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ri CALLiALG ,..R KEEN WO[MEN hi TO SiAVE on, Rock,,1,(,1,s NEW SEASON'S WINTER FASHION, THE "HIT" COAT OF THE YEAR in the Newest Cloth - II)IDESCENT CGABERDI)NE P':ecked (0ollar and Four IPanel L'aw'k. AsuJrled ('olours anl Fully Lined. Price £9/9/0 I' ui.t, in, .?,i ,?,l?oss /.,(% ! TilE SUIT F '1'H THEr( "DELICATE AIR" ! Grey Flaunel, both Light anml Uarl, Shades. with a Delightful C74Su4nray I'eated Skirl. Unusual I'ocket. 'I'retment. 'Two / 1S tyles I to ('hoose f'om. S.S.\ . to X . Fittinm s. Pruce £5/19/1.1 S JUST i THriE SKIRI' YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! I! 'mctes in Vine AX II W o 1 1lan};r. Two Zipped P'oclkets, comblineI iin Fine I'healdl Front. Shade, of Light and Dark Price 79/6 FINE WOOL, SI[NRIAY PLEATED SKIRTS \ All Colours. S. .1\'. to \V. littings. Fl: TrIJ iTVE MST . GIORlOUS COLLECTION OF HLLINERY IT HAS EVER BEEN OUR IPLE.ASIRE TO. PRESENT - All the rIatest (.olotur. amd Shapes, with Lovely Nouvelty triimmings. Pri'es Range Firom 21/. SNOVELTY fiAT PINS, FEATHERS and RIBBONS ' M% Ranging in Price lFrom n 5/11 ca. CI CARHI)IGANS. PULLOVERS and ,, ,,. ., . , FANCY BOLEROS A BEAUTIFUL MOSS CREPE FROCK styled with cn unerring sense of what's new this seasonl... I'i a l-caliy Glorious Colour Rlnige. 1Full utton Cardigans, plunging "V" neckline .. empire waistline . . I.l'tl led \Xool. a lovely bodice with unpressed tucks over the bustline and oa skirt with a morry-go-round of . . unpressed pleats and flaores. Assorted colors. /1 SSW., SW., W. Only .. . .. . .. 85/-. RfOC KlIANS VELVERIURE JACKETS Sll .or Le.ks. " Full Zipper ]Front and Pockets. Write for Rockmon's FREE FASHION CATALOGUE 63/ TO P.O. BOX 108A MELB.

TIIEA TREGOERS Visit O'CONNOR BROS.' Milk Bar Peters Ice Cream, Stindaes, Pure Fruit Drinks S at Ice 'Cold Temperature. 2 FIREBRACE STREET' :20LUh jC.nliuy eThaetre) *.. Drive in today for our SAFETY CHECK .. Our GMH experts ire fully equipped and qualified to check orr p.'y ***- car or truck. V 041 i. J. A. BINI MOTORS Pty. Ltd. U7-89 WIt|11 Street, Uursliriu . P'hone ' ." Meal from the olest ,ifock i * fresh, fat herds in thelr; prime . * o re the' , sorce of our .supplie. -. . is why you can always dep ind upon top.', "' - I. . .. I I I. .:Z. ... '. J, qoulity wh»e s you bty your sweet from "' |;:*' ..:,3t ,| A'RPER 30 Robers Ave Phone 404 "'eatd .w:ii Yo. r pp-oval" • Or' i;·tP?

Let' the Radiator Doctors Fix It youto r¶id; Ojn Ihen. WAe ',b Ws I i) e c ; , , l l in i i . t d a l' l re - - e &Yg' ,t,',ljing a,'d b'kc ones. We u!! ,nuts sklnib''l ton~grade oetal titiotort Lid. - the blggei radio. oqr ttikers soulII, or I l,' equato r, thtwun't go wrong nn yet. bring _Ygl r d tilr 111111. I U" MOTOR RADIATORS i AirreI St.,tlor hatn 'iclgrcran.-RAUlCO I.!,rkr o~la l.rulr '1~. '-ic *o, t* I~!,nl *l,