Buggy and Gig Shafts, Lancewood, Hickory, Ash Axles, Springs, Coach Ironmongery Tanija Tj^ PhtSh, Trimmings . Enamelled Buggy Hides, Leather Cloth Buggy Castings and 'Sundries. Also, of my own manufacture — Saddles, of any qnality'or pattern. Bridles, Martingales, Girth Straps, and every article required by Bushmen and others Harness— Carriage, Gig, Buggy, Express, TMidgir^ ' Cart, and Plough Whips— Jockey, Twig, Tandem, and Hunting Thongs— Tandem, Four-home Cart, Bullock, &c Collars— Buggy, Gig, Spring-Cart, Cart, and Pipe, dac JAMES A. HOLDEN.

RDODGSON has on SALE, Comer or ? Hindley and Leigh streets Chance's Sheet, Rough Plate, and Ornamental Glass Hnbbocf s Zinc White, Red and White Lead Ground and Dry Colors Boiled and Raw Linseed OEL Turpentine &c - Kent's Paint Brushes i-——. Joining's Deep Well Force and Lift Pumps Jenning*s 9-inch Jack Pomps Hblman's 3 to 4-inch Double Action Force and Lift Pumps y. Iron -Gas Pipe | inch to 3 inches, Lead Piping r Sheet Lead, and Zinc Block Tin, &c Stockholm and Coal Tar, Pitch, &c O.G. and Half Round Gutter, Ridge, Cap, &c Cheap PapAr4in.T-grtng in great variety E. DODGSON, . Painter, Plumber, Glazier, and Paperhanger, dxc Corner of Hindley and Leigh streets. /~iN SALE, by the undersigned — \J Morewood'B Best Galvanized Corrugated Tinned IRON, 5 to 8 feet Morewood's Best Plain Tinned Iron, 24, 26, and 28guage - Topper's Galvanized Iron, 5 to 8 feet Fencing Wire, Nob. 4 and a Prime Kent Hops, 1865 tQic ? PHILIP SANTO, Grote^street r\N saleU V-r MILKER'S PATENT FIRE-PROOF DEED BOXES, various sizes Invoice Cases Date do Post and Delivery Inkstands Letter Balances, &c, &c. W. C. RIGBY, ? ? Importer, 53, Hindley-street OTATOES. POTATOES.-Just Landing, ex Penola, Prime WARNAMBOOL POTATOES. d3 ? J. LYONS, 7, Hindley-street INE WESTPHALIA HAMS dc J. LYONS, 7, Hindley-street.

WPINK, HURTLE-SQUARE, . HAS ON SALE Timber, Galvanized Iron, Slates, Doors, Sashes Mouldings, and all kinds of Building Materials At the Lowest Prices. dc COALS, COALS— COALS for SALE in any quantity at the Office of the SOUTH AUS TRALIAN COAL COMPANY (LIMITED), 19, King William-street, Adelaide. Messrs. Scott & Little, Port Adelaide. ^ dc THOS. E. BURY, Secretary.

Business Notices. A CCOUNT-BOOKS, £\- WRITING-PAPERS, ENVELOPES. JAMES WTLLIAMS, Stationer, Account-Book Mauofactdeeb, Pbikteb, and Paper Rules, 5, Gresham-street (opposite the Savings Bank). Account-Books Manufactured on the Premises, with, the aid of New and Efficient Machinery, to any pattern, equal in style to the best imported. Charges moderate. J- W. has always in Stock a. good selection of first lass Mercantile Stationery, Acceptance Forms, Bills of Exchange, Bills of Lading (ship and steamer), with every description of articles required for Office use. ? ? dlk PHOTOGRAPHY. — If you would have a GOOD and CHEAP PORTRAIT, call at P. J. MABCHANT'S, next Light-square Mill Waymouth street dG T^LETCHER'S Celebrated EYE LOTION, JL at PLATTS'. d36 THE AERATED BREAD COMPANY (LIMITED). EAST END DEPOT. For 'the convenience of Cash Customers, at the East end of the town, the Company have established a Depot, opposite the York Hotel, Rundle-street, where their PURE BREAD, may be obtained at FOUBPENCE P£B Loaf. dc /TENTS, TARPAULINS, &c. JL JOSEPH ALLEN, Tent akd Tarpaulin Makes, 31, King William-street. A huge assortment of the above always on hand, dxc T OSS OF THE LONDON.— PHOTO- -4 GRAPHS of the late. Rev. D. J. DRAPER, Wesleyan Minister, may be had on application to T. Duryea, 66, King William-street. d3xl FOR SALE, Four very superior PIANO FORTES, with the latest improvements, from the well-known Manufactory of J. M. Schwark, Ham burg. ? ? dc A. F. CHRISTEN & CO. T^OTIci OF REMOVAL.— .1 BENNETT & BARTONS ADELAIDE OFFICE after this week will be REMOVED from Pirie-street to the Premises in Grenfell-street lately occupied by Messrs. Ripley Webb & Co., adjoining the BegisUr and Observer Offices, where they will possess the advantage of a LARGE AND COMMODIOUS AUCTION MART, with extensive Storage-room for goods. Adelaide, March 6, 1866. dx* NOTICE OF REMOVAL.— E. FARNDELL, Photographer, of Kent Town, having taken the premises lately occupied by Pko fessor Hall, 83, Hindley-street, oegs to inform his Friends and the public generally that - he will OPEN his NEW ROOMS on or about the 25th of March, where he intends sending out First-rate Portraits at the Lowest Possible Rates, and hopes for a, continuance of the very liberal patronage bestowed on him at Kent Town. -S' The business will be carried on as usual at the Old Room until the above date. dxq ICE. ICE. ICE.— The Works of the ADELAIDE ICE COMPANY, Limited, being now in full and efficient operation, the public can be supplied with ICE in any quantity, on application at the Ice Works, Franklin-street. Central Depot, J. Lyons, Provision Store, 7, Hindley street. thstxq CELLING OFF! SELLING OFF! K^ The Undersigned beg to inform their Friends and the Public generally that, in consequence of the Early Expiration of the Lease of their Premises, they have determined upon SELLING OFF the Whole of their Valuable and Well-assorted STOCK of IRONMON GERY, amongst which will be found an excellent assortment of — Electro-Plated. Goods, Cutlery, Moderator and Kerosine Lamps, Stoves, and every descrip tion of Furnishing, Builders', and General Ironmongery. In order to insure a speedy clearing out, the whole will be offered at prices particularly favorable to the purchaser. An early call is solicited. SCARFE & FRASER. 43, Hindley-street, March 3, 1866. tthsx 'VTOTICE. — The undersigned begs to an Jl noonce that he has engaged Sir. THOMAS FROST as Assistant and Superintendent of Works from this date. JAMES MACGEORGE, ? Architect and Surveyor. 11, King William-street, November 20, 1865. tthsc JM. WENDT, JEWELLER AND . WATCHMAKER, 84, Rdmdle-stbeet. Begs to inform his Patrons and the Public that he is prepared to Execute Orders for SILVER TEA and COFFEE SERVICES, of any design, entirely of his own manufacture. CUPS, VASES, CLARET-JUGS, SALVERS, EPERGNES, CANDELABRA, INKSTANDS, &c, of the most elegant pattern and fitiiwlij made on the premises. ? A recherche Stock of JEWELLERY, Foreign and Colonial, in all branches, always on hand; also, PATENT KEYLESS WATCHES, Dixon's SHEF FIELD PLATE, OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, COM PASSES, Plain and Prismatic, &c DIE-SINKING and General ENGRAVING, viz., CRESTS, ARMS, SEALS, OFFICE STAMPS, FAC SIMILES, DOOR ond WINDOW PLATES, &c, &c., Engraved on the premises. 84— JlUNDLE-STBEET— 84. tthsc QAWTELL, WATCHMAKER and O JHWHT.T.HR,, 3, Rundle-street, Adelaide, next to Faulding's. GENTS' Watches, Gold and Silver, from £4 to £40. LADDjS' do. do, do. do., £4 to £30. YOUTHS' do. Stout Saver Cases, £3 to £6. T.AT-TRS' and GENTS' Gold Chains, newest patterns. JEWELLERY of every description, most elegant . COLONIAL WEDDING RINGS. HYDROMETERS AND SACOHAROMETERS. Just Received by last maO. SPECTACLES, DRAWING INSTRUMENTS, Day and Night COMPASSES, Plain and' Prismatic THEODOLITES, &c, &c Sole Agent for the Bristol Eye Ointment, the efficacy of which has been tested for two centuries. Shilling Box sent by post, stamp extra. Country orders promptly attended to. stthxc

fiVTRAV AND EASY WASHING.— Vy Use Harper Twelvetrees' Preparation of Glycerine and Soap Powder, which makes a profuse L&uier and saves considerably in time and rubbing. No washing Crystals nor any other washing Powder or Soap Powder will do this. Sold in Penny Packets by all Storekeepers, and Wholesale by Harper Twelve trees, Bromley-ty-Bow, London. thxc TMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS.— L BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER, prepared from the original German Recipe, is considered Superior to all other simitar preparations. BORWICK'S EGG POWDER saves the cost of Eggs, while it answers all other purposes, and it comes cheaper too. Aw important consideration to House keepers. . ? BORWICK'S CUSTARD POWDER makes admi rable Custards at a. trifling expense. BORWICK'S KNIFE-POWDER and FURNITURE CREAM are much commended by those who have used fjiwn. One trial will prove that they economize both ime and money. ? The Trade supplied by VTRGOE, SON & CHAP MAN, Gawfer-place, Sole Agents for G. Borwick. ? ths78 GOSPEL OAK GALVANIZED IRON (Tinned and Untinncd) Obtained the only Prize Medal in the Trade at the International Exhibition of 1862. This is the oldest manufacture in the Galvanized Iron Trade, it having been established at Messrs. J. & E. Walker's, Gospel Oak-street Mills, Tipton, Stafford shire, in 1842, and for some years was sold under the name of the late firm of Morewood & Rogers. It is now to be obtained through all Merchants, and only of ? WILLIAM LEE, Sole Agent, 74, King Willia.m-street, London. Observe the Brands as follows : — 'Walkers, 'Crown G ' anchor' G, double R, Gospel Oak, Gospel Oak Tinned.' Unturned.' thine /'CLEANLINESS.— A Stove most bril V- liently Polished in Two Minutes for less than One Farthing.— W. G. NIXEYS Celebrated Registered BLACK LEAD. A new Domestic Discovery ! Cannot be wasted, and is a Preservative of Furniture from the injurious effects of the common article now in use, as it creates no dust, and requires comparatively no labor. Sold everywhere in Solid Blocks, Id., 2d., 4d., and Is. The advantages of this Elegant Chemical Preparation are great saving of time, cleanliness of application Bmailness of quantity required, and the prevention of waste, dust, and its destructive consequences. Further, it ultimately produces a pure metallic coating of a high degree of brilliancy and durability, reflecting both light and heat. (See specimen on the sides of each block.) 12, Soho-square, London. Agents wanted, mthc

Business Notices. Tj O H N S O N, . Boot and Shoe Warehouseman, King William-street, North. A Large Stock of English and Colonial-made Boots ?on Sale wholesale at the lowest possible rates. dxc TVylTTCHELL BROTHERS, COLONIAL LVJ. UPPER MANUFACTURERS, No. 34, King Wuxjam-street, Bc«- to acknowledge the extensive patronage hitherto bestowed by the Public upon their MANUFACTORY, and to intimate that the success which has attended their business since its establishment has induced them to increase appliances by the enlargement of then stock of SILKS, ELASTIC, and other materials of the very best quality, and by die addition of improved powerful MACHINES (such as are possessed by no other house in the trade). Trusting that their efforts to meet the increasing demand for Goods in their line wfll be duly appreciated and lead to an extended connection. JOCKEY, RD3ING, and WELLINGTON LEGS on the shortest notice. dxc BRANDON'S SHOE WAREHOUSE, 78, RUNBLE-STBEET, CONTINUATION OF SALE. FURTHER REDUCTION Df THE PRICES. Children's Patent Strap Shoes, lOicL per pair. Ditto Colored Boots, Is. 6d. per pjir. Ladies' Kid Boots, -with Heels and patent Circular Fronts, 4s. Od. per pair. Ladies' Leather Boots, 5s. Cd. per pair. Ladies' Cloth Goloshed Boots, 5s. -kL per pair. BRANDON'S SHOE WAREHOUSE, 7S, ttUNDLE-STREET. Always closed on Saturdays till sundown. dxc JUST OPENING. — EXHIBITION BOOTS.— -A splendid assortmeat of Ladies' Sample Boots. A finer lot of goods have never been imported. They only require to be seen to be appre ciated. At H. B. HART'S, 45, Rundle-street. (S- Observe the address. «SS thstl3 FINE ARTS EXHIBITION, 1865.— The Prize for the best Set of Six Photographic Likenesses was awarded to the Adelaide Photographic Company. The Prize for the Best Colored Photograph was like wise awarded to the Adelaide Photographic Company. dxc REESTONE QUARRY, LITTLE PARA.— White Freestone, of quality unsur passed, and in all dimensions, for Ashlar Work, Quoins, -oorsteps, Window Sills, &c, &c, delivered in Town or Port. Orders promptly attended to. Apply to dxc T. WILLIAMS, Old Spot. NOTICE TO QUARTZ-REEFERS ? Gentlemen interested in Quartz-Crushing can see plans and have estimates of the most Improved Machinery, as supplied by Mr. Joel Horwoodof Bendigo and Inglewood. Apply to Horwood & Ellis, Hindley street. dc EW SEEDS.— NEW SEEDS. EX PRINCE ARTHUR. J. McKHiDY has much pleasure in announcing the arrival of a Choice Assortment of GARDEN and AGRICULTURAL SEEDS, including all the new sorts, and selected with great care from the ?first growers in Europe. ? dx* J. MCKD3DY, 16, Rundle-street. THE ANGLO-AUSTRALIAN GUANO COMPANY (LIMITED). BD2D ISLAND PHOSPHOETIC GUANO. Now landing, ex barque Isabella, £S per ton, bags included, at the Port. Testimonial, &c, on application. Agent for South Australia — H. H. HAUSSEN, 61, Hindley-street and Port. Sub-Agents.— Christen & Co., W. D. WigzelL, G. Cant, Adelaide ; T. W. Cook, Clarendon ; E. Ward, Victor Harbor. dc EWENTZELL, TIMBER MER ? CHANT, begs to ««pi»int. his numerous cus tomers that he has OPENED his new^nd very commo dious PREMISES in FLINDERS STREET, near the Government Offices, and offers to sell a select quantity of Timber, Galvanized Iron, and Wheelwrights' Material for the most moderate prices. Orders will be immediately executed. dc OTEAM MILLS, NORTH ADELAIDE. kJ W. KING, Jcn., in returning thanks for the liberal support he has received since his commence ment in Business', begs to announce that he has com pleted very extensive alterations and additions in IACHINEEY and PREMISES, and having a LARGE and select ASSORTMENT of BUILDING MATE RIALS, is now prepared to execute orders at prices which will defy competition, and give every satisfac tion to purchasers. W. K., jun., begs further to state that he has secured the services of a first-rate CIRCULAR SAWYER, and will undertake TIMBER CUTTING on the usual terms, and upon the shortest notice. All kinds of com crushed. tthsc /GALVANIZED IRON AND ZINC U WORKS, Gawier-place, Adelaide, and Main street, Kapunda. W. F. GRAY has on SALE, and makes to order, BATHS of every sort, TANKS, WATERCARTS, GUTTERS of all shapes, RIDGE CAPS. CHIMNEY COWLS, VENTDLATORS, ZINC TUBING, SASH BARS, &c. Roofing, Verandahs, Church Windows, &&, esti mated for, and carried out well and quickly. Gasfittings carefully attended to. etthxq LONDON AGENCY. — Indents promptly executed on reasonable terms, by thstc EDWARD SPICEE, Currie-street. EMPTY PIPES, HOGSHEADS, *and QUARTER-CASKS for SALE. BIPLEY WEBB & CO., tthsc King AVilliani-street. rpOBACCO.— The finest Negrohead at X 3s.perlb. AT THE SUGAR LOAF, King William-street, MOODY-S. stth24x4 HARROLD BROTHERS, WHOLE SALE tRONMONGEKS, Hindley-street, are desirous of filing the attention of their customers and the public to the extensive shipments of New Goods they are continually receiving, which are carefully selected with a knowledge of the requirements of the Adelaide market by their Messrs. Joseph and Daniel Harrold, and which enables them to offer great advan

tages to purchasers. Advances made on Wool consigned to their London House, 32, Great St. Helen's. thtxc XI7INE CASKS for SALE (Cheap) from TT 120 to 140 Gallons. fttii5x2 SCOTT & LITTLE,'Port Adelaide. UDSON'S EXTRACT OF SOAP.— ONCE USED ALWAYS USED. Superior to all other Washing Preparations. VIRGOE, SON, & CHAPMAN, thtc Sole Agents. ARD PHOTOGRAPHS.— Rev. Win. Taylor, of California. ; Rev. J. Dare, of Geelong ; and many others too numerous to mention; also Frontispieces and Finals for Albums, Price Is. each; per post, Is. 2d. Wholesale and Retail. W. C. RIGBY, Importer. PLEURO-PNEUMONIA.— The MEDI CINE needful to the CCRE of this Malady in Cattle, with directions extracted from Moore's Veteri nary Homoeopathy, sold at E. S. WIGG'S, Homoeo patiiic Dispensary, Rundlc-strect. dxc ]yj|'EDICAL.— Messrs. PERRY & CO., i.» J. Surgeons, from London, may be consulted on all diseases of the Nervous and Sexual systems, irregu larities of female health, and all derangement of func tion in cither sex. Surgery— 163, Rundle-street, cast of the York Hotel. All letters immediately answered without any charge for consultation. Side entrance. Attendance till 8 p.m. The Medical Work ' The Silent Friend' sent through the Post, 3s. «B* Messrs. PERRY will be in ATTENDANCE at the PORT (St. Vincent-street, nearly opposite the new Town Hall), EVERY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, from 4 till 9 p.m., on which evenings then* establish ment in Adelaide will be closed. dxc BRUSHWARE. BRUSHWARE.— ROONEY & SONS', London, Superior Brush ware, of all descriptions, may be had of VIRGOE, SON, & CHAPMAN, Gawier-place, ths73 . Sole Agents for South Australia. HE SCIENCE OF STARCHING,— USE HAEPEE TWELVETREES' SATIN GLAZE STARCH, Which gives a high finish to the Clothes, never sticks to the iron, and is more economical than the ordinary starches, single pound making sixteen pints of strong starch fluid. Ask also for Harper Twelvetrees' Clothes Wringer; Harper Twelvetrocs' Bread and Pastry Powder, Id., 6d., and Is. ; and Harper Twelvetrees' Go- vernment Blacking, id. and Id. ; and Harper Twelve trees* Glycerine Soap Powder, for washing, in Penny Packets, which are in constant demand. Sold by all Storekeepers. the

Drapery and Clothing. TO BUYERS OF DRAPERY. NOTICE. The undersigned being about to Relinquish Business, offer the Whole of their Useful Stock of DRAPERY, amounting to £10,000, at a. GREAT REDUCTION on former Prices. SALE ON FOR FOUR WEEKS ONLY. To Parties Furnishing great inducements are offered, the Stock of PLAIN GOODS being marked decidedly CAEAP. D. CHAPPELL & CO. 54, Rundle-street thstxc ?jVTOTICE. — The undersigned having of late -Li suffered frequent and serious losses from unau thorized persons obtaining Goods in. the naxne of Cus tomers having Credit Accounts, wishes to GIVE NOTICE, that in future Goods will be delivered only to the written orders of such Customers, and not to their Relatives or Servants, without such written authority. JNO. HODGKISS & CO., dxc 26 and 28, Rundle-street. PETER CUMMING & SON to dear off Stock are SELLING AT LOW PRICES. 21, Hindley-street. dxc A DVANCE, ADVANCE, AUSTRALIA. iX R. JURY feels proud to acknowledge that his endeavors to supply me gentlemen of Adelaide with FmST-CLASS CLOTHING, which, for Style and Workmanship, few can equal, but none excel, at the price of London-made Slops, has proved a perfect suc cess, and he will still continue to manufacture them at the following prices : — Superfine Black Coat, any shape ... £2 IS 0 Do. do. Dress Trousers ... 1 8 0 Do. do. Vest ..« ? 0 15 0 Stout Fancy Doe Trousers ? 15 0 Suit of Tweed ? 0 15 0 N.B. — A suit made in six hours' notice. To prevent mistakes, the terms are cash on delivery. R. JURY, dc Opposite Bunn's Exchange, Hindley-street TUST RECEIVED, by Latest Arrivals, «l A CHOICE STOCK of « GENTLEMEN'S BLACK PARIS and other HATS PARAGON SILK UMBRELLAS. RDJtNG and DRIVING GLOVES, including the new PALMBRSTON TAN Gloves. SILK SCARFS of most approved kinds. A. MACGEORGE, Importer and Outfitter, 40, King Wflliam-street NEW GOODS.— The undersigned respectfully call the attention of the TRADE to the following SHIPMENTS, selected with the greatest care from the leading British and Continental Manufactories by their Mr. George Wills, assisted by Mr. R, Martin :— Ex Verukun ? 254 Cases and Bales White Eagle ... 497 do. Amicus ? 185 do. 2Sba ? 494 do. Hindoostan ... 164 do. Harwich ? 283 . do. Overland ... 21 do. 1,898 G. & R. WILLS & CO., Rundle-street, and I, New Basmghall-street, dxc London. Tenders and Contracts. TENDERS will be received by the Under signed, until 3 o'clock on Friday, the 23rd inst, for the Purchase of the OPEN STOCK of undermen tioned Goods. The highest tenderer will be the pur chaser —

Violins and Bows Ladies' Chains ' Gents' Albert ditto Purses Porte Monnaics Hair Brushes Cloth ditto

Wbrkboxes Writing-Desks Fancy Back-Combs Gutta-Percha ditto Playing Cards Fancy Soaps.

d3 S. HART, Importer, Hindley-street I VENDERS will be received by Captain McClelland for CAULKING Ship REINDEER. For further particulars, apply on board. d2 TENDERS will be received up to March 28 for the BOOK DEBTS of Messrs. BAILES and PINNOCK, Bootmakers, Kadina, of which all particulars may be obtained of the Trustees. The highest Tender not necessarily accepted. A. DOWJE, ) Trustees for d6 W. Hi STACY, f the Estate. rpo SHIP OWNERS, COAL COMPA -L ND2S, and OTHERS.— TENDERS for supplying the Wallaroo Smelting Works with Coals, delivered at Wallaroo Jetty, for two years, commencing 1st July, 1S66, will be received at these offices until noon of Monday, the 30th April next. The estimated annual consumption of Coals is 30,000 Tons. No tender to be made for less than 6,000 Tons per annum Contractors will be required to find security for the due fulfilment of their contracts. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will necessarily be accepted. Further particulars may be obtained on application Messrs. GDJCHRIST, WATT, & CO,, Sydney, Messrs. ALFRED WOOLLEY & NEPHEW, ? Melbourne ; or WILLIAM MAIR, Secretary, Adelaide. Wallaroo Mines Offices, Adelaide, February 28, 1866. mtblG Engineer and Architect's Office, Adelaide, March 20 1866. TENDERS for FENCING and ERECT ING VERANDAH, &c, at the COURT-HOUSE and POLICE STATION, GUMERACHA, will be received until noon of Tuesday, April 3, at this office, where Drawings and Specification can be seen. Copies of Drawings and Specification can also be seen at the Court-Housc, Guineracha. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will necessarily be accepted. WM. HANSON, thsttht5x2 Engineer and Architect Engineer and Architect's Office, Adelaide, March 20. 1866. TENDERS will be received until noon of ? April 3, for. Supplying 834 Pieces of SWAN RIVER MAHOGANY, of various sizes, as per Specifi

cation, to be seen at this Office, to be delivered near Troubridge Shoal Lighthouse. W. HANSON, thsttht5x2 Engineer and Architect Produce. BEESWAX. BEESWAX. GUM. GUM. GUM. The Undersigned are Purchasers of Beeswax and Gum in any quantity, at the highest prices for cash, dc A. F. CHRISTEN & CO. HIDES, SHEEPSKINS, SHANK BONES, TALLOW, fcc, PURCHASED by the Undersigned, in Adelaide, or by then- Agent, J. M. Hunt, at Kooringa. dxc W. PEACOCK & SON. Money. MONEY TO LEND.— The Trustees of the Duke of York Lodge have £100 to Lend on Freehold Security, at 10 per cent Address J. Wilkins, Duke of York Lodge, Globe Hotel, Port Adelaide. d6 MONEY TO LEND. J. E. MOULDEN, dq 94, King WiUiam-street, kAeUifa MONEY TO LEND. Property brought under the Real Property Act Mortgages, Leases, and Transfers drawn up. W. M. LETCHFORD, Licensed Land Broker, Waternouse'a-buildingB. N.B. — Charges as allowed by the Act dxc MONEY TO LEND, at Current Rates, on Freehold Securities. Land Agency and Land Brokers' Business transacted by G. W. COTTON, Waterhouse's-buihbngs, King WiUiam-street, Adelaide. ? dxc MONEY LENT ON MORTGAGE. LOANS NEGOTIATED. GREEN & WADHAM, dxc Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security. LAND BOUGHT and LEASED with Right of Purchase. LAND BROUGHT under the Real Pro perty Act. MORTGAGES, LEASES, and TRANSFERS effected. JAMES CUMMING, Licensed Land Broker, Temple Chambers tthsc 20, Currie-street CITY LOAN AND DISCOUNT COM PANY, 71, King William-street, opposite White's Rooms.— MONEY ADVANCED in sums of £5 and upwards on approved Personal or other Security, tthsq G. M. GALLEY, Agent

Public Notices. ST. MARY'S SCHOOL-ROOM AND INSTITUTE.— A PUBLIC TEA MEETING and LECTURE by the Rev. S. Gbeen, subject: 'The Caudle Lectures,' will be given in tne above room on Thursday, March 22, at 6 o'clock. * Tickets, Is. 6d., to be had of the Churchwardens, Mrs. Fyffe, and Messrs. Platts & Mullett, Adelaide. del NOTICE is hereby given that the PART NERSHIP heretofore existing between Messrs.   G. and E. HAMILTON, Civil Engineers and Archi- tects, is this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent, in consequence of Mr. G. E. Hamilton having been ap pointed Engineer for the Government to the Strath- albyn and Middleton Railway. G. E. HAMILTON, E. A. HAMILTON.   MR. E. A. HAMILTON having joined the Firm of WRIGHT & WOODS, Architects, the   Business will henceforward be carried on tinder the style of Wright, Woods, & Hamilton, Architects, Surveyors, and Civil Engineers, EDMUND W. WRIGHT. EDWARD J. WOODS. E. A. HAMILTON. Offices — Imperial Chambers, A«1p|g.i-te March 20, 1866. dc ALL CLAIMS against the HARBOR IMPROVEMENT COMMISSION must be for warded to the undersigned on or before Tuesday, 27th instant, or they will not be recognised. J. ENGLAND, JUN., Chairman. Government Offices, March 20, 1866. thst3 DR. FRANKIS.— All Persons who have OPEN ACCOUNTS with Dr. Frankis are re quested to PAY the respective sums due to the under signed, who is empowered to receive and adjust the same. H. W. PARKER, tths6x2 _ King WiUiam-street NOTICE.— All persons having CLAIMS against the ESTATE of EDWARD BUR GOYNE, of Port' Augusta, Tailor and Draper, are requested to send in particulars of same to McArthur, Kingsborough, & Co., Pirie-street, Adelaide, on or before the 5th day of April, 1866, upon which date a First Dividend in this Estate will be paid by them. thfw3x2 M. KINSBOROUGH, Sole Trustee. NOTICE. — All Persons having CLAIMS against the ESTATE of W. BROWNING, of Gawler, Storekeeper, are requested to send in then Accounts to WpQurw McArthur, Kingsborough, & Co., Pirie-street, Adelaide, on or before the 31st instant Persons indebted to this Sstate are hereby informed that their AffffOBritw must he paid witiun one month from this date either to Mr. Frederick G. Burton, Gawler ; or McArthnr, Singsborough, & Co., A«i«»-1ai«lo - after which legal proceedings wilTbe taken for their recovery. M. KINGSBOROUGH, Sole Trustee. March2L,1866. thst3x2 NOTICE. — All DEBTS due to the late Mrs. KINSMAN, of Mttcham, must be paid to Thos. Playford, Junior, of the Fourth Creek, on or before the 21st April, 1866, to whom all accounts due by the same are to be sent for payments. THOS. PLAYFORD, d2xl Chairman of Executors. NOTICE. — All persons having Claims on the undersigned will meet at the Sir John Franklin Hotel^at iropnnfliiJ on Friday, March 23, at 11 a.m. JAS. JONES. d4 ROBERT SWANN. BURRA BURRA MINES.— SURVEY DAY. ? Notice is hereby given that the PUBLIC SURVEY will be held as usual at the above Mines, on Thursday, the 29th instant, at 12 o'clock noon, when a number of Tutwork Bargains and Tribute Pitches will be offered. The 'Take' to expire on the 31st day of May, 1866. HENRY AYERS, Secretary. South Australian Mr^faff Association, ? Adelaide, March 14, 1866. ? d!3 Education. COMMERCIAL & MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. (Late Rev. J. LyaU'u Church.) Gouges-street, keab Victoria-square. Studies. — Plain and Ornamental Writing ; Mechanical, Figure, and landscape Drawing; Arithmetic, Book-keeping, and MpnRnratiAn ; Algebra «md Georofitxy, Mapping, and Coloring. Special Classes for Latin and German. Terms (not including T^i^'i^ and German) — Two Guineas per quarter. we Amusements. CATHOLIC YOUNG MEN'S SOCIETY PICNIC. The GRAND ANNUAL PICNIC in connection with the above Society, will take place on EASTER MONDAY, at the STURT, in a, beautiful paddock kindly given for the occasion, by W. H. Trimmer, Esq. The Committee have prepared a most extensive list of ayrwfiftnipnt*'j containing Cricketing, Dancing, Foot and Sack Racing, &c The CATHOLIC BAND will be in attendance during the day, and also a celebrated IRISH PIPER. The Procession will start from the Cathedral, Vic toria-square, at 10 o'clock a.m. punctually. Conveyance tickets, to and from, 4s. each. Do. do. do., 10 years and under, 2s. 6d. each. Luncheon Tickets, Is. 6d, each, which can be had from the following gentlemen: — Messrs. J. W. Egan, Munune, McMuUen, Lonergan, Lynch, J. O'Brien, T. Morrissey, * McCormack, HcCullagh, Nichols, McGee, Shinners, M. Shannon, P. Macnamee, M. Walsh, Chard, andMeara. N.B. — As the number is limited, early application is necessary. Iths9x3 T. LONERGAN, Hon. Secretary. EAST ADELAIDE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, TIVOLI HOTEL. Every Monday and Thursday evening, SOD2.EE DANSANTE. Admission, 2s. Cd. mthc J. SCHIRMER, Proprietor. Public Companies. THE BANK OF ADELAIDE.— NOTICE is hereby given that a Second CALL of Ten Shillings (10s.) per Share on the Capital Stock of the Company has this day been made by the Board of Directors, and that the same is to be paid at the offices of the Bank of ftdflaide, Grcsham-Chambers, King William-street, Adelaide, on or before Saturday, the thirty-first day of March next Shareholders are requested to observe that, by clause C3 of the Deed of Settlement, all Calls re maining unpaid after the above date will then become subject to a charge for interest, at the rate of twelve and a half per cent per annum. By order of the Board, JOHN SOUTTAR, Manager. Adelaide, 21st February, 1866. dxc HE BANK OF ADELAIDE. (Incorporated by Act of Parliament). Capital— One Quarter of a Million in 50,000 Shares of £5 each. Directors: The Hon. Henry Ayers, M.L.C., Chairman. George P. Harris, Esq. Robt B. Smith, Esq. Hon.T.Magarey,M.L.C. T. G. Waterhouse, Esq., J.P. Head Office: Gresham Chambers, *r»'g WiUiam-street, Adelaide. John Souttar, Manager. Henry Stodart, Accountant The Capital Stock of the Bank is divided amongst nearly Two Thousand Proprietors, who are severally liable to TWICE the amount of the shares held by them. Agents: In London— The Union Bank of London. In Victoria— The Colonial Bank of Australasia. In New South Wales- The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney. The Bank grant drafts ou Great Britain and the OTHER COLONIES, and negotiate or collect BILLS payable there. They will also be prepared to grant CASH CREDITS on approved guarantee, to undertake the conduct of current accounts, and generally to carry on all BANKING BUSINESS, including the ALLOWANCE OF INTEREST ON FIXED DEPOSITS. Directors will attend for the discounting of bills every day except Saturday. Rates of Discount : On bills, with not more than 95 days to run, S per cent On bills over 95 days, 10 per cent JOHN SOUTTAR, Manager. Adelaide, November 30, 1865. . dxc

fieligious Notices. ST. ANDREWS CHURCH.— The ANNIVERSARY SERVICES will be held on Sunday, March 25, when the Rev. W. Habcus will preach at 11 a.m. ; the Rev. W. C. Cox at 2.30 ; and the Rev. J. Ltall in the Evening, at 6.30. A TEA MEETING will be held on Tuesday, March 27, at 6 p.m., and at 7 a PUBLIC MEETING, when the Rev. A. R. Russell will deliver a Lecture on 'Pictures from the Gospel Story,' and various Ministers will address the Meeting. Collections after each Service. Tickets can be had from Mr. Johnstone, Currie-street tthEJ THE APOCALYPSE REVEALED.— ON Sunday evening next, in the NEW JERU SALEM CHURCH, Carrington-street, Mr. E. G. DAY will deliver a LECTURE upon the Spiritual meaning of affiiring the Seal of God upon the foreheads of the 144,000 selected from the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Service to commence at half-past 6. N.B. — A Public Meeting for reading the writings of Swedenborg will be held every Friday eveningas above at half-past 7. d2 Professional and Trade Addresses. O H N S E W E L L , Shipping, Customs, and General Commission Agent. Office, Goolwa, dxq OPECIAL NOTICE. A CARD. THOMAS FUTCHER (Late of 22, Rundle-street), has Removed to Old City Market, Pirie-street, between Town Hall and Wesleyan ChapeL d* FE WHITE, GALVANIZED EBON WORKER. Grenfell-street, opposite Messrs. Elder & Co.'a. dc GS. PRICE, ACCOUNTANT, * No. 11, Kara Wujjah-sebeet. dc HENRY NOLTENIUS, Wine and Spibit Mebchant, Gilbert-place, AdplaMy. -Jc JOHN STUART SANDERS & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, CLUBHOUSE-LANE, HINDLEY-STREET. dc JAMES CUMMING, ARCHITECT and SURVEYOR, Temple Chambers, 20, Currie-street, KAti^Se, tthsc MP E I R E R S , . PAINTER, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, AND PAPERHANGER, Brown-street, Adelaide. N.B. — Paper hung at Is. per piece. tthsc E N N E T T & BAR TON (Late Schumacher), Licensed Land Brokers, Auctioneers, Land, Loan, and Commission Agents, Pirie-street (near Union Bank), Adpiflj^ - and Main-street, Kapunda. dxc A CARD.— Dr. HORTONwffl REMOVE to ANGASTON on or before the 31st instant dxc BEAN, BROTHERS, TANNERS, CURRIERS, and Importers. MANUFAC TURERS of BOOT LEGS and UPPERS of every description. 25, Ifing WiUiam-street, Adelaide. Tannery, Torrensside, near Hin«lfnn.rBTi. d78xq nr a. wight & co. u . (LateMb.ThoiubGsa.ves}, GROCERS, &a, 130, HlNDLEr-STREET. dxc VITELLIAM BACK, AUCTIONEER, TT VALUATOR, and GENERAL AGENT, Green's Exchange. dx j MR. CHARLES PUTTMANN, Teacher of Music. Lessons given on the Pianoforte and Violin, as also n Singing. Address 214, Tavistock-buudings, Rundle-street dc LASHER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER, 15 and 37, Bundle-street, Adelaide. dxq Insolvency, Notices. Pr THE COURT OF INSOLVENCY, South Australia.— WHEREAS adjudications in Insolvency have been made against the undermentioned persons : Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner has appointed the following days for Meetings in the un dermentioned estates to be held at the Court of Insol vency, Victoria-square, Adelaide ; at the first of which meetings the Insolvent is required to surrender and make disclosures of his estate and effects, and the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and vote in the choice of an Assignee or Assignees, and at the last sitting the Insolvent is to finish his ^Yninitin tion: — THOMAS ANDREWARTHA, of Adand-street, Adelaide, Wood Turner, on Friday, the sixteenth, day of February, and on Monday, the nineteenth day of March, at eleven o'clock. JOHN CHARLES PRESGRAVE, of Adelaide, Surveyor, on Monday, the nineteenth day of February, and on Tuesday, the twentieth day of March, at eleven o'clock. THOMAS SELLAR, of Stepney, near Adelaide, Shoemaker, on Monday, the nineteenth day of Feb ruary, and on Tuesday, the twentieth day of March, at twelve o'clock. ? ftTtttftWAM WOOLLEY, of Norwood, Butcher, on Tuesday, the twentieth day of February, and on Friday, the twenty-third day of March, at eleven o'clock. BETHNEL CRAZE, of Kensington, Laborer, on Friday, the twenty-third day of February, and on Monday, the twenty-sixth day of March, at eleven o'clock. ? WILLIAM FISHER, late of Kadina, Bank Manager, but now out of business, on Friday, second day of March, and on Friday, sixth day of April, at three o'clock. JAMES BAKFD2LD TAYLOR, of Manoora, Farmer and Butcher, on Tuesday, sixth day of March, and on Monday, ninth day of April, at eleven o'clock. LAWRENCE RICKKERS, of WallarooBay, Butcher, on Monday, the twelfth day of March, and on Monday, the ninth day of April, at twelve o'clock. THOMAS CHARTRES, of AUendale, Storekeeper, on Monday, the twelfth day of March, and on Monday, the ninth day of April, at two o'clock. WILLIAM BRAY, of Wallaroo, General Dealer, on Monday, the twelfth day of March, at eleven o'clock, and on Tuesday, the tenth day of April, at twelve o'clock. JOHN BARN HARRISON, of Adelaide, Brewer, on Tuesday, the .ninth day of March, and on Tuesday, the tenth day of April, at eleven o'clock. ANTHONY INGLIS, of Port Augusta, Butcher and Baker, on Tuesday, the thirteenth day of March, and on Tuesday, the tenth day of April, at eleven o'clock. ISAIAH REID, and JOHN BURN HARRISON, of Adelaide, Brewers, trading under the style or firm of L Reid & Co., on Friday, the ninth day of March, and on Tuesday, the tenth day of April, at eleven o'clock. ? ELISHA MANUEL, the younger, of Stockport, Butcher, on Tuesday, the thirteenth day of March, and on Tuesday, the tenth day of April, at two o'clock. JAMES WOOD, of Spring Garden, Mount Barker, Farmer, on Monday, the twelfth day of March, and on Monday, the ninth day of April, at eleven o'clock. JOHN GRAY, of Rundle-street, Adelaide, Butcher, on Monday, the nineteenth day of March, and on Mon day, the sixteenth day of April, at twelve o'clock. DUNCAN MeCORQUniDALE, late of near Wood side, Farmer, on Tuesday, the twentieth day of March, and on Tuesday, the seventeenth day of April, at eleven o'clock. THEODOR HOLZBERGER, late of Lobethal, Butcher, but now of Adelaide, out of business, on Tuesday, the twentieth day of March, and on Tuesday, the seventieth day of .April, at twelve o'clock. JOHN EMHi SCHLINKE, late of Adelaide, Mer chants' Clerk, on Monday, the twenty-sixth day of March, and on Monday, the twenty-third day of April, at eleven o'clock. ROBERT TEMPLE POOLE, late of WDlaston, near Gawler, Licensed Victualler. Final him ring On Monday, the twenty-sixth day of March, at twelve o'clock. ? ? JAMES ANDREW TREHANE LAKE, formerly of the Eastern Plains, near the Barrier Ranges, Sheep Fanner, on Tuesday the twenty-seventh day of March, and on Tuesday, the twenty-fourth day of April, at eleven o'clock.1866 Insolv HENRY SMITH, of Port Augusta, Licensed Vic tualler, on Tuesday, the twenty-seventh day of March, and on Tuesday, the twenty-fourth day of April, at eleven o'clock. ? MARY HARRIETT SMYTHE, of the Goolwa, Widow, on Tuesday, the twenty -seventh day of March, and on Tuesday, the twenty-fourth day of April, at eleven o'clock. JOHN CHERRY, Official Assignee. March 21, 186G. thxc COPYING PRESSES. Letter Books Damping Brushes, &c, kc Account Books, a huge assortment, at very moderate prices Writing Papers, Brief Papers, Envelopes, and every Article in the Trade at unusually low prices. JOHN HOWELL, 4, Bundle-street

Land and House Property. GREEN & WAD HAM'S NEXT MONTHLY LAND AUCTION SALE will be held in the LAND MAST ON FRIDAY, 6m APRIL, 1866. Particulars of Properties intended for this Auction are requested to be forwarded on or before the 22nd March, I860. GREEN & WADHAM, LAND AGENTS, AND LAND AUCTIONEERS. LANDED PROPERTIES VALUED. LANDED PROPERTIES SURVEYED. PLANS Furnished and TOWNSHIPS LAID OUT. Plans of Townships, Hundreds, &c, &c, throughout the COLONY alwavs open for inspection. ^^ HOUSES, STORES, LANDS, SECTIONS, kc, LET ob LEASED, EXCHANGE LAND MART, And Land Offices, King WiUiam-street LAND, LOAN, AND GENERAL COMMISSION OFFICES. GOVERNMENT ) Pnrchasedin accordance with the SECTIONS. ( Sftnl??Jns-?f P'*'* absent ) from Arioiaarto GOVERNMENT 1 Purchased and Let on Lease with SECTIONS. f Right of Purchase. dxc - GREEN & WADHAM, Land Agents. ?jITUDLA WDEtRA.— Fina Block of Agri XVJL cultural Land to be LET or S-»LD, comprising in all 728 Acres, Fenced, with Well of First-rate Water. G. W. COTTON,' Adelaide ; or dxc Mr. SAWLE, Roseworthy. BURNSIDE.— TO be SOLD, Good Family HOUSE, with various requisite Buildings t tached, and 20 Acres of Land. G. W. COTTON, dxc King WiUiam-street, Adelaide. npEMPLE CHAMBERS.— A large front -L OFFICE to be LET. Apply to Whvte.CounseU, and Co. dc LENELG.— TO be LET, Famished] a. Five-roomed COTTAGE, conveniently situated, with a Well of Good Water. Apply to Mr. Hitchcox, P.O., Bay ; or at 5, Bundle-street dc FARM FOR SALE CHEAP.— 170 Acres Arable Land, Section Nos. 1398 and 1399 on Chauncy's line of road, seven miles from Mount Barker. Dwelling-houses, Stock-yards, &c, complete for carrying on operations. ? Apply to S. J. WAY, King William-street, AA^UiA^ - or to W, T. DALWOOD, Exchange. dc rpO BE LET, in die best part of Rundle -L street, a good SHOP and Dwelling-house. Enquire of J. T. Fitch, Rundle-street dc FOR SALE — DELAMERE, Mitr-ham, the residence of J. H. Browne, Esq., to whom application can be made. dc FOR SALE or to be LET, die FAR BIERS' ARMS INN, STURT, with four acres of good Land, and a well of good Water. Terms moderate. Apply on the premises to T. J. Wright. ? ? 3& FOR SALE, in the pleasantest part of North Adelaide, a HOUSE of Five Booms together with lnta-h™, Bath-room, and Cellar. Apply to Mr. PILGRIM, late Barringer's Store, Cume-street stthc TO BE LET, in the best part of WARD STREET, North Adelaide, a comfortable FAMILY RESIDENCE of Eight Rooms ; rent mode rate. Appiy to L SIMMONS & Co., Beehive, tths6 King William aim Bundle Streets. rpO BE LET. — Two SUITES, each con _1_ taining Three Booms, adapted for Solicitors and Merchants. Abo, the largest Shop in tiie premises now building, situate near the Post-Office, King William-street) Adelaide. Apply to PETER G. WATtB.TR, House and Land Agent, Clark's Buildings, Hindley-street, Adelaide. thstc TO be LET or SOLD, a Large Roomy HOUSE, comer of the Park Lands and the Walkerville-road. There is a. Stable and a, fenced-in Paddock. SANDFORD & KEPERT, wsc Temple Chambers, Currie-street , FOR SALE, a HOUSE in Norwood, of Five Rooms. Well of Water. About half of the purchase-money can remain at interest Apply to ? F. VEYSEY, Land, House, and Money Agent, d3 Clark's Buildings. 0 BE LET, a FURNISHED BED ROOM, with Fireplace in it. Apply at the office of this paper. d3 Hotels, Boarding-Houses, &c. rpEMPLE CAFE SHADES. J. Pbopbibtob— W. H. GIBSON. Mr. W. H. GIBSON begs to inform the Public that be has now OPENED the SHADES under the Cafe as a SECOND-CLASS RESTAURANT, and wfll supply the Public at tiie undermentioned prices : — Soups, per plate ? 4d. Joints, per plate ? ... 8d. Made Dishes, per plate ? 6d. Cold Meats ? 6d. Vegetables ? 2d. Slice of Bread ? Id. Sweets, per plate ? 3d. Cup of Tea or Coffee ? - ...3d. Slice of Bread and Butter ? 2d. Ham and Eggs ? ?. ? Is. Boiled Eggs ? 4d. Chop or Steak ? 8d. 66- Hot Baked Potatoes every night from 8 to 12. d6 Lost and Found. LOST or STOLEN, A SteeUGrey MARE, apparently in FoaL Branded HS over MS near shoulder. Had square bfll on neck, and was shod all round when last seen. One Pound wUl be paid for information as to her whereabouts. Two Pounds Ten Shillings for her delivery, or Five Pounds on conviction of the thief, if Stolen. Apply to Michael Smith, Wai Idxoo M^p***. clc Wanted, rpo THE MEDICAL PROFESSION.— -L APPLICATIONSVni be received from Legally Qualified MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS for attending the Members of the LOYAL TEMPLE OF PEACE LODGE, M.U., at Glenelg. The Lodge averages 80 Uenibers. A ?^^*n^Apt Suxseou preferred. A^^rf*w H. Measday, Secretary. thate PARTNER WANTED WITH £3(HK Any Person having the above sum at command, possessed of colonial Commercial Experience may meet with a. first-rate chance in joining the Advertiser in a. very lucrative Manufacturing Business, now in full working. Money not so much an object as an active person.' For further particulars apply to H., care of Mr. C. Banbury, Business Broker, Angas-street thst3 ANTED, as Articled Reporter, a well educated, respectable Youth, about 16 years of age. Apply, by letter, to the Editor of this paper, stating residence, where educated, present occupation, &c ? dc BOY WANTED, to Drive a Baker's Cart. Apply to William Holdsworth, Norwood. d2 ANTED, a Sharp LAD as RUNNER for the EXPRESS for Kensington. Apply . immediately. ? WANTED, immediately, a FELL MONGER. T. Orchard, Kapunda. dc WANTED, a good WHEELWRIGHT. Apply to P. MuUany, Pulteney-street dl ANTED, Five CARPENTERS and JOINERS. None but good hands need apply. Highest rate of wages given, dc CHARLES FABR, Franklin-street. T OADING WANTED, for STRATH M-A ALBYN and Intermediate places; also to AUBURN, CLARE, and places on the road at the cheapest rates. Apply at the Young Queen, Freeman, street, Adelaide, d*