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Electors Cleared Swing

Says Mibus The electors of Borung had endorsed his action in swinging from the Country Party   to the Liberal and Country Party. This was stated by Mr. W. J. Mibus, M.L.A., who was re-elected to represent   Borung at the State election on Friday.  

He was commenting on the election in which the C.P. can- didate, Mr. R. Levitzke, unsuc- cessfully contested his seat.   By re-electing him, the people had not only shown faith in him, but had supported his action in     swinging to the L.C.P., added Mr. Mibus. Last year Mr. Mibus crossed   from the Country Party to the   newly-formed Liberal and Coun-   try Party. He was one of the       prime movers in the formation of   this new party. After the swing, the Country         Party ad branded Mr. Mibus as   a "rebel." However, her replied     that at the election the people   could be the judges of his action   in joining the new party. NO APOLOGY   During the election, Mr. Mi- bus told the electors that he   made no apology for the step he had taken. He had swung to the new party in a sincere attempt to bring about a united anti-Social;ist party in this State. He added that the L.C.P. em-   bodied the best ideals of the Coun-. try and Liberal Parties. At that time he could see nothing to stop a sensible merger between the two parties. Mr. Mibus said that he had been pleased with this election more       than any other. "There were big issues involved and I was more pleased to win this than any other election," said Mr. Mibus.           "The people have judged my     action and they have completlely vindicated me," he added.   Mr. Mibus stressed that it was important for the Country Party to support the Government in its attempt to provide a stable Gov- ernment for Victoria.       He added that this could be     achieved by the C.P. merging with the Government or by sitting on the corner benches and support- ing the Government's legislation.   Mr. Mibus had emphasised dur-   ing the election campaign that it had only been a clash of person- alities that had prevented a mer- ger of the two parties before. Commenting on the election in Borung, Mr. Mibus said that there had been a definite swing towards him in many of the Country Party strongholds of the electorate. He referred particularly to Wat- chem where the polling was 97 to 102 in his favour. In other strong C.P. areas like Minyip, the votes   were 227 to 285 in Mr. Mibus' favour. Mr. Mibus thanked all his sup-   porters and campaign workers.   The poll will not be declared until after the absentee votes are counted. CORNER PARTY It has been stated in Mel- bourne that the C.P. will sit in the new Parliament as an inde- pendent corner party and will support the L.C.P. Government. It is understood in State politi- cal circles that there will be no composite Government. The Premier (Mr. Hollway) has

announced that the Government   will meet the House next month, whatever the circumstances. It would make no difference,     even if in the final counting that     Labor became the largest party. Mr. Holloway said that as Pre-   mier, he had a commission and would have to relinquish it volun-       tarily or have it taken from him.   "I certainly do not intend to give it up," he added. Mr. Lind (CP., Gippsland East) has been mentioned as Speaker in the new Parliament. However, members of the Cabinet are ex- pected to be selected by the Par- liamentary L.C.P. on Tuesday. It is possible that they will be   chosen by a secret ballot of mem- bers instead of by Mr. Holloway. The Premier is reported to favor this procedure which was adopted after the 1947 elections. The port- folios will, however, be allotted     by the Premier.   Mr. Holloway is certain to be elected as leader.         A vacancy has been caused in   Cabinet by the defeat of the Lands Minister (Mr. Guthrie), who has   lost Ripon to the Labor candidate   Mr. Morton.