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VANITY CORNER i ;:BY "HBE" Dress Hints For the Slender Purse i

If money :is no object -''( and, eyery.tiime.we want ;-i something ",,;:ne*w ::we 'H .cbuld: go: to .a salon: , brimful of lovely clothesiand'have ani ex : pert: :help?. us ':choose some' of them, Ywe would ni not ý'know-ý whatf ward robe worries were. But most: of us Ithese hard : times have alfew thines

of which we have grown tired and very little'to .spend, on new * clothes. This means we cannot afford to make a mlstake in our purchases. SWhat have you inr;yourwardrobe? '.That is the most important Spoint,: for if some of last winter'scan- be renovated and:you decide S.what those, renovations are going to icost. you- will: soon-have a ;:clear idea of iwhat you want nost and what you can afford to ':s spend on them.: You may feel at first that youwant a new skirt .i:rand jamper for the house,- but on second zthoughts: you see possi- : Sbilities in: last year's navyi blue wool frock which ;you had -dis-: i;': carded .in your min'd as being done. It :is worth sending to the (M( cleaners perhaps and graced with a new wide red belt and a red,: :-and navy scarf, you have a house dress beyond your expectations.; : I Remember, too, that if ,a" dress has: become shabby under the :. arms and round the neck, it cantbe made into a pinafore dress ' (they are fashionable just now) and with it can be worn one:of the new plaid: blouses which .can be bought for a few shillings;.-':: , ,If you need a newv winter coat, pinch, and scrape on your .: : other. clothes. so that'you -can buyi a good one. Cheap material .-gets-shabby, and stretches long-before the coldI weather is over *, .and there is :iotliingi more depressing in the early. spring than.,: having to :wear, a shabby overcoat.L. Another thing! A. winter i-..' coat has gotio ibe sat. in, for hours at a time--it the pictures,. :" fo~:for. examplethereforeit, must be iromy. . I saw a woman last::. eek buying;,a beautifl coat, aid she -looked: nice i it, but:I v: was dyiing to' goup and tell her that it was at least three'inches -i - " to onarrow anid much too slhort although it seemed to fit her and -- was just the right length. e:She .didi not realise that after sitting :, inlt it several timestit. would 'pull and. crease round the waist, .:: :: -which means that: it vould be out of-shaape and 'too short: in no. time 'Exaggerated1 shoulder jii'es, are,: of course, more fashionable , thaii everi ,but`they can: be overfdo'ne. I: saw a very slimý girl :.. M : with a thin neck and small head biuying a coat broad enough for : .a sergeant-major.'.,! The top part of -her reminded nime of a coat- .-' hanger.: There is such "a 'variety of clothes in .the shops to-day I -: that a, womian can't go wrong as far as fashion is concerned, but, .. : she can eirr grievously? bylibuying: something that-:suits someone-. :' else but niot herself. ..- :, : - - - A -Aoid. hard: neck Ilines and tailored .blouse' effect if you are Sthini, -and if you?are short and -stout, avoid low neck lines, and - choose frocks with what -they call .brassieree tops. - The-tall and : -- -.: heavily: built should weari a ,V" - neck, :bioad shoulder lines and: .: a slimming gored skirt- "Low chested women should wear' high; :, S- scarf neck lines, brassiere : topped: frocks,: skirts : cut: on the - . straight with narrow pleats; aiidno: belt-bi heavil defined belt . belt line. Search until you find the style which inproves :your ' Sfigure, for, you will delight in wearing it until it, is absolutely . Sdone. It can ibe used as a foundation: for different- trimmings, . Sand when it is worn oiit, it can be,.picked to pieces and used as.' - a foufidation pattern. Such a dress is worth a .small fortune to