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Electors Cleared Swing

Says Mibus The electors of Borung had endors~h4hi action in swinging from the Country lP rty to the Liberal and Country Party. This was stated by Mr. W. J. Mibus, i M.L.A., who was re-elected .to: -present Borung at the State election on iS irday.

He was commenting on the election in which the C.P. cani didate, Mr. R. Levitzkel unscii cessfully contested his seat. i -By re-electing himl, the: people lad not only..hown-i aith:in hiin B -ut hlakl supported .his . tition .in swinging to. the L..CP., a'dde~ Mr."t Lat 'yeai :M.[i ?.Mlibu i crossed, iroln, the _Cotuntr - -Party-' to the icewlv-formined Z rliberal 'and Coui try PaI'arty V He i di was -.:,one of- tihe. primne mo~ve s ini tthc :f171cittion of this new piirty. .: fter ti":t i swii g".; tle :,bouni, tiy: I'arty. la d -brandeid ?Mr. Mibus. us: `'. 'el,,i:.'s' ,"l Jonver; :h1 'iei ireplied .hi it ;-it 'lin. 'electioii; thel .people -:ou ;ldbe thie .jt idges of his, action. a ljiniair the new puiLtv. NO ::APOLOGY :'.. .During the eleetion;Mi Mi .ntus told 'ti?e electors ? it:hat he md'einoYiapology: for tlj step .he d takeni t liis tte. , -, He added that the I Cb.. e?t icdicd li beati ideals:of the Coin. try: aa 'Liberiit 'Partie.s': :fit :i;it? " p.le . A te.. ?....s r otteei . li-et , -Mr. i"+[bus, said thoatitelaheen lilsi Cd to;w iji tn oli et9li iitore tinil aiui- other .l'. plie'retivere bini isises uýtvold 'aind I -ias anmore pleasedtol iin;ithis' thiani 'iy iotlier blection,' s aid :Mri bl " ik : Mn " Phl, pIeople have- ud ed my ietion" andil, they hmave etiiplete]v vindicatdi me" ,? ie added --[r. Mibi.s st~ressed tlht' it w-as. iunpor'ant for the CouIul Partit to support the- Governmeint in .its attempt to provide .a -st4iijle Gov' erniient for Victoria. _ . - He, added - tliat thi ,coii nld lie ichieved by the C.P; iierging with the, Government or by? sitting oil thee corner bcnclhes anid support Ii' thle Go 'erriinent's legislation. - -i. Miblis had emphasised dur ing the election eainpaign'l that it, had oiilhv been a, clash of. person, alities lthat. had preveinted- a .mnier: ger of :the two parties before: Commenting on the eleetiodi in Borntig. Mr. Mibus said tIitit thero had 'been a:deaiiite siing,:towards 1 hui in many of the Country Party strongliolds of the, eleetorate., lHe referied partictilari< to. Vat cheni wliere the. polling was 97. to. I02, in his favoir.. Ii-oth~or:strong: ..P, .areas - like M:invip; tlie ..votes were 227. to. 285 in MNiblis' 'fi?ior. • Mr. Mibus thanlked ?ill .his ip porters ":aid -campaign :wirkers . :.The poll, ivill. not" be; ideclared until :after the.tabsentee i;otes are counted. CORNER PARTY It has been stated in Mel bourne that the C.P. will sit in the new Parliament as an inde pendent corner party and will support the L.C.P.' Government. It is understood in State politi cal circles that there will be- no composite Governimenit. The Premier (Mr. Hollway) has

an•iouiiced tlhtt thieL" 'o? ernmimit alin meet the House. net month; whatever: tlie. circuinistinces. I?.t would mlake: n no .: difference, evi n :if: inl the' final 0c0uri ng thlat Saboi'r becameai the' larest nrtv ir 'iHo?1yt ll sa-id 'that as Pre men,. .erhe had a conmsutssion and ) in ld ':havie ° to :'.eliquilis it volun i iril; oi' :have? it tdaken from him. 1 ceirtinly do! not iltendi to give it up" ".hie idded. 'r·. Lind d(CP., Gippslaud East) Ias-Ubeeni nenitioned 'as Speaker in the., ne; Parliameint -However. members ofai the Qabinet 'are ex pected .to be selected:by tihe Par iiiemnntryv L C.P.1 o.n~ferusday. It is pussible th it they -will be chose li.byv a- secret -billot ;of mnem bcikS insteiad of'l j~ ir Hollivay. 'he ieniierm is repoirted io 'favor tliis proc'edureo w.hich' was adopted a ter. thfl7947' eldctiomis. The port folios " dill, - however, Ae.: allotted iy theJ Premaier. ,,.., .iMr?:? Holb??~ai : cei?faii" to? be clucted ti- leader.:: ; , : " `rom A caanucy hhs beeii 'eaai.d ind ICabinetly the; defeatof _' he Lands liniiitet r :'(I Guthie) -Whb has lost :lipo?? to the l aboi; etididite, Mrr. ooriton.