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For Christmas Shopping Rush Today is the last Friday before Christmas and Horsham shops are prepared for a buying spree compar able to the one expected next Thurs day.

:All the bunting and tinsel is up and it will bhe a' strong willed person w?ho can walk down Fii'ebrace Street with lings. out spending a few shil ,If anyone does it will pro hably he because he has not got any shillings to spare. Few have these days, but thle 195 Christmas' prices have been reduced to meet the circumstances. Ejqch day during the wbVek, the crowds in the Hor sl4am shopping centre have len . growing and ":tolday should he a bumper. Suitable Christmas gifts are in plentiful supply and the children are perhaps even better catered for than dad or mum. During a walk down Fire brace Street yesterday aI "Times" rqporter saw that Santa Claus wa. everywhere I to welcome the Christmas shopper. In some cases he

\yas alive and being bom barded with requlests and questions by the coming gen. cratlon. Parents and fond reli tives will he pleased to find that no longer do they have to pay exhorbltant prices for fragile junk in the way o: toys. Jet Bombers lastiles at -e Ihe big thing of lii day andl are the , materials used to miake it big percenitage of the toys. Pl'astic toys range from a scale modell of lhe S.S. United.. States, for fl/l, dowin to llIs' fflgir anad jet homlbers. The accent, in toys, Is on the jet age material, neces sories every "space travel lert"' sholtd he equipped with. The toy manufactrerll have excelled themselves this year and we have auch things on the market its a fighter plane that fires roc kets and it police car com plete with siren. One store manager said that the people seemed to be coming In earlier this year although the rush had not reached Its peak by any means. He sa'd the choice among the adults tended towards utility presents rather than the purely gift type. How ever the kn'ek tknacks wvere selling well. A cosmetician in i city chemist shop said the main choice among the women seemed, to he face powders and talcun\ powders. The demand in Chrlettnas cards is for the medium priced type. Both quality and variety In cards is good.