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H rOidSTMAS PUDDINGS TO GERMANY. A". earli. as August.. 1941: 72)000 Chrirtilasboxes be gani: theire :trekfrpmf the Red Cross pieking.cetrei!! :London to : Britain's 70.000. men in the prison camnlis of Germany. ':Tlle e-xtra '-.00 iparcels are ;n :inp?ui.nce.? thht every? body :getsroe. . Th!e- :first lap w-as to. Lisbon ,the next .ta..Marseilles;, then.o! to biGevlt and so to Germany iueacihl ba,. was a Christamas puiddning a double ratio ? of chlocolate. "ch'oclate bischits rke biscuits, jami margalrin roast pork and stlin a tin of Sfiteak Tind tomato conidensed nimk, four oannces of su ar two 'ounces of tea ainda Christmas aika -,7o0o000 cigaretties we?-im?ff at1 itleslie ttime in eparhit~ packiaes of ihpadouble ration for each mlianliThe falue of rtkis Christmas gift is ij36,000. Nor. hals the Red 'Cros:fos froeattn tlhe little biand :of ?1 British childreil :in Giermni i-nterinment c?amp?. :Each of th:ih lias been:sent a special parcel of barley sugar, :boiled sweets and so on. one hospital in Belgium, where ithere are soldiers who have.been yin~n? on-theirracks since Dunkirk lihas gone a consignment of 3wg-saw puzzles The Christmas boxes were put together at 17:Red QCros centres in England auii.' Scothlnd by 2 500 packers. 2000 of Wlh:ii did the work for nothing.