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DULDIG BROS. 21 Stawell Road, Horsham. Phone 832 Rich in beefy goodness for A rr t t. A IIrIal en fluavour treat. MnggV".,i I3,uillun Cubes ;rdd ltrulling tiew flavour Rnli aurcbin to everyday dtshrs ?r' :.- :1t1 ii u' them in stIoups, "- ;ý. r Lai rlh 'Ows , :c?, ,as roles and1 dozta.i of Other dishes. ''ry them i to-day-yoaull be tdllghtedl. for better 1tk, soups . n and better aac ' gravy SNOW! Chrisuats without money is worse than Christmas puddinig without fruit. But why go without? A small sum paid into a Commonwealth Savings Bank account each pay clay between now and Christmnas will citable you to buy Christmas gifts and play Santa Claus without feeling the pinch. Steady Saving now will also provide 6oti with a reserve of cash to tide you over the festive season. For a brighter, merrier Christmas, start saving now with an account in the, ' toNWEALTflr THERE'S A BRANCH OR AGENCY IN YOUR DISTRICT C.S.I.. isO.i as nothing can equr il ' Ti vll e fSi ' so . •a nolitD.

S. &:M.,TIPPETT.. 'Findei'a1:Directors 27-29 PYNFENT ST. t (Oppouf Pire 8tation) DAY OR NIGHT. Fmnerals Conducted In any Part of State. Cremitions Arranged.

• .. .-•, Auger - T)?e COMMANDO Wheat Auger r. , ' r can deal with 40 to 50 tons of grain an hours handled easily by one mans- No costly bags, no stowing or sticking, no wastage from torn bags. The COMMANDO Side Delivery' BUNCLE'S " `'-'Header Trailer. Embodies every re .quirement for com pletely trouble - free handling of grain. The r Commiando with block free side delivery; anrd iynchronised handl ing, supersedes all other methods. ' Handling " Si?e delivery by means of a short itbuilt auger; (with NO overhang) :driven by. your COMM'ANDO Wheat Auger by a: quickly tftached .drive shaft with universal cou?- Higher speed, " ling's. One engine does the w'hiole job. Smoother flow. S45 Slopes - Even oats will flow freely. Starts easil SEqual ad - The inbuilt delivery 'auger under load :allbws balancb d construction, and equal load on each. wheel, Capacity -?40 ba's;. only 5' 5" overall ' he1ght; allowing gravity feed from.many h a?grs.. L " . SBaging - Double ou[lets: will bag the BUNCLES intire 'contents of the trailer. ,'; ",", u" . ".COM M ANDO '•WHEAT Th ': 9MM -DO Side delivery Field l Oll AGER Capacify - 200 * Rubber-tyred transport and 3/4} H.P. COMMANDO air bs 6cled engine., bags 9 6 high,. * Spedal .clutch for easy tarting. , .r. =' . 8 wide, k 14 Ingine Is in . fixed position and always low-down; iven g. I'.. .,when iuger is ;fully elevatedd SSide delivery from " Mobtile units supplied up to';.31 feet '-;, ., oth sides . ith eas. y tow ring and skid on detachable Feeder Hopper.' access for ,the COMMANDO obile Wheat Distributors: AV?r." -.'Stepe "-t + ossibl. i . 'a+. ,' ...., r.M H AU ' :i' " ;. ' ' LT p'raneidal lottom: Bagging attachmens each . side a r, entry outside ad inside. itr' a 545 Littltt ollins Stiet, Melbourne. MU 861 1 SSouthiAustria: 90i Currie Sfreet, Adelaide LA 1411 The C MMANDO Vertical (Silo. Auger;'. West Aostralia: 115 'St. Ge`' Terrce, ,Perth; 'B 9271 Specially desinried spiial to -' - -i , Plehe supply me, full partculars of:- ." ,a achieve -'m'aximnum ol 'output i ' - I' (Patents applied for) ifts . ... " S . vertically over 0tons er :IAME.:: ...:-: h.o'i· r with suitable motor. "ADESs : .. • . ' " Su c o MAD SYSTEM ,, the CHEAPEST COMPLETE " WUIPMENT,' available. S- il an empie any. sildur ith sutabl motor A" i"DRJa/ES 0