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Phone 63 C. W, Mathers Dentist. PIBEBRACE STREET, HOBRSAM.. Hours, 9 till 5; Saturday, 9 till 1. WILL VISIT, GOROKE, 19th DECEMBER, 1922. R. S. Grant, L.D.S SURGICAL AND MEQHANICAL DENTIST (Late Grant & Simpkin). PULS' BUILDINGS, PIREBBACE STBEET, HOBSHAM.. 'Phone 69. WHAT ABOUT ~UiE NEW TRAP 7 All vehicles that leave our factory have only four good points to recom mend them-they look well, the last well, they run well, and they always please the purchasers. Large and smal orders receive prompt attention. All material of the very best quality.-H. A& . BRADSHAW, the Premier Cosae and Baggy Builders, Firebrace Street. J. WHIT TY Wishes to notify the public of Hor sham and District that he has COM MENCED BUSINESS as GENERAL and SHOEING SMITH In Pirebrace Street. Good Yard. Work Oaaranteed. A TRIAL SOLICITED. Public Notice ROBERT THOMAS (late. A.I.F.): Licensed Plumber, formerly of Mel bourne, wishes to notify that he is pre pared to carry out all branches of PLUMBING throughout the district.. Charges moderate. Estimates given. Note address : Care of Wimmera Cof. fee Palace, Horsham. 'Phone 240. L. McKinnon Grocer, Draper, Ironmonger, Etc., BALMORAL. Only the Best Goods Siocked. Soft Drinks Sold. For 21 years with the late Mr. Tames Cuzens. A. Massey (Late AII.I , MONUMENTAL AND GENER LL MASON. Memorials erected in Granite, Marble and Stone in any Cemetery. Designs and estimates submitted on application. Renovations and additional inscrip tions engraved. Workmanship and Material Guaran teed.., A good assortment of Tablets, Books, Scrolls, etc.. on view at works. OPPOSITE ROYAT. HOTEL, FIREBRACE STREET, HO-B?HAM. Wright and Riley PAMILY BUTCHERS, Opposite Post Office, FIREBRACE STREET, HORSHAM, Specialise in corned beef, pickled pork and ox tongues. 'Phone 36. The Up-to-date Boot Shop EVERYTHING NEW AND BTYLIBEH. Inspection Invited. REPAIRSB A SPEIALITY. R PERRY, PROPIE TOR. Firebrace treset, Horshaban STIKS English make corrugated body and 24 gauge bottom, double riveted throughout, well soldered, complete with fiat top and strainer, strong brass tap and overflow. 100 gallon water carting tank, with false wooden bottom .......... £3 6 0 200 gallon water carting tank with false wooden bottom ........... 3 8 6 200 gallons, 4 ft high .... 2 8 6 300 gallons, 4 ft high .... 3 2 6 400 gallons, 4 ft high .... 319 6 500 gallons, 6 ft high .... 4 6 0 600 gallons, 6 ft hign.. .. 415 0 SOO gallons, G ft high .... 5 13 6 000 l gnllons, G ft high .. .. 6 3 0 L250 gallons, 6 ft high ..... -8 8 0 1500 gallons, 6 ft high -.. 9 15 0 2000 gallons, G ft high .... 11 5- 0 3000 gallons, 8 ft high .... 15 - 0 0 Also roll top -baths, 5 ft 6 in 2 12 6i BHll top baths, 6 ft ..... 2 15 OI

Without lids less 1/6 in the pound. Without taps 6/ per tank less. Workmanship.--Our work speaks for itself. Every rivet in the body is washered and only 6 inches apart. The solder is well sweated in. Our Oat Bins are very popular. Get our price. FREIGHT PAID only when cheque is enclosed with order. T. BARKER

Your Photograph cannot be bought ButYou Can Give One And as a Xmas Gift it has no equal Cahill's Studio For Portraits With a Distinction Horsham Phone 215 X m S le A Display of Choice Gifts for ..,- all at prices to suit every purse Gents.' Sets Brushes in Case. Shaving Outfits. Perfumery. The Latest in Ties, Fashion Shirts, Silk Shirts, Light Underwear. Gents.' Silk Suits, Tennis and Cricketing Trouserb, Belts. Braces, Fancy Colored Sox, Fancy Colored Silk Handkerchiefs. . GENTS.' LUSTRE COATS. Gents.' Nigger Brown Shoes and B oots. The Newest Shapes. GENTS.' WHITE CANVAS BOOTS and SHOES. Ladies' Stylish Shoes in colored bars and straps, smart and dressy. Ladies' White Canvas, White Buckskin and Grey Swede Shoes. Children's White Canvas, White Buck Shoes. SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY. REPAIRS AS USUAL. C. J. Pearce &.Co. Cash Bootmen & Clothiers. Phone 41 opp. Post Office HORSHAM XMAS XIAS Ivory Goods. Prices cut to ribbons. Trays from 3/. Hair Brushes from 12/6. Puff Boxes, Mirrors and Hair Tidies. Git Perfumes and Powders in Suggestions • Plenty KODAKS to suit all Purses. Dainty LADIES' BAGS. Artistic Cushion Covers. PATE RSO N' S Great Xmas Fair Opens on Friday 1st December 1922 SPECIAL LINES tROM THE FANCY" SECTION FPO CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Dainty Coat Hangers covered in Ruffled Silk, in all colors, ornamented with ribbon and lavender bags, 3/6, with posies on, 4/11 each. Ladies' Artificial Silk Crocheted Fronts, in any coldr, silk backs, 18/6 each. Exceptional Values in Dainty Boxes Handkerchiefs, half dozen in box; em broidered in one corner, 5/11, 7/6, S/11, 10/6, 12/6, 15/6, 18/6, 22/6, 25/, 27/6, 32/6, the boxes. Ladies' Tissue Handkerchiefs, guaranteed to boil white, with colored bor ders, 1/6 each. Fownes' 2-dome Silk Gloves, double tipped in black, white, nigger, navy, bearer and pastel, 8/11 pair. Pownes' 12-button length Silk Gloves, double tipped in black, white, navy grey, nigger, beaver and pastel, 10/6, 13/11 pair. Morley's 4/1 Ribbed Artificial Silk Hose in nigger, putty, navy, mole, beach and white, 12/6 pair. Morley's Pure Silk Hose, full fashioned in black, white, nigger, navy, mole, fawn, grey, champagne, 16/6 pair. Lever's Bath Crystals, nectar 4/6, Indasia 6/11 and 10~6 bottle. Piver's Face Powders in pink or cream in Floramye, Pompeii, MIismelis, Roseiris, Azurea, Aventurine, Esperis. 5/6 bottle. Lever's My Lady, Willow Toilet Soap in dainty willow pattern boxes, 1/5, tablet, 4/3 box of 3. Jumper Knitting Artificial Silk in all colors, 7/11 hank of ¼ Ib. Nickel Manicure Sets on stands 35/, 37/6, 39/6, the set 3½ inch Glace Ribbons (for hair ribbons), in all colors, 1/6 yard. 4½ inch Check Silk Glace Ribbons suitable for sash or hair ribbons in brown and white, scarlet and white, helie and white, jade and white, saxe and white, navy and white, pink and white, 2/11 yard. TRY OUR MAIL. ORDER SERVICE. Write us about anything you are requiring in Drapery, Outfitting and House Furnishing. FREIGHT PAID ON ALL DRAPERY, OUTFITTING and FLOOR COVER INGS. W:n. PATERSON Pty. Ltd. Drapers, Outfitters, & House Furnishers Ballarat. BEAUTIFUL BRIDAL PORTRAITS The Bride who desires Beally Beautiful and distinctive: BRIDAL PORTRAITS should make a point of visiting the Famous Bal larft Photographers, RICHARDS & CO., who specialise in Bridal Groups. The latest styles in Bridal Veils, Bouquets, Buttonholes, etc, always ready for the Sitters. eeostos Ne Three Proofs. . Three Positions. Note: We hav6· no travellers ENLARGED PHOTOGRAPHS. or Agents. Frame Price Size of Photo. Size of Mpunt. 3 inch 12 x 10 20 x 16 , solid £1 15 0 Send-us your photo, 15 x 12 23 x 17 Oak 2 0 0 no matter how old 23 x 17 .30 x 22 Gilt Slip 3 3 0. or faded and save S1travellers' expenses and commission. We Guarantee Perfect Satisfaction. RICHARDS & Co. World-Famrned' Photpgraphers STURT STR. B4LLARAT STe perfect tested springing

the soft, thick cushioning, tl e ample leg-room-those desirable features should prompt you to inspcct these Buggies before deciding finally. You will then be impressed with the first-rate workmanship and handsome finish of every detail, whilst the specially selected materials assure long and hard service. Undoubtedly you should call, for there is also a price consideration. oA. WYNNE ____ HOKSHAM^ , s --fýNsssa~a^iltafi-Atm-^?.-*~" --

KOMESAROFF BROS, Christmas Bargains PRICES DOWN AGAIN " Christmas comes but once a .yer Komesaroffs bring good cheer/ The most Sensational Prices Yet" HOSIERY. AT HALF PRICE. 3/11 Ladies' Artificial Silk Hose in black and white, slightly imperfect.. IS a pair 4/6 Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose, all wool, double soles .. ... .... .... : 2s id ' 14/6 Extra Heavy Ribbed Silk Hose in all colors, ;wo0 toes and heels' s:. id: 1 .,, 2/6 Children's three-quarter Black Cotton Sox, double ribbed Tops, extra Is'l Id : strong.. .. . . I Ladies' Artificial Silk Hose, tuckstitch and rýchelieu ribbed, in black, 2s 'i :; suedo and light grey .. .... . . .. . .: : . : % S 2/6 Children's Half Soox, wool and silk mixturo s. ..l... ... ...?..... Is ld ,:, 1/3 Children's Half Sox in black cotton, Gld a pair. 14/6 Ladies' Ginghipi Frocks, ,checks' and stripes ..... S l 14/6 Ladies' Crepe -do Chino Blouses, latest make and shades, .. 9s lid J/6 Ladies White Voile Blouses .. . .- . 6s lId 07/6 Ladies?: Fiugi Silk Striped Blouses .:. . . . ....? ? ,.. .. .. 15: .lid i5/b Ladies' Dark and Light Stripedl/Mtorning Blouses 3? ' s .i*l d:?'. 59/4 Ladies' Assai Silk Dust Coats reduced to . . .. 37S 6d 3/11 Ladies' Cotta -libbed Vests, W and 0.S., strap over shoulder, lace ' fro . . . .nt .os . ..... .. .. . .. . . Is d ALL COLORS IN 4-ply WOOL, Gid skein. 99/6 Jersey Silk Frocks, dropstitch, nigger', mole and saxe .. 65s; 7/6 Ladies' .Corsets, all `sizes, 4/11 pair. s lId ap air 5/11 Whit. Silk Gloves,' all sizes, double tipped,- 2/ pair. 2s'Id ,, 3/:1 :White Twill Sheeting, 4ing, 5inches, hea'vy weight... .. .. Is 61d yard 4/11 Camisoles, embossed, trimmed with lace, splendid value, 2/11. IIRoberts Avenue Horsham

B. MACKLEt , of booen, is prepared to do contract work in uny part of the district, Sinking or Cleaning out Dams and all kinds of Farm Work.

Xmas Holiday Apparel GREATER VARIETY AND BETTER VALUE AWAIT YOU IN THE KIND OF HOLIDAY WEAR YOU WILL APPRECIATE AT PULS BLAZERS at Reduced Prices. BLAZERS at Reduced Prices. CREAM TROUSERS 14/11 . REAM TROUSERS 14/11. Ready for wear tailor made Cream Gabardine Serge Trousers 14/11. 17/6, SPORT SHI TS in White'Mercerised Textures 10/6 and 11/6. SUITABLE XMAS PRESENTS FOR GENTS.- Braces, very best 'designs, 4/11. 4/11. Handkerchiefs' in Boxes at.t all prices. Sleevc Links, Studs, Sox and everything you will find in Men's Mer cery ait LOWEST PRICES. Latest Croch?et Knitted' Ties' in stock at job prices. ..: A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE. E PL PULS PROPRIETOR Wilson St. (opposite coffee Palace) Horsham' FATHER XMAS Has Called at "The CHURCH HILL STORE" AND LEFT EVERYTHING A HOUSEWITE WILL NEED TO FILL THE CUPBOARD FOR XMAS. NEW SEASON'S Raisins, Currants, Sultanas, Seeded Raisins, Lemon Peel. Orange and Citron Peel, Mixed Peel in Packets. NUTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION.-Walnuts. Almonds, Brazil Pea nuts, Barcelona, Jordon lAlmonds. Preserved Fruits (famous Oakleaf brand), Peaches, Pears, Apricots, Cherries, Pineapple. CORDIALS.-Rspberi-ry, Lime Juice. Lemon Syrup, O.T. Punch, and "White Crow" Jelly Crystals. Poster Clark's Custard Powder, Preserved Ginger and Spices, and a host of other XMAS DELICACIES too numerous to mention. GIVE US YOUR ORDER NOW FOR YOUR XMAS HAuM to save Disappointment. Prices Right. Civility and Prompt Delivery. Ring 123. W. RI RIOWLANDS PROPRIETOR. "., -" -.,: , \." , ` ,x? -- \S, Smntall leakages in. your weekly expenditure soon eat a hole in your ho:'ekeeping fu::ds. SSiop here and cut down your grocery bills without . sacrificing quality. We buy in thc .best markets and are satisfied with a small profit. The best brands of bacon, cheese and butter al'ways on hand. Try us with your next order. J. H. Kirwood & Co. Grocery, China & Phone .rebrace t., Horsham Glass'ware Merchants 1 n 185000 Cows Dn.vr Your Dairy Expenses reduced to a minimum by using the famous .simplex ,i1lkin" Mlachline. You can't afford to take a chance with a machine that MAY do the job well--yvou must install a"SIMPLEX" to ensure ABSO LUTE SATISFACT~lON. The mnst efficient Sanitary. effective, and economical way to nmiik a dairy !crd. WRITE TO US, or call on our local agent for further articular'. BALTIC SIMPLEX MACHINERY CO. PTY, LTD. 491 Fliaders Lane, Melbaourne "ANTED. B Y placi. g the catering for Weddings, Dance. and Prties in our hands you will be relieved of all worries. Our servtce is prompt, e/ffcient and superior. Freship baked Cakes and Pastrp that ar light, toothsome and da licious, while other viands are of the higheat quality. Charges are always moderate. Firebroc? ft. ors tm Phonicl5Z F\ This Tyre will serve you ct r- th an v ar other~ .

i ' l earing cover-thousands of miles of running showlag t will ear on the tough, high grade, thick, red patterned tread. tye i the wstan r to the severest of tests, It's the equal of any S ye in the wrl for quality, construction and results-yet costs you Sco:nsiderably les tobuy than. agy fmported cover because the price to You IL 3Ct loaded by heavy ov"sea freights and duty-its the new DUNLO "AILROAU " the ty' tbak has skeA pleased thousands of IMatois:?s. Whesn Y going to avail you? elf of its economy and dependabifity? Yeorc. CG g -n apply. ? ')UNLUp RURBID CO. AN Sw. MA N.Z,