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The first Government House of Victoria, at Jolimont, which is now tottering to ruin, and will shortly he demolished to make way for extensions of a neighbouring boot factory, was the scene of an interesting fund ion yesterday. The Early Pioneers' Association, recognising tile historic import of the action, arranged a last official in- spection. iNiiuihcra of old colonists assem- bled long before the time appointed, and exchanged reminiscences until the arrival of Hie Governor (Sir Arthur Stanley). His lixccllency, who was accompanied by Lady Stanley, was welcomed by the Lord Mayor (Councillor 1). V. Hennessy).

T.lic Lord Mayor congratulated Hie Early Pioneers' Association. and its secretary (Jlr. W. Smithers Guild) upon its 'decision not lo allow the old house to be demolished without some ceremony. Jlr. 0. J. La Trobe, the first Governor of Victoria, was Hie son of a Moravian clergyman, and sub- sequently became companion to n French gentleman. While travelling in Switzer- land lie first met his future wife. In 1837 lie was appoint ed first Governor of Victoria. The flourishing condition of the city of JIcl hourne to-day-the seventh city in the Bri- tish Umpire-waa an evidence of Hie pro- gressive energy- of Hie old pioneers. La .'robo clinic to Melbourne in the Pyramus rather unexpectedly, and was welcomed by Captain Lonsdale and Jlr. Thicker. 'The population was then 2,500; Tt was now 000,000. The site witch Governor'' La Trobe selected for his house cost X10 an acre, and altogether C.00. Half a century later it realised ,C40,000. Ile called it Joli- mont, after a spot near Neufchatel, in Switzerland, and built his'home from'tlie timber of his old chalet. Trouble arose in his fifteenth year of office over the.licens- ing of miners, and he resigned at the age of 50 years. Ile died in 1875. Their gathering together at ihisT. function <wasin keeping willi their policy of honouring pub- lic-spirited men. (Applause.)

Sir Arthur Stanley said that ,il gaA'e bim ii peculiar feeling in taking .part in a func- tion connected w'itli the first step of his first predecessor. The first Governor's duties were more arduous than his. Gover- nor lan Trobe had to carry out the laws.of n young community, which,- like a young child, was inclined lo he lawless. The duties were now systematise!!. * Old landmarks disappeared willi the advance of a progres- sive city, and he considered -some kind or nuirai record should he placed on Hie now building to he erected. The name of Joli- mont, however, would stny for all time.

Tlie Jlinister of Lands (Jlr. Lawson) and Sir John Forrest also gaA'e brief ad-


Jlr. 1). Bedggood, ivhosc factory will be extended over the site, promised the Go A-crnmcnt whatever portion of Hie .building thiil was desired as n lelic, and stated his intention of erecting a building in his own gulden willi the other material. This would lie open to Hie public for inspection.

A vote of thanks lo the Governor and Lad A' Stanley was passed, on the motion of'Jlr. Thonius Lang, president, and Jlr W. .Smithers Cindd, secretary of the Old

Pioneers' Association. .

The Union Jack was then unfurled from the flagstaff of the building.