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GLENELG RIVER HAS ATTRACTIVE CAVES     Discovery Made by Horsham Men Some Horsham citizen have discov-     red the attractive quality of the fishing in the lower reaches of the Glenelg River, where the sea has run in to fill an earth-faulting and now provides deep water, high cliffs for river banks   and an endless variety of fishing spots set in 60 miles of beautiful scenery.   Nelson, quiet Nelson, is the hamlet by the river where accommodation is pro- vided and boats and motors are hired. The sea rolls in on great stretches of white sand beaches, two miles away. The young men of the Horsham dis- trict have suspected that lovely caves might one day be found in these lime- stone cliffs over the river, and for years they have crawled into wombat holes in the search, and as many times they have to had to back out as much as three chains in one backward, low crawl. Any hole or crack in the earth (as they searched in the bush above the river) found them descending on ropes and digging the hole a little bigger to be able to go down further. In 1936 they were rewarded by a remarkable find, after going down a hole and cracks for well nigh 100 feet. Here they found signs of the fall of many a kangaroo and wombat before them. On proceed- ing into cavern they discovered most   beautiful stalactites and stalagmites,   with many unique features in their va- riety of splendor. The young men have   explored the cave for about 250 yards but about 20 yards will have to be en- larged, or visitors will have to slim for the whole length to be traversed. It took four years of negotiations with the Land Department for the pro- per permission to be gained, and it was not till the summer that the discoverers could proceed to open up their find.   Steps have now been cut, paths under- neath formed, bridges below built and electric light installed. The marvels of these caves are now quite accessible. Quiet, lovely little Nelson has now an     addition to its array of beauties.